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Deac 08-07-2003 05:38 PM

Cantina Part 11- The Darkest Hour
It is a period of civil war
Rebel Spaceships, striking from a hidden base
Have won their first victory against a corrupt Republic

During the battle to free Coruscant from Darkness,
An old enemy emerged, and a hero fell.

Now the forces of good and evil prepare to do battle
once again......


[Everyone knows the rules. No godmoding, no one hit kills on players,. no controlling, etc :rolleyes: ]

Kuuki 08-07-2003 08:21 PM

*Ulna Shardes*

*The child raises back to consciousness again. He turns to look at lokpihet with frightened eyes.*



*Fused Irvine finds a medical factility, still abandoned when the inhabitants of Coruscant had fled, he treats some of his wounds with bacta patches. Every now and then he attempts to heal himself with the force but with no luck. The unfortunate only excites him.*

F. Irvine "That poor young fool is losing his control, turning..."

*Fused Irvine pauses to sense about himself, but not so long after he shows a puzzled look about him.*

F. Irvine "Our power? Can it be that it is growing more? And we'd thought that we'd reached our maximum poetential..." *pauses and senses a bit* "It can't be..."

Redwing 08-08-2003 07:11 AM

((The Darkest Hour? How very vague of you, Deac :D ;)

Cracken: I'm assuming that Lord Cracken and Starr haven't followed the group, unless you say differently.))


*At a hospital empty of living beings, the group along with medical droids unsuccessfully try to stabilize Deac's condition as Rwos arrives*

Rwos: None of this is looking good. I've successfully regained 99% of the memories that whatever controlled the Guardian tried to suck out of my head, but we haven't been able to further decipher any of the Blood Scroll prophecies. And now this...

Gilian: *sizing up Kalidor* You're a cyborg as well... Ever heard of this "Hilth" fellow?

*As she speaks to Kalidor, Rwos takes out another comlink and puts in a transmission requesting to speak to Deac's family lawyer immediately*


Warp Space

*Farran continues to prod Aren* What about the sun being blocked out over Coruscant? Did you people engineer that?

Aren: No, but we know who did.

Farran: Who?

Aren: *smiling* This is an interesting time for this galaxy, Ariel. A storm is coming, and if you want to weather it...frankly, your best bet is with us.

Deac 08-08-2003 12:18 PM

[BTW, Cap'n Wilson wanted me to tell you he's not gonna be able to post until next thursday]


*The image of an elderly man appears on the holoproj*

Lawyer: Hello, Terath and Sons, how may we help you?


Ulna Shardes

Lokpihet: So who are you?

Malice: I call myself Malice. I'm in fact a bizarre mix of your father's DNA, the brain patterns of the Darkstar avatar, and the wrong chromosome.

Lokpihet *Looking quite surprised*: And I suppose that's a baby Orthos, is it?

Captain Wilson 08-08-2003 08:52 PM

((final post befor hoils :D see ya in week))

Kaildor: Once, But it was about 2 years ago. I can ask around. I'll be back as soon as i can. I'll be back.
*without another word kaildor walked out*

BattleDog 08-08-2003 09:06 PM

*Time skip, two weeks from last thread.*

*The funeral pyre burns, as Sophae's body is consumed by the flames Taklin Flax watches, his daughter cries on his shoulder and his two sons stand silently beside him.*

*Flax turns away from the pyre to address the Nobles of the Rim.*

Flax: We have reached a dark time, our brightest daughter, my beloved wife, has fallen. Now we must look ahead and decide what we must do.

The Republic has become corrupt, the Presidant has lost all power, the military has either sided with the polititions or been silenced. Some of our geat leaders have escaped, they stand here with us now.

One of our greatest, Lord Deac Starkiller is trapped on Coruscant. He must be rescued but we must also let the galaxy know what has happened and why the Republic must now fall.

For now though, we shall moune the dead.

