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HellHole 03-08-2006 02:41 AM

Jedi VS Clones - Coruscant
Please enter your:
To begin

Name: TK-123
Team: Republic
Weapons: Blaster Rifle, 4 detonaters
Class: Republic Trooper

Shadda 03-08-2006 08:10 AM

errr ok good idea but i hav no idea where in coruscant this is taking place is it the jedi temple scene at the end of revenge of the sith?

Name: Wind Meteor
Team: Jedi
Weapons: Double-bladed Orange lightsabre
Class: Jedi Padawan

snowy_robbie 03-09-2006 01:06 AM

Nickname: 'Nexus Viper'
Name: Viperous Kordo
Team: Jedi
Weapons: the force, sensor eye piece
Class: Jedi Padawan

Race: Unknown (looks like a human but has red pupils in his eyes and a black tail)
Age: 8 (in human years but is actually over 100 years old)
Bio: Able to hack computers through the force easily and can therefore screw with any machinery targeting system, very proficiant with the force and uses no lightsaber, his tail however is very powerful and can crack a skull. Uses a sensor eye piece over his eye in order to enhance his hacking systems.

BTW when you say Rebublic do you mean as in the Clones are Rebublic?

HellHole 03-09-2006 02:23 AM

(Republic as in clones)

TK-123 marchs with Commander Skywalker at the Jedi Temple front entrance...
Tk-123 must wipe out all Jedi that get near him.
As TK-123 gets into the temple he aims his gun at a nearby Jedi and shoots...
He has missed, but the Jedi noticed the shot and turned around to see a whole army of clones and Skywalker facing him... The battle has begun

snowy_robbie 03-10-2006 01:23 AM

Nexus: Wha? Skywalker? What ar... no... Masters. I must alert the masters!
*runs away*

jediofdoom 03-10-2006 11:28 AM

Name: Aton Patangz
Team: Jedi
Weapons: Blue Lightsaber, Yellow Lightsaber Force Powers
Equipment: Basic Jedi robe
Class: Jedi Knight
Strengths: Hand to hand combat, lightsaber skills
Weakness: Piloting skills, repair

Aton watched from a window as a wave of clones attacked the Jedi temple. He groaned and put his head in his hands.
"Well I can't say I didn't see this coming" he mumbled
He turned and ran downstairs to do what he could. He got out his lightsabers and entered a hall to see clones firing at everything that moved. There were few Jedi and thos who were there were being shot at. A jedi fell near Aton. His face was blank. Aton ignited his lightsabers as the last Jedi in the hall fell. It was now him and only him.
"oh..." he mumbled
"Hurry the hell up" he thought
As the first shot was fired Aton moved quikcly. He dodged it and then refelcted back a few shots to clones who fell. He moved behind a pillar and took a deep breath....

Shadda 03-10-2006 12:52 PM

Wind and his 5 other jedi friends were clinging from the ceiling of the great hall. Wind signaled the others of a lone jedi fighting against the entire battalion. The Jedi backed off behind a pillar. As if the friends could read each other's mind, they all let go of the ceiling at once, and dropped to the floor.
Wind ignited his orange double-bladed lightsabre along with all the other Jedi. They began swinging their lightsabres, taking off body parts and taking lives. Wind ran over to the Jedi behind the pillar.
"Sir, I'm here, You can come out now." Wind reassured him.

jediofdoom 03-10-2006 04:32 PM

Aton sighed
"Thanks, and please don't call me sir, Wind"
Aton spun around and blocked a shot. He saw Skywalker in the midst of the clone troopers and anger shot through him. He sighed letting the frustartion leave him and he jumped up and sliced a clone trooper in half. He spun his blades around. His arms ached slightly. He stepped back and then delivered a perfect roundhouse kick to a clone trooper, who's neck clicked and was left at an odd angel as he fell. Aton stood back as more and more clones came into the hall.
"Fall back! Live for now and fight for later!"
Aton walked back blocking laser shots....

snowy_robbie 03-11-2006 01:24 AM

"Wind! It's me Nexus! We have to move fast. There are at least ten troopers that just blew a hole in the side of the library and are comi... here they are..."

