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jediofdoom 07-09-2005 09:20 AM

the phantom
You are part of a rebel transport to Dantooine. On the way you are ambushed by some star destroyers. You are then locked in a fierce battle.

You can either be the imperials or the rebels.
you can be part of the space battle or you can choose to board a ship and try and dock with the opposing ship.
If you wish to be a pilot you can control theses fighters and groups:

rebels: X Wing, Y wing, A wing, B wing, E wing. Of coarse you can put the ships in different groups. The available groups are, Red Group, Gold Group, Blue Group, White group, Green Group.

Imperials: Tie fighter, Tie interceptor, Tie advanced, Tie Bomber, Tie phantom.

Name: e.g. bob
Faction: e.g. rebels
Rank: e.g. pilot
(ship: e.g. A wing or N/A
weapons: (if pilot you can state what weapons your ship has, if troop what weapons you have in hand. and please no lightsbaers!)
bio: bob is cool, bob is a pliot from a place. bob has flown with the rebels for 3 years....

I'll start it off....

Name: Jax
Faction: Rebels
Rank: Pilot, Blue Leader
Ship: B wing
weapons: 3 laser cannons, 8 proton torpedoes, 4 bombs
Bio: Jax was once part of the legendary viper squadron. After the squadron was destroyed Jax, the only sivivour, took control of blue group. He has been in conrtol of blue group for a while and shas seen them threw some tought battles.

An alarm sounded. I jumped up from my bed and grabbed my gear. a message bleared out.
"we have been ambushed by some star destroyers, all personal to your stations!"
I grabbed my helmet and ran to the hanger. There a senour officer was giving a qucik briefing. He told us where to aim on the star destroyers and where its weak spots where. After he had finished he wished us all luck and watched as we all got into our ships. I ran to my B-wing. It had seen many battles and had been repeared too many times to count. It still bore the Viper Squadron symbol and it aslo had a blue dash across it, to signify i was part of Blue Group. I jumped in and put my helmet on. the hatch closed and i pushed the ignition. My ship flew out of the hanger along with the others. In the distance i could make out some fighters and about 3 star destroyers. "all right guys this is it" i heard a voice say.
"Blue group report in" i said

Renegade Angel 07-10-2005 04:17 PM

Is that you, darkjedi? I'm Renegade Angel.

Name: Gus Kenobi
Gender: Male
Faction: Rebels, Gold group
Rank: Pilot
Ship: Modified X-Wing
Weapons: 1 Heat-Seaking Nuke, 2 Heavy Laser Cannons
Bio: Gus was supposedly killed when the Viper Squadron was destroyed on a mission. He wasn't seen for 5 years. He retired from flying for a year, until the Rebels needed him. Now he is attempting to board the lead Star Destroyer.

jediofdoom 07-11-2005 10:05 AM

(it is indeed, i changed my user name after the site crashed)

*over intercom*
"we're picking up Tie Fighters coming your way"
"copy that command, Blue group report in"

"blue 2 standing by"
"bue 3 standing by"
"Blue 4 standing by"
"blue 11 standing by"
"Blue 7 standing by"
"Blue 14 standing by"
"Blue 5 standing by"
"Blue 6 standing by"
"Blue 10 standing by"
"Blue 9 standing by"

"All units in attack position"
*The B wings in Blue group enter attack formation (Not all of Blue group are B wings, it also consists of Y wings)*

FiStO-KiT 07-12-2005 07:17 AM

Hey Guys Its Me Nosturbo,Bloody Forums!. If it is Ok can i have 2 main characters?

FiStO-KiT 07-12-2005 08:15 AM

Name:Stu Zandar.
Rank:Colonel,Green Leader(E7).
Ship:Specialised E-Wing (As seen in Space War,A Story B4 The Forums Screwed Up.
Weapons:20 Heat seeking proton Torpedoes, 4 Ion Cannons, 1 Heavy Laser Cannon.
Bio:A Good Friend Of Jax,Stu Was A Major Part of the retaliation of the rebles during Viper squadrons mission, Backing up Jax And Vice-Admiral Kenobi.

"E-Group Call-in."
"E-1 Standing By."
"E-2 Standing by."
"E-3 Standing by."
"E-4 Standing By."
"E-5 Standing by."
"E-6 Standing By."

"Excellent! Ok Boys and Girls It's Just Like We Discussed E's 1-2&3 Break off and aim your fire at the engines."
"Yes Sir."
"Everyone Else Follow Me."
"Right away Sir!"
"The Empire Never Quits does it Jax.!"