*Turns back to the fire.*

Rogue15 08-08-2003 09:14 PM

Kioet: Farran, quickly make up your mind, we probably haven't much time, and I want to get my stuff ASAP. We can't waste another minute asking questions that won't help us in our assignment! o...Aren, what the hell are we supposed to do? Is this mission assassination, liberation, capture, reconaissance, or is it just suicide? I'd prefer the latter, Though I don't believe in it, actually...I'm going to put that ****ing scorekeeper to shame when this is over!!!! Now tell us what we have to do...or have you already? dammit i forgot when i was writing my list. heh, go ahead, tell us again!

Kuuki 08-08-2003 10:23 PM

((Deac: should we take bd's time skip? cus it might interfere with some of our plans, but some can wiat.

ie: Starr and Cracken aren't going to stay on Coruscant for one week, i can at least take that note, regaurdless if they aren't my characters.

No offence to bd, or his plot, which isn't bad ^_^ , but I do have Irvine on that Imperal ship (crap i don't feel like going back and looking on what class it was :D), currently going through 'Force Withdraw' as were to put it by both myself and cracken. While waiting to deal with a POed Cracken.))

Redwing 08-09-2003 12:55 AM

((OOS: BD, Deac may or may not be dead in four hours :D sure you want to time-skip two weeks?

If so, I guess the rest of us will be playing catch-up then. ;)))


Rwos: My name is Termand Rwos. I need to see Deac Starkiller's last will and testament. He has told me that a message for me is there. No, he isn't dead, but in a coma suffering from an unknown disease, and I need to learn how to save him.


Warp Space

Aren: *to Kioet* You'll see. We wouldn't want to spoil the surprise - but I can tell you it isn't the last one. We wouldn't want to get rid of you just as soon as we'd hired you, would we?

Farran: I'll agree to help you - on a limited basis - on one condition. *looks at Kioet* You tell me what he is.

*Aren smiles* Of course. He is a young Trandoshan of the---

Farran: No, there's something more. You and I both know it. I want to know what he is.

*Aren pauses for a moment. Then she smiles* You didn't know? I would have thought it obvious by now...he is one of the Sleepers.

Rogue15 08-09-2003 01:00 AM

Kioet: I know I've been forced to take tranqulizers to get some sleep on a number of occassions...but I have no idea what the hell you're talking about....

*Kioet yawns, for good measure*

Kioet: What exactly do you mean?

Deac 08-09-2003 06:51 PM

[Hmmm...the time skip, can't really be done, can it?]

Lawyer: You match the description of Termand Rwos. I suppose I can let you see it

*Rummages through disks, and places it in a holoproj*

Deac: The Last Will and Testament of Deac Starkiller:

All power and dominion, and lands of Atredis, I hereby bequeth onto my Aunt Errela and her descendants, unless it can be proven beyond any resonable doubt that I have descendants, in which case it shall go unto them.

My Ship, the Deac Star, still sitting in Tatooine Docking bay 69, I bequeth to Orthos, my nephew. I also bequeth him my lightsabers.

My apartement on Tatooine, I bequeth unto Termand Rwos. Use it well, my friend.

And also, I know this will cause great shock to you all, but there is a chest buried under said apartment, which is to be delivered unto Syrnl Darkstar and his descendants *Deac winks, knowingly*

I have but one final request. I ask that my killer be found, and whatever vengeance required exacted.

This is Deac Starkiller, signing off, for the final time...

*Recording Ends*

Lawyer: I guess that means this deed is for you, Mr Rwos. By the way, it carries a note. It seems to be the co-ordinates for some land on Atredis. I guess he wanted you to have some of his holdings as well. I hope that clears everything up. I am sorry fo your loss.

BattleDog 08-09-2003 07:53 PM

((Okay, make the time skip one week. I need it though for Flax to get home, lay his wife to rest and form his plan. So I gues i'll start twiddling my thumbs. :) ))

Redwing 08-09-2003 09:28 PM


Rwos: Thank you...perhaps it will.

