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Fate's Decision 10-20-2005 01:46 AM

Niaj Qad Keep
In a time before the clone wars, there was a planet that does not still exist in the star wars galaxy. This legend planet Niaj Qad, was fairly dirtlike, but was hard as rock. Within it, one of the first jedi councils, one where young jedi would learn the art of the force, was rumored to exist.

Rumors are not always a good thing, for the Civic Empire got wind of this, and decided that if an army of "jedi" with as much power as told was created, they would overthrow their rule on the galaxy. The best way to solve this was to prevent it from happening.

So the Empire sent down a large army of their most brutal troops to destroy the Jedi Keep. As the council realized that enemies had surrounded the entire keep (nearly a mile of enemy lines), they had instructed all young jedi in training to report to the main back upper hideout. This was the most secure area in the keep, and the Civic troops would not be able to find it without first killing all the senior jedi. If the hideout fell, all hope of a full future jedi council was lost.

Commander Eptima, a General in the Civic Empire was transporting a large cargo (approx. 800, including weapons and vehicles) to one of the Civic Bases on Naboo, when he was given new orders to deploy the troops on Niaj Qad and join up with the other posted army to attack the Keep. Eptima was secretly astonished by the Civic Empire's treachery, and came to agreement with the onboard soldiers that they would instead become traitors and attack the Civic's already posted army (actually, one disagreed, bet he's dead now:)) Commander Eptima plotted the flight vehicles to attack head on, and the ground units to be deployed along a canyon to the east of the plain where the battle would be taking place. Now, you can play.


-Civic Army-
NA-AT: kind of like a tank only it fires large, devestating electrical balls and slot launch, rather than a cannon.
AO-OT: long hovering vehicle with large outer skull, much like a battering ram, two small cannons on either side
Speeder Bike: (less modernized)
RIG fighters: flat disk-like starfighters
Grand Starfighters: outmatches the RIG fighters by speed and firepower, long and curved
Piercers: (see #8)

-Eptima's Army-
TIT-AT: much like an IT-TE, main cannons shoot combustion missles
Civic Hovercraft: transportation only, holds up to 15 troops
Civic Starfighter: the trusters come in front on both sides, like pinchers, and the blasters are in between, much faster than the RIG fighters
Orbital Destroyer: big, floating boxes that fire Orbital Blasts on transmission, kept at a safe distance

-Jedi Council-
Defence Cannon: take the appearance of a Geonosian cannon but shoot small bombs that explode on contact
Router Bombs: giant vehicle bombs that the jedi drive out to the enemy vehicles and eject 3 seconds before detonation
Window Launchers: standard anti-aircraft missle launchers that are positioned under the overhangs of the keep, designed to lock onto enemy aircraft with a salvo that splits up to attack the enemy at all angles, unfortunately, the Jedi found that they were low on missles and began to shoot only one at a time
Jedi Starfighter: (less modernized)

jediofdoom 10-20-2005 01:53 PM

Character Info.

Name: Zion Romantix
Age: 21
Faction: Jedi
Class: Jedi Knight
Equipment: One Blue Lightsaber, Basic Jedi robe, One mine, Binoculars
Strengths: sword skills, Force powers, speed
Weakness: Piloting skills

Renegade Angel 10-20-2005 03:49 PM

Name: Gus Kenobi
Age: 28
Faction: Jedi Council
Class: Jedi Master
Equipment: One Green saber, Black Jedi Master Robes
Strengths: Acroabtic Lightsaber Combat, Force Powers, Will, Stealth
Weakness: Blaster Skills, Piloting Airborne crafts, Explosives
Bio: After the battle for sector 64, and the epic saga of the evil Phantom, Gus and Kaitlyn, his girlfreind, decided to leave the Rebels and go to the place where they were needed: The Jedi Council. After many years of harsh training, Gus officialy became a Jedi Master.... But alas, he left in search of his parents. He wondered the galaxy for many years. He finally found them, on the most unexpected place... The destroyed ruins of Exar Kun's tomb. They were dead. It looked like they had died just recently. He was angry, but his darkness deep within him controlled his emotions.(See the Phantom RPGs) He left in search of Kailtny, but he could not find her. Finally, he gave up and went back to the jedi.

