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airwolf28 07-20-2000 05:38 PM

I am stuck in this level. I finished getting the 2nd part of the machine which I don't remember the name and I defeated the lava gardian. I am now on a level called, "Back in Peru". I am in a area where Indy knocked part of a floor and hit a platform and a big, huge bolder is above. Whenever, I get on the platform, I get killed. What should I do there? Am I missing something? What??


Monique 07-21-2000 08:06 AM

Hi, I know 2 boulders in that level: de first is when you hang on the ledge to slide down the slope and make a jump into a passage and second: when you pick up the golden idol and the floor start to collapse.
Wich one is it?


nd 07-21-2000 08:56 AM

At this point, don't jump down to the platform but go back and pick up the long bamboo stick when climbing down the tomb. You need the stick immediately (try to find out yourself ;-)

airwolf28 07-21-2000 10:39 AM

Monique, it the platform after you passed the room with the spikes shooting at you. Then you go into a passage to the room where you use the whip twice and the huge ledge where you have to scoot over to the right. That where I am stuck now. After Indy goes down, he hit something on the floor and a huge bolder above is just about to fall. That where I am stuck.

fiero84 09-11-2005 02:20 AM

Been awhile since I last visited.
I was also stuck .

Had to get a 'save game' from someone.
(I may not have had the patch also)

When it DID work again, here's what I did:

after triggering boulder,
I backflipped 2 times, then dodged left,(into an open side of tunnel) to allow the boulder to fall past me.
(Before, I would make it, but Indy was then rendered inoperative
-game lost the character)

Nice this place is still around, had many great times playing this game!!

Skinkie 09-13-2005 09:56 PM

Yeah, but you brought back a thread thats been dead for over 5 years. It's cool to talk about the games, but start a new discussion, don't bring back the loooong dead ones. But anyway, welcome to the forums.

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