*Rwos ends the transmission. He brings up the transmitted copy of the deed and opens the note*

Rwos: The coordinates are on Atredis alright...pity I don't have a beacon there. *to Gilian* I'm going to Deac's apartment on Tatooine. If anything happens, contact me via my communicator.

Gilian: What exactly is going on? And how well did you know this human, anyway? He put you in his will? You never mentioned that...

Rwos: Deac isn't stupid. He obviously anticipated this would happen. There are two things that could be clues in that message. One is the chest for Syrnl, second is these coordinates. I can only assume there's some hint about Geran Hilth in there. I'm going to Tatooine first to find the chest, since I can get there faster. *He takes out a beacon* I'm sending my ship here. Once I come back from Tatooine, I'm going to use it to get to Atredis.

Gilian: Wait! You still haven't told me what the information the Guardian took was---

Rwos: First things first. I'll be back as soon as I can. *Rwos walks away, vanishing in a flash of blue light as he goes*


Warp Space

Farran: What is a Sleeper?

Aren: You mean neither of you know...

Farran: Obviously, no.

*Aren looks at Farran, then Kioet, then back again*

Aren: Interesting.

Kuuki 08-09-2003 10:28 PM

*State Quarters, Devestator*

((Obviously a week later))

*The mirror in the bathroom shows that it had several impacts done onto it. Red blotches in the glass showed the obvious sign of someone being cut while he was preforming his act of violence onto the mirror.

Outside the bathroom the quarters we're completely turned upside down, all to the point of where the imperial guards were. In sitting in a chair, hunched over was Irvine, blood slowly driping from his forehead, pale and weakened from the extended time of being withheld from the force.

Force deprivation took the hardest toll on his mind, what was left of any sanity was barely anything that could restore it...*

Rogue15 08-10-2003 03:20 AM

Kioet: Would it be better for us to hear this before or after the mission?

Deac 08-10-2003 02:38 PM

Ulna Shardes

*Beta Enters. Lokpihet stands before the cloning tube where he was created*

Lokpihet: Well, Beta, I guess you should know who you are.

Beta: I am....Beta. No-one knows my real name. Deac Starkiller stole my life.

Lokpihet: Did he? Well, he's quite unwell. Perhaps you could...replace yourself with him. Maybe no-one would know. But of course, you don't have his augmentations. And thier lies could hurt you. You could be...a liability.

*Two guards enter and grab Beta*

Lokpihet: You're just a shoddy clone. Maybe you have a soul, maybe you don't, but the last thing I need to do is care.

*The guards drag him off. Malice enters*

Malice: Quite impressive, Lokpihet, dear.

Lokpihet: You're not my father...or mother, for that matter. Why should I tolerate your prescence?

*Malice fires off force lightning into middle-distance*

BattleDog 08-10-2003 04:23 PM

*Pre my time skip.*

*Drago runs through a darkened alley, pursued by an Imperial probe droid.*

Redwing 08-11-2003 01:00 PM

((Apologies for short post. V. tired.

Deac, I don't know what's in the chest, either. ;)))


*Rwos arrives at Deac's apartment and begins searching for the chest*

Cmdr. Cracken 08-12-2003 03:01 PM

*Cracken and STarr watches the group go off, and a shuttle lands infront of them*

My apprentice, for now, follow them. protect Rwos, for he can solve our problem with Alys. After they get Deac back "On-line" bring him to me.

*Cracken turns and enters the shuttle. It takes off, and heads for the Devastator, still in orbit around Coruscant. The shuttle lands in his private docking bay, and as he exits, Admiral Karrak and G.Admiral Tojo greet him.*

Tojo: My lord, it's...

Cracken: Dispense with the plesentries commander, where is my son.

Tojo: *shocked* we have him detained in the state room, as you ordered, my lord.

Cracken: Very well. Tojo, take the Devastator to Bilbringi. Karrak.

Karrak: Yes, my lord?

Cracken: Head back to Ulla Shardes, and level the planet, i want nothing left of it.

Karrak: Yes, my lord.

