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Fate's Decision 12-25-2005 11:34 PM

The total randomness thread
Today I got really hyped up on egg nog and decided to do something absolutely crazy

Rules of the randomness

1. You can't say anything offencive (as stated in the COC) and no repetitive posts or it will be concidered spam.

2. You cannot type random letters but you can make up your own words

3. You must include a title of whatever you are doing in a post

4. Your post must be related to Star Wars in some way

5. Anchovies

6. You win by scoring points in your random passages

7. Somebody must rate you before you can post again, but if you are not rated in a long time you can post (need rating) as a reminder. That is all you can post. More than one person can rate you.

8. If you screw up bad another player can Rankor you. If this happens you must type a paragraph (must be over 50 words) that makes COMPLETE AND TOTAL SENSE. If a player points out that something is wrong in your paragraph, you are Double-Rankored. Same rules apply, and both paragraphs must be about something different (but still Star Wars related)

9. Follow the rules

zerted 12-26-2005 12:26 PM

Rate 1. A number of people on screen, at a given time, in all of the Star Wars movies
-2 for Fate's Decision. Your post was not releated to Star Wars (just saying the name doesn't count) in any way, thus you broke rule 4. By breaking rule 4, you also broke rule 9 because you didn't follow rule 4.


Fate's Decision 12-26-2005 05:00 PM

Zerted= |-4|
(people on screen means bad), so you be 4d)
I ask demon chewbaca to be your friend! Happy times await!

(my god, it's true!)

REDJOHNNYMIKE 12-27-2005 01:20 AM

(Spongie) Rule ammendment ammended in previous time to above rules which allows poster to post something sensible, such as posting rules similar to spongie...for example...
[SPONGIE]I'm not sure if this thread constitutes spam or not, but I guess as long as we're following some sort of rules it could be alright, It would garner more respect if a mod joined in the fun;) It's pretty slow around here anyway[/SPONGIE]
[SPONGIE](Wookaroo) New rule ammendment stating that during each Random/Rate Cycle the Jabadooboo (aka Game Participant) may add one new rule, which will be accepted if the randomness is truly "ndorma" and will be disregarded if the randomness is either case it must be stated in spongie format and not included in the "ormand", that would make sense and result in a "Rankor"<ammendment to ammendment, the single case in which the no random letters rule applies is when using the word "random", if "random" is not written randomly it results in a triple Rankor #That's what you get for being stupid when you're supposed to be stupid#>[/SPONGIE]


Didst thine own appendix thus perplex
to picture purple less complex
And in thine own brown lamp thee find
a hollow wookie and ground pork rind
and in the silence orbitally spoken
didst thy see that what is meant to be is truly 8,
which as I'm sure you all sprint, is actually an adverb of a must terrific quantity, using billy's law of thermonukyulurspectroflatulence being offf the big barn you come to a conclusion sitting there amongst her Anchovie hair that the men in the white coats with drugs have decided that the illusions of this affidavit whereby in effect actually orange specify that the cat who ate the dog was crosseyed because the punctuation at this time is such that it belches Death Stars of a most horrific degree whereas posting randomly results happily orange applying 1.3456winpoints to the eventual succession of description

[SPONGIE]RATE: Zerted=Rankor, due to noncompliance with all important high falutin rules.
RATE: FD=Rankor, due to 1+1 actually equaling 2

Reclaimer 12-27-2005 10:30 AM

This is just plain stupid.

REDJOHNNYMIKE 12-28-2005 02:10 AM


Alegis 12-28-2005 06:00 AM


Spamming is defined as the practice of making irrelevant posts with no substance
This IS plain stupid. Can't you guys have some normal discussions going on here :p

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