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Ranre 05-01-2005 05:48 AM

CIS Attack
This Rping thread is in EpIII when the CIS attack Corusunt (Forgive me if I spell it wrong). So Republic and CIS forces start the battle. Land and space are the optional battle-grounds.
For the Republic the battle is mainly defense. Hold Key postions such as the Jedi Temple, The Jedi Flagship, The Prosecuter, and the Republic Senate.

The CIS just have to capture those (But dont be a sinlge droid making your way, kinda make it fair for the others) but if the CIS lose their fleet or a large portion of their ground forces, they retreat, and another fight will begin.

- No God Modding
- No killing other players (unless you have their permission)

You will need to have this:

Specialtist: (This also counts for Class)

Heres mine:

Age: 2
Faction: Republic
Specialtist: Demolition, Commando.
Weapons: DC-17, EXP-157 Explosives Pack, Frag Grenades x10.
Rank: Sergeant

I was sitting in the briefing room waiting for the Commander, when suddenly a explosion rocked me hard off the chair I was sitting. I put my helmet on and grabed my gun to see what happened. Shortly after I got up, the alarm went off and a voice got on the com, "CIS Attack! They are Attacking Corusant! All personel man your postions! Oh no a Rocke-----" They com went silent and I headed out to see the destruction.....


:emodanc: Have fun! :emodanc:

sargent_johnson 09-09-2005 06:47 PM

name:delta 43
specialist:assassination,infiltration,security,ste alth,commando
weapons:DC-17 rifle and attatchments,five thermals detonators,four adhesive grenades,9 cryoban grenades,devastating plasma and EMP mines,active camo,optic radar,grappling hook,dual pistols,any weapon found or parts

i was on approach to coroscaunt,hearing the news about the seperatist attack."it was only a matter of time before the seperetists attacked the core worlds." i thought.a few seconds afterwards i was right outside the space battle.i flew in,lasers and missles by one the droid shuttles fell.they werent expecting a single pilot in an unmarked vehicle to attack them.i flew straight at a seperatist capital ship and blasted open the hanger shuttle screecjed to a stop and i hopped out blasting every droid i saw."standard least they werent expecting me" i said to myself,looking around at the droid parts.i looked up,blasted a hole in the ventilation shafts,and headed into the shafts with a grappling hook.i listened closely for any certain voices.near one shaft i heard alot of droids talking.probably programmed to have independant minds so they had better skills.i looked down.i was right." many of them...if i attacked head on with blasters id end up alpha 92.." i said to myself."but there are other ways to remove droids.." luckily i had brought grenades with me.i tossed a few thermals down and the droids scattered,although they all ended up scrap metal."hmm...others obviously heard the explosion.maybe i should plant mines.." i said to myself.i locked my grappling hook to the shafts ceiling and dropped down.after the mines were placed i grappled back up to enjoy the show.severel super droids came running down the hall,and then ended up as parts flying into walls.i advanced through the shafts and fell far down at one end.i grabbed a ledge and attatched my grappling hook to the bridge.i looked over and ducked down again."the power core......if i can take out that this ship will go with wonder its gaurded by practically a million droidekas" i thought to myself."why am i hiding when i have active camoflauge?" it was rather odd i forgot my own equipment.i switched on active camoflague and set mines everywhere.just ot make sure the droidekas didnt see me on my way out i planted 5 cryoban grenades to freeze them in their tracks.after all the charges were set i ran back to the hanger avoiding anyone could have guessed droids were investigating my shuttle.i dropped down into the hanger,guns blazing.i noticed a deactivated droid in a corner who didnt seem to pose a threat,and looked smarter and more independant then any droid i had ever seen.the escape pods were near by and i decided to launch the droid towards tatooine,knowing the jawas would keep him safe.after that i hopped in my shuttle and flew out of the seperatist ship before it was completely destroyed."well thats about a million less droids on coroscaunt.that was just a scout ship,probably.time to head into the real battle." i said,flying directly into a fire fight...

codj 11-06-2005 10:53 PM

Name: C53-5
Age: 5
Faction: CIS
Specialities: Squad commanding & group fighting
Weapons: Wrist rocket, tri-shot, wrist blaster, com-link
Rank: Super Battle Droid

C53-5 immedeately called for reinforcements as the first ship fell. He also called in telling all vulture droids to attack the ships around his. He wanted to be the first on the planet. His objective, a quick and fast assault on the Jedi Temple.

