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Redwing 12-13-2004 06:34 PM

Postlude to Holocaust Part VI: Strangers (Discussion Thread)
This is the discussion thread for Cantina 6: Postlude to Holocaust Part VI: Strangers, as indicated by the title.

Before anything else, a brief explanation for new people.

"Postlude to Holocaust", or "PtH", is about a quest to undo the end of the galaxy. It's a spinoff of another RPG;
"Cantina", Part Six, but you don't have to read that to know what's going on.

This RPG is very character, group, and story-oriented. Thus, it's kind of hard to join sometimes, because the story might be taking place on some planet where no one could just show up off the street. But that's what this thread is for; post here, and you'll be worked in. ^_^


There's some other stuff to note, but I simply don't have time to do that right now, and since it's not of immediate importance, I'll post it later. ;)

Writer 12-14-2004 06:15 AM

Elaina has already made it in, thanks to her relationship with her sister, but here's her info.

Name: Elaina
Age: 19
Appearance: Elaina is very similar in appearance to Tanara. Both have dark red hair, but Elaina's is a little lighter and a little shorter. Elaina has pale blue eyes instead of green like her sister.

Currently, Elaina's eyes are more of a bluish gray. This is because of Kira's hold on her mind. Her voice is colder unless she manages to regain control of it for a moment. Her face is pale, also due to Kira's control. She is wearing a belt on which hangs a lightsaber and a sword. Both are Kira's.

Elaina is shorter than Tanara by an inch.

jokemaster 12-29-2004 04:30 AM

Yeah, RW, basically explain the whole thing.

Redwing 12-30-2004 08:53 AM

The whole thing? XD Hopefully you'll let me abbreviate...:D

K'Warra was kept in a cage, along with two other people, by the mercernaries who attacked the group. When they were defeated they left the cages behind and Guy picked them up when leaving Midgard. Drago knows K'Warra from the Mrear/Crisis RPGs, and so does the Starkiller that Orthos inherited.

jokemaster 12-30-2004 06:14 PM

And are the other 2 from earth or something?

Redwing 01-01-2005 09:32 PM

Ya, and so is K'Warra. So were the mercernary attackers technically (from the Aether, Earth's magic world)

It's a whole complicated thing that will be explained later on in this RPG. :) (Yup, you're going to Earth)

Admiral 01-09-2005 07:46 PM

I think this can be somewhat important I'm reposting it *rather copying it to this thread*

The Asgardried is a very large ship. The design of the ship is similar to that of other Aesirian ships. In other words it is shaped to resmeble western/european dragons (not Easter/oriental ones). The ship is propelled by four Mark II Dagur engines. Weapons emplacements are concealed so that when the ship is not fighting it appears to have no weapons. The ship has just three levels, much of the space is devoted towards weaponry, power, etc. The ship also has quantum armor, a cloacking device, and normal shields. Cortosis is also weaved throughout the entire ship making it resilent to lightsabers.


1st level: Essentially the maintence level. Access: Restricted.

The first level of the asgardried is devoted to critical systems. Towards the aft of the ship the engine room is located. there contains the fusion reactor that powers the ship, the hypdrive generator, and slipstream drive.

Shield generators are also found on this level. Entrances include an exterior access hatch, and turbolifts. A large part of the 1st level is for storage of various supplies.


2nd Level: The living level: Access: More or less unrestricted.

The second level of the ship is where the group has access to.

Crew quarters: These rooms are the ones assigned to the group. They are comfortable if a little small. They are furnished with a single bed placed in an alcove above and below the bed are cabinets allowing for the storage of personal effect. A cabinet next to the bed allows for the storage of clothing/armor ect. The rooms also contain a desk with draws with a chair. The desk has a computer terminal that allows the group to access the holonet (or what is left of it). No messages can be sent though. There is basically a reading light above the bed.

Every two quarters share a refresher, which under current circumstances means the majority of the group have private refreshers. (With the exception of Sir Vin, WH Irvine sharing one. Gortick and Orthos sharing another).