Ok 2nd Person Time.
Name:Jennifer Montero
Rank:Pilot (E-5)
Ship:Standard E-Wing.
Bio:Jennifer Is One of the Lesser known Rebel Pilots Because She Has only recently been in Rebel Battles,and Has Bulit Up a bit of a relationship with Green Leader Stu Zandar.
"Copy Green Leader right behind you."
"Sir 2 TIE Bombers comming in fast."
"Copy That E-5 i got them."
*Stu Blows up 2 tie bombers.*
"Stu I Want To try and board a ship?"
"No,Jen its too risky."
"Copy That."
*E-6 Gets Destroyed Behind Jennifer.*

Meanwhile back with Stu.
(Sorry if its a bit Confusing.)
"E-6!! DAMNNIT!!!."
"Ok Change Of Plans Guys & Girls, Split up and hunt these Punks down.!"
"Jax, Me And E-5 Will Give assistance if needed."

jediofdoom 07-12-2005 12:30 PM

(If you want two main characters its cool)

"copy that stu"
*takes down tie intercepter*
"Blue group stay together, i dont want anyone out of formation. If we stick together we can get through this!"
*dodges blasts and destroys Tie fighter*

*over intercom*
"blue leader, im picking up strange activity near those star destroyers"
"copy that command, have you any idea of what it could be?"
"not yet, but we assume it's some sought of riff in careful we don't know what we're dealing with"
"copy that, stu this is jax, command is picking up some starnge activity over by those star destroyers, try and stay clear until we know what we're dealing with, over"

FiStO-KiT 07-13-2005 07:37 AM

"Copy that Jax,Green Group Get Back Into Formation."
All: "Yes,Sir.!"

jediofdoom 07-13-2005 07:57 AM

"theres something up ahead"
"i see it blue 5, dont know what they are though"
*blast as objects nd some explode*
"Damn it mines!"
*look up*
"arrrr the imperials must have dumped them so we cant get to close to there star destroyers"
*fires into mine field. Explosions*
"Blue group be carfeul"
All: "copy that blue leader"
*continues to fire into mine field*
*dodges explosion*
"we're coming up to a star destoyer, get ready Blue Group"
"Blue leader this is Blue 4 (Y wing) do you want me to lead Blue 6 Blue 9 and Blue 10 (also Y wings) to bombared the bridge?"
"copy that Blue 4 start your attack run when your ready, we'll cover you"
*starts to attack star destroyer*
"stu start to attack the other star destoyer, leave the one by the riff (which is a seperat from the others) alone for now"
*over intercom*
"command any idea what it is yet?"
"Jax, a man called Romanix want to speak to you.....he claims to be a jedi"
"A Jedi? what have they got to do with this?"

Sebastian Vlay 07-13-2005 03:23 PM

(OOC: Okay, you three. It looks like I'm the first Imperial in this thread. Here's my character data:

Name: Sebastian Vlay
Faction: Empire
Rank: Squadron Leader
Ship: TIE Interceptor
Weapons: Four heavy laser cannons
Bio: As a squadron leader of the Empire, Sebastian has many administrative abilities and a great bit of knowledge. He knows how to take total control of the space arena, leaving no enemies alive. He's thirty-three years old, has been a qualified member of the Empire for nine years, and took four years of the Empire's special training classes.)

(Okay, here's the in-character post...)

Sebastian stood in the secondary hangar of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Conquestor. For the past few minutes, he's been monitoring starfighter activity leaving and docking the bay. Almost one squadron has left the Conquestor since the attack was initiated by ship commander Gyiez.
While making his observations, a message came over the bay's intercom.
"Black squadron, you have twenty seconds to be in your fighters."
Sebastian quickly left his station and took the elevator down to the main launch floor. He rushed over to his fighter, leaving eight seconds before launch. Only a few others were ahead of him, so he's doing good. He opened the top hatch and jumped in, closing the hatch behind him.
"Five seconds remaining."
He flipped a few switches and pressed a small red button, beginning start-up. Almost forgetting to put on his helmet, Sebastian reached over and grabbed the pitch TIE pilot helmet. By the time he had his helmet on, the engines were ready-to-go. The other pilots were all ready as well, and the voice over the comm gave the signal to go.
The Twin Ion Engines fighters all began to lift off the hangar floor and leaving the bay. Sebastian's TIE Interceptor took the lead of black squadron as usual; with its advanced maneuvering and navigational systems giving it a distinct advantage over the normal fighters.
As the squadron neared the main fight, Sebastian tapped his comm.
"Black squadron, split up into groups of three. Uneev and Kile, cover me."
His order was acknowledged by the members of the squadron, leaving everyone to split up. Two standard fighters followed him, covering his back as he took care of main threats.
Two Rebel fighters were ahead of him, coming onto his targetting scope. That's it...
Sebastian suddenly jerked backwards as he locked onto and fired at a rebel fighter, x-wing class. The fighter was immediately blown away, but not without the other noticing the new Imperial squadron.

