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Dagobahn Eagle 01-18-2006 07:37 AM

For you old Galactic Conquest fans

Some of the developers of Galactic Conquest, the famous Star Wars game for Battlefield 1942, have teamed up with fans and outsiders to form "Rag-Tag Games", creating an original sci-fi modification for '42's sequel, Battlefield 2.

The modification will be a Total Conversion that takes place in an all-new universe in which the humans are going trough a second Age of Exploration, with colonies spreading rapidly and merchant convoys everywhere. At the beginning of the modification's story-line, the humans are running into an alien race known as the "Hybrids", who are already torn by internal strife.

The Hybrids have their reasons not to welcome the humans openly, and Man on his side has never been known to treat outsiders too respectfully, either. So when a Hybrid scout unit strays into Human space and come under an unauthorized attack from a human patrol group, the consequences can't be too pretty...

  • Space combat enhanced over that of Galactic Conquest (and for that matter Battlefront) - The removal of gravity and friction (except from in artificial form for infantry on ships) allows for some incredible fighter/bomber acrobatics, and tactics-oriented capital ship combat reward the skillfull who work together and think, not the hot-shots who mindlessly charges headfirst into the enemy fleet. You can even surgically destroy the weapons of enemy cruisers to destroy them more easily!
  • Two new factions - The Humans and the Hybrid, each with their own appearance, agenda, ships, and motives.
  • A story that evolves with each release, nicely tied into the missions.
  • More immersive infantry combat:
  • All-new music for menus, loading screens, and in-game.
  • A single-player mode that puts you in charge of a task force in the conflict for or against the Human colony might.

The FAQ on the site should answer some of the questions you might have - the rest you can ask here or on our forums. I'm almost finished with a major news post which will tell you all about space combat, in particular capital ship-to-capital ship engagements. If you liked space combat in Galactic Conquest (and like the one in Battlefront 2), you'll love it - it's ten times better now.

We had to get a new site recently, which is why our Media section counts only three items. We'll have more up as soon as possible. Here's another ship:

Our site is right here, and our IRC channel is #warp.

Love (even if you're one of those Jedi-in-SWBF-people:p),
--Dagobahn Eagle aka Safe-Keeper

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