The Lounge: This is the common room of the ship. It has a couple of large round tables with marble centers. The tables have cletic traids engraved into them. Benches provide seating. Also serves as the mess hall. Has monitors that can connect to the holonet, play holodramas. Futhermore, the lounge servers as a briefing room, fully equiped with holoprojectors and all the other necessary items. When it is being used as a briefing room the tables retract into the floor benches turn around to face a podium that is raised up and next to the podium is the holoprojectors.

Main Cargo hold This large cargo hold is spare in decoration and houses Guy's ship. Located in the aft of the ship. There are some large closets for storage of items that need to be secrued.

There is a large cargo lift to the first level here to take things into long term storage. From the main cargo hold is a secondary one and past that is the a very large bulkhead and then the engines.

Kitchen Relatively small, contains a refrigertor, oven, stove etc. It also has a couple of taps that lead to mead. The kitchen is manned by droids who also restock it.

Bridge The bridge has five stations: Pilot, Copilot, Navigation, and communications, as well as a weapons control. There are an additional two chairs for passangers.

Staterooms: Larger then the crew quarters and more elborately decorated. They have private refreshers, more storage then the crew quarters as well as two large comforatalbe chairs and a small table. The Aesir all have staterooms.


The bridge is at the bow slightly raised (have to go up a ramp equal to about half a flight of stairs. The main entrance is located at the bow of the ship, below and to the right of the bridge. you have to walk down a ramp (again about half a flight of stairs) to reach the entrance. There are two corridors that run parallel to each other and seperate the brige from the entrance (aka you have to walk a little before getting to the entrance). Both corridors bring you to the lounge, the right side fo the lounge houses the kitchen. After the lounge there is a single corridor that leads to the quarters. Almost immediatly after the lounge are four staterooms (two starboard, and two port). After the foru staterooms come twenty crewquarters (again half to port and half to starboard). After the crew quarters there are six more staterooms (these are currently unoccupied). After that the corridor turns to a smaller lounge (single table and some benches) and a finally to the cargo hold. There are also turbolifts at the bow and aft.

*The cargo hold opens doors are in the starboard, and the corridors when the two corridors that lead to the bridge and main entrance meet they form a cross. Going starboard you will find an airlock where the ship can dock. To port is a secondary entrance.*


3rd level: Access: Only the Aesir, Marin and Aidan are allowed up.

Layout: In the bow you have the forward observatory, which is basically a lounge with large windows. There is a single door in the rear bulkhead that leads to the central corridor. Once leaving the forward observatory you will find on the immediate left the bow turbolift. After that there is another two doors on either side The Starboard door leads to a practice room. This room is sparesly furnished having really only tumbling mats and practing dummies. On the other side of the corridor is the armory. Going further down the corridor you get the central lounge very similar to the forward observatory (large windows). This room also serves as a pilots ready room. Past that are two hangers Likewise is seperated and house two viking fighters (for a total of four fighters). At the very end of the corridor is the aft turbolift and the rear observatory. It is small room with windows like the others similar to a meditation room.

BattleDog 01-10-2005 12:38 AM

Where's the Forge?:D

Admiral 01-10-2005 08:56 AM

Heimdall set up his forge in the armory.

BattleDog 01-10-2005 01:43 PM


While we're talking, what did your Odin do with Hodr after Baldar died? From what I understand you are basing events off the Icelandic version, rather than the Danish one.

Admiral 01-10-2005 02:25 PM

my Odin as in the icelandic Odin or the one I'm using in these RPGs?

While I do have Balder death in these RPGs I'm not certain about details.

Admiral 01-10-2005 02:33 PM

my Odin as in the icelandic Odin or the one I'm using in these RPGs?

While I do have Balder death in these RPGs I'm not certain about details other than Loki having a hand in it.

BattleDog 01-10-2005 11:23 PM

As in the RPG.

The version I read had Hodr sent to join his brother. I think that what your Odin did after Balder dies reflects on his character, so I'm interested.

Alternativly you could just tell me to keep my nose out.

P.S. Heimdall's response to Drago's apology was meant to offensive, right?

Deac 01-11-2005 09:00 AM

Hey Red, didn't you once post a picture of all your characters from this thread way back?

Admiral 01-11-2005 09:29 AM

how was he sent to his brother?

The version that I learned: Hodr was killed by Vali.