jediofdoom 07-13-2005 04:17 PM

"listen to me jax, My name is Romanix, the riff in space....i sense an un-usual amout of energy coming out of it"
"i see, whats going on?"
"it could mean a number of things, but i sense something"
"something powerful"
*the riff in space emits explosions*
"whats that?"
"an electrical storm is brewing inside the riff"
"what does this mean?"
"I don't know, i will radio back when i have more information"
"thank you master romanix"
*sees x-wing being destroyed*
"Blue group we have tie fighters coming in, one mark and two tens"
"copy that blue leader"
"blue 2, blue 3 and blue 4 follow me, guys see what you can do to help them"
*swerves away and goes towards the star destroyer near the riff*
"what are you doing sir?"
"dont worry don (Blue 2) Ive got it under control"

FiStO-KiT 07-14-2005 07:18 AM

"Copy Blue Leader. All E-wings Follow Me!"
"yes Sir!"
"E-1(Adrian.),E-3(David.) & E-5(Jennifer.) Make a run at the engines whilst me,E-4(Alan.)And E-2(Colleen.) Will take care of the TIE's."
"Jennifer i will leave you in charge of Adrian and dave until the engines are down."

Jennifer's Story.

"Thank you Green Leader i will do the job".
"Alright boys lets get those engines."
Adrian:"I've Got a lock on one of the TIE's."
Jen:"Save Your ammo till we get to the engines.!"
Adrian and David:"Yes Ma'am.!"
*group 2 reach engines.*
Jen:"Okay Lock On Boys."
*Engines Explode and power down.*
"Hey stu baby,we done it.!"

Back With Stu.

"Alright Sweet, Babe Get the guys together and we'll re-group."
Jen:Right away."
"Alan,Colleen, we have 3 more Phantoms left so far.
Alan:"Good Goddamn Imperials."
Colleen:Lock On.!"
*group two catches up with lead group.
Stu:OK one more left but its cloaked.!"
All:Yes Sir.!"
*TIE un-cloacks behind Jennifer.*
Stu:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU DAMN F*****G TIE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."
"Guys, Go Back to base."
All:yes sir."
"Baby?! Why You?"
*Softly cries.*
"b-base i-i'm returning the team back."
*says to self.*"First Luke(E-6)And Now J-J-Jennifer(E-5)
"G-Good Luck Jax!"
*docks E-Wing.*
Colleen Runs up*
"Stu i'm so sorry about Jennifer."
*Sniffles*"Thanks Colleen."
*Walks up to adrian.*
"Adrian, I'm Making you Green Leader for a while."
"No Prob."
"Colonel, For your coregeous efforts and leadership we are promoting you to Admiral"said Admiral Jackson.
"Thanks Alot Admiral but i would like to be alone for a while."
*Stu walks off to his quarters.*
Admiral Jackson:"Whats wrong with him?"
Colleen: (sighes) "He Lost his girlfriend in the mission."
A-J:Ah I see"
Adrian:"Ok Guys I'm the new leader until stu recovers"
All:Very well"
Adrian:Back to your ships!"
"Yes Sir."
"Blue leader, this is Green Leader Adrian Marques. Whats the situation.?"

Sebastian Vlay 07-14-2005 08:19 AM

Rebel Scum
(Man, lol. FISTO KIT, lol. I've been making little raps out of that and I don't even enjoy rap. This is hilarious. :D)

Sebastian confirms the small victory over the e-wing squadron, but doesn't let his guard down. Within a few more minutes, the squadron comes flying out yet again. Excellent. It looks like we've startled them. Time for the real fun!
"Uneev, Kile, continue with me. Cover me as I take care of the Rebel scum overtaking the area." He says.
"Yes sir!" Replied both pilots.
Using the Rebels' nervousness to his advantage, Sebastian swiftly flew in and decimated an e-wing. He then steered to his left and found another e-wing. The e-wing showed on his targetting scope, but Sebastian couldn't manage to get the e-wing in the center of his scope. He fired a few shots anyway, which either missed or dissolved into the e-wing's shields... :tie:

jediofdoom 07-14-2005 02:12 PM

*intercom is full of static becuase we're so close to the riff.dodges cannon fire, and fires torpedo at cannon which explodes*
Don:"jax this is suicide!"
Jax:"dont worry Don just stay focused"
*fires at cannon which explodes*
Don:"Jax are you sure you know what you are doing?"
Jax:"no, im just making up as i go along"
*something comes out of the riff*
Jax:"what the?"
Don:"it's a ship"
Jax:"firespray class, and it's flanked by two Tie fighters"
Don:"I don't recognise those tie fighters they don't appear on my scope"
Jax:"they don't appear to be following us"
Don: "watch out for that firespray guys they are bloddy pests!"
Jax:"hmmm Don's right, Stu this is Jax reporting in, i know you have just suffered a huge loss but you used to fly a firespray ship can you tell me anything about them?"
*intercom full of static*
Jax: "Damn it"
Don: "Jax these ties...they are like nothing iv'e ever seen before"
Jax: "I know"
*firespray turns and launches a bomb*
Don: "What the?"
*star destroyer explodes*
Jax: "That firespray just destroyer that star desteoyer single handed!"
*firespray opens fire on some tie fighters and then onto a few X-wings, onw of which explodes*
Jax: "whats going on?"
*firespray turns around and flies towards my group of blue group*
Don: "It's coming staright for us!"
Jax: "Don, Dave (Blue 3), Nekx (Blue 4) follow me!"
Nekx: "whats going on cus?"
Jax: "you may be my cousin Nekx but you still call me Blue Leader"
Nekx: "sorry Blue Leader"
Jax: "That firesparay is closing in"
*firespray opens fire*
*all ships dodge blasts*
Jax:"STU DO YOU COPY?!?!?!?"