Nexus pounced on all fours towards the troopers, using his skills to disable their rifles. He then sliced through their armor with his tail and then finally swung through with his back legs and kicked the last trooper back against a wall killing him on impact.

Shadda 03-11-2006 02:51 PM

Wind turned to see Nexus. "Ey, We need to protect the library's Archives. But It won't be easy when Skywalker walks through the door, You must of felt his anger."
Wind threw his lightsabre, taking out 3 clone troopers. He and the 4 of his remaining friends backed off towards the Jedi library. He could make out Anakin on a belcony above the Main hall's floor, fighting a stubborn Kyui De-Hapi. 5 Clone troopers ran up behind her and Kyui turned and took out 2. But the she couldn't block the other 3's blaster fire and Anakin's lightsabre at once, and the one of the Jedi's best knight fell to the ground, dead.
Shock took over Wind for a moment. If Anakin was strong enough to defeat Kyui, The many, but confused, remaining jedi scattered throughout the temple could defently be defeated.

scout_zero 04-19-2006 05:39 PM

Name: TK-421
Team: Republic
Weapons: DC-15, Blaster Pistol, 4 EMP Grenades, Grapple Hook
Class: Clone Trooper

TK-421 rushes through the corrider, then hides as something blows up.

jediofdoom 04-23-2006 06:41 AM

Aton dodged a blaster shot and backed into the library. There a group of confused and scared looking Jedi gathered whispering they stopped when Aton and the others entered. "What's going on?" asked a young Jedi
"Clone Troopers have entered the temple with Skywalker" Aton muttered
He turned as a clone trooper flung himself round a corner Aton Force ushed him away and closed the doors quickly. He used the force to block the door but he knew once skywalker was near it wouldn't do much. He turned to a a few Jedi
"Well? Lightsabers out!" he said
Aton realised he was one of the most experienced Jedi there. He ignited his blades and waited. The door moved slightly and then burst open. Anakin walked in with a horrible look on his face Clone troopers followed firing their blasters. The Jedi blocked the shots but some were unlcuky. The Jedi were in a big clump and Clone were raining fire down from above
"SPREAD!" Yelled Aton and the Jedi all moved away to fight their own battles Aton charged at skywalker but a clone commander stopped him Aton force pushed him onto the balcony above but the clone was well equiped. He used a grapling hook to drag Aton up to him. The clone withdrew two small electro staffs and stood ready. Aton smirked but the clone lunged forward. Aton blocked him and jumped and spun around. The landed a few feet away. The clone stood for a moment and then fell. His head rolled away. Aton looked over the balcony and saw in horror Skywalker was killing Jedi at a fast rate. Aton gulped and dropped down infront of a Jedi who was about to killed and blocked Anakin's attack.
"GO!" He yelled at the Jedi as he blocked another attack.
"You are no match for me!" Anakin screamed. Aton just grimaced and force pushed Anakin away but Anakin was too strong. Anakin slid a few feet back but managed not the be flung away. Aton twirled his blades and waited for Skywalker to make the next move.

scout_zero 04-30-2006 10:42 PM

TK-425 heard a Jedi command other Jedi, so he reasoned that he must be a commander. He rushed towards the noise, dodging lightsabers and plasma. He reached the Jedi, who was fighting Lord Vader, and lunged at the Jedi, wristblades fully drawn.

scout_zero 04-30-2006 10:44 PM

Somehow I feel like changing my character a bit, but I can't edit my post. I'll post my changes here:

Name: TK-425
Team: Republic
Weapons: Wristblades, Blaster Pistol, 4 EMP Grenades, Grapple Hook
Class: Clone Assassin

TK-425 rushes through the corrider, then hides as something blows up.

scout_zero 04-30-2006 10:45 PM

I'm changing the stats a bit.