Jedi Atomic 11-07-2005 08:18 AM

Name: Omiron 626
Age: 16
Faction: Republic
Specialtist: Group Fighting;
Equipment: Clone trooper armor with green markings
Weapons: Blaster Shotgun; dual assasin pistols
Rank: Admiral

deamonomic 11-07-2005 11:17 AM

Name: dargen 17
Age: who really knows
Faction: Republic
Specialtist: tactics\leadership
Equipment: enhanced clone armor.
Weapons: Blaster rifle; sniper rifle
rank: captian of an elite team of 25 people.

Jedi Atomic 11-07-2005 05:50 PM

(((Theres no CIS people joining? This won't be as much fun unless there's even people on each side. :giveup: )))

626 and his squad of vice-admirals launched in their Arc-240 (smaller one-man Arc-170 starfighter) of the planet, Coruscant. As he made his way into space he noticed a CIS capital ship being destroyed and finally exploded into thousands of pieces. His squadron started firing at some CIS starfighters coming his way as he reacted and destroyed them with some proton missiles. They exploded and he continued to fight his way to a CIS capital ship to plant time bombs on the engines, communication relay, and auto-defense system.

codj 11-07-2005 08:02 PM

C53-5 finally landed near the jedi temple and he and his troops fired upon the jedi. He formed them into a spread formation so not as many troops could get cut down at once. Then he ordered drodieka to move in front w/ deflecter shields on. He, on the other hand, moved behind the drodieka for protection and fired.

Commander Obi-Wan 11-07-2005 08:21 PM

Age: 8
Faction: CIS
Specialtist: Group-fighting,
Weapons: Wrist rocket, tri-shot, wrist blaster, com-link
Rank: Super Battle Droid

Lands on Coruscant with a squad of Super Battle Droids and joins C53-5 on the attack on the Jedi Temple.

deamonomic 11-07-2005 11:14 PM

(im interested to see how this will trun out)
"dargen 17, report the main hanger imediatly." a voice said over the intercom.
well its time i guess. i put on my armor, made sure i grabed enough ammo from the armory.
when i got to the hanger i saw that my team was assembled and ready. we were the best of the best. specialy trained for the most dangerous missions. the ones that had to be done to make sure the battle was won.
"load up" i ordered
and as if one entity they all moved to the ships. i got in my own and spoke to the pilot.
"we are aiming for the capital ship."
"yes sir"
and we set off. we were about half way to the capital ship when we recieved a message telling us that we have been reassigned. i was to be given 600 clone soldiers and sent to the jedi temple to help the jedi out.
"very well sir" i replied to my new orders. "men we are going to help the jedi at the temple"
6 minutes later we landed just out side the jedi temple.
"i want our snipers lined up along these buildings. they are to take out droidiekas and super soldiers."
"yes sir" and the master sniper ran off to carry out his order.
"i want the jet troopers to jet in and fire a volley of consentrated emp fire at the driods in large groups. make sure no jedi are harmed if possible."
"yes sir" he ran off and started barking orders
"everyone else listen up. we have only 4 tanks. so tank leader take your men in fast and hard. the rest of us are going to try to make a whole for the jedi to get out. if we fail to defeat the droids we will call for an evac. but we will save that for a last option. men ready up!!!"
the battle was about to begin.

deamonomic 11-07-2005 11:22 PM

"we wait until the tanks blow a hole in them. then we move in and try to keep that hole open until the jedi are evacuated. " i said into the com.

suddenly the tanks rushed in. the explosions forced a hole open just as i planned.
"forward men!!" i ordered as me and my 400 clone soldiers rushed forward.
"who is the master jedi incharge here?"
"i am" said a strange looking jedi.
"sir we are here to evacuate the jedi, you and your jedi must follo..."
"sir! the driods have cut us off!!!!" yelled his second in command.
"damn!" i yelled. i thought for a moment.
"order all sipers and jet troopers to attack the droids at a single spot."
"have the reinforcements on stand by" i whispered to my second in command.
"yes sir" and he ran off baring orders.

deamonomic 11-07-2005 11:25 PM

your turn lol

deamonomic 11-08-2005 07:01 PM

anyone here?

