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aZnJedi588 08-06-2001 08:16 PM

clan recruitment
Im' new to the BB, and I read in PC Gamer about clans ... sounds interesting. Are there any Xwa clans out there that can I join? I don't have that much free time though. My rank is an expert 2nd class, i think. But that doesn't mean anything, does it? There aren't any good Christian Xwa clans are there...

CRK_LagWagon 08-06-2001 09:21 PM

Join NRN they have some christian thingy. You'd like them I think.

Arcanum 08-06-2001 09:22 PM

Yes, there is a good and christian clan for you!

The new republic navy (NRN)
Skill doesnt matter, we will train you!

Arcanum 08-06-2001 09:23 PM

oops, i meant

CRK_LagWagon 08-06-2001 09:23 PM

oh btw NRN is "good" they've won a few WoW's

CRK_SeaCliff 08-06-2001 09:29 PM

10 bucks says you cant tell the difference between and

BTW Grem, I hate you and



Arcanum 08-06-2001 09:35 PM

Take that bet.
It's easy to win, just search for me.

Im not on the both rosters.

CRK_SeaCliff 08-06-2001 09:37 PM

You should be. Ever since Pho left you and Ec are the NRN poster *****es.

Photon WTF 08-06-2001 09:41 PM

hey dont get me involved in this

Arcanum 08-06-2001 09:42 PM

Maybe my stats are(or used to be before the last WoW) but Im not.

Did i ever say that i believe in god?

no i didnt.

Im not a poster

CRK_SeaCliff 08-06-2001 09:45 PM


CRK_LagWagon 08-06-2001 09:48 PM

nah Arc's just the alterboy.

K_Kinnison 08-08-2001 01:27 AM

why do you think i havn't archived the WoW yet? I got about 3 ppl i am checking on.. and you might want to re-check the overall club stats on the last WoW..
right now it is a tie between DW and ASF

Photon WTF 08-08-2001 04:49 AM

see thats why i should be a game admin, the wow will get archived so much faster, ill delete the games of every redneck, sub 28.8k user and whiney XvTer

K_Kinnison 08-09-2001 12:14 AM

Great.. that means i have to change the rules so that only High speed modems can play, and you msut be able to use the rudder

sorry pho.. but my patiance with you has stopped ever since you stopped giving me bribe moeny

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