(please note if you wish to engage the fighters you may NOT destroy the frespray ship cus im kinda going somewhere with this :D and remember the Tie fighters with it and the actual firespray ship are not part of the Imperials or the Rebels and will attack both sides! cheers )

FiStO-KiT 07-15-2005 02:09 AM

*in stu's quarters.*
*over inter-com.*
"JAX! are you okay. I know alot about firespray's.Hang On I'm On my way!."

Whilst on the battlefield

Adrian:Ok Guys more tie's comin' in fast."
David:Oh Crap i've got one on MEEAAAAHHHGHGHGHHG!".
Alan:Ahh im takin fire."
Adrian:Look Someone's Comin out of the hangar."
Colleen:It looks like a Firespray.
(Alan Smiles)Alan:Ha! stu's back out."
Stu:"Hey Guys,I'll Help you in a minute but i gotta help Jax with a firespray and two TIE's."
All:"Yes Sir!".
Stu:Ok Jax lets do this!"

Sebastian Vlay 07-15-2005 09:08 AM

(I'm not too fond of a firespray-class patrol ship being able to do what you guys have been allowing it to do, but uh, I'll go with it anyways. If it gets too out of hand, I'm gone.)

Sebastian looked out of his cockpit viewport, viewing the new enemy. A patrol ship? How can that thing destroy a massive star destroyer?
"Conquestor, this is Black leader, what data do you have on that ship?" He said into his comm.
No reply came. "Damnit! The Conquestor was the star destroyer being destroyed by the patrol ship."
He looks out of his viewport again, seeing two more star destroyers. Another squadron of TIEs comes out, but not just any TIE fighters. TIE Advanced modules, or TIE Avengers. That reminded him of something.
"Black squadron, re-route back to a star destroyer." He says, counting about four of his squadron members still alive.
He puts his Interceptor back in full gear, flying past everyone at brilliant speeds to get to the star destroyers alive. Before he knows it, he and his other pilots are back at one of the star destroyers.
"Excellent job everyone. Refuel and repair your fighters. I've got some business to take care of."
Sebastian leaves the hangar and takes an elevator and several hallways up to the bridge. He quickly finds the person he's looking for on the bridge, Umera Lass, woman of grand enemy weapons and technology intelligence.
"Umera, can you tell me what that ship out there is, as well as the fighters?" He asks.
She takes a deep breath, looks out the viewport, spotting the ship, back down to her datapad, and then to him. "Well, I know that it is not a ship allied with the Rebellion or us. Therefore, it could only be one thing: A mercenary or bounty hunter. Second, the bomb that it used to destroy the Conquestor was, from what we know, one of ours. Third, the TIE fighters appear to be droid-class. Highly trained and programmed droid brains, that is." She tells him.
"Well great. Why can't we manage to get past it's shields?"
No reply...

(By the way, what ever happened to Gus/Renegade Angel? He hasn't made a single post yet. And the droid fighters are TIE/d fighters. According to Imperial Intelligence, at least. Only these are highly trained droid brains.)

jediofdoom 07-15-2005 09:43 AM

(dont worry it wont get out of hand. when i was thinking of a possible r/p to do i thought of some sought of bounty hunter thing but i wanted to put him/her in the middle of a rebel vs. imperial battle.So really the Bounty Hunter is the phantom. And i wont make the bounty hunter destroy any more star destoyers or rebel cruisers, anyway...)

Jax: "wooooah that firespray has some power"
Don: "Jax, another firespray ship is heading our way"
*looks over*
Jax: *smiles* "thats stu's ship!"
*intercom still full of static*
Nekx: "Guys those ties, what are they?"
Jax: "i'll run the data through my appears they are Tie droids"
Don: "I Didn't know the imperials had droids"
Jax: "I don't think they trust them"
*firespray ship destroys Tie fighter that is tailing Y-wing then destroys the Y-wing*
Jax: "damn it!"
Dave: "jax that was Blue 9"
Jax: "what? god damn it! you bastard!"
*over intercom*
"jax return the base we are retreating!"
"We can't possibly hold on much longer"
"but the imperials will get away and so will the firespray ship"
"that is not our concern"
"it is when he kills one of my fighters!"
"Jax are ignoring a command?"
"that is a courtmarshel offence, punishabel by death"
"so be it im not letting him get away!"
*turns off radio*

Sebastian Vlay 07-15-2005 10:37 AM

(The TIE/d fighter data may be found here: Also, I'll reply back later after Stu replies. Though he only replies early in the morning here where I live, so that'll be a while.)