deamonomic 11-08-2005 07:06 PM

"sir, the battle at the jedi temple doesnt look hopeful. should we send reinforcements?"
"we shall wait and see what this captin dargen is capable of. if it looks like they are about to be whiped out send the reinforce ments."
"very well sir"
"wait. send 2 gun ships of re inforcements. send them with baracade equipment. i want to see what he will do with it"

sargent_johnson 11-08-2005 07:09 PM

zeta 47 sat in the command base in coroscaunt next to hangerbay had been some time since the unmarked fighter joined.and he hadnt seen any droids.yet.then he heard a shuttle landing practically on top of him.he looked out and there was a ''civillian'' vessel right outside his camp.the cockpit opened,and i jumped out."wha-43?what are you doing here?!you arent stationed anywhere near coroscaunt!!!" he yelled at only response was,"shutup and let me into the armoury,private." of course,him only being a recruit he had to get out of my way.i loaded,then heard somthing odd.clang......clang.......clang.....somthing odd was happening.i turned slightly and the noise stopped.then i looked around and saw nothing."but jedi always say never to trust your the force..ack this 'force' seems fake" i said to myself.then i stopped looking through my visor.i had taken a mental note of where everything was.then the middle of the picture started to fade a bit,then a red glow of eyes,then a bit of brown,then droid spierlike legs,then a chamelon droid.i opened my eyes fast and shot at where the droid was.there was some static then it came visible and fell over deactivated.i ran out.i heard the same noises.clang....clang...clang.i took another mental picture then shot the droids to death.i walked to the building to arm myself with a DC-17 sniper attatchment.then i heard those same noises but sprinting.clang clang clang clang clang clang clang clang clang.not stealthed. a normal battle droid sprinting...but...assassin droid!i ran as fast as i could,making sure to stealth run.the reddish battledroid stood there with a sniper rifle.heavy repeater sniper.i walked up to the droid silently then shot about fourteen shots into the droid.the clones still examining the chameleon droids looked up only to see a battledroid falling deactivated from the sky and a clone commando following on a grappling hook.i walked off to head to my ship and find another place with more droids in it.before leaving,i told the clones to take a mental note of where everything is if they hear another chameleon droid walking in stealth mode.i flew off,then headed to the clone commanders location at camp alpha..

deamonomic 11-08-2005 07:21 PM

"sir we are getting a few reinforcements"
"how many?" i asked
"24 more troopers and alot of... barricade equipment?????
"what? that has to be a mistake!" i yelled
"its no mist...." he fell over dead from a sniper shot.
"looks like u just got promoted" i said to the next in command.
"master jedi!" i yelled
"yes?" asked the jedi
"is there any part of this temple that can be quickly baricaded and made into a small fortification??" i asked quickly dodging a sniper shot.
"well yes. south of here there is a building. one of the other masters can show you" he said
"second in command! take that equipment and the 24 men and follow this jedi. set up a fortification that we can fall back to." i ordered.
"yes sir" he ran off to carry out his orders
the droids begane to close in.
"sir! we have lost half of our men!"

deamonomic 11-08-2005 07:24 PM

cmon cis ppl... i want to continue but i cant until you post what ur next move is!!

codj 11-08-2005 10:30 PM

C53-5 finally saw his chance and advanced his troops. The new clones that were now defending the camp were moving south with the jedi. I ordered small battion of drodieka to cut them off and also called in to send AATs asap.I then sent STAPs carrying super battle droids off towards the entrance of the temple. The main force then advanced towards the clones.

deamonomic 11-09-2005 12:05 AM

(nice, gonna make me fight eh?) (well if its a fight u want lol) (im having fun writing this)
"ha, they are doing just as you said sir."
"good" i said
"alright call in to command tell them to send us as many tanks and reinforcements as possible. also contact the nearest ship and have them fire at the droids location. snipers concent trait on their right flank. jet troopers concent traite on their left flank. heavy troopers conentraite fire on those tanks before they get into range. engineers sent up a field of mines. also set up turrents behind that building. clone commanders distribute health. jedi master. gather all the jedi that you have that can either use force push or lightsaber throw. lets get this party started." i said
"sir!" was the replie from the troopers."
"also see if we cant get any mini-walkers down here." i said.
"master jedi, have all your jedi who are able to fight that cant do the things i previously said, defend the heavy troopers. they dont actualy have to fight so much as block." i said.
"very well" he said. the master jedi turned and went to collect the remaining jedi.
"second in command. its time to bring in the rest of our squad." i said.
"sir are you sure thats nessecary?"asked the second in command.
"nessecary? we are goign to crush these droids into the ground."

deamonomic 11-09-2005 12:15 AM

(the republic capital ship)
"sir, dargen 17 is asking that we send the reinforcements now. also that we have the nearest ship fire upon the droids location."
"hm, i knew this commander was smart. do as he asked" replied the commander.
"yes sir."
it was clever to allow these droids to land. let the driods kill most of the jedi.

