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gonyjets 10-30-2004 05:16 PM

A Bounty's Profit
Here is where we are all bounty hunters. Be creative with your character. Don't just use... Blaster Rifle. Human. Boring. Think of diffrent things. Include the following things in your bio:

Name, Species, Apperance, Weapons, Bio, and anything else you see fit.

Name: Queldoras Wiles
Species: Unknown
Appearance: Twelve long, strecthy limbs. He walks on two and uses the others to fight. He has fixed sharp, impaling spikes on the end. Rows of sharp teeth line his mouth.
Weapons: His own long, mulitiple, extendable arms with spikes fixed into them. He also has long teeth that he
Bio: A group of adventurers found Queldoras on a world outside our galaxy. They brought him and another back, hoping them to reproduce and grow and they would become rich. Queldoras killed his mate... And the adventurers. He soon became familiar with flying a ship. He landed on an outer rim world, and destoryed the spaceport. Exausted from using his own raw power, Queldoras decided to settle down and become a bounty hunter. He quickly became the best... And destoryed anyone who disagreed.

Quelodoras checked his datapad. "Good," he thought. "The new mission is finally here..." He walked down the streets of Lower Corusant. Some people almost puked when they saw him, and others ran. But ALL gave hi a wide berth.

Either they didn't know it, or they chose to ignore it, but Lower Corusant was the bounty capital of the world. And he ran it all. He smiled gleefully. Someone had a grudge against a Jedi, and the protocal was send it to Corusant first. No one broke the rules after the first few "lawbreakers" were put to justice. He examined the report carefully. The Jedi was now on Dantooine. She was a Zabrak, so he would have to be careful. He posted the notice on the board, but he was careful to put it somewhere where it wasn't obvious. He wanted this one to himself.

Evil Dark Jedi 10-30-2004 05:26 PM

Name: Zoric Bastar ( Dont blame me I always use this name)
Species: Mandalorian
Appereance: Hard to tell as he wears mandalorian armour 24/7. He basically has brown hair green eyes. Pretty tall and has lightly coloured skin.
Weapons: Mandalorian Heavy Blast Pistols x2, Modified vibro-sword, Modified Mandalorian Heavy Blast Cannon.
Bio: Zoric grew up on Mandalore and was quickly intruiged by bouty hunters. He read about them and meet them. When he was 16 he moved from Mandalore with his equipment and armour. He went to Tatooine and found a bounty that was worth it....

Zoric was in his ship and flying to Dantooine (dont worry it aint a Jedi). He landed on a port and found not many people liked Mandalorians. Zoric went around and saw his bounty but it was too crowded to kill him. So he waited until nightfall....

RebelScum! 11-01-2004 08:16 AM

Name: Jan Solo (LOL i'm same with EDJ)
Species:Physically-Enhanced Human
Appereance: Always wears black (red tinted) Armor from the shoulders down, Black hair (with red stripe), blue eyes, clean-shaven. Has a visor on his face.
Weapons: Wookies Claws (like iron knuckles), Arm Cannon, Double vibro-blades and Thermal/night vision visor.
Bio:I was taken when I was 5 and tested on by the Imperials. they truned me into a monster...I could'nt go to school. I looked like a freak...It wasn't untill i was ten that they made me look like a human again. But i had un-thinkable power. With all my strength I could pull down a At-St. I attacked the Imperial scientists...I beat them untill they dead (did'nt take to long). I escaped...I am now on the run.

codj 11-01-2004 07:21 PM

Name: Bac Rueben
Age: 26
Species: Kel Dor
Apperance: Wears a long black cloak with hood and a black uniform for his secret society of bounty hunters that have became very well known. Also wears a mask like Plo Koon.
Bio: The most top agent of the B.H.O. ( Bounty Hunter Organization ) besides the head of the group. He has few known powers besides awesome stealth that killed all bounty hunters above him. He ended up going to Dantooine to hunt for but not kill a thief that stole a precious item that belonged to the B.H.O guild.

Bac Rueben had just arrived from a ship he stole and had already killed the pilot. He headed down to a local bar and got a drink. Inside, he found out information on two other bounty hunters that arrived on the planet and Bac decided to find them and see if they knew anything about his bounty.

