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netmonkey 04-18-2005 05:34 PM

Chitlins, Whiskey and Skirt lyrics!
I got bored, and also some music in Psychonauts reminded me of it:

The population has greatly decreased,
And now the odds are greatly increased
That I may someday get a chance
to kiss your lips.

I thank the lo-oh-oooh-rd each day
for the apocalypse.

Folks are mostly disfigur'd or dead,
but, sugar, I won't let it go to ma head.
Ma mama's face has dripped down into the dirt.
But ah'm still chasin' chitlins, whisky, and skirt.

Ooh-ooh ooh-ohh ooh-ooh...
Ooh-wee-ooh-ooh ooh ooh ooh oooh...


neh-eee-ooh-wee-oooh ooh-ooh...

Yoohoo, Yoohoo...
Yoohoo, Yoohoo...

woxel1 04-18-2005 06:11 PM

Wow. That was really poetry in motion... I had no idea. I mean, I was without cognitive thought. Jeez.

Jake 04-18-2005 07:42 PM

netmonkey 04-18-2005 10:03 PM

Excellent! You could also rip it from SCUMMRev under the credits "Music Room" (if you have the annotations).

What I like about this song is that it reveals part of the story of the futuristic setting where the game takes place. I hadn't noticed until I played the game recently, which is why I like playing these games over from time to time.

teeje 06-07-2012 08:49 PM

Found it again...

(mixnmojo link is dead)

Alek123 06-24-2012 06:50 AM

You can also find the complete Soundtrack ripped from the game at the Downloads section of

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