As far as the RPG: I currently do not have Vali as a son of Odin, so I am unsure if Hodr is even involved in Balder's death. If I decide he is, then he probably would be absolved of the murder.

Reason: Hodr was used purely an oblivious pawn in Loki's plan to kill Blader. I may go as far as having Loki assume Balder voice and appearance so that Hodr would be completly unaware of who was helping him aim or what he was aiming at.

But as I have said I am unsure so this very well could change.


RPG: NO, Heimdall is not trying to offend Drago, just being a little blunt.

BattleDog 01-11-2005 12:28 PM

Umm, okay. I that case allow me to illume, from my character's point of view.

Drago's original gripe was that Heimdall said he was "very foolish." Now this alone would have ticked our hero off, but he would have let it pass, given Heimdall's rank and the fact that he is under the Aesir's roof, so to speak. The fact that Heimdall called him a fool in public is a double insult because it causes Drago to lose face, in other words he is shamed.

Now given that bear in mind that Drago's comment that slavery is never a good thing is perfectly reasonable from a moral point of view. Why did Heimdall attack a single comment in such a way?

He could simply have said, "I disagree." So why didn't he. He's not talking to an enemy and he's not talking to Hal, someone he needs to educate. In point of fact he's talking to an older warrior who is giving his opinion on a "man" who has caused his own people considerable suffering.

Added to this, the information that Heimdall used to deliver the insult was freely given by Drago, "No I don't know why he did it but I can't see there is ever a good reason to enslave a whole planet." Drago freely admitted this, he could have said, "I know enough," or something similar, which might provoke such a comment from Heimdall.

While we analysing it should be noted that Drago will never view what the Aesir did as merciful. I said the main influence for my characters was Saxon/Viking/Celtic. For Drago the greatest glory is death in battle, something he is denied, and his adopted people would heartily agree with him. So from his point of view what the Aesir did was not only not a mercy but it was also a dishonour, it just doesn't wash.

So now we see that Heimdall has already casually handed down a multi layered insult, without provocation.

Now added to this, when Aiden expresses agreement with Drago's sentiment Heimdall uses a simplistic example to explain away that point of view, never mind that it has little or no bearing on real life.

So Heimdall has repeated the insult and again caused Drago to lose face. He has also, to Drago's mind, not provided any real basis for his own argument.

This is another insult.

Now Heimdall leaves without another word, this deprives Drago of any chance to defend himself from all these insults. It also serves to show that the whole business is, to Heimdall's mind, of little consequence. This further shames Drago, because it belittles him and his honour.

So we have yet another insult.

No Drago basically shouts an insult at Heimdall's retreating back. He uses Heimdall's own arguments to attack the same argument. This is an effort to regain some face by exposing the flaw in Heimdall's arguments. I think he does this reasonable well, considering he is no orator.


Drago has admitted fault and apologised. Not only that, he apologised first, and very quickly. What Drago did was wrong because Heimdall outranks him in the social structure and he is a guest of Heimdall's house.

If Drago were of the same or greater rank he would not have apologised, unless Heimdall apologised first. If he was of the same or greater rank and Heimdall insulted him in this way in his own house Drago would have cracked his head and thrown him out if he didn't apologise. If Heimdall did apologise under these circumstances and Drago had acted in the way he did here then he would have offered an apology for the insult he delivered. He would then have offered Heimdall a drink as a sign of good faith, which Heimdall would, of course, be obliged to accept.

If the roles were totally reversed and Drago delivered the first insult then he would have gone privately to Heimdall and offered an apology and a drink, as before. He would also have given Heimdall some other small courtesy and would have apologised again for being such a poor host.

Heimdall did none of these, instead he accepted Drago's apology and then insulted him again by telling him to control his emotions! Drago did not need to be told this, he apologised, he knew he was in the wrong.

So we have yet another insult.

Bear in mind that Drago, like my other characters, does not have a concept of hereditary monarchy or a royal dynasty. To Drago a king is for life and his sons will only inherit if they are deemed worthy. The Wise Men decide who the next king will be, not blood. This isn't especially important at the moment but it influences how Drago sees the Heimdall's acquisition of rank, i.e. royalty does not excuse your actions.