Jedi Atomic 11-09-2005 05:16 PM

As soon as 626 and his partners landed in the CIS ship they landed and jumped out shooting at the droids. 626 had trouble opening the cockpit window until a blast from a droid knocked it loose. He jumped out shooting at the auto-turrets, on the walls and ceiling. As he started towards the door, two droidekas rolled out. Before one could put it's shield up, 626 took a shot and hit it directly in the head and shield generator, destroying the droideka. As the one exploded the other turned on it's sheild and started firing at the soldiers. One was hit and fell to the ground right away as the others took cover behind the starfighters.

638, second in command, threw a emp grenade at the droideka killing the shield. then 626 took a shoot at it destroying it. They soon had the hangar clear as one droid would apear from behind the door every-so-often. The 16 men, including Omiron 626 ran to the communications room to knock out first so no chance of calling for backup.

Commander Obi-Wan 11-10-2005 02:11 PM

C35-7 pulls in his troops and attacks the AT-TE advance on him. He opens fire with the AAT's behind him.

codj 11-11-2005 05:51 PM

" Commander, the clones are setting into this postion."
Earlier C53-5 sent a scout to report all of what the Republic was doing. This scout now handed C53-5 a map of all the layouts of soldiers and all traps set up before and while the scout was there. After a short council with his commanding officers, C53-5 commanded the droids to build mobile shields ( made of scrap metal lying around ). About that time, the AATs arrived and we set them in the front for more protection. I called into the main command ship and told them to watch our postion and fire at any ships firing down on us. C53-5 then made his droids move into the postions he had them in when they first landed. " This will be fun. " C53-5 thought.

deamonomic 11-11-2005 08:36 PM

(oooo nice counter) (im gonna have fun with this)
"sir! the driods are building mobile shields!"
"what? dam!"
dargen 17 thought for a moment. there was nothing he could do. then he had an idea.
"second in command!"
"call the command ship and call for an evac."
"evac sir?"
"yes we cant wint a battle."
"so we just gonna hand them the temple?"
"no we are going to blow it up"
"i have studied every map of this city. and below us is 2 large generators. we are going to make them bloe up. assemble our squad. and set up that extra anti-spy equipment so they dont know what were upto."
"yes sir."
"also, radio any ships that are not in heavy combat to keep ANY AND ALL driod ships from leaving this plannet!"
"yes sir"
he smiled inwardly thinking, this is going to be good.

(your move):)

codj 11-14-2005 10:20 PM

C53-5 looked up to see ships coming down and picking up the clones. He then commanded all troops to fire at the ships.

oosshx 11-15-2005 12:06 AM

equiptment:blaster rifle, sniper rifle, assassin pistols, grenades, blaster pistol, ion pistol, bothan shock stick, detpacks, land mines, flame thrower, blaster carbine, a jet pack, and a self-destruct sequence(he's pretty decked out, and thats just on his person:))
rank:colonel, ancient battle droid

As my capital ship drops out of hyperspace the hangar doors slide open and the shields activate and five cis gunships fly twoards the planet, but before they hit the atmosphere two of them were taken out by the auto-defense turrets. "myy twoo wingss openn firre, breakk offf!!"
"yes sir" and the two other gunships break off and open fire on the republic ships, buying time for me to reach the planet.the door flys open and oo-lm is standing at the door with his blaster rifle in one hand and his carbine in the other opening fire killing two clones while the other assault droids that were on the ship get off the ship and run for cover back behind the mobile shields.when they were all out oo-lm kicked a dead clone and went behind the mobile shields.

