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Kurgan 03-06-2004 06:27 PM

Attention Siege Mappers: Unused Siege Classes!
SCL files found in ext_data\siege\Classes (assets1.pk3)

Unused Siege classes in Jedi Academy! These may be of interest to those trying to come up with ideas for Siege Classes or just need some ready made ones to use with projects.

Obviously these may need to be tweaked for the individual map, but it's an idea of what Raven was working on. Some of the items/weapons may be buggy and I've noted these where I can.

The types of classes we see include some with only minor changes (a different weapon or item, a new name or skin), while others are unique (force sensitive gunners, Jedi without lightsabers).

I may have missed something here or there, but I just went through the files in Raven's pk3 and did a bit of documentation, hopefully to make it easier for folks looking for ideas.

I left out the classes featured in Siege_Destroyer (all but the two assault "pilot" classes are disabled in Siege_Destroyer2 packaged with Asteroids, but they can easily be re-enabled in the team files if you want to mess around with them).


STRING DESCRIPTION (class file name)
"Description here from siege.str file"

Skin/model name (Class type)
Lightsaber (if any) (hilt, color, Styles)
Items (if any)
MaxHealth/MaxShields and starting shields (if any)
Force Powers (if any)
"Other notes"

INF_MERCENARY (mercenary.scl)
"Mercenary: This member of the Mercenary infantry is good at both offensive and defensive combat and can hold his own against most forces."

Human Merc (Assault)
Pistol, ST Rifle, Repeater, Trip Mines
Sentry Gun

"Imperial Heavy Weapons Specialist: This heavy weapons member is slow, but makes up for it with sheer firepower."

Stormtrooper Officer (Heavy Weapons)
Pistol, Merr Sonn / Pistol, Repeater
"Extra ammo?"

"Rebel Heavy Weapons Specialist: This heavy weapons member is slow, but is heavily armed, dealing out great amounts of damage."

"Rebel Heavy Weapons Specialist"
Chewbacca (Heavy Weapons)
Melee, Bowcastor, Merr Sonn, Concussion Rifle
"heavy melee" (apparently buggy, breaks through walls too easily)

This accounts for all references to Wookie fists being "more useful" when in fact they are currently the same as all other Melee.
SUPP_REBEL_SUPPLY (rebelsupply.scl)

"Rebel Supplier: This support member keeps the other troops healthy and able to fight by providing them with necessary supplies in the field."

"Rebel Supply"
Jan Blue (Tech)
Pistol, ST Rifle
"Heals & Gives Ammo"
SIEGE_INF_PROTECTOR (protector.scl)

"Protector: Enlisted by the Jedi to protect Force-sensitive areas, this well-armed infantry member can make a difference in any battle."

Noghri (Assault)
Pistol, Repeater, Thermal Detonators / Concussion Rifle, Noghri Stick

(considering the buggy Noghri stick normally crashes the game, makes
sense this was left out)
Level 2 Force Jump
Sentry Gun, Cloaking Shield

"Mercenary Heavy Weapons Specialist: This heavy weapons member is slow, but makes up for it with sheer firepower."

"Merc Heavy Weapons Specialist"
Weequay (Heavy Weapons)
Pistol, Bowcastor, Merr Sonn

"Light Force Adventurer: This infantry member has a number of low level Force abilities but is untrained in the ways of the Jedi."

Kyle Katarn (Assault)
Pistol, ST Rifle, Thermal Detonators
Level 1 Jump, Level 2 Push, Level 2 Pull, Level 1 Heal, Level 1 Seeing,

Level 2 Protect
Macrobinoculars (bind key to "zoom")
SIEGE_JEDI_JEDI_TECH (jeditech.scl)


(The description is missing from his profile)

"Jedi Tech"
Jedi (Tech)
Saber (single_2, 0, Fast & Medium)
Level 2 Saber Offense, Level 2 Saber Defense, Level 1 Saber Throw, Level 2

Force Jump, Level 1 Push, Level 1 Pull, Level 2 Seeing
"Heals and Gives Ammo"

This character is missing a menu description. He carries a red lightsaber.
SIEGE_INF_JEDI_HUNTER (jedihunter.scl)

"Jedi Hunter: This infantry member is a specialist is neutralizing Jedi.

The Ysalimiri protects him against the Force while the flechette gun is an excellent anti-lightsaber weapon at close range."

