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Rogue15 10-15-2001 04:43 PM

Where are you Luka?
Luka, where have you been?

And have you found out what those newly discovered codes do?

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LukA_YJK 10-16-2001 10:16 AM

Hey !!! Rogue15 I do not get tired to say you again and again "Keep your eyes open" Look at === The Gold Squadron Briefing Room ===
Eh-h-h, even the Time is against me...

LukA_YJK from Baku

Rogue15 10-16-2001 09:34 PM


u might wanna check those links out and update as necessary...btw, Wraith 5 is off the list now.

A wise moff controls through a fear of force, rather than actual force itself.

Rogue9 10-22-2001 04:31 AM

I really need to get RS again...its just I got to the point where the game irritated me and I don't feel like wasting money on it again...I will buy it soon though never fear.

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