Name: TK-425
Team: Republic
Weapons: Wristblades, Blaster Pistol, 4 EMP Grenades, Grapple Hook
Class: Clone Assassin

TK-425 rushes through the corrider, then hides as something blows up.

Lord Konohomaru 07-12-2006 11:51 AM

Number: Alpha-203
Team: Clones
Weapons: Blue Lightsaber
Class: SPECIAL: Clone Jedi
Bio: This clone used to be a jedi. Yet he was born to be a clone trooper. He was specially cloned to be a perfect soldier. He was born from a jedi, and he had the equivilent force power to that jedi, who was at adiquette power. He went to the Jedi Acadamy at a young age as do all jedi but after becoming a padawan he left the jedi to join the clones. He took his blue lightsaber and his knowledge of force control to the clones hands and became the one and only Clone Jedi. He now is a General in the clone army and destroys many opponent with a flick of the wrisst.

JediLandon 08-20-2006 11:40 AM

Weapons:silver lightsaber
Class:Jedi Master
To begin

Master Flick 09-05-2006 08:06 PM

name: Macon Plex
Team: Jedi
weapons: Blue lightsaber The Force
Class: Jedi Knight

him, holly Starkiller(secret Wife)and his padawan Dak antllies Rush down a corridor to see lord vader as clones rush behind them he duels with vader while Holly and dak Silce up clones. "Meet Me at the ship!" he screams as he blocks a blow from vader. I know about Padme he screams to vader as ther sabers block he force pushes vader knocking him back and runs to the landind pad

(someelse go to the landing pad if you want to survive)

Master Nark 10-19-2006 07:29 PM

Name: Gandon Nark
Team: Jedi
Weapons: green lightsaber, force powers
Class: Jedi Master

Master Gandon was on the fifth floor when he saw Vader and the clones march in. He drew his lightsaber and pulled out his comlink. He called his fellow Masters Adi Gallia, Saesee Tiin, and others who were in temple. "Clone Troopers have entered the Temple and I advise all of you to leave. Regroup at the cruiser. May the force be with you." He slipped it back into his robe and sprinted to the secruity room. He raised the alarm to advise all Jedi to leave the temple. He then ran out into the meditating room and ran into a few clone troopers. "There's one!" one of them shouted. Gandon then leaped into the air, ignited his lightsaber, and landed behind them, subduing them within seconds.
He ran out into the main hall and looked down several floors to see the battle commencing below. A large group of his friends caught up to him. One of them spoke up, "We were in the training room when we got your message. Several dozen others went to the hangar to prepare the ship." Gandon looked at her, whose name was Katherine, and wrapped his arms around her. She kissed him and then returned to the conflict. It appeared that the clones were only on the bottom floors. Gandon looked back at the others. "We need to rescue everyone we can." He then ignited his lightsaber again with the others doing the same and spoke, "May the force be with us." And he leaped over the edge with the others following and sailed down towards the bottom. Suddenly a pillar fell over below him and several of them landed on it as it toppled down. He ran down the top of it and leaped forth into the outbreak. He sliced through most of the clones who were in the room with the other Jedi fighting off the others. In the middle of the room was a clone commander with a chaingun and a holocron on his belt. He sprinted towards him as the clone turned around and began firing. Gandon reacted and began twirling his lightsaber in front of him, blocking the rapid chain of laser fire. He then thrust his lightsaber into the commander's chest and grabbed the holocon. He looked toward the outer entrance and clones were still filing in, but in many less numbers. He signaled to his friends to head to the hangar and he began fighting through to the library.
He arrived in the library and looked around. There were only one or two clones who were being beaten down by a few Jedi. He looked toward the balcony in front of the large window and saw a dark hooded figure strike down Jocasta Nu, the librarian. He sensed the dark side in him and leaped up to the balcony. Gandon was shocked to find that it was Anakin. The dark Jedi spoke up, "Step aside Gandon." Then Master Nark replied, "You won't go any further in this murderous outrage." "Then you will die." After saying that Anakin raised his lightsaber and thrust it down onto his opponent. Gandon blocked it and began using furiously quick attacks. The two battled back and forth. Gandon cut part Anakin's wrist and and used to force to pull his lightsaber into his hand. He then force pushed Anakin out the window. He stood there a few moments trying to catch his breath. He then tossed Anakin's lightsaber out the window and raced on, sensing that Anakin was still alive and not far away.