"Jedi Hunter"
Swamptrooper (Assault)
Pistol, ST Rifle, Flechette
"Ysalamiri" (item) <--- unfinished so not present?
"Jedi Force User: A master of use of the light side of the force, this Jedi has no use for weapons, not even a saber.
HEALTH 100, ARMOR 100, SPEED 100%, MELEE, JUMP 3, SPEED 3, PUSH 3, PULL 3, SIGHT 3, MIND TRICK 3, PROTECT 3, ABSORB 3, HEAL 3" (jediforceuser.scl)

"Jedi Force User"
Twi'Lek Female Siege (Jedi)
Level 3 Jump, Level 3 Speed, Level 3 Push, Level 3 Pull, Level 3 Seeing, Level 3 Mind Trick, Level 3 Protect, Level 3 Absorb, Level 3 Heal
"Fast Force Regeneration"

"Imperial Supply: This support member keeps the other troops healthy and able to fight by providing them with necessary supplies in the field."

"Imperial Supply"
TIE Pilot (Tech)
Pistol, ST Rifle
"Heals & Gives Ammo"
SIEGE_JEDI_DJEDI_KNIGHT (darkjediknight.scl)

"Dark Jedi Knight: The Dark Jedi Knight is trained in both the lightsaber and dark side of the Force, creating a well-balanced combatant with equal parts strength and weakness."

"Dark Jedi Knight"
Tavion New (Jedi)
Saber (single_9, 0, Fast & Medium & Strong)
Level 2 Saber Offense, Level 2 Saber Defense, Level 2 Saber Throw, Level 2 Jump, Level 2 Speed, Level 2 Pull, Level 2 Seeing, Level 2 Rage, Level 2

Drain, Level 2 Lightning

"Dark Jedi Invader: This dark Jedi is physically weaker than other team members, but uses his speed and stealth abilities to achieve his objectives."

"Dark Jedi Interceptor"
Reborn Boss (Scout)
Saber (single_6, 0, Fast)
Level 2 Saber Offense, Level 1 Saber Defense, Level 2 Jump, Level 3 Speed,

Level 2 Mind Trick, Level 1 Drain, Level 1 Pull
"Dark Jedi Force User: A master of use of the dark side of the Force, he has no use for weapons, not even a saber.
HEALTH 100, ARMOR 0, SPEED 100%, MELEE, JUMP 3, SPEED 3, PUSH 3, PULL 3, SIGHT 3, LIGHTNING 3, GRIP 3, DRAIN 3" (darkjediforceuser.scl)

"Dark Jedi force User"
Reborn Forceuser (Jedi)
Level 3 Jump, Level 3 Speed, Level 3 Push, Level 3 Pull, Level 3 Seeing,

Level 3 Lightning, Level 3 Grip, Level 3 Drain
"Fast Force Regeneration"
SIEGE_VAN_DFORCE_ASSASSIN (darkforceass.scl)

"Dark Force Assassin: This vanguard member is physically weaker than other team members and has limited Force ability, yet is an expert marksman who is deadly in his own right."

"Dark Force Assassin"
Shadowtrooper (Scout)
Pistol, Disruptor
Level 3 Mind Trick, Level 1 Seeing, Level 3 Jump
"Extra ammo?"
SIEGE_INF_CULTIST (cultist.scl)

"Cultist: This infantry member has a number of low level Force abilities but is untrained in the ways of the dark Jedi."

Cultist default (Assault)
Pistol, ST Rifle, Thermal Detonators
Level 1 Jump Level 2 Push, Level 2 Pull, Level 1 Grip, Level 1 Lightning,

Level 2 Drain
Macrobinoculars (bind key to "zoom")
Siege Destroyer Classes:

"Pilots" are supposed to be the only ones who can "fly" ships.
Other classes must be "passengers"? (On YT-1300, Lambda Shuttle, Y-Wing...). Rebel pilot is intended to fly "X-Wings, Z95s and Lambda Shuttles" while Imperial Pilots is intended to fly "TIE Fighters and Bombers."

Snipers are supposed to have Stationary Shields (yet only the Rebel Tech has one).

Light Jedi Apprentice is supposed to be trained in "the Light Side of the Force" yet has only neutral powers.

Dark Jedi Apprentice is supposed to be trained in "the Dark Side of the Force" yet has only neutral powers.

Health for all Siege classes on this map seem rather low.

Lambda Shuttle originally fired red Lasers, since it was intended to be controlled by the "Good Guys" even though it's an Imperial craft (stolen?).


2 Rebel Assault classes (+1 from Destroyer)
1 Rebel Heavy Weapons class (+1 from Destroyer)
0 Rebel Demolitionist classes (+1 from Destroyer)
0 Rebel Scout classes (+1 from Destroyer)
2 Rebel Tech classes (+1 from Destroyer)
1 Rebel Jedi class (+1 from Destroyer)

3 Imperial Assault classes (+1 from Destroyer)
2 Imperial Heavy Weapons classes (+1 from Destroyer)
0 Imperial Demolitionist classes (+1 from Destroyer)
1 Imperial Scout class (+1 from Destroyer)
1 Imperial Tech class (+1 from Destroyer)
2 Imperial Dark Jedi classes (+1 from Destroyer)

5 unused Assault classes (7 including Destroyer)
3 unused Heavy Weapons classes (5 including Destroyer)
0 unused Demolitionist classes (2 including Destroyer)
1 unused Scout class (3 including Destroyer)
3 unused Tech classes (5 including Destroyer)
3 unused Jedi classes (5 including Destroyer)

15 total unused classes.

