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Griim 10-02-2006 06:08 AM

How do you edit .tbl files?
I have this game that I want to modify to my liking and I was wondering if anyone could give me and/or find a program which could edit .tbl files. I've tried one, but it didn't work with the game I'm trying to modify. Any help is greately appreciated.

Thrik 10-02-2006 08:28 AM


Please see the sticky thread. This isn't a forum for help with specific games, and since LucasForums covers a whole load of games I have no idea what game you're referring to. I suggest finding the forum appropriate to the game you're seeking help with or providing the name of the game so it can be moved.

James Isaac 10-02-2006 01:42 PM

The three letter extension of a file doesn't tell you a lot about it... two files with the same extension can be of a completely different format (for example loads of games use .dat files for different purposes). You'll need to let us know the name of the game for help.

Griim 10-02-2006 11:39 PM

Okay... It's called Herrcot, it's an MMORPG and I just want to get a mod so I have a bit more MP, HP, SP and maybe better weaponry. You have to download it from the site, but I don't know the site, so search for Herrcot on google if you need to see the game first.

If you need an english patch, just ask me.

Joshi 10-03-2006 03:53 AM

Well, as this isn't a LucasArts game, and since this particular sub-forum doesn't offer help with games, but more specifically, provides help with the actual forums, you're in the wrong place. Perhaps you might be able to find a forum somewhere on the internet which specifically deals with this game.

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