jediofdoom 10-20-2005 04:04 PM

(Hey Rennegade this is set before the Clone wars so our whole phantom stuff hasn't happened yet, heck our guys havnt even been born)

Zion looked through his binoculars. He could see the aproaching army coming at them with great pace. He looked down at the Jedi soldiers.
"Ready the cannons" He heard a voice yell
Zion watched as some Jedi manned router bombs. That job was suicide. Even if you managed to eject you had to fight of a hoard of enemies. Even if you were a jedi you would have little chance of surviving. Zion saw a young boy refusing to get into one. He was being threatened with execution on the grounds of being a traitor when Zion said
"I will go in his place"
They looked up and him
"yes, me"
They shurgged and threw the boy to the side. The boy looked terrified. Zion picked him up and patted him on the soldier. Zion got in. He was not good at driving these things but he could fight his way back. Zion drove out. He could see the first hoard of enemys. He drove off. He dodged fire and and men. He got to the heart of the formation and ejected....he flew through the air and the bomb went off. The explosion killed quite a few of the soldiers. Zion backed away, he was in anger of being surrounded. He dodged fire and ran. He cut at people along the way. He did not aim to kill but aimed to disarm or scare. One man he stabbed in the shoulder. The man had not realied it, but his armour slipped off. someone struck at him but he cut their hand. Zion skidded. He had heard a voice. He saw a young jedi about to be taken out by a large man with an electro staff. Zion ran and jumped. He blocked the man's attack and threw him backwards. Zion and the boy were surrounded. Zion pulled him to his feet and handed him a lightsaber. The boy ignited it and stared around. Zion shouted out
"If the best fighter can beat me, he can kill us both. If not you will let us reaturn to our base"
A murmour errupted and then a man stepped forwards. He was huge. He had a club in one hand and looked vicous.
"I will fight you....and kill you"
he moved fowards bringing the club up as he did he struck at Zion who dodged. Zion sliced at the club. The club broke into two. The man stumbled and zion seized his chance. He jumped and stabbed the man in the shoulder.The man stood for a few seconds then fell. Zion looked around. He grabbed the boys soldier and led him out of the circle. An angry muttering followed them then someone yelled
Zion broke into a run back to the base....

Renegade Angel 10-20-2005 06:45 PM

Oops. didn't notice that.... ****....

Fate's Decision 10-20-2005 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by jediofdoom
Zion saw a young boy refusing to get into one. He was being threatened with execution on the grounds of being a traitor

Probably not, all young adepts (or as many as they could find) were in the MUH. Unless he was a whiny 16 year old (against jedi custom), I doubt they would force him to commit suicide. It's your role though, and it does make it more interresting when you swap out for the dangerous job.

Name: Dyce Fondoa
Faction: Civic Rebels
Rank: tactition, seize control
Equipment: spread blaster, heat dagger, radio-output switch, Civic garb symbolizing high rank
Specialties: sieges, holding areas, sneaking, hacking
Weaknesses: 1 on 1 combat

Renegade Angel 10-20-2005 08:18 PM

(( AHA! I know a Fire Emblem fan when I see one! ))

Fate's Decision 10-20-2005 08:46 PM

Dyce watched through the framescreen in his TIT-AT. He couldn't believe what he was about to do, yet he knew he had to do it. What had come over the emperor? Why would he do this? Usually the emperor wanted to maintain peace in the galaxy, and he was positive that the Empire knew that the jedi council would help acomlish this. The emperor himself said he was looking forward to this new army of good. Had the Jedi Council betrayed the Empire? Were they about to sacrifice themselves when actually the jedi were the evil ones?

After a long time they saw nothing but the dull Niaj Qav canyon walls, until eventually the walls got shorter and more fertile. They were approaching the base of the canyon, where the real deal was about to begin. Dyce made a quick systems check and pulled out in front of a few TIT-ATs. He heard Eptima's voice through lots of static.
"Dyce report." "Systems online." and the same old routine. Dyce gave the ground troops orders to move out, and the vehicles to get into position. As they neared the base of the canyon, Dyce saw two large shapes appear on the targeting screen, and Dyce zoomed in.
He told his radio phone "It looks like they left a few vehicles to guard the canyon's mouth. They don't want anybody escaping. This is too weird..."
VT-459: "Target report, NA-ATs. Modified, their transmission system is on.'
Dyce: "'k, TITs out first. Remember your positions on the field. Move out!"