FiStO-KiT 07-15-2005 09:36 PM

yeah sorry Seb but i'm like 16 hours ahead cause i live in australia so yeah sorry.

Stu:Hey Don, Why is Jax going dark again.(not recieving any Intercom messages.)
To self :Hmm i've got an idea."
"R7 Can you get ready to hack into one of those TIE's cause they look like Droid Piloted TIE's."
*R7 hacks into a TIE/d*
"Set a course for our Cruiser."
R7:*happy beeping.*
"Attention all Crew, ther will be a TIE/d heading for our ship leave it because it will be docking, once it's docked shut it down i want to research on it and perhaps re-build a fleet of them."
Ship commander:Yes Admiral."
"Ok all of the remaining green squadron increase sheilds and concentrate all fire on the new TIE Squadron."
GS:Yes Sir!"
"theres only a few people in the galaxy that have Firesprays,They're Bloody rare ships. it must be a bounty hunter."
"R7 I need some info on that firespray."
"It says the pilots name is The Phantom pshh that cant be a real name."

Renegade Angel 07-15-2005 10:03 PM

Gold Squardron opened fire on the Star Destroyer. It seemed the riff had destroyed his radar and his shields. Even his hyper drive wasn't even working properly. Gus was taking heavy damage. His left wing was nearly destroyed. His left laser cannon wasn't working. He fired another nuke and then used his Laser Cannon to destroy the last TIE in the squad. Another squad came up behind him.
"Gold Team, hold them off!"
The Squad's green lights blinked on his HUD, signaling that they had acknowledged his command. He brought his Fighter up beside
Stu's, he remembered the ambitious pilot from V-Squad. He thought Stu had died a long time ago, but he recognized Stu's ship. "Stu, This is Former Vice Admiral Kenobi, do you copy?"

jediofdoom 07-16-2005 04:38 AM

Jax: "Don take dave and Nekx back i wont have you guys punished becuase of me"
Don:"don't be stupid we're all in this together"
*don and others turn off intercom system between them and crusiers*
Jax: "thats a kind gesture but i wont have you die becuase of me"
Don: "im staying with you"
*firespray ship comes up behind us and fires a heat seeking missile*
Dave: "oh crap we got a heat seeker coming our way"
Jax: "crap....wait guys i have a plan follow me"
Don: "copy that"
*over intercom on jax ship*
"Jax i order you to return"
"i refuse"
"so be it....attention all personal Jax Polara aka Blue Leader has turned againt us, he is now our enemy. all ships can fire at will at him and his group of B wings....Im sorry Jax"
*intercom goes dead*
Jax: *shakes head* "guys just follow me"
*goes towards star destroyer*
Don: "I know what your doing, and i don't think its gunna work"
*starts running along the bow*
*arms torpedo*

FiStO-KiT 07-16-2005 04:51 AM

"i Copy vice admiral kenobi do you need assistance.?"
"Attention all personal Jax Polara aka Blue Leader has turned against us, he is now our enemy. all ships can fire at will at him and his group of B wings."
"Jax do you come in what are you doing man?!!?"

jediofdoom 07-16-2005 05:01 AM

*barely hears stu over intercom*
"stu?....Im not letting that firespray ship get away. and if it means im a traitor by trying to kill him i guess i am"
*shuts down intercom*
"computer heat torpedo canisters"
Don: "ahhh now i know what you're doing, but be careful if those torpedoes over heat your dead"
*launches and pulls up. Heet seeker follows torpedo into the star destroyers bridge and both explode cusing the ship to rock violently*
*sees firespray ship heading towards stu*
"Oh crap! Stu!"
*goes towards Stu's location*

Sebastian Vlay 07-16-2005 09:57 AM

(Ahh, sorry about that. I was playing Republic Commando last night, so I didn't see Fisto's post. It isn't really my place to post right now anyway as you guys are all interacting. Oh, and this post starts off with me being in the hangar bay, not the bridge like the last post.)