Sabretooth 11-02-2004 04:16 AM

Name: Saqarias "Saq" Tubres
Species: Falleen
Appearance: Green and smooth, like most Falleen. 6' 1" feet tall, 155 lb weight, augmented hair, each hair strand 1 inch thick. Bladed covers on hair strands.
Weapons: Toxic-dart Shooter, Compact Falleen Lasernet, Knuckle-blades, 6 inch blade, Tenloss Disruptor Rifle, Blaster Pistol
Bio: Most would think he was on the pilgrimage most Falleen youths take, but Saq had a different future. He harnessed his skills as a student from a high clan in the Falleen soceity. He left at the age of 17 to harness and test his skills in the harsh galaxy.
In 4 years, he became a feared, secretive bounty hunter and had collected enough bounty to lead a rich, happy life.
Some people just can't resist the risk...

Saq was on Dantooine looking for some clients. His soul seeked mischief, but he reminded himself that he had no client yet. He walked with an air of pride, his armoured chest thrust forward and pale green head held high. His golden eyes twinkled in the sun as he looked cunningly. His dreaded smile appeared and faded on his face as he looked at the Dantooine crowd. Some looked back at him aggresively, some shivered, some looked at him curiously among a thousand expressions and feelings Saq had seen after his flight from his fellow species.
Something told the young cold-blooded, scaly bounty hunter that his next victim was somewhere near...

OOC: EDJ, why do you want to kill your own bounty? :eyeraise:

RebelScum! 11-02-2004 06:01 AM

I was headed for the distant planet Kamino. There was a long neck that was worth alot of credits. Since i don't have a ship i thought i would "borrow" one for my neighbor on Corusant. If i got this bounty and a few others i might be able to buy of the imperials...But right now i was on the run. I stole my neighbors ship and started the engines. It was an old Naboo Starfighter...But it would do. And just my luck it came with a R2 unit to! Before leaving i stopped by a paintshop to have it and black of course...After that i was off...It would be a long, long drive trying to stay away from the Empire the whole way....

Evil Dark Jedi 11-02-2004 12:43 PM

OOC: Cause I want my own. :p

Zoric waited until nightfall. At night he crept into his bounty's room. He was sleeping. Zoric pulled out his blasters and attached silencers. He shot his bounty and killed him. Zoric left the room and went to his ship...

Sabretooth 11-02-2004 05:12 PM


Originally posted by EDJ
Zoric waited until nightfall. At night he crept into his bounty's room. He was sleeping. Zoric pulled out his blasters and attached silencers. He shot his bounty and killed him. Zoric left the room and went to his ship...
:eyeraise: :eyeraise:

The young falleen booked a room in a hotel and stayed there, thinking about his life and his adventures. He made a smile when he thought about the helpless victim and how he killed him. The falleen was now rich, but didn't want or show it. He had got used to the street life and a rich life would just betray his the hours he spent as a bounty hunter. A sound kept him from sleeping though. It was a sharp step, a tick. The falleen aroused himself and his body turned black to adjust the surrounding. He closed his eyes, so they wouldn't stand out in the darkness and leaped from his bed, and out of the window, breaking the panes.
Surely enough, he found rodian, about five and a half feet tall on his window sill. The falleen grabbed the rodian in mid-air and upon commencing landing, whammed the rodian's back on the ground. The rodian squealed, but Saq punched his mouth. It didn't take him long to realise that he is now a target.

Somebody had set a bounty on a bounty hunter.

EDIT: I did some Photoshop editing to make my armour rather than describe it and here it is -


codj 11-02-2004 07:07 PM

Bac Rueben caught one of his possible informants as he was heading towards a ship. He sneaked up to him and put a blade to his future informants throat. He wanted no escape for this mandalorian.

DarthTDe 11-03-2004 08:03 PM

Name:Jaden Randyll
Species:Kel Dor
Appearance:6'7" clad in red & black Mandalore armor,except for the fact that he doesn't wear a helmet.his hair is dusty blond with black streaks,and because his eyes were implanted with
Biotech he has unbelievable eyesight:eyepop
Weapons:a lightsaber,dual blaster pistols:twogun:and a rocket launcher and a gauntlet,wrist launcher,dart shoooter and flamethrower.
Bio:Born on Mandalore and then captured by sith and forced to be trained but because of his uncontrollable anger,on Malastare he lashed out and killed his Master,and now carries his lightsaber as a trophy.and now he comes to Dantooine to hunt down a bountied bounty hunter...

As I pulled my Starfighter into the spaceport,I looked around at all the scum and villainy that surrounded me,"oh,crap...this'll be easy...":eek:

Evil Dark Jedi 11-04-2004 12:36 AM

OOC: Dantooine isnt filled with all scum its a peaceful planet. Sometimes...

Zoric went to his ship and took off. He set a course for Tatooine to collect his money..