sargent_johnson 11-16-2005 07:29 PM

as i flew over coroscaunt,i saw the jedi temple with many clones there and jedi.then i saw a clone evac dropship.evacuating while droids have the upper hand?that was insane...or was it?just as i dodged a missle i saw a vulture starfighter flying to leave coroscaunt and regroup,and then his power supply just went dead and he plumetted to the ground.maybe the commander down there wasnt as crazy as i thought.but still..i have to cloak becouse they would order me to leave the i flew into range of the jedi temple i punched the switch and flew in stealthily.what the clones below didnt see was a rift in the air.confedaracy cloaks werent as well as the republics.i didnt have to note where everything was to know that there was a confedaracy dropship in stealth mode.i couldnt let them touch down and release thousands of specops stealth droids!if that dropship was cloaked then they were to.i flew in and locked on the target and estimated where it would land then landed myself and switched on active camo.i saw a rift in the air touch down and before the landing gear could even deploy i set one mine where droids would be rushing out and one on the dropship.then i heard landing gear and a loading ramp unload and seconds later fifteen droids went flying and the dropship demolished.i looked up to see the clone evac ships being demolished by droids.i saw the largest group,and swapped my DC-17 rifles ammo with a devastating plasma mine,aimed and fired.BOOM! a large amount of droids flying in the air and some exploding.a couple remained and i chose to save my ammo.then the same stealthed droid feet walking by,but this time they faded away.this droid wasnt a chamelon droid and was more independant then ever.especially good with stealth,to.before i could find out where the droid was he knocked me to the ground.afterwards he came out of stealth and appeared as a gun-metal greyish droid with blue eyes and had seen many battles.the droid didnt mock me as the usual show-off droids did.i dont think this one had a vocabulator,but then if he didnt then why wasnt there a small spark around where a normal droids vocabulator was?it could speak but refused.i got up and stared at the droid,not knowing what to do.he was unarmed,and rifle to fists obviously isnt fair.before i could choose he drew a CLONE rifle that was attatched to his back,and while he was a droid!the droid aimed at my head and fired.i jumped out of the way only to see that he wasnt aiming at me.he was aiming at an aproaching droid!but then i saw the differance between that gun-metal droid and normal droids.he had the galactic republic insignia tatooed on his arm.must be a new droid, i thought.the droid walked past me with the clone rifle at his side.i thought for a second then dashed up to the balcony to take care of snipers and the snipe all droids but the droid i just met....(the gun-metal grey droid wasnt any of you guys -.-)

deamonomic 11-16-2005 08:09 PM

(nice an ty for the help)
as the evac ships were lifting off they came under heavy fire. 1 went up in flames. then dargen 17 noticed something. it was almost unnoticable. but not quite. it was a rift in the air. he knew immidiatly that there was a cloaked ship. but on whos side? he sent 10 men using a small access tunnle that the driods couldnt use.
3 minutes after that there was an explosion. then there was a second explosion. this explosion didnt come from his men. but it came from behind the droids. he only had snipers left out there. besides the 10 men he sent. but they had reported that they hadnt even seen the explosion let alone caused it. they also reported finding no cloaked ships.

"scan the area with infra-red (spelling?)"
"yes sir"
a minute later they replied that infact they had found a ship. but they could not find any indication to wich side it belonged to. he decided to call into hq and ask. he also ordered 50 more men to go out and help search. mean while the rest of his team had arrived.
"welcome back sardakar" said dargen
"ha! thought i would never get out of trying to hunt down the tech leader" said sardakar.
"i thought it would have been easy for you" said dargen 17
"thats what i thought. but we did find him. about 50 times. and we killed him 48 times. but he kept sending his conciousness to another bodie." replied sardakar
"well your going to have fun with this mission" said dargen 17
"hmm, must involve blowing something up then" said sardakar smileing
"why yes, it does" said dargen.
"and judging from out location..." he looked around. "you want to blow up the generators." said sardakar
"you know me all to well" replied dargen
"when do we leave?" asked sardakar
"5 minutes. oh and send sekara here" answered dargen
sardakars expression become very sad.
"i have bad news... you know sekara, he was the bravest one of us all. he always took the most dangerous part. well on our last attempt to capture the tech leader... we were forced to retreat. and he stayed behind to cover our escape. there was an explosion... i dont know if hes alive or not."

codj 11-16-2005 10:14 PM

C53-5 called in reporting victory to the command droid and informed his troops that he and 250 trooops from the squadron were going to the Republic Senate to force the senators to proclaim Count Dooku leader of the Republic and General Grievious head general of the army. If the chancellor was there, they were commanded to capture him and bring him to Grievious's ship alive.

deamonomic 11-16-2005 11:09 PM

(so your gonna tie this into the movie right?)
20 minutes later they reached the generators. they began planting charges. then zargen recieved an emergency message. apperently there was 251 droids heading towards the senate and they were the closest. the senate was out of the way of the explosion. so he decided to detonate once he reached the senate. he and his 170 man squad finished setting up charges. and headed for the senate.

