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ChAiNz.2da 01-30-2005 07:44 AM

[TSL] Re-Skin Short & Double Saber In-Game Hilts (Visual Aid)
Found'em! I added links to the Double-Bladed Versions within the post!

Original Thread

Greets Everyone!

As of late, it seems there's a big interest in creating sabers. Be it modeling a new one, or just skinning the standard in-game hilts to look better.

I'm not sure why I haven't done this before, nor do I know if it's already been done...but here goes anyway. The more the better right? :D

To help out with skinning standard in-game hilts (not new models) I long ago created myself a template to help me know "what was what".

Looking at a standard hilt skin can be very confusing, especially since 1) the tga for it is 'tiny', and 2) because of the color of the empty space on the skin matches everything else (which is a good thing, until trying to skin one for yourself). :headbump:

Here's an example of what I use:If you're not too keen with making your own, I've packed zip files including the following:

- layered Photoshop Map (.psd)*
- layered Tiff Map (.tif)*
- non-layered Jpeg Map (.jpg)
- Skin Map Views (reference)

*- Layers consist of Black Background, WireFrame, Color Blocks Map & Text. Labeled and color coded so you can hide/unhide what you don't need. Just build your skin on top of this map, save your file as W_Lghtsbr_001.tga, W_ShortSbr_001.tga or W_Dblsbr_001.tga drop in your override and voila! (don't forget your .txi files!) also, be sure to turn the 'guide' layers off before making your final .tga ;)

The skins are built with 512x512 pixels to make it much easier to skin and/or add some detail to the little tubes Bioware decided would be best to give us :rolleyes:

Download Hilt Skin Maps (615kb .zip file)

Download Double-Blade Hilt Skin Maps (475kb .zip file)


PLEASE NOTE: though I use the word "map", these are not UVmaps. Please don't confuse this as something you can import into custom saber models. This is just a visual aid to help skin in-game "tube" sabers :)

Hope this helps someone out whose been wanting to skin their own in-game hilts! ENJOY!


p.s. - To Moderators, if you think this will help in any way with the new Tutorials Forums, please feel free to host and/or post a link to said file(s). They're not going off my site anytime soon (ever), so if hosting space is limited, feel free to point the link to my site. I've more than enough bandwidth...

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