The third co came out of the side turret, and brought along a couple of time bombs. He slowly snuck behind the giant tank and set the bombs one at a time. He ran back to the TIT-AT and got back in. The TIs advanced and one of the NA-ATs turned in their direction.
"Exellent, the reinforcements. I'll inform General Rasco on your arrival."
"No, let us set into our directed positions first." Dyce quickly interjected. The voice hesitated, then the three NA-ATs moved out of the way.

As Dyce moved into position, he saw a huge explosion, and about fifty feet of space had been wiped out everything in it's perimises. It had destroyed 2 AO-OTs and a speeder bike rack. Soon more explosions, Dyce recognized them as router bombs.
As soon as Dyce got out of the way, the time bombs went off, causing both NA-ATs to go up in flames. However, one of the NA-ATs was still functional despite it's massive damage.
"The reinforcements are traitors! We're being attacked!"
Dyce shot a missle at the already near-destroyed vehice.
"Damn. That wasn't supposed to happen."

Then something he dreaded happened. A huge cargo ship sent down several large vehicles. They had machine guns on either side, and were incredibly fast. 'Piercers' as the Empire called them. The enemies would be dead before they would have a chance to strike back.
"Watch out guys," said Dyce. "This is gonna be a hell of a fight."

MachineCult 10-20-2005 08:52 PM

I'm really sorry to interupt but,


Originally Posted by Fate's Decision
'k, TITs out first.

Fate's Decision 10-21-2005 10:55 PM


Redwing 10-22-2005 02:47 AM

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Moving on.))

Renegade Angel 10-22-2005 09:50 AM

Name: Matt Kenobi
Faction: Jedi Council
Rank: Jedi Master
Equipment: Duel Purple Lightsabers, Grey Jedi Master Robes
Specialties: Lightsaber Combat, Stealth, Vitality (Health)
Weaknesses: Piloting Airborne Vehicles, Force Powers, Healing

Matt arose from the cold, hard floor and looked around. The room was dark, but he had heard something move arounbd while he was meditating. He felt the prescense of Sith. He activated his Force Camoflauge and ignited his lightsaber. He deactivated the saber's blade and crept around, looking for whatever he had heard. He turned to see a bright red light filling the room. An Assassin. It jumped around, confusing Gus. It finally landed behind him and Gus dodged the blow to his head. he jumped up and landed behind the assassin, hitting it hard with his purple blades. The assassin fell over and coughed up some blood. He moved the body outside the chamber and he walked down the landing of his room. He opened a metal door and walked into the Council Chambers, looking around, he saw Jedi of all species congragating.

Fate's Decision 10-26-2005 12:01 AM

you play with Gus a lot don't you?

Renegade Angel 10-26-2005 09:05 AM

Yep, I use him for fics and RPGs. I first made him up when I was RPing on some other forums way beack when. His original name was Agustus Chesterhills. He was a mage.

Fate's Decision 10-26-2005 10:01 AM

Ok, because you kinda lost "Matt" back there.

Fate's Decision 10-26-2005 10:34 AM

Dyce knew that they would not last long like this.
"New orders. Target and destroy the piercers!" The group of TIs split up to make themselves less of a target. The piercers were also on the move, some swerving around to the back of the TIs, some closing in gaps on the battlefield where other tanks had fallen. Dyce remembered that these enemies were no mare different than themselves. Why had they chosen to do this? He looked out at the cold battlefield. Their ex-allies looked the same, yet they were so different. He also noticed that more than the original Civic Empire was out there. He saw several soldiers from all kinds of different places, many looked to be barbarians. Had the Empire lost all honor?

Dyce's transfiction was interrupted by the sound of machine guns hitting the armor of his tank. He tried to lock onto the piercer but it kept circling him, attacking his back if given the chance. Dyce did a complex menouver and swerved onto his side, the piercer smashing into the think armor at the bottom of the TI. There were more Piercers than he thought.