*WIth that, Cracken went to his personal state room, leaving the two Admirals in wonder. but one did not survive long in the Imperial Navy by questioning orders. The Devastator lept to hyperspace, the last Imperial ship to leave Coruscant space.

jokemaster 08-12-2003 09:14 PM

*a sniper rifle sticks out a window from where Flax is running, it aims at the probe droid. It fires one EMP pulse, and hits the probe droid. The probe droid stops momentarily, but continues chasing Flax*
Sniper: Damn *Calls greer on the comlink* Probe droid still chasing target.
Ackbar Memorial Hostpital, Corusant
*some time after Rwos left.*
Greer *through comlink*: Keep him in sight, don't let any harm get to him. I have a feeling trouble is brewing.
*Greer turned to the news on his datapad. Another great general had mysteriously died. Greer sighed, most of the good leaders had died in some other mysterious way. If Flax died he didn't know if there would be enough leaders left. He turned to Gilan*'
Greer: Any change?

Admiral 08-12-2003 10:32 PM


*In a opulent sitting room, Svafa, Hildr, and Athena sit drinking tea*

Athena: Now that the formalities are over with. Please tell your father how thankful I am for him sending us aid.

Svafa: We will. Although I'm sure he will say that is the least he could do for a trusted ally.

*Athena smiled gently. It had taken a while for the Aesir to trust her people.*

Athena: And where are you two going after this?

Hildr: We are heading home. It's been a while since I've step foot on my home planet.

Athena: Good. I'm sure Odin will be glade to have his girls home again.

Redwing 08-13-2003 09:58 AM

((Like the hospital name, JM :D))


Gilian: His pulse is erratic. Unfortunately it looks like there's nothing else we can do.


*Starr arrives back outside Ackbar Memorial Hospital only to see that Rwos had left*

Spazt. That gargoyle and his teleporter...

*At that moment, Rwos' ship comes into view, running on autopilot. It stops outside the hospital*

Good. I'll simply need to wait until he comes back...

Deac 08-13-2003 11:27 AM


*As Rwos enters Deac's house, he sees the objects Deac left here. A few credit chits, a picture of an Atredian landscape, a shifty looking rug, and a stash of weapons under the bed. On his old desk sits a photo of him and the old gang before they set out for Cracken, along with Deac's old Rebel Army Platoon, and one of a smiling Deac, all augmentations showing, outside some form of hospital. The caption reads: "Me and Dr. Hilth, Augtronics Clinic, Kamino." *


Deep Space

* A Republic Corvette moves toward a hyperpoint. Before it can get there, a squadron of B-Wings drops out of hyperspace and opens fire with ion cannons*

Pilot: For the Revolution!

jokemaster 08-13-2003 03:25 PM

Greer: I guess all we can do is hope Rwos will find something about this hilth, and find it before deac dies.

Cmdr. Cracken 08-13-2003 03:59 PM

*Hyperspace. The blue swirl surrounded teh Eclipse Class Star Destroyer Devastator. Cracken stood on the bridge, watching the swirl. Suddenly, the blue swirl turned to a streak of stars, and reality snapped back into focus. Bilbringi, the New Imperial Capital. Cracken waved his security officer over to him.*

Cracken: Take Irvine to the maximum security prison. keep him under the influence of teh Ysalimari at all times. Do not fail me.

Sec. Off: As you command.

*With that, the officer headed off to summon troops to move the Emperors son.*

Kuuki 08-13-2003 09:06 PM

((Crac. pm ^_^))

Redwing 08-14-2003 01:13 AM

((*avoids overly specifying stuff on Kamino just in case something happens to it in Episode III* :D))


*Rwos examines the pictures*

Augtronics Clinic, Kamino? Kamino...

*Rwos checks the location in his datapad*

Location Not Found [Kamino Not Found, Augtronics Clinic, Kamino: No Match]

Damn. Maybe there's coordinates somewhere around here...

