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About LFNetwork and LucasForums

The LucasArts Fan Network, LFNetwork, is a large network of websites covering most LucasArts associated games, related topics, and more recently games developed by previous LucasArts employees.

LucasForums is what you're looking at now, and is a network of unique communities that each have their own rules, members, and atmospheres. In most cases, each community on LucasForums has a corresponding LFNetwork website that can be reached by clicking on its header image.

If you are interested in helping out in some way to run a hosted site or community please do not hesitate to contact the staff and ask if there is room for you to join. We're always looking for volunteers with the drive, talent and ideas to expand and improve our network of fansites.

Rules on LucasForums
Although one group of administrators and super moderators looks after the whole forum network, each individual community found on the front page has its own forum moderators who govern and enforce its rules. Don't assume that what's acceptable by one community's moderators is acceptable by another's. You should be able to find the rules for each specific section posted within them. However, be aware that repeatedly disturbing one community can result in becoming banned from the entire network.

Warnings and infractions on Lucasforums

LucasForums uses an infractions system to formalize policing the forums. Moderators may issue a warning or an infraction to members who violate the forum rules or attempt to disrupt our communities.

A Warning is a less severe form of sanction that serves as a reminder to observe and follow the rules. A warning will not result in any penalties, though repeated warnings may result in Infractions being issued on further offenses.

An Infraction is a sanction being issued for breaking the forum rules. Each infraction is worth a certain number of points depending on the severity of the offense, and may expire after a set amount of time, at which time the points no longer counts towards the member's tally (though very severe infractions never expire). After a certain number of infraction points have been accumulated the member will become temporarily or permanently banned from participating on the forums.

Note that not all of these infractions are applicable to all communities on LucasForums. Please see the rules for each section, where available.

Standard infractions:

Noobie (eagerness) spamming [1 point, expires in 3 months]
Creating a great number of posts or new threads with little substance.

Signature rule violation [1 point, expires in 3 months]
Your signature, shown at the bottom of each of your posts, does not conform with the rules about size and dimensions of the community you are posting in.

Excessive snarkiness / offensive behavior [1 point, expires in 3 months]
You are blatantly and consistently treating other forum members in a poor manner or show other offensive behavior.

Inappropriate Language [2 points, expires in 6 months]
Use of a lot of expletives in posts, or attempting to bypass the automated swear filter.

Insulted Other Member(s) / flaming [3 points, expires in 6 months]
Personal attacks on other members or similarly abhorrent behavior.

Illegal material [4 points, expires in 6 months]
Posting about illegal downloads, cracks or other topics promoting illegal activities.

Blatant spam [5 points, expires in 6 months]
Posting a lot of off-topic chatter, derailing threads etc.

Repeat offender (banned before) [50 points, expires in 6 months]
Continuing to disregard the forum rules in spite of having been banned before.

Posted pornography [100 points, permanent]
Posting pornographic material, or links to pornographic material.

Spammed Advertisements [100 points, permanent]
Posting advertising for companies, products you try to sell etc.

Ban evasion / duplicate account [100 points, permanent]
Using more than one account, or trying to evade a ban by registering a new account.


10 points - Temporary ban for a week
50 points - Temporary ban for a month
100 points - Persona non grata, permanent ban

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