Sabretooth 11-04-2004 02:00 AM

"Who is it?!?!" Saq interrogated on the grassy road.
"A... Hutt. Falleen leather... good money." the Rodian whimpered.
"Give me the name and address or you will have none."
"Yarl, base near Anchorhead."
And with that, Saq got up and picked up his attacker by the collar.
"Listen. I want you to live. Tell your boss that Falleen Leather is coming. You killed me. I want you to tell him that, or be prey to my burning net of laser."
The Rodian nodded and fled the location.
"So to Tatooine we go..." Saq whispered and went back to his room and packed. Rather than fairly paying the manager before he left, Saq decided to use his grappling hook to swing and zip across rooftops and went towards the nearest Space Transport Station. Saq preffered to stick with the public rather than get a ship of his own. That way he can keep up with the latest news and gossip.

Evil Dark Jedi 11-05-2004 02:31 PM

Zoric entered hyperspace and set the course for Tatooine. He came out of hyperspace at Tatooine. Zoric landed his ship and went to the Hutt. "I have killed my bounty. Now where are the credits?" said Zoric. "They are here" said the Hutt. The hutt tosed them over and Zoric caught them. Now to go buy some upgrades for my ship Zoric thought to himself..

RebelScum! 11-05-2004 04:30 PM


Originally posted by EDJ
The hutt tosed them over
OOC:lol how?

I landed on Kamino and saw to strange looking guards...They looked like stormtroopers with odd helmets. They came over to my ship and I "pushed" them off the edge of the Platform. I attached my laser cutter. I cut a hole big enough for me to pass through and i went through. I saw more guards running down the hall. I took off the Attachment and shot with my Arm Cannon. I killed about four. THe others fired. I ran are them and hit them with my fist and Arm Cannon. They went flying down the Hall. I found my destination. I attached my laser cutter again and opened a hole. Inside i found who i was looking for. I grabbed him by his neck and dragged his out. When i was outside on the platform i found my ship blown into small bits. So i jumped down a few levels into the Garage. There I found a ship that would suit the purpose. I through the Long-neck into the cargo hld and began to fly the strange ship.

Evil Dark Jedi 11-05-2004 04:38 PM


Originally posted by RebelScum1
OOC:lol how?
((By using his tail.:p))

Zoric went to the ship part shop and bought a blaster turret and a shield generator. Zoric went to his ship and installed them. He noticed he still had a few credits left though he kept them. He went back to the Hutt and asked for another bounty. "There is one on a rodian who is on Kamino" said the Hutt. Zoric went to his ship and took off..

RebelScum! 11-05-2004 04:46 PM


Originally posted by EDJ
((By using his tail.:p))
OOC:LOl :rofl:

I gave the money to my customer on Corusant with no problem. He thanked me and gave me my Credits. I walked on the street looking for some customers when i saw a Rodian Male. He was selling attachments for arm cannons...Sense i was only of the only one's to own and wear a cannon he had'nt sold anything. I walked over to him.Hey. Ive got one of the Arm Cannons....What do you have to sell? . The Rodian's eye lit with hapiness.Ive got a rocket launcher with 5,000 rockets.. My eyes got huge...5,000 Arm rockets were rare. How much? Ive got 10,000 Credits. Ill give you the Rockets and the attachment for 15,000. I picked the rodian up by the neck and held him up so we looked eye to eye.10,000 .Um, sure right..uh ok...10,000 it is.......

Evil Dark Jedi 11-05-2004 04:49 PM

Zoric came out of hyperspace and landed on Kamino. He went to the Rodains shop to see a person picking him up. "Can you buy your things and go?" said Zoric to the person.

RebelScum! 11-05-2004 05:07 PM

I loaded up my ship and headed for the Ruins or Dantooine. On my way to pick up the rockets i had got a new job from a client. On the way to Dantooine i saw three imperial star destroyers...I quicked my pace. THey did'nt seem to follow...When i reached the Destruction on Dantooine i saw the hut my H'nemthe (no not making it up, look Here) told me to look for. I Approched the hut.

Evil Dark Jedi 11-05-2004 05:13 PM

Zoric watched the person go. Zoric pulled out his blaster pistols and fired rapidly at the rodian and killed him. Zoric then got into his ship and headed back to Tatooine.