sargent_johnson 11-17-2005 05:52 PM

ZAP!ZAP!ZAP! said the EMP blasts from my DC-17 sniper attatchment.the droids fell one by one and then were attacked from the inside by the greyish droid i met earlier.then i saw the clones in full was i supposed to know in two seconds id be flying through the air?i didnt know the clones plan.when i saw them running i was confused at why they were retreating and continued firing.then i saw the greyish droid retreating.then i looked over my shoulder only to see a heavy explosion begining to erupt from the generators.just as they exploded i jumped off the balcony and was sent flying far away from the i flew through the air i saw some confederacy dropships flying to dropoff droidekas and others i didnt seem to notice me and flew just close enough for me to jump on and took a knife related to a lightsaber (but wasnt or the jedi would attack me) from a hidden pocket in my boots.the clones records about me said that i wasnt armed with anything but what i carried at my side.the secret pockets allow me to smuggle items with me.anyway,i jabbed the knife through the confedaracy dropships roof silently and dropped through.luckily,i dropped into the one was one cloaked either.what i thought was odd was the fact that there was a trando heavy repeater in the room.strange.i grabbed the trando repeaters ammo and swapped the DC-17 rifle pack into my pocket and placed the repeaters ammo in my rifle.i walked forward into the next room and then stumbled back into the armory,knowing that repeater bullets wotn work well unless their fired super fast..i grabbed the firing end of the repeater and replaced it on the tip of the DC-17 rifle and walked forward into the next room.the clones below saw the dropship and then were stunned at the fact of it blowing up.before it exploded,i jumped out as fast as i could making sure to avoid coming in contact with any clones.when i came down i found myself back to back with the grey droid facing millions of droids."you go to the right.ill take the left." the grey droid said."on my mark." this could have been the first words he ever said."go." were his final words before we dashed off into the crowds of droids...

deamonomic 11-17-2005 06:21 PM

the explosion succeeded in killing most of the droids. but more came to replace the ones that died. although their odds had inproved they were still out numbered. the 10 soldiers that had been sent to hunt down the "intruder" were under orders to stay out of the fighting if possible. dargan ordered that the cloaked ship be placed under HEAVY guard and the ship disabled. dargen also sent a message to the capital ship in orbit requesting that they send 1000 soldiers to help fight the droids and find this "intruder"
(onboard the capital ship in orbit)
"sir dargen 17 has requested that we send 1000 more men to hlp fight the droids and find..."
"find what?"
"the message is distorted. but he said something about a cloaked ship and an intruder..."
"tell him we cant spare 1000 men. we can send him 478 men."
"yes sir"
"also have all the evac units go back and drop off the jedi masters, they can help."
"yes sir"
as the young soldier ran off to carry out his orders, the capital ship came under attack. the captian ordered all guns to open fire, and any and all star fighters not engaged to attack the enemy ship.
"sir we are recieving 2 signals."
"hmm?" said the captain looking up.
"one if a distress signal from the senate. the droids are closing in."
"order them all into the shielded chanbers. it wont stop the droids forever but it sould hold long enough for reinforcements to arrive."
"yes sr"
"what about the second signal?"
"its a satalite image sir. the one we had monituring the battle, the satalite took a picture of a man and a greyish droid fighting back to back agianst a large amount of droids."
hmmm cloaked ships unexplained explosions.. could it be him? the commander thought to him self.

codj 11-17-2005 06:52 PM

C53-5 finally landed the MAFs nearby the senate. They knew that clones were probably inside but that was not what worried C53-5. The imperial guard was an elite bodyguard that always was near the chancellor. They were powerful soldiers and C53-5 didn't want to mess with them. He finally stormed through the doors with his troops.

deamonomic 11-17-2005 08:54 PM

(your gonna escape with the chancellor)
dargen and his troops neared the senate. he saw the droids enter.
"perfect. well hit them from behind."
he dashed through the doors after the droids tossing all of his grenades.

Jedi Atomic 11-18-2005 04:48 PM

Omiron 626 bashed through one of the doors as the other broke through the other door. They were out numbered and retreated out the door throwing emp grenades. The grenades caused many explsions in the room so the men poked their guns around the corner and started firing. Droids crumbled and exploded as others fell to the ground like a human.