The firmiliar drum insignia could be heard on Dyce's speaker. The ground infantry troops were getting closer, they had to make it safe for them. Dyce shot down two piercers tailing a TI.
"Incoming TA-ATs," Reported VI-687. A small bomb smashed into a TI right in front on Dyce.
"Take down the TAs, ignore the remaining piercers if possible." A piercer destroyed two TIs next to Dyce, and hit him several times. "Wait, reverse that order." More TA-AT bombs. "Just shoot anything that's shooting at you!"

"Ground infantry is nearing the canyon base," reported a troop.

codj 11-03-2005 10:34 PM

Name:Bac Rueben
Faction:Civic Army
Rank:16th Battion Commander
Equipment:16th Battalion Specialty Blaster Rifle(16th Battolion Specialty was modified to penetrate certain metal and lazers, such as lightsabers), concussion grenades, thermal detonators, Blaster pistol, and holographic display key(to open doors we don't have a key to. Only works on some doors).
Strengths:stragetic positioning, hand-hand combat, squadron combat, and assassination.
Weaknesses:piloting, mechanics, and mercy for victims.

codj 11-03-2005 10:59 PM

Bac Rueben was amazed at the way the exallies at reacted. Why would anyone betray the Empire? Bac Rueben snuck out of the fighting to fight the real enemies, the Jedi. They were still firing down on us and me and my squad decided to end it. We all threw thermal detonators and concussion grenades to destroy the defense cannons. The explosions destroyed a lot of them and scattered most of the jedi. The jedi that remained to fight soon felt the sting of our specialty blasters. We then headed toward the keep.

Jedi Atomic 11-06-2005 08:02 PM

Name: Scur Jal' Daan
Faction: Jedi Council
Rank: Jedi Consular II
Equipment: Blue Jedi Consular robes
Weapon: Dual Lightsabers; Silver/Orange
Specialties: Force Precognition, Force Heal, Piloting, 1-on-1 Fighting
Weaknesses: Close together fighting

"We need to evacuate the younger jedis if we plan on having a jedi council left!" Scur exclaimed to the Jedi Chancellor. "If we do they will shoot the escape pods leaving the Area. So we need to destroy all artillery and starfighters blockading us." the Chancellor replied.
"What about the underground passage to the secret hangar miles awa..."
"The path was crushed when the Civic Fleet landed all their ships." the Chancellor said interrupting Scur. Scur thought for a second. "Well then, I'll take a group of Jedi out the back exit and find the artillery." Scur commanded as he walked out the room, before the Chancellor could add something.

(((Hey Fate, I was wondering if you could add some anti-aircraft weapon placements for the list on your beginning post maybe some around the top of the Jedi Temple? Or can there be some anti-aircraft placements without adding anything to the top of your list of vehicles?)))

codj 11-11-2005 06:00 PM

Bac Rueben finally made it to the keep with his battalion. He made one final look back at the battle ensuing behind them. He shook his head. The battle shouldn't of happened this way. They should've destroyed the jedi easily. He then joined his troops in planting charges on the keep's walls.

deamonomic 11-11-2005 10:48 PM

Name: zaran
Age: unknown
Faction: jedi
Class: jedi master
Equipment: lightsaber
Strengths: agility, ability to calm down instantly and focus.
Weakness: has an injured leg (wich slows him down from time to time)

zaran charged at a near by soldier cutting him down. he dodged some fire. a near by jedi fell dead before he hit the ground. his old wound started acting up agian, slowing his movements. his enemies saw their chance and opened fire thinking a wounded jedi is not a threat. big mistake. he easily blocked their shots. the pain in his lag has subsided. he jumped and cut down the 2 soldiers.

he and his jedi were about to go and help some stuggling jedi when he noticed, a commander planting charges. he ordered his friend to take half the jedi and help those out him and his 6 jedi were going to go and stop the new threat.

Jedi Atomic 11-12-2005 08:02 PM

Scur gathered some willing jedi, and headed to the back exit. When the door opened droids were pointing their blaster rifles at the jedi. The jedi look at each other then jump and ignite their lightsaberswiping some of the droids out. The remaining droids started firing and were cut in half or through the neck.

The Jedi group continued around a hill of rocks and soon noticed the artillery in the rear of the army, guarded by half of the droid army. Scur decided to wait to see if they would eventually move.

codj 11-14-2005 10:05 PM

Bac Rueben looked up and noticed jedi heading towards him. " Open fire!" he commanded and the whole battalion got up and fired at the oncoming jedi.