RebelScum! 11-05-2004 05:24 PM

The Old Man walked out of this hut...Don't Move! im here to collect a bounty on you.. Oh, hello there would you like some tea?. I was astonished...He showed now heating im my thermal he was'nt afraid at all. Just come with me so i can get my money.. Well mabye after you've had some tea...come on in.. Not knowing what i was doing i walked in.Here you are.. He said as a cup of tea floated over to me. I looked around for some kind of Anti-Gravity plate...I found nothing. How did you do that?!?. Well ill explain everything...

Sabretooth 11-06-2004 01:20 AM

Saq landed on Tatooine. He walked in the slimy Hutt's palace. "Hello, Yarl. Thought you'd get me after twenty attempts on my life? It is quite amazing how you can influence so many to work for you, and on that kill me! A job not even Vader would think of doing."
Within seconds the Hutt's Gamorrean guards pounced. Saq rolled back and launched a lasernet on the pile of guards. The net burned fiercely on the Gamorrean body and soon they were no more. He took out his dart shooter and shot three darts straight at the Hutt. The Hutt wailed and fell off his throne.
Chaos ensued in the palace and in the chaos, Saq found an exit. With blaster shots and guards at his tail, he jumped into the Tatooine sand and turned into a sand shade. The guards came out, only to be dumbfounded. He punced out and bit a guard on his neck. The other began firing and Saq used his earlier target as a shield. He then threw it on the attacker and used his blaster pistol to finish both off.
He had taken care of the Hutt once and for all. The rodian assasin was there, watching the chaos. Saq picked him up from the back and threw him into a sand pit. He threw a hundred credits in. "Your fee." he answered and walked away.

The unfortunate rodian was stuck with the credits in a sarlacc pit.

Revan Solo 11-06-2004 02:04 AM

Name: Revan Solo
Species: Human
Age: 24
Armor: Only clothes
Weapons: Lightsaber, assault rifle, two blaster pistols

He was a jedi padawan for 10 years but when he was on Tatooine with his master, he was captured by some bounty hunters. At first he was very helpless but then the guys who captured him became friends and they teached him how to be a bounty hunter.
For 2 years they were killed by Tusken Raiders and he had to walk his own way. He went to Corouscant.
He never killed good people till now cause he is a bounty hunter of the republic. So he only killed Separatists or criminals.
Till yesterday he had a job on Camino. The Jedis told him to look for informations about the new tactics of the enemies.

Now he was back on Corouscant and he didn't know what to do till tomorrow, when he is going to tell the jedis from his results. But the problem is that he has no results. It is staggering for him.
He thinks he will get a drink at Bilbo's Cantina. Bilbo will understand him cause he is an old friend.

RebelScum! 11-06-2004 06:53 AM

To start with I am a jedi.. I looked at him with inquisitive eyes. A what-i?. A Jedi...When the Republic was still around we defended it with all are might..Guess you did'nt try hard enough huh?. We failed...We were tricked into fighting for are enemy which destroyed us.. Ok well this has been a nice chat but either you come with me dead for alive...Your choice.. Well if money is your aim ill pay you twice as much as that scum who sent you.. Of course i did'nt belive him.Right. Like an old man in a hut has 50,000 credits Actually i have way more than that...You see i was ounce an evil Jedi...But one day the second baddest person in the universe helped me become a good jedi...Job paid well :) Ok then old man...Prove it. The Old man walked over to a box and typed in a code. He opened the door and to my amazment i saw hundreds or 50,000 credits...Here you are..Just promise me that after you kill are good friend you will come back here.. I took the money and swore on my sith blood.....


DarthTDe 11-06-2004 11:16 AM

OOC:sorry EDJ,common thinking

IC:I had just came out of the spaceport when my commlink vibrated I walked to a table and put it down and turned it on"your bounty has killed the Hutt""oh,no"

Sabretooth 11-07-2004 02:58 AM

Saq was hightailing of Tatooine. He had become a hotspot over there for just the twenty-third time. He checked his mail to look for any new offers and found a rich Nemodian merchant had summoned him to Coruscant for a "short business." He drafted a course to Coruscant and jumped to hyperspace.

Revan Solo 11-08-2004 04:32 AM

Revan entered the cantina. The bell was ringing loudly and nerving.
"Hello, who is there? Revan? Revan Solo? Hello, my friend! I haven't seen you for years!"
"Bilbo, don't tell such an crap! It can only be one month."
Bilbo and Revan greeted themselves heartly.
"Here, for you!" Bilbo gave a drink to Revan. Hopefully he looked at him:"Come on! Tell me."
Revan faltered. The bad feelings came up again.