12 (previously unused) classes contained in Siege Destroyer (only the two pilots are enabled by default).*

2 classes with previously unused options.
2 total unused teams.

(*So you have another 10 extra classes in Siege_Destroyer/2 that can be looked at)

Kurgan 03-06-2004 06:34 PM

Here is a sample from a *.team file that you can modify and mess with to enable new classes (TEAM files are found in ext_data/Siege/Teams/ directory in assets1.pk3).

Descriptions of each class are found in siege.str (found in assets1.pk3 in the directory strings/English). Also see the individal *.scl files for more information and stats that can be modified.

You can freely put "bad guy" characters on a "good guy" team and mix and match. Just remember that you can only have one of each type of class on a team. If you try to put more than one Tech on a team for example you'll get one and the other will be "blanked out" and unusable.

Here are how the classes are identified in the files:

"Infantry" = Assault
"Heavy" = Heavy Weapons
"Demo" = Demolitionist
"Vanguard" = Scout
"Support" = Tech
"Jedi" = Jedi

Each of the six class "slots" has to be "filled" or else the map won't load properly.

A Sample "bad guy" team:
// class1 "Imperial Pilot"
// class1 "Jedi Hunter"
// class1 "Cultist"
class1 "Mercenary"

// class2 "Merc Heavy Weapons Specialist"
// class2 "Imperial Stormtrooper"
class2 "Rocket Trooper"

class3 "Imperial Light Demolitionist"

// class4 "Imperial Light Sniper"
class4 "Dark Force Assassin"

// class5 "Imperial Light Tech"
class5 "Imperial Supply"

// class6 "Dark Jedi Force User"
// class6 "Dark Jedi Apprentice"
class6 "Dark Jedi Knight"
// <----- use these to set off a class you wish to "turn off"
A Sample "good guy" team:
// class1 "Rebel Pilot"
// class1 "Protector"
class1 "Kyle"

// class2 "Rebel Heavy Infantry"
class2 "Wookie"

class3 "Rebel Light Demolitionist"

class4 "Rebel Light Sniper"

// class5 "Rebel Light Tech"
// class5 "Jedi Tech"
class5 "Rebel Supply"

// class6 "Jedi Apprentice"
class6 "Jedi Force User"
Remember, these classes are taken from the pk3 files in Jedi Academy. They are based on unused and unfinished concepts, so they may need to be tweaked or changed for balance to fit into your particular project. But they should hopefully spark some ideas and interest in Siege scenario making...

Neverhoodian 03-06-2004 06:46 PM


This could really open up a whole slew of new scenarios for Siege.

Kurgan 03-06-2004 07:09 PM

Here's some screenshots. ; )

(The "Unknown Tech" is the Jedi Tech who lacks a description in the menu. Macrobinoculars are a usable item by two of the listed classes. Unlike in Single Player it auto zooms, you can fire and move freely while using it, and it has infinite battery power).

JDKnite188 03-06-2004 08:08 PM

IMO there isn't necessarily a need for more classes. Instead, there should be customization options and expansion to the standard six classes. There should be multiple model options for classes (Jedi could have their whole apparel changed, but the other classes should at least have two or three different models to choose from). Also, weapons and items should be allotted to a class through a point system much like the force power configuration in MP. All classes would obviously be restricted in their choices, but they could have the option to use points for available items such as sentry turrets and bacta tanks to weapons like the E-11 or TDs. More ammo could also be "bought" with points. This would make Siege much more interesting.

Kurgan 03-06-2004 08:20 PM

I'm not talking about modifying existing Siege maps, I'm talking making NEW ONES.

The point is you wouldn't make a new siege map and use the same classes as in Hoth, unless that map is setup the same as Hoth.

The classes currently in the Siege maps are in there for a reason. They are balanced for the particular map.

Not only that, but you have to weigh in how you want one team to accomplish their objectives and you have to get the other team setup to counter the first team and to cover THEIR objectives (to defend them).

That's the trick.

I've seen a few Siege maps and they basically just copied the non-Jedi classes from Hoth, then gave the Jedi uber uber powers (ie: everything) that doesn't work.

Also, the skins deal is an issue.

For one thing, the way its done in Siege is so that you can INSTANTLY know what class a person is and what team they are on. If you see Chewbacca you know he's a Rebel Heavy Weapons Specialist, and not a Jedi or a Sniper or whatnot.

