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razorace 10-21-2004 01:02 AM

Cultist Destroyer?
I've been digging thru the SP AI code while implimenting the code for OJP CoOp.

Anyway, I've come across what appears to be a unused NPC "class" that seems to be functional.

It's the Cultist Destroyer, a reborn cultist who blindly charges the player and suicides using a big force explosion.

Has anyone ever actually heard of this enemy type or seen it in action?

keshire 10-21-2004 03:47 AM

Would this be the use of the cultist explode animation that was never used?

razorace 10-21-2004 10:40 AM

Probably, the code uses BOTH_FORCE_RAGE but that animation could have been a more dedicated version of that.

lassev 10-22-2004 01:39 AM

The class AI behavior seems to work fine, but my experimentation with this class has revealed a problem quite similar to the remote droid. The remote weapon didn't show any visual effects in game as long as I didn't have bryar_pistol loaded beforehand. Now, the reborn_destroyer seems to explode, killing the player, but there's no explosion effect in game (that I could see on my system anyway). So, I think either some other effect must be loaded earlier or the effect for the class wasn't shipped with the game.

If somebody knows a solution, it would be nice to hear it...

razorace 10-22-2004 07:27 AM

It probably just means that the effects aren't be precashed for those particular NPC classes.

lassev 10-22-2004 10:06 AM

Indeed. But the question remains: What entity (or effect) must be loaded (cached) before the reborn_destroyer, because the effect is not cached when the NPC itself is loaded. It won't be solved with a second reborn_destoyer spawning, that much I know.

It was exactly the same thing with the remote sp. By trial and error, and educated guesses, I deduced it was the bryar pistol for the remote. It might be possible to get the effect somehow also for the detroyer to be shown. It would of course help if you could find the answer in some file...

razorace 10-22-2004 01:46 PM

According to the code it's "force/destruction_exp", and I don't immediately see it in the effects folder so I assume it was cut from the final product.

However, I should note that the effect is supposed to precashe and be used so it should work if you add in an effect called "force/destruction_exp".

lassev 10-23-2004 03:17 AM

Oh, yes... It indeed works after placing an effect called that in the folder. I copied, renamed and edited a red version of the concussion rifle explosion effect for it. Now the suicidal cultist charges himself with force_rage, runs to the player, playes the animation, and explodes (removing himself right in the beginning of the process, which doesn't look so good).

The damage is hard coded, I guess, and the damage range very wide. Thus, the explosion effect should be pretty wide also, definitely far more than in the concussion right now. I might edit the effect to have some lightning and upscale it quite a bit. It should turn out to be interesting...

It's a nasty enemy, especially in tight quarters...

razorace 10-23-2004 10:00 AM

Ok dokie. Let me know how it turns out. Getting a dedicated effect for the destroyer would be great.

lassev 10-23-2004 11:02 AM

Ah, well, why don't you have a look for yourself? :)

Cultist Destroyer effect pk3 packet containing the efx, the red lightning image and the shader.

Have fun!

EDIT: Readme included in the pk3... In case you want to check the credits... ;)

TK-425 10-23-2004 03:34 PM

Cool! Hay lassev could I use this in my Realism Project Mod?

lassev 10-23-2004 03:43 PM


Originally posted by TK42235
Cool! Hay lassev could I use this in my Realism Project Mod?
Ah, yes, but of course! There's actually a readme inside the pk3 that says you can use and modify it as much as you want. You must realise my work was only, let's say experimental, and not aiming at a project of my own. It was just a captivating idea. So, please use it if you find it useful. Or course I'd be happy if you mentioned me in your future readme, but I don't require even that...

TK-425 10-23-2004 04:37 PM

I will use somthing els if I find it to be more realistic but this works for now:)
I will mention you in the readme.txt btw.

NumberWan 09-14-2007 04:46 PM

Does anybody still use this force/destruction_exp effect? I couldn't find one... =(

Iron Herald 03-19-2008 08:48 AM

Ace, this would be awsome to add in bot support for OJP, with lassevs effects.
do they explode immediately or do you have time to kill them first?

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