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Rogue15 07-30-2001 06:54 PM

Passcodes in n64 version could be for pc version...
Chicken was used in n64 to activate a level where you play as an at-st, and the level is a huge green field with villages on 2 corners, a base (protected by a force field generator), and other small stuff. It's color matches the color in Chandrila. I'd REALLY enjoy playing that level with say...a y-wing or a x-wing.

RADAR-this code made the radar more realistic by making enemies that are higher than you dimmer than the ones below you.

Credits-allowed you to view credits, nothing big.

I believe there's that atst level hidden deep within rogue squadron 3d waiting to be discovered, along with the radar code...

Rogue9 07-30-2001 08:43 PM

ummm we already have the atst code for the computer and I'm pretty sure the radar equilvilent was released as well.

Rogue15 07-30-2001 09:12 PM

I haven't heard or read of the radar equivelent. ATST code of course was in their, but i'm sure they wouldn't have taken the precious time to remove the atst minigame!!!

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