Sebastian stood in the hangar bay of one of the two star destroyers in combat with the Rebels. He gazed out of the hangar and seen the other star destroyer shake from a torpedo. That was enough of this.
He walks up to a general, "Sir, I request nine squads of stormtroopers. Ten in each squad."
"What for squadron leader?" The general replied.
"I'm going to take a flight of boarding craft onto the Rebel's cruiser."
"Very well," he nodded, gathering his troops.
Within a few minutes, they had loaded three Delta-Class DX-9 Stormtrooper Transports with stormtroopers and prepared an escort of twelve TIE fighters.
Sebastian walked aboard the lead transport and into it's cockpit where he would maneuver it over to the Rebel cruiser. That cruiser is small, and has almost no military presence aboard the ship. Taking it will not be difficult.
"All personnel, man your fighters and transports."
In another minute, they had finished loading everything and manned the transports and fighters. "Okay, this is it." He said.
The delta-class transports launched from the star destroyer's hangar bay, escorted by the squadron of TIE fighters. "All transports, balance your deflector shields in the front. Fighter crew, keep our butt's safe."
It was just a matter of time now. The Rebel escort carrier would be taken by them, and then that action would leave their fighter crew in space homeless, defenseless, and soon overtaken by death.

(Okay, I'll try helping out those who may not be as experienced as I in the EU or just can't remember. The links below will give you data on that ship.

Rebel Escort Carrier -

Stormtrooper Transport -

And you should know what TIE fighters and star destroyers are, so that's it. Good luck; the battle has just begun. Also, perhaps we should make a new thread dubbed The Phantom II. The forum rules do recommend it, and it would allow for the pages to load faster. But anyways, see ya'. :D)

jediofdoom 07-16-2005 10:55 AM

(kk cool we cld start a new thread im kinda busy tho right now so i'll probably do it later unless one of you guys wanna do it)

Don: "Jax Imperial boarding craft are heading towards one of the cruisers"
*no response*
Don: "We have to take them down and help them!"
Jax: "we are now "traitors" im not about to help someone who will shoot me on site for doing nothing more than what was requested of me"
Don: "jax they havn't betrayed us, they said they were leaving right? well why havnt they left? probably becuase they want us to get onboard!"
Jax: "Don you know thats not true, You know they arn't moving becuase they have to wait for the hyper drive to come back online, or they want to lure us into a trap and i don't think they want to leave Gus and Stu behind"
Don: "wha? Stu and Gus? wait...they are out here so why arn't they being acused of being traitors?"
Jax: "Becuase they are admirals"
dON: *ANGRY* "what? No offence to them but you're a much better pilot and you saved Viper squdron and the rebel forces countless time! so why arn't you an admiral"
Jax: "because im a liabilty, i don't follow....all the rules and I don't want to be admiral"
Don: "oh"
Jax: " but it dosnt matter we have to get that firespray ship!"
*in range of rebel cruisers cannons whcih fire a warning shot*
Jax: "oh great now they are trying to kill us! Don i order you to go back to the ship!"
Don: "no!"
Jax: "NOW!"
*don flies back along with Dave and Nekx*
*firespray starts to shoot at Stu*

(sorry for all the long crap . I just wanted to give more of an insight to what Jax is like. He secretly wants to be an admiral but he isn't offered the job. deep down he is jelous of Stu for being an admiral, although a friend of his, Jax believes he should have become an admiral instead of Stu. After the viper squdron disaster Jax has resented Stu for not coming quick enough and he blames Stu and him self for what happened. That is why he has close ties with his team and dosn't obey orders)

Renegade Angel 07-16-2005 02:08 PM

"Stu, tell your squardron to retreat, me and you are going out to help Jax!''
A Rebel ship opened fire on Gus, his shields were now online, but just barely.
Gus ignored the fighter and positioned his ship in front of Jax's.
His shield alarm went off, signaling they were at 5%, He was attempting to take the hits from the Cruiser.
"This is your former Vice Admiral, Gus Kenobi, I order all rebel ships to cease fire and retreat!"
"No, Kenobi, you are now a traitor too!'
The cruiser again opened fire.

FiStO-KiT 07-17-2005 03:31 AM

*Dodges fire-spray shots.*
"Copy that gus. All Of Green Squadron retreat, i dont want you becoming traitors too."
All:"What why,stu you're a great help to the rebel alliance."
"i know look i've got an idea."
All:Very Well"
"Admiral Zandar,This is colonel jackson, you're TIE/d has arrived do you want us to shut it down?"
"Wait jackson let me speak to the ships commander."
"Very well,Admiral Zandar this is commander Wilson, turn back NOW!!"
"No, cease fire at Jax or else."
"What you're nuts Jax has turned against us. unless you're against us too."
"If thats the case then goodbye."
"Fine, prepare to be destroyed."
*turns off inter-com.*
"R7, Use the TIE/d to destroy the cruiser from the inside out."
R7:*Glum beeping.*
"All E-wings turn around now the cruiser is being destroyed, i advise you to fly to Tatooine uuntil the heats off."
Adrian: (sighes) Very well, Ok Guys set co-ordinates for tatooine."
Stu:Adrian i hope we meet again,may the force be with you all."
"Ok Gus Let's Go."