Soon 626 finished off the last droid with a emp grenade. After securing the room they destroyed the Auto-Defense System and continued to the communications room. As they entered the room droid stood up from their seats and reached for their guns, but before they had a chance, 626 and his grouped fired at the droids destroying them. 626 guarded the door as the others planted the bombs they ran back and took cover.
The screen blew up and the seats and other objects flew across the room hitting the wall behind 626 and his comrades.

They left the room and some droids were examining the room not knowing where the clones went. The droids looked up and started firing. 638 threw an emp grenade and they retreated behind a corner firing at the droids. The droid jumped out of the way but was still to close to the explosion and exploded into pieces. The group headed to the next destination, the bridge.

sargent_johnson 11-18-2005 11:10 PM

(note that his will take place in the clonewars cartoons.terribly sorry if i ruin some of the plan)
i looked around at the droid parts that was once about maybe a hundred droids.the greyish republic droid finished reloading and went off towards the senate."you grapple up to the chancelors room.ill take care of the droids." the grey droid said before changing to a sprinting speed and disappeared into the building,with blastershots following.i did as it told me,grappled up to the chancelors room to help.when i was almost there i saw somthing flying through the air.but the sun blocked my view.unluckily,he came into view and i saw it was the main target of the republic.general grievous.he landed some distance ahead of me,and i dodged out of his view quickly and continued climbing.when i was about a yard or two away from the chancelors office window i found grievous staring straight at me.i reached for a grenade locked in my belt but general grievous was faster.before i could even reach for the grenade i was trapped by grievous four-sharp edged feet and thrown across coroscaunt.but i deployed a grapple before he saw me.i hit the retract button and went flying,but grievous got there first.he was an inch away from palpatines face with jedi having sabers active and four clones.the chancelor was braver then i thought to be face to face with grievous and not even flinch.then grievous grabbed the chancelor and threw him at the jedi.or maybe it was force push...anyway the jedi caught palpatine and retreated.the clones fought their best,but ended up slashed to death,hurtled out the window to thier doom or just plain,what the jedi didnt know,was that after all the normal clones had been killed i jumped through the window and shot at grievous with everything i had.i ran out of ammo quickly,though.but the good news was that some dead clones had the new E-11 rifles and they were advanced rifles this time.i dropped the repeater DC-17 and swapped for dual advanced E-11s.grievous was nearly dead when he reached at hidden sabers somwhere in his cyborg model.i shot out everything and from the right view,i looked like i had a white upper torso clone armor with the rest of the outfit black.meaning upper torso was white and leg armor was colored blackish.anyway,grievous was actualy panting when he tossed a large item from the chancelors office at me.easy to dodge,though.grievous retreated into the hall after the jedi.obviously i followed,becouse he was the republics number one enemy right now,and i wasnt going to let him escape.when i opened the door i had to close it and dodge behind a wall to avoid having my head blown off by an ithorian battle cry.very powerful.actualy hurts to hear that battlecry since its about..oh say...THE VOLUME OF A MILLION!when i opened the door the jedi were in an elevator and grievous was drawing near.instead of fighting,i switched on active camo and dashed inside the elevator.while we were going downward,we found grievous actualy running on the wall after us and tilted his head to watch stupid clone had the stupid idea of stupidly launching a stupid rocket while he was in the stupid elevator...well...yeah.really stupid to try that.just about blew him to smitherenes,to.but grievous fell off.when the elevator touched down,we were in big trouble.grievous AND his magnagaurds were waiting.i dashed out and fired,which deactivated my by one the magnagaurds heads were blown off by advanced E-11 shots.only six remained and i decided it was time for me to give the jedi a hand by blasting off grievous' head.i saw him running ahead and chased him,guns blazing.he avoided most shots,but i did hit him.then he ran off and i saw the jedi headign towards a train station after nearly bening bludgeoned by magnagaurds.i ran to catch up.four awaited the three jedi.i grappled to the top of a building that wasnt very high,but i could still see.then a magnagaurd noticed me but only attacked jedi.when he was about to make his first attack i dashed forward and jumped at him,grabbing the droid and slamming him into the ground.he was temporarily stunned,but before he could react i drove about fifty advanced E-11 shots into him.i watched the jedi fight,and found a few new tricks to try.slamming a droid into a droid,crippling both droids and slamming a droid onto train tracks and letting the droid be hit by the train.i followed the jedi to a long area with a fast moving pod.then i heard thousands and thousands of those magnagaurds coming.shaak ti stayed behind while the others ran to the chancelors bunker and i always follow the soldiers code.a good soldier never leaves a man behind!i wasnt just about to let shaak ti become a mangled mess on the floor becouse of those magnagaurds!as they came i attacked and when they swarmed i used everything i could to fire,at once i actualy thought i was carrying all of my weapons and firing at once.after a short while every magnagarud was scarp metal.shaak ti didnt even notice me and ran after the pod,and i followed on a grappling hook.when i arrived,i could still hear sabers clashing,but i couldnt help becouse of the quadrouple melted durasteel walls and sheilds.when shaak ti arrived there wasnt any sound.the sheilds flashed open and the doors unlocked,and i ran inside and hid with active camo.lightsaber clashing,ithorian battlecry markings,sharp holder claws on the walls...and a dead ithorian and another creature that i couldnt recall its name.shaak ti looked around,then was ambushed by grievous and then left for dead,tangled by some wires that grievous ripped out of the wall.seconds later alot more jedi came and found waht i did,except for all the blaster marks.hehe..well i didnt say that i just let grievous escape now did i?mace windu stepped forward and asked where the chancelor was.the only response he got was "i have failed" that make any sense to you?no,me either.the jedi and shaak left to help fight the droid army,and i dashed to kill every single last droid i found until i had made a path of scrap metal leading to grievous so i could blast his head off!then i saw somthing that changed my was the grey droid,deactivated and lying slanted on a pile of rubble with some sparks around him.deactivated,but not permanantly.just a few parts missing,and they were right there.i reinstalled the droids parts and he thanked me,and then we headed off to..lets just say 'grab a first class ride'.and that certain shuttle we were taking 'first class' was a lander...