If you give people the ability to pick any skin (you can do so, just change the override line in the scl file for the class and you can pick any skin using the console) then that means you can have entire teams using the same skin or any skin at all. It gets confusing.

Maybe you could go with colored skins, that's an idea, but again it isn't necessary in Siege, because it's always setup so that the characters go with their team (ie: Rebels on the Rebel Team, Merc aliens on the Mercenary team, and Imperials and Dark Jedi bad guys on the Imperial team). Plus you have the Team Beacons over your teammates heads and you have their symbols on your radar so you always know.

Incidentally, the "custom Jedi" (Twilek Females, Zabrak Females, Kel Dor Males, Human males) can all be tweaked a bit in Siege already.

You can change their outfit colors using the char_color_red (or blue or green) things for example.

Giving a couple of models to choose from would be okay, but I'm not sure how you'd do that. Right now the classes are setup so that either you can use ANY SKIN AT ALL or else it force you to use one particular skin.

Setting up a Counter-Strike esque "buying" thing would be interesting, but you'd probably have to do that in code since the option isn't there already.

Of course are you going to make it so that the winning team gets more and more points and thus the losing team gets further and further behind?

Though it sounds more like you're suggesting the non-Jedi should get "item points" instead of Force points (like the Jedi) that they can use to buy weapons or items or possibly "weapon loadouts" like you have in JA single player before a mission.

That's interesting and again you'd have to do some coding to get that in there probably.

Anyway, like I said, the point of this is to get some ideas for future siege maps, not modding the current Siege maps.

If you want to just do classes like how the current maps do them it's VERY EASY all you have to do is edit a few text files and you're done. Test and make sure it's balanced and you're set!

I suppose another way to "choose stuff" would be a setup like what Jedi Knight did, that is have a "lobby" that you all start in, then you choose a room (which teleports you someplace else) where you can get the equipment you want or something.

Of course the trouble is that as the mission goes on you respawn in different areas so a dead character wouldn't keep his old equipment (only what he spawned with).

But I guess you could drop respawning weapons caches at various points for people to pickup (normally in Siege there are no pickupable items except the occasional objective like the Access Codes, ie: there's no ammo or weapon pickups, just recharge stations).

KaidonRefk 03-11-2004 01:11 AM

Counter Strike system..
Well my logical idea for an Counter Strike RPG type of system is that you code new parts of the game, using old parts of code.
Like the parts that require ammo for weapons to be used,or certain events for items to be used.When edited properly they can help make a great RPG mod; well thats MY theory,and it seems logical.
:D Tell me whatcha think.

Hey another thought, for when you dont want a specific class of players to use certain items, try coding it to where,and note im a beggeiner in C++, this will be sloppy; if playerClass == stormtrooper qtrue
and have a bool or somthing for if qture and qfalse, qfalse doesn't let you use, but somthing qtrue does.

wedge2211 03-19-2004 08:55 PM

I find it amazing how much of JA is really in very early stages of completion...really mostly unfinished. Vehicles, siege, etc...

TK-8252 04-05-2004 03:56 AM

It'd be nice if one class could let the player choose a model for it that's related to its task. For example, in the Star Destroyer v2 siege, there's now A-Wings and Y-Wings. HapSlash, I believe, is planning to make new A-Wing, Y-Wing, and B-Wing pilot models, and it'd be nice if we could choose a different pilot model just for a change.

Kurgan 05-10-2004 09:19 AM

Thread revival since we're finally seeing some more development in the Siege area (and Hapslash has released some new skins!). ; )

Also fixed some typos and things.

Dingo Dave 05-20-2004 01:17 PM

You guys should go to they have a mod which is in open beta now which has a lot of the stuff you have mentioned.

TK-8252 05-20-2004 04:47 PM

No, MBII is a whole seperate gametype, not siege.

Dingo Dave 05-22-2004 02:16 AM

its is based off of siege, and you use a slightly modded siege map as the mb maps. Thats says to me its siege......

Also it has weapon stats that you develop. - as mentioned above.

Kurgan 06-18-2004 12:12 AM

Good to see even more siege maps being made. Sadly the ones I've seen have either been HUGE file size wise, or else too buggy to be playable. But still, I'm hopeful... people are learning that's encouraging!

Kurgan 01-28-2005 01:36 PM

Just giving this one a thread revival since the info is still relevant, even if some things have come out since this posting.

Btw, I still haven't tried MovieBattles2, but I plan to! It sounds cool and its certainly progressed a lot since the last time I checked...

Kurgan 05-31-2009 05:39 PM

It's time for another thread revival... hope people find this stuff interesting. ;)

I was poking around in the assets again as I had a little time to play JA this summer and remembered this.

See also this thread:

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