*Rwos notices the shifty rug. With his tail, he moves it out of the way*


Warp Space

Aren: Perhaps we could resume this conversation later? *She hands Farran a datapad with a set of coordinates, and another to Artemis and Kioet*

Aren: If you want answers, if you accept our offer, be there in a week. Kioet, your requests will be accounted for by that time unless you've changed your mind.

*The doors of the small room slide open*

Aren: You know the way to your ship. Please, consider carefully. *She smiles*

Deac 08-14-2003 10:27 AM


*The rug is moved, revealing a secret compartment. Inside is a datapad, and a large matal case marked "To Syrnl- Love Deac".*

Redwing 08-14-2003 02:01 PM



*Rwos cautiously picks up the datapad and activates it*

Deac 08-14-2003 07:02 PM

Padd: Rwos. I'm presuming only you will be reading this. Don't open the chest. It's for the Darkstars only. I take it it's avatar sickness I'm dying from. Only Hilth or CyberEyes can save me. Hilth works at the clinic on Kamino. If you can't find him there they'll be a lead in room 32 of the clinic. Good Luck


Redwing 08-15-2003 03:32 PM

((OOS: Assuming Rwos can get coordinates to there from the datapad ;)

Warning: Below post is written after having not slept all night. For the second night in a row. May be of seriously low quality.))


*Rwos reappears outside the hospital in a flash of light*

Rwos: *on comlink* Gilian, how is he?

Gilian: No change.

Rwos: I'll be back soon.

*Rwos gets in his ship and flies off. Starr watches at the ship lifts off*

*Time Skip - Rwos arrives on Kamino*

Cmdr. Cracken 08-15-2003 08:10 PM

Ulna Shardes
*Serenity. that described the space above Ulna Shardes, the headquarters for teh once rebellion against Cracken and his new Empire.

At least, until the Super Star Destroyer Vengence and her support fleet hyperspaced in. Admiral Karrak stood on the bridge.*

Admiral Karrak: Captain, position the fleet around the panet. i want tnohing getting out of the system. The Emperor wants this planet burning, so we shall do it, with everyone on it. Fire control, begin bombardment. Fire Immolation bombs, along with standered bombardment procedures. Launch Control, launch fighters. aid the Star Destroyers in ensuring nothing escapes this planets gravity well.

*As the fleet positioned itself, the Vengence was the first to fire the new Immolation bombs. Designed specifically to destroy the surface of worlds, the set fire to anything within thier blast radius, and created fires that burned hotter and more out of control than the Sullest could even fanthom. Karrak looked at his timer. 10 minutes until the first bomb hit. He looked up, and saw streaks of green turbolaser fire follow up the 5 Immolation bombs.*

Karrak: Com, send a message to Lord Cracken, the bombardment is underway, the planet will be nothing but a smoldering hulk soon.*

Kuuki 08-16-2003 02:09 AM

*Ulna Shardes, Cloning facility*

*The child stares up at Syrnl once again.*

Child "We have to leave, we have to leave now."

Cmdr. Cracken 08-16-2003 03:47 AM

*Cracken enters his new office on board the Devastator, and throws his cloack onto a cloak hanger. he sits down, and looks at the neat pile of datapads and reports he needed to read. he started to go through them. Costs, budget deficits, and......hmm... the new Republic had a war on THIER hands. sems like they tried to lay waste to Coruscant. Interesting. he though and decided that he would support neither. he looked out onto Bilbringi, and saw a Republic cruiser being build. He called in Tojo.*

Tojo, halt production of all republic craft. i wish to remain neutral in thier conflict. Have the cruisers scrapped and sent to... you know where.

*Tojo nodded, and left. Cracken continued to mull over reports, requests, and and slowly, the pile got smaller and smaller. a comm light went off at his desk, Military secured channel. he pushed a button. Karrak*

Admiral Karrak: My lord, the bombardment has begun. Testing of the Immolation bombs is in progress. the world will be reduced to ashes.

Cracken: excellent. make sure everythign dies and no-one survives. Do not fail me, Admiral.