On top of all this we have to consider the implied insult, which is the general lack of concern Heimdall has shown for the entire affair, start to finish. The original insult is all the worse for the casual and thoughtless way in which it was delivered and this speaks badly for Heimdall's character. Since he apparently has no concern for another man's honour his own can be called into question. If his honour is called into question so is his word, his loyalty, his dependability in battle and his wisdom in coucil.

Essentially Heimdall has done to Drago what Hal has been doing to the Aesir all along, with similar results. Drago will continue to show Heimdall respect and obay his orders for as long as Heimdall outranks him but if he does not recieve an apology of some sort by the time that he leaves then he will think the worse of Heimdall when he next meets him.

Given all this Heimdall is lucky Drago has not pushed the matter any further.

Admiral 01-11-2005 03:34 PM

Interesting BD.

However, there are somethings you may have missed.

You said Heimdall insulted Drago without provocation, yet there was provocation. "Drago: I fear your brother has made an unwise decision." Now whether or not intentional, Drago insulted Heimdall's brother and leader. It was slightly mitigated by the fact that Drago at least had the sense of mind to whisper that comment. However, that was not enough to reduce all the offenses that insult carried they are:

1. Drago essentially in Heimdall's mind called his brother decision foolish, the same thing Heimdall called Drago judgement of K'Warra without all the information.

2. Drago said it in public, even though at a whisper, others could have easily overheard. Nothing prevented Drago from holding his tongue and talking to Heimdall in private later.

3. Drago's concern about Vidar's decision should have been brought to Vidar not to Heimdall. That action could easily be seen as Drago attempting to cause Heimdall to doubt his brother's judgement. This easily caused Heimdall to react a little stronger then normal. And was a leading reason for Heimdall to choose the word "foolish" instead of something else.

Now onto the rest of Heimdall's comments. Heimdall was not trying to teach Drago anything, then why those comments? The answer is in those who are listening to the conversation that could very well need a lesson.

When Aidan spoke in support of Drago, Heimdall used a simple example not as an attack on Drago but as a way to easily give a lesson on keeping an open mind. He used slavery since that is what Aidan spoke about, it had nothing to do with what Drago had said or been saying.

Heimdall then leaves without another word not because it is of little consequnce but because of the amount of work he has to do. He meant only to take a short break, but instead it was much longer then he had planned.

Now a couple of things about slavery, Heimdall doesn't like slavery, nor do any of the Aesir. Also he was about to keep K'Warra in a cage until Vidar said to release K'Warra and the other two.

Oh, just so you know Allessa and Hal are going to have a hard time convincing the Aesir to take her along. She doesn't seem to be very useful and doesn't seem to take hardships as well.

jokemaster 01-11-2005 03:57 PM

So.........Is admiral your replacement for scar BD?


BattleDog 01-11-2005 11:31 PM

1. Okay, yes, poor choice of words, however Heimdall is still antagonizing Drago, so he's further inflaming the situation, and doing it deliberatly.

2. Yes, again, I missed that, but it was a whisper.

3. Vidar left before Drago could voice his sentiments and he didn't appear to be in any fit state to recieve him later either. In that case making his feelings known to Heimdal instead is not an insult, rather Drago is removing the any reason for him to trouble Vidar later, albeit at the expense of due process.

As to the question of inciting Heimdall against Vidar, that would never enter Drago's mind and he would expect Heimdall to share Drago's comment with his brother. If Vidar took issue with what Drago said he is well within his rights to ask for an apology, which in this case Drago would deliver most humbly, since he did not percieve the insult and was not only at fault but also "unwise" in voicing his sentements.

Now lets look at the wording of the comment, "I fear your brother has made an unwise decision." It was not, "Your brother has made a foolish decision." Translated it actually reads.

"I think that your brother has made the wrong decision, this is my opinion." So Drago is offering an opinion in as sensetive a manner as possible, given the circumstances. He does not say that the decision was foolish, simply that from his perspective it was unwise, or ill informed.

Drago is not saying that the decision is an unwise one, just that he feels it may be. By comparision Heimdall called Drago foolish with no mitigation at all, added to that he did it deliberatly and directly.

As I posted before, Drago does not see leaders as infallable, nor does he see himself so. If Drago belives that Vidar, or any other leader, has made a wrong decision he will say so. Having voicesd his sentement he will then proceed to freeing the captives/engage the enemy/murdering the women and children (although you'd have to give him a very good reason for the last one).