Jedi Atomic 11-15-2005 08:10 AM

Suddenly droids noticed them in hiding and started firing on them. Scur Stood up and started reflecting the blasts back at the droids. As he sarted toward the droids his companions followed. Soon, Scur got close enough to a droid and sliced it in two. He walked slowly destroying every droid close enough to him.

One jedi fell once they made it to their dstination, but they were to get there unnoticed. Now Scur decided to run along the artillery cutting the engines. "Run along the artillery and cut them to pieces!" Scur yelled as he started cutting the power to the artillery. Another Jedi fell but plenty were left, so the remaining went back the way they came from, slicing through the droids that were in the way.

Once out of harms way, the jedi settled down before going across the battlefield again.

deamonomic 11-15-2005 10:09 AM

realizing that he had been spotted he used the force to bring a table over to them to work as a shield. and he continued forward

codj 11-16-2005 10:30 PM

Bac Rueben stopped his fire and threw thermal detonators under the table to try to hit the cunning jedi. He then continued firing at the other 5.

deamonomic 11-16-2005 11:02 PM

seeing the thermal grenade, zaran used the force to throw the grenade. unfortunatly his leg started acting up and caused him to lose focus. the grenade didnt fly far enough. the explosion knocked zaran of his feet. see that he was now exposed he quickly blocked a few shots before running to the table.

it was then that he had an idea. he used the force to pick up some objects and hurl them at the enemy. crushing 9 of them. he then saw his chance and lept up from the table with lightning speed.

jediofdoom 11-17-2005 09:25 AM

Zion managed to reach the walls of the fortress before his fellow jedi. The young man was cut down by a large man holding duel blaster rifles. Zion turned and blocked a few shots. He then jumped up onto the wall which was a mistake. Mines had been planted around the wall and the large grunt had just stepped on one. The wall along with Zion was flung into the air. Zion landed heavily on a rock. He felt his ribs crack. He managed to stand up holding his side. His lightsaber was gone, he quickly looked around. He grabbed a torch bracket from the wall and threw it at a solider who fell back with the force of the throw. Zion was completly defenceless. He stood in the middle of the court yard. He focused. He picked up the remeains of the wall and threw them at the approaching soldiers using the force. He stumbled backwards and tripped. He backed towards a door. A Jedi opened it from the inside and looked at Zion.
"" He gasped
The jedi looked terrified. He shook his head and tried to close the door.
Zion grabbed the door before it slammed shut and gasped...
"please! help! Give me a weapon!"
The jedi kicked him away and slammed the door. Zion was stunned. He rolled over. He was face to face with a man with a pike. The man rammed it into Zion's chest. He gasped and spluttered. His vision turned red. His body filled with anger and hatred. The Jedi had turned on him his anger and frustration caused him to yell...his yell went on for what seemed like an eternity. He opened his eyes. He stood up his blood soaked robes billowed in a non existant breeze. He held out his hand and a lightsaber appeared there. he ignited it. The red blade glowed. He turned to the opposing army. He showed no mercy he cut them down like animals. When most of the soliders in the keep were dead he turned to the door and stabbed his saber through it....this would be his revenge....

codj 11-17-2005 07:01 PM

Bac Rueben saw the jedi spring forward and he pulled out his 16th Battlion Specialty. He ordered his troops to do the same. Then he blasted at the oncoming jedi.

deamonomic 11-17-2005 08:58 PM

one of the jedi that had been following zaran saw a unused grenade on the floor. and threw it into the middle of the group of enemy soldiers. then he did a force jump into the middle and started to hack away at them. 2 other jedi had made it to the enemy also. they were too distracted by the master jedi attacking them. and he was putting up quite a fight. he ducked behind a small wall and used hios force to hurl the table that he had been using for ckver at the enemy.

(your move. one of us is going to have to die soon we will have to decide me or you)

Jedi Atomic 11-18-2005 05:21 PM

Scur started towards the back exit and started towards the group that noticed the Jedi running across the field. They fired at the jedi and Scur deflected the shots hitting some of the men with their own shots. After the group retreated and died the Jedi ran to the back of the Keep and entered.