Master Nark 10-20-2006 07:32 PM

(Come on, someone keep this post alive!)

Mikahal 10-27-2006 05:19 AM

Name: Mikahal "Mik" Ra'andorin
Team: Jedi
Weapons: Yellow Lightsabre, Utility Belt
Class: Jedi Knight

A flurry of screams for help filled my commlink. Each cut short as a final blaster shot was delivered to a Jedi in distress. The temple, mainly occupied by padawans and younglings because of the ongoing Clone Wars, was being raided by an onslaught of battle-hardened clones.

The deafening sound of battle echoed through the hallways of the temple and into my quarters. A small group of Jedi were attempting to slow Skywalker's attempts to take-over the library, while another was concentrating their efforts on the landing pad.
"The younglings!" I said to myself and immediately began sprinting towards their quarters, constantly trying to contact them on commlink.
"I hope they are ok, they are the Jedi's only hope.."

Master Nark 10-29-2006 10:47 AM

Gandon raced on to the council chambers to see if the younglings were alright. He came around a corner and saw a few younglings fighting off a group of clones. Gandon jumped forward and sliced through the clones as if they were butter. He then ushered the younglings on to the hangar and entered the elevator. Just then another Jedi with a yellow lightsaber approached him. "Quickly my friend, we must save the younglings trapped in the council chambers," he said and the two waited as the elevator climbed higher and higher.

Mikahal 10-29-2006 10:38 PM

"Yes master," I replied and entered the elevator.
It felt an eternity before the elevator reached the council chambers. I closed my eyes and clamed myself, unallowing loose rage to control my feelings, even if helpless younglings were possible being slaughtered in the chambers above. For a short seconded I glimpsed a small group of younglings hiding near the library, they rejoiced as a jedi came to their rescue and.. an uncontrollable anger blurred my vision.

"NO!" I cried out and gave Master Nark a start. "We need to desperately save these younglings, Skywalker has just taken another group of them!"

The elevator slowed and came to a halt, Gandon and I drew out our lightsabres. I launched myself forward into the council chamber lobby, the guards were still at their post. I gave them a short bow and stood beside Master Nark, awaiting his instruction.

Master Nark 10-30-2006 07:26 AM

Gandon looked around and then gave Mikahal the signal to search for the younglings hiding inside the council room. "Master Nark, Jocasta Nu sent us here. There are too many clones. What shall we do?" Gandon paused and then answered, "We shall flee to the hangar. The ships await us there, but first we must -". Gandon was cut off by the crackling sound of a lightsaber slicing through human flesh. Gandon and Mikahal turned around to see Anakin subduing the guards at the door. "Mikahal, we must protect the younglings at all costs. Today we fight for the future of the Jedi." Mikahal nodded in agreement and the two ignited their lightsabers. Anakin strode forth, anger rushing through his body. "You Jedi have become a nuisance in the Republic's path. You have become traitors that must be dealt with." With that he leaped forth and Gandon and Mikahal clashed with Anakin. The younglings managed to escape past the conflict and fled to the elevator. Three continued to battle and time was of essence.

Mikahal 10-30-2006 07:45 AM

With a leap I clashed with Skywalker, his power much greater than my own. In turn he blocked and attack both Gandon and I. A swift force push threw me to the ground and I slid across the floor.
The younglings stood awkardly in the open elevator, not quite sure what to do. I activated the controls and closed the door.
"Master, we cannot delay, we must leave!" I cried out to Gandon delivering another flurry of strike to Anakin's seemingly perfect defence. "If we delay the others for any longer they will be crushed in the hangar!"