A further mitigation of Drago's percieved insult is tha he effectivly withdraws it after Heimdall's next words, "I admit I do not have the information Lord Vidar has but every time I run into him I find my self running into trouble." So Drago has further allowed his words to be tempered by admitting that Vidar may know something that he does not, which may justify his decision. The fact that he restates his opinion regarding K'warra is not an insult because it no longer has any bearing on Vidar's decision. Drago is simply restating his opinion, based on past experience.

So I think that the main thrust of my argument remains, because even if Drago did insult Vidar, and by extension Heimdall, he withdrew any insult as soon as Heimdall pointed out the flaw in his argument. The Fact that he retains his own opinion on the matter is his own buisness and in no way reflects on Vidar.


There are plenty of good reasons for taking Allessa along.

JM: No, not at all.

Admiral 01-12-2005 09:43 AM

BD: That may be true if they had the same culture but alas they do not. This is the samething as how a wave in one culture can mean hello while in another culture that wave can mean "go screw yourself." I just made that up but there are plenty of real world examples of this, for instance in Japan it is a custom to exchange business cards. Now in the US when that is done the card is put away almost immediatly, which if done in Japan would be very offensive.

Just because Drago never intended to make such an insult doesn't change the fact that he did. I would also point out that no Aesir would have taken offense at what Heimdall said, at least not to such a degree as Drago has/had.

Since we are on this topic, Allessa greatly insulted the Aesir when she refused to disarm and meet with Vidar. Especially considering how generous Vidar was in granting an audience so quickly and not making them wait. Think about the saying "When in Rome do as the romans do." There should be no disgrace in Allessa for respecting the culture of a world that not only is she tresspassing on but is going to need their aid. Needless to say the Aesir have a very low opinion of her.


I think I'm going to enjoy watching Hal and Allessa try and convince Heimdall of that.

BattleDog 01-12-2005 10:56 AM

Admiral: I realise that they do not have the same culture, this is why I think its important to discuss things like this when they come up. What we actually had here was a simulated diplomatic incident. So to speak.

What we have learned here, I think, is that the cultures of these two peoples are quite similar but they don't mesh well. Obviously honour is very important to both cultures, but the way that it is measured and weighed is the difference.

Would that be a fair assessment?

Regards Hal and Allessa, well they're an interesting pair, aren't they? While I would never excuse either of them the Aesir should bear in mind that neither is very old really, (Hal is about 24 here, I think, Allessa is 22), so imature would be a good way to describe the way they acted but it should be seen in perspective.

What the Aesir really should consider though is that both these people were put through the pure agony of the destruction of 80% of the galaxy and the deaths of pretty much all their family.

Hal lost his father on the Crimson Star, his brother in the immidiate bloodshed and his sister and mother in the insueing civil war. He has also lost his great uncle and his great aunt, who were effectivly his grandparents. His tragedies were in stages, so to speak and most were in battle.

A brief list of who Allessa lost: Her father, mother, three brothers, a sister, numerous cousins, an uncle, her grand parents, on both sides and Hal's father, who she was actually quite close to. Now with the exception of Taklin Flax all those people died when Agamar went boom and that is the direct fault of the Aesir. Bearing in mind the Agamarian attitude to death this is very upsetting for a young woman and leaves her the last of her line.

Just something to bear in mind.

Admiral 01-12-2005 02:16 PM

Well I would say this is one area that the two cultures don't mesh well. It is possible that in other areas the two cultures will mesh perfectly.


About Hal and Allessa.

The Aesir are giving them some leeway but there is a limit to it and Hal especially is running out of room. He certainly hasn't done anything that would give Aesir reason to do him a favor.

That said I will say that Allessa will be allowed to stay eventually. However, Hal and Allessa would not know that, and still must give Heimdall very good reason to take her along. He has no interest in having another Hal onboard btw.

((Hint: Hal, saying he is sorry for his past behavior would show that he has matured greatly))

BattleDog 01-12-2005 11:10 PM

Well he's not going to do that right now. If I were Heimdall I'd see that as a sop to get Heimdall to let Allessa stay.

