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Wade Vox 08-21-2001 04:09 PM

New PC code uncovered!
RUAGIRL? - Makes everything pink.

This was originally an N64 code, but it seems to work for PC.

Lynk Former 08-22-2001 06:55 AM

It would have to since its written in Naboo on the stats screen when you finish a mission...

Wade Vox 08-22-2001 04:09 PM

Aha! Good findings, Lynk. Brave flights second victory!

Lynk Former 08-23-2001 08:13 AM

Bravo Flight... Hmmmm oh wellz

Wade Vox 08-23-2001 04:38 PM

Dunt wurray im jast truing tu gut sume mure luw qwalty pusts.
Actually, it was a typo...honest! You know how near O and E are to each other...a whole 5 keys!

X-Wing Guy 08-23-2001 08:30 PM

BFN is the greatest game ever!

Lynk Former 08-24-2001 04:45 AM

What does that have to do with what he just said?...


Redwing 08-24-2001 07:26 AM

COOL! I'm gonna put that in tomorrow when I play BfN!

BTW about the ship changing cheats...they don't seem to work well, the Sith Infiltrator unlock stops working after like two levels, and the Swamp Speeder cheat doesn't carry over to the next level after I picked it in the hangar...and I haven't been able to access the AAT at all!

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.
-custom made by S1DC Technologies

Lynk Former 08-24-2001 09:07 AM

Which version are you using? The N64 or PC? If it's the N64 one then I know what you mean. I think it's some sort of bug that happens... but when it happens on mine it's when I enter more than one code in...


Wade Vox 08-24-2001 04:00 PM

X-Wing Guy, i like your style!

Lynk Former 08-25-2001 01:51 AM

I think he's doing that so he can spam... he hasn't written anything besides that...


Wade Vox 08-25-2001 04:22 PM

*sighs* Back to the good old days with one-new-post-a-day in the BfN forums. Bring back Rogue-For-Higher??

Lynk Former 08-26-2001 05:30 AM

Oh well... you can't win em all...


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