Anakin stopped. My tongue had slipped.
"The hangar eh?" Anakin taunted and reached for his commlink. Gandon swiftly grabbed it and stuck it down with his sabre.
"So be it," Anakin said quietly and advanced towards the spare elevator.

"Quickly Master, we must make haste!" I said with urgency and entered the elevator with the younglings.

MachineCult 10-30-2006 12:04 PM

Well I think we all know how this one is going to end.

Mikahal 10-30-2006 06:57 PM

(Glad to see your suppport for it! It may not be as it seems..)

Once again Gandon, the younglings and myself were standing in the elevator, forever waiting for it to reach its destination. Cries for help over the commlink began to slow and thin out as the clones took control of the temple complex. Skywalker was now somewhere close, probably heading towards the hangar.
"It is too risky to let the others wait at the hangar any longer, I suggest we signal them to go and rendevous at a later date," I said to Gandon. He paused for a second..

Master Nark 10-30-2006 07:51 PM

"Yes, I suppose so," Gandon said and grabbed his comlink. "Everyone in the hangar must leave now. Once eveyone alive has been reported to have escaped we'll rendevous at the ship." With that he tucked his comlink away and closed his eyes, concentrating on what would happen next. When the elevator finally reached the hangar floor he stepped out to see a few more transports left. "Come young ones, we must leave our beloved temple before Anakin can reach us. Mikahal, well done. You fought bravely, as did the rest of the Jedi. Now quickly, we must escape."
The group of Jedi hurried to a large transport where other padawans where still boarding. When they had settled into their seats Gandon took out his comlink again and spoke into it. "If their are any Jedi still in the Temple please give us a signal now." He waited a minute or two with no answer and gave the signal for the pilot to take off. The Jedi looked out the window at their beloved home, burning before their eyes. The ship climbed out of the atmosphere and began the journey to the rendevous point.

(This doesn't necessarily have to end. We can keep going with the following events that take place towards the end of episode 3. We can keep going on this thread or start a new one if you like.)

Mikahal 10-30-2006 10:41 PM

I took my last few glances at our home and regretfully strided out onto the landing platform and into the ship. It was a small cruiser just large enough to accommodate us all. The younglings settled in for the trip while Gandon and I joined the other jedi in the cockpit for a briefing. Two other knights and a master had made it into the ship with us.
Gandon and I introduced ourselves and shared our story of how we came to be here.

"So who's going to fly this thing?" I queried. We all looked at each other for a second.
"Well we all know how to fly, it's just the question of who's willing to," added the other master, known as Klagen Vest.

"So we take it in turns, shifts more like it," suggested one of the knights.
"Done," I added. "I'll need to settle the younglings first but I could join one of you on the second shift."
"We may have bigger problems.." Klagen added. A squadron of ARC-170s had begun pursuing the cruiser. With no attempt to contact us and order us to land they begun firing their blasters at us.
"Hang on!" I shouted.

(We can start a new thread if you want to, it would give a chance to have a fresh start)

Master Nark 11-01-2006 07:01 AM

Alright, let's start a new thread but keep your characters.

Mikahal 11-01-2006 07:13 AM

Done deals.

Nancy Allen`` 11-07-2006 11:32 PM

I'd love to join, just want to know before I put up a profile: post RotS?

Master Nark 11-08-2006 06:52 AM

Sorry, we're already on to a sequel which is Fall of the Republic. You can post here if you want to show how your character escapes or dies and we can join in with you if you like, too. This is takes place towards the end of episode 3, when anakin marches on the temple.

Nancy Allen`` 11-08-2006 01:53 PM

Ah that's right, there's a continuation of the thread. Near the end huh? Have a few ideas. See you in the other thread.

sbauer 07-16-2007 08:46 PM

Name: silku marsan
class: Jedi guardian-Jedi weapon master
age 26
hair style:Pony tail
hair color : brown
weaponry:blaster pistol,blue lightsaber

Jedi Atomic 07-18-2007 02:04 AM

grave- digging! Yay!!!!!!

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