Regards Agamarians, we'll obviously be seeing some more interaction in the future. One thing I will say, the Agamarians think the Aesir's armour looks silly with all the colours and designs. It is universally regarded as inapropriate for the battlefield.

Admiral 01-13-2005 10:12 AM

As a sop? And when do you plan on having Allessa and Hal talk to Heimdall?

It is universally regard as inappropiate? Or do you mean for the Agamarians. I do find it strange that they would find it silly considering that the colors and designs all mean something and are not just decoration. Colors signify service, and the symbols signify rank, unit etc. Much like modern day uniforms. Also do not your legions were Tabards? Those would serve the same function as the color and symbols on the armor.

BattleDog 01-13-2005 01:18 PM

House Gaurds wear surcoats, not tabards. Bear in mind that what you have seen so far is usually ceremonial armour. You should recall that the armour usually worn by Houseguards, while on Agamar, is matt grey or black. There are a few inconsistancies, which usually arise from the developing mental image I have. I finally have that image fixed.

Allow me to explain, at great length, since the world building thread has siezed up:

Agamar has a class system based on the amount of money/property a person has. Usually this refers only to men as it is directly linked to military service and pitched battles are the preserve of men. Women have other duties.

Ranks within the system (Provisional):

All Nobles are members of Noble Orders, that is they serve as armoured warriors on the battlefield and leaders of Legions and Armies.

0. King
The Earl who can unite the squabling factions on Agamar would be called "Overlord" or King. He would be a man with the support of both the nobles and the common men. Such a man has not existed in over a thousand years. Any man who would wish to be Overlord now must retrieve and wield the Kings Sword, the first longsword forged by Agamarian smiths and wielded by Garan Ser-Flax, first King of Agamar.

1/2. Earl/High Earl
These are men of extreme wealth and power, the Houseguards are the exclusive right of the Earls to raise and maintain. High Earls are those Earls who hold a practical advantage over their peers and as a result are elevated above them. Earls conrol Earldoms, High Earls control the loyalty of the other Earls around them and form a High Earldom.

3/4. Lord/High Lord
These are men of wealth and power, the raising of soldiers, Legions and War Levies is their right. High Lords hold advantage over their peers and as a result are elevated above them, they collect tithes on behalf of their Earl.

5. Riders
These men are those wealthy enough to not only aford a war horse but also full armour and weapons. They are local majistrates and leaders of a Lord's Legions.

All nobles are equipped in the same way. The are armoured in a coat of ribbed metal scales laid over a base of chainmail, they whear greves to protect their shins and gauntlets to protect their hands and forarms. The helemt is made of two seperate halves rivited together with a crossbrace running from ear to ear; a neck guard is rivited to this and cheek plates that extend to protect the sides of the neck are hinged to the sides, another plate coves the face, the edges of which meet the edges of the cheek gaurds. A molded section in the face plate protects the nose with holes in the bottom allow him to breath, another hole cut over the mouth allows ease of speech. This helmet is lined with felt and is form fitting it weighs less than a great helm and allows greater visibility. The neck is protected by a pair of plates, front and back, which protects the throat and neck.

A noble's horse is of the finest quality and is protect by chainmail on its neck as well as plates protecting its chest and lower fore and hind legs. A coat of mail proctects the horses body.

The weapons of a noble are a ten foot lance-spear, a long sword, bastard sword or battle axe, a short sword and often a short bow or quiver of darts.

Agamarian warrior nobles' armour is blackened to prevent it from shining and they wear non descript coaks of a green of brown. High Earls may wear bright surcoats to inspire their troops through their own bravery but they usually die as soon as the yoemen farmers come within bow shot.

Agamarian shields are decorated in muted colours such as black, dark blue or green. House symbols are worn on etched on the gauntles and throat plates of the armour the etchings are filled with bronze which is dulled like the armour but remains visible at close quarters. Shields show the mark of the Earl a noble supports.

Equipped in this way Agamarian nobles are a devastating medium-heavy cavalry and a versatile battlefield force. The best warriors roam the field in small packs, independant of the highly diciplined field army, they are the Battledogs and can be recognized the the pelts they wear, taken from the Shadow Wolves who inhabit the darkest forest of the planet.