*Cracken keyed off the comm, cutting the transmission. He sighed, and looked out the window. the most powerful man in the galaxy, and here he was, tied to a damned desk. He shook his head, and decided it was time to deal with the one person whom he wished was on Ulna Shardes.

Irvine, his son.

he went to his private docking bay, and entered his shuttle. It tok off, and headed for Bilbringi Maximum Security Prison.*

Redwing 08-16-2003 06:23 AM


*Rwos guides his ship through a torrent of rain and lands on a deserted landing pad*

These are the to find that clinic...

Kuuki 08-16-2003 12:58 PM

*Bilbringi Maximum Security Prison*

*Irvine's confinement was him locked inside a room where he is suspended in mid air spining ever so slightly, with his arms and legs tight to his sides, all inside a glowing field. Nutrition was only given intravenously.*

*He can remember when the gaurds came into his room where eh was held temperaly captive, the room was dark, red gaurds were dead, which Irvine couldn't remember when and how he killed them. The yasimari hid from him, but the influence was still there. Guards came in, Irvine fought through a few guards before stun bolts fired and hit him in the sides, later when he came to, he was in the room.

The guards whom transported him had kept him under. Now Irvine keeps wondering when he'll might have the time to make his phone call, in a jokingly sense, but he still thought if he wasn't in such a recked mess when the guards came in, he'll get free becuase his training would have proven him that.*

Admiral 08-17-2003 04:27 AM


*Odin wanders around the halls of Valaskjalf, his palace. It was night on Asgard. IT was actually the darkest hour of the night. Soon Vanaheim would be rising and the night would brighten up a little.

Odin was looking forward to having all of his children home. Svafa and Hildr would arrive in a couple of days. They would be the last to return. A large feast was being planned for the day after they arrived.

Deac 08-17-2003 11:22 AM

Ulna Shardes

Lokpihet: You go.

*Lokpihet runs to the command centre as Malice follows the child. He arrives, several techs and officers looking startled to see him*

Captain: Lord Lokpihet?! I thought...

Lokpihet: Think again. I'm taking command. Is my tower still present?

Captain: Sir, it's been converted...

Lokpihet: Whatever. The weapon should still be there. *Moves to computer and begins keying in a pad. In the distance, a large tower explodes as a large, green laser is fired from the planet's surface toward the attacking fleet*



*Dr Hilth is woken by the sound of blaster fire down his corridor...*

Cmdr. Cracken 08-17-2003 01:47 PM

Sensor: sir, we're detecting a large energy anomoly.. wait... it's a super laser! SIR!

*By then, it was too late, the Star Destroyer on the port side of the Vengence as destroyed.*

Karrak: tell all commands to keep moving. Instruct bombers to begin strafing runs. *he looked down. 0:10 read the timer* Launch second wave, all ships, launch second wave! Have the Vengence launch at the origin of that Superlaser!!!

*Again, the Vengance launched five more Immolation bombs, all toward teh area of the origin of the super laser. One would be enough, but 5 insured destruction. the rest of the fleet followed suit, yet thier fire was more random. They brought the number of the devastating weapons to 35. (Seven ImpStar Dueces left)

Surface side, Turbolaser fire had been ransacking the plant for the last ten minutes. Explosions and green death rained from he sky. Suddenly it stopped.

And suddenly, thier was a bright light. One of the bombs exploded in a city, ripping at the infastructure, creating winds of un-imaginable insensity. The heat was unbearable, seearing paint off of speeders, if they were left standing, and Durasteel became liquid in seconds. After the light had subsided, wild fires unlike any before burned out of control, carried by the high winds the bomb created, and the fires fueled. They spread at increadible speed, burnign everything they touched.

And around the planet, 4 more hit.

with 40 more on the way.

and the turbolasers began to hit again.

BattleDog 08-17-2003 08:05 PM

*Drago runs through a door, as the probe droid follows a mine detonates, drestroying the machine.*

*Drago picks up his still unconsious wife and heads to a private landing pad.*

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