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JaWaJake 05-09-2005 02:24 PM

Tuscan Raider Boogaloo!!!
What is the best way to take out the Tuscan Raiders on Tatooine??? I can see how easy it is to defeat the Empire, or the Rebels, but the Tuscans are tough on this board. Should I thin them out with a vehicle?

Darth Andrew 05-09-2005 06:11 PM

I think that would be your safest bet if you don't want to die a ton of times. Or, strafe 'em in a starfighter!;)

ParanoidAndroid 05-09-2005 06:55 PM

If I'm the Empire I usually just grab that skiff thing and load it up with allies, then I head on over to the tuskan village, go the back way as your less likely to meet any enemies, once there unload your troops and order them to hold ground. With the bots to back you up you should be able to capture the post with little trouble, unless your really unlucky and a whole lot spawn at once. Even if you die the bots should be able to hold there own.

Once the village is taken the Tuskans are forced defend the Cisterns, you could fill up another skiff and try to take it out the same way but since they only have one post left there will be a whole lot more of them. I usually leave them alive just to pester the rebels.

The rebels really have a disadvantage, the Tuskans are right next to the rebel camps so they have to deal with them more then the empire. Try getting a large group to follow you, or taking a rebel speeder and use it to clear out the tuskans, then get out and capture it using the speeder as cover.

Basicly just get backup, They can help you take out the tuskans, help you capture the post faster, serve as fodder for the tuskans while you take them out and if you happen to die they might just capture the post, if there lucky.

Hope this helps, it usually works for me!

Antistia 09-06-2005 11:01 AM

I think this is one of those maps where, if you play as the Empire, you can basically sit there doing nothing and still win....

Leviathan 09-06-2005 01:40 PM

It is rather exaggerated, isn't it ? After all, if Human players are optional, why has this game been designed ?

zerted 09-06-2005 07:41 PM

Shoot them in the head.

AT-ATNemesis 01-06-2006 01:17 PM

tuskens have infinitie reinforcements so its impossibe to wipe them out unless you can capture all command posts`that the tuskens have but that is quite hard on pc unless you have a few buddies with you
Personally i just capture tusken camp and leave them to hassle enemies
always works for me

floundericious 07-21-2006 12:31 PM

As the...(note: I only play this one in GCW mode)

Rebels - Grab a speeder tank thing and race over to the tuskan village on the hill. Let the first wave of them run out without shooting at them (remember, the AI won't aggressively target you unless you're dangerous). Position the tank between the CP capture zone and that first wave...jump out and start draining the meter. TR infantry will start respawning down on the back side of the village, so be alert. If you do it right, the TRs will be too few to keep you from taking the village.

Empire - spawn at sand crawler as storm/dark trooper, grab speeder bike - race at full speed (careful you don't auger yourself into a hillock!) to the village and take it from the backside...again, do NOT shoot unless you have a TR soldier shooting at you...then clean them off the hill and start shooting at the rebels.

Once you've taken the Tuskan village, as either team, then you can move on...the tuskans will bottleneck the middle of the battlefield in the cisterns (good luck dislodging them!) It's highly improbable they will recapture the village.

I've never had a problem with wiping out the tuskans on this level, personally, on SP

RC-1162 07-30-2006 09:02 AM

just run over them with an AAT

Darth Newfie 11-17-2006 03:56 PM

Here is the best way to wipe out every single bastard on that map. It is tough bcause there are infinite reinforcements.

Rebels - Spawn at the rebel camp as a rebel soldier. Get in a combat landspeeder and call a co-pilot in. Speed away to the tusken camp on the hill that overlooks the sarlaac. Wait for them to spawn and head down to do battle with your troops. Then get right into the cp. Get out and order your co-pilot to stop. He will give you cover fire and you can use it for cover. Blast any tuskens who spawn and fire at you. If they do not fire at you, let them run on. Once you get the cp to neutral, shoot any tuskens nearby and capture this cp. Get back in your speeder and head to the cp closest to the sarlaac pit. get out and hide in the rocks as you slowly convert this cp. Shoot any tuskens near it and also be on the lookout for the imperials. Once this is done, bring up the big map and look for any yellow arrows. Reach them and massacre the survivors. There are likely to be campers behind the large pillars of the tusken camp. Make shure every last one dies, because a single trooper could bring the entire army back. Once the last raider is killed, the species is wiped out and you can concentrate and fighting the empire. i almost always use this strategy.

zgx 06-16-2008 08:38 PM

Taking out the Tuskans
As mentioned before the Tuskan's have infinate reinforcements, so I usally just grab an AAT (for cis) and head up to the village and constantly kill them, I think my highest amount of kills was 331, and i only attackted them 2/3rds of the battle....

but to capture the base I usally take a droid star fighter, land it at the village so the back of the ship is facing the hill and the fighter is facing the CP or is on top of the CP, that way you only have to protect one side, and your protected on all sides besides that one. You can do almost the same thing with an IFT or an AAT. After that the Sarlaac eats most Tuskans coming out of the "Cisterns". (I can't spell the base name, but it's the Tuskan base right next to the Sarlaac Pit.)

And depending on which bases your enemy has the Tuskans can easyly kill your team off or your enemys off in the late game, so I suggest you take a skiff in to finish them or (My favorite way :lol:...) Be a "Jet pack trooper", get in a star-fighter, fly at the enemy base, fly ,oh about 20 feet in-game (about 6 meters) above the CP then double tap the Enter/Exit button (Triangle for me(PS2)), which makes you drop out of the ship sending your ship at the enemys, making them get up (like when you get hit with a grenade), while you start to take the base. "Jet-pack troopers" are needed for this because, they are immune to fall damage.

Jester72MI 12-17-2008 10:51 AM

My strategy is to ignore them entirely.

As Rebs - Spawn at the Homestead, get in a Speeder, blast a few early-spawning Tuskens on the way to the Sandcrawler, park in front of the Sandcrawler and use your vehicle as cover while you crouch in back of the CP til it's taken. Toggle between defending it and defending the Homestead from the (relative) safety of your Speeder. Don't engage Walkers directly unless you're next to an R5.

As Imps - Spawn at the Crawler, hop on a speeder bike, zoom to the Homestead and take it. The Rebs never spawn inside the Homestead, so if you crouch next to the medbot, they won't even know you're there. By the time the Tuskens are a threat, you should have spawned a Walker there. Sandpeople have no rockets, no mines and no defense against vehicles.

Bokken 12-17-2008 12:51 PM

OK, Jester's our newest Necromancer. Your enthusiasm is annoying, noobish, and spam. Stop.

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