RebelScum! 11-08-2004 05:18 AM

I hightailed it to Corusant...It took a little while but i was able to track down my "former employer". I found the H'nemthe scum have some Twi'lek females pamper the ugly long nosed freak. You must have paid them well.... Don't be a fool and give me the bounty.. Ok I shot hit with my arm cannon twice and ran for my ship.....

Revan Solo 11-08-2004 09:52 AM

"I wasn't successful! The damn separatists are holding their plans very secret. I have to think of another way to get them. Perhaps I have to kill a separatist."

codj 11-08-2004 06:19 PM

Bac Rueben got all the information he needed and killed the mandalorian. Then he flew all the way to Coruscant and searched for a big red apartment that his bounty was supposedly in.

DarthTDe 11-08-2004 06:20 PM

Jaden walked to his ship after checking out the Hutt scene(nasty!)
when his data pad rung"you've got mail!"((just kidding LOL:D ))
"What now?"" your bounty has been seen sighted near Korriban"
the datapad said."oh,"He put his starfighter into lightspeed and jetted off to Korriban.Jaden jumped out of his ship and looked
around and saw a large,green and scaly alien.He ran to him and
pulled his lightsaber out and put it to his throat"you're coming with me,Dead,or Alive.your choice.

((Sabretooth,try to put it as the next post cuz' I wanna have a gunfight LOL))

Sabretooth 11-08-2004 07:33 PM

Saq grinned and turneda round and his expectations backfired. It was no wannabe Dark Jedi, it was a Kel Dor inside Mandalorian armour.
"I prefer dead." he said and used his minor jets in legs to give a jump boost. He utilised the jump to get on some ruins, throw a smoke grenade and drop behind a pillar, concealing himself.

DarthTDe 11-09-2004 06:16 AM

"like I said,your choice"He ignited his saber again and turned on his jetpack and flew to the ruins he unholstered one of his pistols and hailfired almost destroying everything,except Saq.

Revan Solo 11-09-2004 07:41 AM

I stood up. I suddenly had a great idea. I walked out of the Cantina, Bilbo had no idea what happened, I opened the door---?

Someone can write my story to the end! :)
Revan Solo

DarthTDe 11-09-2004 02:58 PM

((I'll finish it Revan:) ))
and there stood that crimelord,Racktu!I pulled out my lightsaber and we fought until he fell to the floor,howling in pain.I wondered why until I saw his hand on the ground!

Sabretooth 11-10-2004 06:20 AM

Saq patted his supershield to have defended him once more. He loaded a few darts and fired them at his adversary. He then realised that the darts won't have any effect since he was wearing Mandalorian armour, and instead clicked a button on an object which resembled a saber-hilt. He then threw it at his target. The device beeped affirmatively and a large net of laser unfolded, and was seconds away from covering and burning Jaden...

RebelScum! 11-10-2004 10:45 AM

I flew back to Dantooine to tell the old man that he was dead. I walked into the head and foudn a dark jedi over his body! What the.......... The jedi jumped at me and I dodged. he swung his saber at me and i responded with my arm cannon. He would throw the shots right back at me! Finally i pressed a button on my arm cannon that made it become a wristband. I grabbed the jedi's hand at twisted...The saber fell out. With my other hand I hit the jedi. All of a sudden he disappered...There standing in the entrance of the hut was the smiling old man. My, my skilled are we?

DarthTDe 11-10-2004 05:06 PM

As Saq walked toward me,I pretended to fear.Little did he know,I had a lightsaber myself.I pulled it out and cut the wires,I then raced toward my bounty,ready for a fight...

Sabretooth 11-10-2004 11:15 PM

Saq didn't expect a lightsaber. He raced towards Jaden and ducked away just before contact. Now behind him, Saq used his martial techniques to grab Jaden's rightarm, pull him over Saq and throw him below. He attempted to catch the lightsare midway, but failed. In a fast attempt, his knuckle-blades popped out and he scratched the armour. And out of nowhere, he made a powerful kick. He knew he wouldn't stop his enemy that way and used his jump-jets to get back to the ship, shooting with his pistol all the way.

Evil Dark Jedi 11-10-2004 11:26 PM

As Zoric pulled out of hyperspace he saw a ship flying straight at him. Zoric fired his blasters and took out the ship. That was close though Zoric. Zoric landed on Tatooine and went to the Hutt...

DarthTDe 11-11-2004 01:09 PM

But what he doesn't know is that the force was with me,I force ran to my bounty and cut his gun arm off."You scarred my armor.
Wipe yourself,you're bleeding."(Rush Hour)I threw him a tablecloth and took his gun.

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