codj 11-20-2005 06:42 PM

( Sargent_Johnson, could you not write so much? it doesn't allow others to do as much and I don't like reading a fifty foot short story)
C53-5 met the jedi who were escorting the chancelor and blasted them away. C53-5 immediately took the chancelor only to find clones behind him. He pulled 50 of his troops with him while the other 200 fought the clones to hold them off. C53-5 soon found the ships after going around in a circle around the senate and jumped into a MAF.

deamonomic 11-21-2005 10:29 AM

"sir!!! they have the chancelor!!"
"dam! send 50 men to back up sardakar. sardakar. fall back to the hangar! sekara you too! men! lets finish these droids!!!!!!!!"
"radio the jedi master obi-wan. tell him the chancelor has been taken."
"dargen. we were too late they are gone."

codj 11-21-2005 10:41 PM

It seemed to C53-5 that the battle was over and the CIS would emerge victorious. After all, Coruscant was invaded, beaten, and the chancelor removed from the senate. The stragetic move to blow the generators ended up in our favor since it controlled the electricity and heat in the jedi temple and probably costs millions or at the least thousands of dollars to fix( or whatever type of currency they use )C53-5 finally got his first rest that day. When he got up, he recieved orders to deliver the hostage then eliminate all the clones. He got up and directed his pilots to the command ship.

Jedi Atomic 11-22-2005 07:26 PM

626 fired walking down the hallway as he managed to kill many droids with the help of his comrades. Soon he reached the bridge and started firing on the commanding droids and some neimodians stood up to surrender themselves, once the droids were all destroyed. 626 kept aim on the neimodians as he nodded for the man to lay explosives on the droid control panel. (The control panel will only will disable the droids that came from that station.)

The men ran out of the room as 626 and 638 backed up towards the door, keeping aim on the neimodian leaders. As soon as the door shut 626 and 638 turned around and started running towards the hangar, to leave this place.

Once the men ran into the hangar, they were suprised at how many droids were standing around examing the starfighters. The clones started firing at the droids, while running towards there starfighters. 626 ran towards his starfighter as he fired at the droids around the fighter. Once he made it he fumped up the ladder and landed on the seat of the cockpit, as the window closed. Once he jumped in he pressed a button and the fighter hovered and started out into space, soon folowed by the rest of the starfighters. Once all the men were out 638 pressed a button and suddenly a fiery explosion came from where the bridge was and soon the whole station was turning into fiery red flames.

codj 11-22-2005 11:32 PM

Once in the command ship, C53-5 searched for General Grievious. When he found him, the general took the hostage and gave him more droids to wipe out the clones on coruscant. C53-5 led his soldiers to the hangar and headed back towards the planet.

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