Renegade Angel 07-17-2005 10:27 AM

"Wait, Admiral! We can't destroy that ship, it-
Gus's comm fills with static.

Sebastian Vlay 07-17-2005 10:34 AM

Taking the escort carrier
(Okay FiStO-KiT, I don't see how that TIE fighter is going to destroy the cruiser. It only has laser cannons, and flying it against something is only going to do minor damage. I look forward to seeing what happens to the escort carrier. In the meantime, I need to board it and take over the ship.)

The three Delta-Class DX-9 Stormtrooper Transports contine towards the escort carrier, followed by a squadron of TIE fighters. Sebastian sat in the cockpit of the leading transport, viewing the fight outside.
Hmm, they haven't attacked us yet. What are they, braindead? He wondered.
The transports came closer and closer to the escort carrier, and then, suddenly, the ship opened fire on the transports.
"Keep frontal deflector shields up at maximum. We're almost there," he told the other officers over the comm.
Another minute, and all three transports had made it to the hangar bay.
"Begin landing sequence. All troops, lock and load; this is gonna be your lucky day." :trooper:

(PS: This is going to be a little cheap, but back on the ship I switched uniforms into a stormtrooper. I carry the standard set of equipment, nothing more, nothing less. Also, I'm only a regular soldier, so I won't be commanding too much in this boarding mission. :D See ya')

Renegade Angel 07-17-2005 10:41 AM

Re: Taking the escort carrier
OOC- Lock and load...?... Do you like The Halo Series by any chance?

Quote from Private McKenzie- "Ok, boys, lock and load! This might be our lucky day!"

Sebastian Vlay 07-17-2005 12:00 PM

Damn, somebody figured it out.

Well, actually, I took it from both Sergeant Johnson and Private McKenzie, as Johnson says it at the very beginning of Halo: Combat Evolved.

But uhh, there are SO many other people that say that phrase as well. I do like Halo though.

'How come there never be Arbiter Grunt?' grunt from Halo 2.

jediofdoom 07-17-2005 03:03 PM

(ok back lest stop talking about Halo and get back to our r/p shall we?)

*firespray ship stops following Stu and starts to fly towards a rebel cruiser which carries a vast amount of fighters (different one to which you are boarding Sebastian)*

"Oh crap he's going towards that cruiser....oh crap i sent blue team there!"
*turns on commlink*
"Don do you copy?"
*no answer*
"Don here"
"Don its jax, the firespray is heading towards your ship!"
"oh....theres nothing i can do i've been detanined becuase they think im a traitor!"
"I'll have to try and take it out then"
*shoots at fire spray ship but it's shields are too strong*
"damn it! Command, command this is Blue leader i repeat this is Blue Leader!"
"oh, it's you...What do you want traitor?"
"A fire spray ship is heading your way i suggest you leave or open fire"
"A firespray ship cannot penetrate our shields"
"That firespray ship destroyed that star destroyer!"
"i have nothing to say to you....scum"
*commlink goes dead*
"Damn it!"
*republic cruiser opens fire on the firespray ship and Me. Dodges Blasts and fires torpedo at firespray ship which takes the hit but continues to fly*
"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! That ship is too strong!"
*firespray launches a missile whoch looks like a seismic charge. EXPLOSION*
*My ship is thrown into the cruiser. The B wing looses a wing and is alomost completely destroyed. The cruiser also sustands minor damage. abondening all hope i dock with the cruiser. An armed guard is waiting there*
"Jax Polara you are under arrest for treason"
"wait, i need to talk to the Captain"
"you're not talking to anyone scum bag!"
"No you dont understand that firespray ship..."
*pulls out thermal detanator*
"look if i drop this we all die"
"what?....put that down now!"
"Take me to see the captain! NOW!"
"fine....follow me"
*walks to bridge*
"well i didn't expect you to give yourself up just yet"
"I have no intention of "giving up" anyway, but you must listen to me, that firespray ship is lethal, it will destroy everyone of our ships!"
"OUR ship? im afraid you are no longer-"
"SHUT UP! listen to me that ship will destroy you! and everyone else!"
"...what do you want from us?"
"release Blue group from investigation of being traitors, also Gus and Stu are not traitors so pardon them too....and give me a ship and fix my B wing while your at it"
"....fine....but what about you?"
"Im no traitor captain, if i destroy this ship i will return and expect a pardon, if i don't....i will see you in hell!"
*turns to leave*
"so be it Jax"
*In hanger bay i grab my second ship, a custom A-wing Jax flew after Viper Sqadron, It had advanced laser cannons and was armed with heat seeking torpedoes and advanced EMP missiles which could knock out anyships electrical equipment and could possibly make them useless. It was also one of the fastes fighters in the galaxy, much faster than a firespray or even a TIE interceptor. I jump in and push the ignition. the ship comes to life and i shoot out of the hanger bay*
"Gus? Stu? do you copy?"