If you are interested I can post the rest of the class system but the nobles illustrate the point. The Longbowmen are the dominating soldiers on the battlefield and being visible will get you killed by a master bowman, of which there are many.

Additionally fancy uniforms are seen as a sign of arogance, for reasons which again relate to battlefield realities. Regular soldiers wear more colourful uniforms, relativly speaking but they're still not bright. Rank is determined by insignia on cloaks and armbands, which are usually something dark and black.

This is exclusive to Agamar. I have another planet, Arkamon, where all the nobles wear full plate trimmed with gold, surcoats and have shields with full hereldic coats of arms.

When the group goes to Tarsis Hal will remark on the high visibility of the Aesirian armour.

Admiral 01-13-2005 06:57 PM

BD: You didn't answer my first question although I think I understand what you meant. Also I really do need an answer about when you are going to have Hal and Allessa talk to Heimdall. *If its going to be a while I'm going to have my characters do some other stuff*

And the world building thread will continue, remember Red has very limited computer time so things are going a little slow. And I way post some questions.


There are some misconceptions about the Aesirian armor.

You have essentially only seen Cermonial, Formal armor. Also the colors are dark colors. (Dark Red, Dark Green, and Dark Blue). It is also not that shiny.

You may remember a while ago the Aesir at night put a "paint" on their weapons (and armor) to remove any chance it may glint. In the last thread when Allessa was picked up by Ragnar who also picked up a group of Beserks. The Beserks were wearing white armor which blended in with the snow.

If you really would like to know more about their armor I'll post more. (But remember I need an answer to that second question)

Redwing 01-13-2005 10:48 PM

Yes, I am still pressed for time to post. My limited amount of computer time keeps being eaten up by reading everything before I get a chance to post :)

However I'll post to the worldbuilding thread and give myself (and Deac, who has no excuse but laziness :D) a 'question debt' since I've held it up for so long. Sorry about that ^^;;

BattleDog 01-14-2005 01:29 AM

I meant that if Hal said, "I'm really sorry for everything, by the way, can my wife stay?" it sounds suspect, to say the least.

Hal and Allessa will arrive shortly.

And yes, I am very interested in what the Aesiran armour looks like.

Admiral 01-17-2005 09:07 PM

BD: Ok, I'll post more about Aesirian armor maybe tomorrow if I have time.

I'm surprised by the way Allessa and Hal are trying to convince Heimdall to let her stay. I expected them to be a little more diplomatic especially given their status in their culture.

At this point there is only one reason to take her along since she is good in a fight and Heimdall knows that having more decent fighters will help (although Allessa says they have enough). She is going to need a few more reasons for him to take her along.

Perhaps the easiest thing for Allessa to say to Heimdall would be: Take me, and I'll prove to you that I'm a great addition to the quest.

BattleDog 01-18-2005 02:36 AM

The culture is a non bull one. Beside which I think they both know that fancy words aren't going to get them anywhere, added to which I think diplomacy went out the window with this lot a long time ago :)

BattleDog 01-19-2005 01:42 PM

Ranks Within the System (Cont.)


For lack of a better word, like nobles these men fight mounted but they are more lightly equipped than Nobles. They are divided into two equilly ranked groups, rural land owners and city dwelling merchants.

6. Landsmen
Lower ranking nobles are not permitted houseguards, these men are the next best thing. Landsmen are the landed rural gentry, they own large farms and trade in the surplus produce of their estates. They are among the most motivated warriors as they have much to lose. Landsmen are local village leaders, theyare no politicians.

In war Landsmen fight as a lighter cavalry than the nobles, more fleet of foot and less heavily armed. They wear fine male shirts and leather breastplates with metal reinforcements, their greves and gauntlets are constructed in the same manner. Their helmets lack the complex interlocking back, front and cheek plates and instead the lower face and the back of the neck are protected by a chain-male wrap around extention which touches the shoulders while the eyes and nose are protected by metal "gogles"

These warriors carry the same lance and shield as the nobles but often lack the longsword, though they do carry a shorter weapon. The horse is unbarded but it is often provided with molded leather protection for it's lower fore-legs and face.

Landsmen are dressed in the same drab colours as nobles and often bring some of their own working men with then to the battlefield, forming a squad of around ten.