Once he entered he heard blasters going off and lighsabers buzzing. So his group continued into the Keep towards the sounds. Once he passed through a doorway he seen explosions and lightsabers buzzing wildy, with some blaster fire. Scur watched while his group ran in front guarding him. Scur walked up to the main Council room where the chancellor was watching the battle below him outside. "I destroyed the Artillery, Now what?" Scur questioned after the chancellor turned around.
"You must send a squadron of Jedi Starfighters to end the blockade." The Chancellor motioned to a guard to take Scur to the hangar. As Scur followed the guard the chancellor noted, "I will have a squadron ready for you when you get there." He turned around and started watching the battle again.

Scur entered the hangar where the guard stopped and motioned Scur in. the guard started back towards the Council room. Scur walked in and noticed dozens of Jedi Starfighters, lined up ready to take off. Seconds after walking in a man walked up and pointed at a blue Jedi Starfighter in the middle of the hangar. Scur walked up to the Starfighter and examined it and the ones around him. He realized his was the only one blue, as the others were orange, red, yellow, and one other green, which was the next in command. Scur grabbed his helet ands jumped into his Jedi starfighter, ready to launch.

Fate's Decision 11-18-2005 10:59 PM

Dyce frantically checked all of his communication lines. None of them were designed to reach contact with the GIs at such a far range, the atmosphere of Niaj Qad made it impossible. Several NA-ATs neared the front of the canyon, where the traitor message was transmitted. Dyce checked his final, most trusted communications line. Nothing but a faint blue light and a soft buzz. He slammed on his monitor in frustration.

Through the camera on his monitor, he saw a thick haze just above the NA-ATs. Putting off too much exaust? Just then the haze exploded. Gredades! A Civic starfighter zoomed just over his head, landing a few accurate shots at a few AO-OTs. Eptima was here! Now there was a good chance in the Gis' survival. They had just filled in the gap in his gut, and with his morale boosted, began to charge through enemy lines, a few exited TIs mimicing his moves.

As he entered under the shadow of the huge keep, he saw some amazing jedi in action. Though most of the lightsabers were on the ground where their dead owners had fallen, several were dancing in sync with the shots of the Empire's blasters. One perticularly skilled jedi master was using a lightsaber in each hand, with three floating around under the influence of the legendary "force". Dyce was bewildered. He ejected his electronic key and exited out of the cockpit, drawing his blaster, the TI pilots in his stead. He immediately began to gun down Empire GIs, just to make sure the jedi knew he was on good terms with them. He didn't want to try to get in range to negotiate, so he let his blaster do the work. They were convinced. Some were astonished. In their current situation, Dyce didn't blame them.

Fate's Decision 11-18-2005 11:14 PM

(by the way, at this point in time, the only droids that are any useful in battle are stationary worker droids)

jediofdoom 11-20-2005 12:52 PM

Zion tore through the doors. The jedi who ahd kicked him away was gone. Zion's red blade lit up the whole room.The jedi would pay.
Zion strode through the room. nothing of use was here. He entered the hanger where dozens of Jedi star fighters were. Some people turned to him surprised
"What the?"
The Jedi had no chance to even comprehend what they were facing
Zion force chocked the man and through him onto a Jedi star fighter. He noticed a blue one....the commande? Zion used the force to throw a jedi star fighter towards a group of Jedi running in his direction. He laughed
A jedi withdrew his saber and tried to attack. Zion dodged the mans efforts. Zion sliced the mans arm off and force pushed him into the wall where he sat bleeding and moaning. Zion smiled then looked around
"Foolish Jedi" he said as more come towards him
He screamed and the force and pitch of his scream made the jedi fall back. He had to destroy this hanger and make sure no one got out

codj 11-20-2005 06:16 PM

Bac Rueben saw he had no choice. He was either going to have to run or die. He thought for a while and came up with a good plan. Bac Rueben grabbed the charge detonator and ran with only his most dedicated troops. Was he was out of the way, he pushed the button on the detonator.

Jedi Atomic 11-20-2005 08:03 PM

Scur noticed a jedi break through the doors and start killing the other Jedi. "There is much anger and frustration in this one. I shall reason with him, later." Scur murmured to himself.