Renegade Angel 07-17-2005 05:12 PM

"AHH!" The Gold Wing fighter exploded, Gus couldn't bare to watch as the pilot's tiny, flaming body flew out of the ship and into another one.
Gus opened fire on the firespray, it's shields weren't even damaged by his nuke! He fired his Ion Cannons and missed the firespray ship, Gus's shields had been drained by the ship's proton torpedoes.
"Gus, Stu, do you copy?"
"Gus here, wh- AHH!"
Gus's ship was hit by a torpedo.
Static came from the comm.

Sebastian Vlay 07-17-2005 06:11 PM

Sebastian left the cockpit of the stormtrooper transport, and entered the troop bay of the ship. A white helmet stood on a small table, staring him straight in the eyes. He picked the helmet up and put it on, looking out of the tactical display. He tilted his head sideways and then looked at all the other stormtroopers. This was not something he was good at; being a soldier.
"Okay, lets go. Secure the hangar and leave no Rebel alive. Go, go, go!" He shouts over the comm in his helmet.
The back of the transport opens, and all thirty stormtroopers jump out onto the hangar floor one after another. Sebastian is last to get out, making sure he isn't the first to get blasted. Once he is out, he quickly scans the area and yells, "Fire, fire!"
All the troopers give him a look of confusion by tilting their head sideways.
"Uhh, sir... Look around you," a trooper said.
Sebastian gave the hangar another look, with more precision this time. Numerous Rebel officers lied on the floor dead, a few dead stormtroopers, and some droids. Some of the hangar's lights were blown, there was some oil leaking from some starfighters, countless blaster holes in walls, etc. But other than that, the ninety stormtroopers had taken the hangar bay.
"Oh," he said. "Sorry, I... I ---"
"I know. Perhaps I will do the commanding now?" The trooper replied. "Men; shut off the hangar's entrance. Prepare to breach the north door. Once the door has been blown, you're to inflitrate the ship and get to the bridge. There will be a light military presence on the ship, but nothing you guys can't handle. Leave no one alive. Go!"
A few stormtroopers wen't for the controls to shut off the hangar bay's entry/exit. The majority of others went towards defense positions and barriers to hide behind. And a couple troopers went to initiate the door breach on the north door. Sebastian himself ran behind a X-wing fighter for cover.
A huge door behind the stormtrooper transports shut itself and closed the hangar bay. The stormtroopers who shut the hangar off then returned to defense positions.
The breaching squad placed a demolitions pack over the north door. All the troopers readied their rifles and grenades, aiming towards the north door. In just a minute, the escort carrier would respond to the Imperial boarders with their only military defenses. And a fair militia force it would be. Now all they can do is wait.....

FiStO-KiT 07-18-2005 06:05 AM

"Gus,Stu Do you copy?"
"Jax,i copy whats up."
"Jeez you made it out, what happened."
"If I was still an admiral i would Promote you seriously."

Sebastian Vlay 07-18-2005 09:59 AM

New thread
Hey guys, I've created a new thread. The Phantom II is located at

See ya' there.

jediofdoom 07-18-2005 10:39 AM

"Stu? I would love to tell you the story but i don't have time, all you need to know is that you've been pardoned of any charges and are no longer seen as a traitor same with Gus"
*Firespray ship is attempting to escpae with the remaining Tie droid*
"...but my ticket to being cleared is getting away....Stu don't hang around just get out of here tell the cruiser to leave and go to the checkpoint...and...if i don't make it...well may the force be with you my friend"
*urges A wing forwards and it shoots off after the firespray ship*

(hey guys shall we start posting on the Phantom II now?"

Jet Jedi 10-12-2005 01:42 PM

name - jalicen
gender- male
faction - rebels
weapons - 2 pistols
rank - fighter who never speaks so never gives orders.
bio - family killed by stormtroopers. never speaks. kills lots in battle.
Uses hand signals to show that going on transport to dock on enemy ship.
you watch as i dock and start shooting them.

Jet Jedi 10-12-2005 01:43 PM

is this forum active
name - jalicen
gender- male
faction - rebels
weapons - 2 pistols
rank - fighter who never speaks so never gives orders.
bio - family killed by stormtroopers. never speaks. kills lots in battle.
Uses hand signals to show that going on transport to dock on enemy ship.
you watch as i dock and start shooting them.

jediofdoom 10-12-2005 03:56 PM

Hey this thread finished ages ago. If you want to join in, look at the later Phantom threads. the newest one is The Phantom: Jedi Vs. Sith. i suggest if you want to join you read the other phantom threads, Me, Rennegade and Fisto have been role playing together for a while and us and our characters have a bit of history so make sure you understand the story before jumping in.

Jet Jedi 10-13-2005 05:53 AM

i have but you didnt answer me

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