6. Merchantmen
Socially these men are the same rank as Landsmen though they live in the cities and thus have more cash and less land. They are traders who work selling the goods of others.

In war Merchantmen send their labours to fight while they remain at home. They are the lightest cavaly available to an Agamarian general. They are paid men and thus are a little less motivated than Landsmen of nobles. They fight as light harrassing archers.

They wear male shirts, their greves and gauntlets are constructed of leather molded and hardended. Their helmet lack the complex interlocking back, front and cheek plates of nobles and instead just has "gogles" to protect the eyes from glancing blows.

These men carry compound bows, smaller shields and swords with roughly a 28 inch blade.

Merchantmen are dressed in the same drab colours as nobles.

Kuuki 01-25-2005 03:14 PM

okay, i read the first, i donno, 4-5 pages... (40 posts per page jsut to remind...)

well more or less skimmed through... ^_^

anywho, i'll be able to post AGAIN (dum dum DUM!!!!)
and well, i'll start here, and i'll pick it up normal cantina after the fight between crackles and psyicho-boy ^^

Redwing 02-03-2005 04:26 PM

Everyone: I'm not haunting AIM as much because my new job is eating up alot of my time, but I'm no longer severely restricted as to posting time as I've been for the past month. If you need to talk to me, but I'm not on AIM, you can always PM me. :D

Seven pages into the RPG and nothing has happened. Sorry, people o_o

Admiral: If you read this (and are well enough to post XD) time-skip forward ASAP. Unless anyone has any objections.

BD: Why DID Drago say anything about the Shadows, anyway? I thought that was kind of odd...

Redwing 02-10-2005 06:49 PM

BD: When is Drago leaving, or is he still? Need to know so I can do the next scene :)

BattleDog 02-11-2005 02:08 AM

His ship arrives in a week. When the group leaves he will be left behind if they haven't come to pick him up yet.

Redwing 02-11-2005 11:12 AM

Oh, okay.

Well the group is leaving in the morning/by next night, I assume. (Considering what's about to happen.)

Okay, now I have a question for EVERYONE.

Who wants to be kidnapped? :D

The alien mercenaries are about to return very briefly, just long enough to kidnap one or two or three (or more if they get REALLY lucky) of the group and flee. The attack should take under thirty seconds.

Prime targets are everyone who fared badly in the previous fight with the mercs. This means for example, Raschel and Matt would be immediate targets while Idun and Gerd wouldn't be. I figure, though, that you might want some say in what happens to your character.

If you want or don't want your character kidnapped, post. If you don't post I'll assume you don't want this; but I'd rather you let me know anyway ;)

Note this won't entail removing your character from the RPG. The storyline will just be split showing what's happening to the kidnapped characters, and what's happening to the main group (who will probably be following the kidnappers to try to rescue the kidnapped people. Although of course that can't be guaranteed ;))

The attack will probably happen at dawn, although it could occur any time before and after that. (If anyone has any problems with the timing let me know that as well.)

Note also this scene will precipitate the group jumping dimensions.

edit: WTF is up with all my typos lately?

BattleDog 02-11-2005 01:04 PM

Well they could try and kidnap Drago, that would be funny!

Seriously though, no.

Redwing 02-11-2005 01:17 PM

Unless Drago has more speshul powers than you're given him credit for in the RPG, he'd stand little chance, you realize, right? Whether he totally RAWKS or not, he's got no Force, no magic, and no experience with (the right sort of) magic...:)

However he won't even be targeted, he'll be totally ignored. I should've pointed that out.

Allessa will be ignored as well. If superthrawn comes back, so will Ritchet. Same with Elaina. (Wonder if you can figure out my logic here?) I think that's everyone...(not considering Admiral's chars, already talked to him about this a long time ago).

Kuuki 02-11-2005 05:32 PM

nah, Sir-Vin just woke up from a 4-5 day coma (was hoping it longer >.<)

so, no kidnapping for him...

Writer 02-11-2005 07:39 PM

I find it rather amusing that it took me a minute to remember why it wasn't such a good idea to have Elaina kidnapped:D Though if either of the two sisters were, it would be her... therefore, both of my characters can safely be left out of that:)

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