"Men, ignore the jedi fool before he slices a wing off. Go!" Scur yelled into the com-links before the jedi had a chance of getting out of their Jedi intercepters/starfighters. Scur's and several other intercepters started hovering and they launched out of the hangar. Soon followed were the others that were commanded to stay and follow to ignore the angered Jedi.

Soon enough other starfighter resistance tried stopping the jedi but didn't work, being blown up by Scur or another Jedi. When Scur and his group escaped the atmosphere many Civic Capitol Ships were blocading the the planet.

The Civic Capitol Ship commander heard of the Intercepters coming into the blocade area and ordered the fire on the Intercepters. Only one or two Jedi intercepters were destroyed by the time Scur and group made it onto a Capitol Ship.

"Land safely!" Scur announced onto the com-links, "We need to get out quickly and easily." As Scur landed his intercepter he opened the cockpit window and jumped out lightsaber igniting, slicing a marine's gun arm, while waiting for Scur to get out. The man screamed and fell to the ground, as Scur blocked and swung his lightsaber at other marines.

"All marines to hangar 10-2, repeat hangar 10-2!" the speaker blared and echoed throughout the hangar. Scur grabbed a blaster from a marine and started blasting marines with it while blocking incoming shots with the lightsaber in the other hand as he made his way to the bridge, followed by his jedi partners.

deamonomic 11-21-2005 10:30 AM

(you evil person!!!!!!!!!!!! killin ur men! lol ill right more when i get home.)

Fate's Decision 11-21-2005 10:35 AM

Dyce smiled to himself. If they did fail, it would still be a tremendous victory. He saw the shadow of civic starfighters and RIG fighters hatch in and out while he stealthily stayed unnoticed along the wall of the keep. Then his group was thrown off the wall by a sputter of force. The Empire was getting deeper into the keep. There would be little or no way out for them if action was not taken. Another explosion was even closer. Dyce then saw several Civic troops run clear out of the archway. "Off the wall!" Dyce's order were barely carried out as rubble flew over their heads. A Civic commanding officer ran out at a high dash. Dyce recognized him as Bac Rueben, an old mate of his from the same training camp. Dyce had seen him in action, and was not prepared to confront his old friend...yet.

Dyce's fleet moved quickly among the rubble, avoiding being seen by the army. "All right, lets move along the inner rim. We have to get rid of any and all obsticles blocking the jedi's escape path. Spead out!"

jediofdoom 11-21-2005 11:05 AM

Zion screamed as the Jedi star fighters left
Zion looked around. there was a jedi star fighter left. He didn't like flying but he had embraced a life of darkness it didn't matter now. He got in and put on the helmet that was in the cockpit. He pressed the ignition and flew out of the hanger he turned the ship around and started firing missiles at the ground troopers. He laughed and felw into space. Once out there he surveyed the battle. He decided to offer help to the ones fighting the jedi. He raced towards the capitol ship and docked in the hanger. He noticed other jedi star fighters. He smiled. He got out his lightsaber and sliced their controls. They wern't going anywhere. Zion dimmed the lights of the hanger and walked to the bridge slowly.

Im after you Jedi Atomic muahahahahahaha :evil3:

Jedi Atomic 11-21-2005 06:03 PM

Luckily the astromech units were unnoticed and started fixing the controls in the starfighters, as soon as the Dark Jedi left the hangar.


Scur blocking and shooting the blaster as he made his way to the bridge. Soon he came to a door and all troopers were dead, so he unignited his saber and pressed the button. the door slowly opened and Scur noticed the rifles aimed at him. Scur ignited his saber and waited for the door to open all the way. Once the door was opened all the way, the blasting started and Scur and jedi partners started blocking while Scur blocked and shot his blaster.
Soon the Admiral of the Capitol Ship was the only one left standing, besides the other jedi with Scur. "Don't kill me. Please." with an assasin pistol behind his back the admiral tried convincing Scur not to kill him.
"Well... " Scur said without unigniting his saber. Soon the man thought he had Scur of guard and took a shot at Scur who was paying attention and blocked the shot as he fired his blaster at the admiral who fell to the ground in major pain since Scur guided the shot through the man's heart, with the force.

Scur ordered the others to plant bombs next to the control panel as he watched thinking that was to easy.

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