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DarthMaulUK 03-24-2006 07:35 AM

Campaign Strats
Some dude has posted some useful info those though stuck in the randomness of 1v1 Campaign play.

Well one post down and I am only on number 2 but things will go more quickly.
2. Space station explosions-Many people realize how devestating a space station explosion can be. It can take down entirely healthy Tartan Cruisers, Acclamators and Corvettes. Even Nebulon B Frigates that are slightly damaged can be taken out. What many don't know is that a space station will only blow up if 2 conditions are met. 1.It cannot be destroyed, you must retreat before the station is fully destroyed or close enough to being destroyed. If destroyed obviously no explosion occurs 2.You must have some forces retreat. If you wait until your entire fleet is destroyed and then retreat the space station just implodes harmlessly. If you manage to sneak out with only just 1 Xwing or Tartan Cruiser the space station will blow sending a deadly shock wave that hopefulyl takes out a few ships. REINFORCEMENT SHIPS DO NOT COUNT.

3. Knowing Your Land Maps-This is so important I can't even stress it enough. Many maps contain buildings that you should capture. Kessel has mines that give you a quick 1000 credits if you capture it. Genosis is rebel friendly and has MANY MANY locals there that can beef up troops. Knowing where build pads are is vital. Also where shield generators are located on maps. Learn your maps, it is important.

4. Reinforcement tTroops-They are never ending. This means when assaulting a level 4 Empire space station no matter how many times you destroy the Acclamator cruiser it will continue to come as long as the Hanger is still intact. That is why many players first priority, when assaulting a space station, is the hanger. Luke's lucky shot will take it down easily. You get a set number of reinforcment troops at the board at any one time. For example an Empire Barracks will produce 2 storm trooper squads and 4 speeders. It will then stop producing until one of those units is destroyed. So use your reinforcment troops to attack, wear down your opponent. They are expendable because you spend no money on them and they will continue to produce. So holding them back in defense isn't wise. So ATTACK WITH YOUR REINFORCMENT TROOPS.

5.C3PO-He is important because he can look at ground forces from space. The only unit able to do so. So scout some planets, look for the ones with no or minimal defenses and plans raids accordingly. Planets with only mines are extremly prone to raids so make sure you scout your opponent. Make sure you don't battle over planets with Hypervelocity guns or raid a planet with Vader. It is just common sense to know as much possible information as possible.

6.Credit Producing Planets-Courscant with a full compliment of mines will produce well over 2000 credits. Thyferra with only 2 mines will produce 1000+ creidts. Alzoc with 3 mines will produce 1000+ credits. On the other hand Byss with a full compliment of mines only produces 500 credits. Know which planets are good to mine and which planets are better to build barracks and research facilities and so forth.

7.Fighting Pirates on Ground-I have found that balanced invading forces come with more succes. 15 rebel troops is not as good as 10 rebel troops and 5 plex soldiers.

8.Bombers-Bombers are devestating. Not only do they disregard shield allowing you to attack key hard points. They also allow you to do bombing runs during land battles. Make sure your rebel fleets have enough bombers and never invade a planet without the help of Bombers from space.

9.Correlian Corvettes-These are the most important ship that the rebels can build. Why? Well they just simply tear through Ties and Bombers. Also they are effective fighters until their destruction. Unlike a Nebulon B frigate which can have its weapons destroyed but not the ship. The Corvettes have no such hard points. A fun tactic is to disable a ships weapons but not destroy it. Therefor your opponent cannot call in reinforcments but is left with a useless ship on the field of battle. Combine all this with the fact they are very cheap and very quickly built makes this an important ship of the rebel fleet.

10.Speed-This game is about speed. Make sure you concentrate on what you are doing. Get tech as fast as possible, build fleets as fast as possible, try to stay ahead of your opponent at every turn.
Well folks, I hope this helps some of you because I spent a lot of time doing it.



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