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MegaloDon3 01-08-2006 04:17 AM

Dedicated server switches
I have been searching everywhere for the switches used in running a Star Wars Battlefront dedicated server. I have come up with some answers, but still do not know what all of them are.
I have e-mailed LucasArts and they gave me the usual response of basically "look in the forums and post your question there". Thanks LucasArts!
I would very much appreciate it if anyone could tell me the usage (syntax) and descriptions for the switches that are missing this info.

I have found info for the following switches. I'm assuming they are correct.

/audiomaxchannels [#] - Determines the maximum number of audio channels used by the game
/audiosamplerate [Rate] - Sets the sample rate for all audio up to 44100 KHz
/audiomixbuffer [Milliseconds] - Sets the buffer size for audio streaming
/autonet dedicated - Dedicated server
/bots [#] - Determine the number of bots to add to the server
/difficulty [1,2,3] - Sets the difficulty level of bots, where 1 = Easy, 2 = Medium and 3 = Hard
/gamename [Name] - Sets the server name
/heroes - Enables Heroes (default is no heroes)
/lan - Creates a LAN server (default is Internet)
/noai - Disables all AI
/nointro - Skips the introductory logos when the game loads up
/nomovies - Disables the background animation on the menu screens
/nonames - Disables displaying player names (default is names enabled)
/norender - Disables rendering on your server machine
/nosound - Disables sounds on your server machine
/nostartupmusic - Disables the background music which plays when the game starts up
/noteamdamage - Turns Friendly Fire off (on by default)
/password [Password] - Assigns the provided password to the server, clients need to use this password to join
/playercount [#] - Sets the minimum number of players required for the round to begin
/playerlimit [#] - Sets the maximum number of players allowed on the server
/randomize - randomize map rotation, leave out to turn off
/resolution [width height] - Sets the resolution for the server window
/throttle [Bandwidth] - Sets the maximum bandwidth per client (in KB) for the server
/tps [#] - Sets the tick rate for the server. This determines the maximum FPS for clients
/win - Run the game in windowed mode

I have not been able to find anything for the following.

/netregion [EUR, JAP, NA]

WonTuThre 05-13-2006 01:56 PM

Is this just for the PC version of SWBF, or do these work with the Ps2 dedicated server on the pc? I've been trying the audioswitches and it just makes the server crash when it loads up.

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