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Daniel333 01-01-2007 07:03 PM

Hey l always a fan role play and strtegy so l thought l might start a role play forum were u can be the teams found in forces of corruption but plz no incorrect language or starting to be mean u can to be warring factions but please dont sware ok anyway lm a fan of the empire as you can tell by my avartar so lm going to be an imperial moff so you can choose any team from forces of corruption even if you want you be other star wars teams like the sith from the sith wars or stuff like that so com here to have a good role playing exp so dont forget you dont need to be on a paticular team you can just be a bounty hunter or smuggler and dont forget the swoop gangs am=nd jabbas gang and the nightsisters clan and naboo the C.I.S and all that its sought of have no time line in a way but any way have fun

ImpElite 01-01-2007 07:29 PM

Question: Can I do a fiction faction for this fiction based game in this roleplay thread?

Daniel333 01-02-2007 04:50 AM

lm sorry l have no idea wat you just wat you said but aslong its not out of star wars or nor mean, go ahead l think you mean make up a new faction aslong its a star wars faction lm alright. just tell me wat you mean and lm going to start this role playing

Daniel333 01-02-2007 04:58 AM

Moff Garn has entered the system prepare for his arival....


Automatic targeting systems online ok lets hope we survive well
Tyber Zann hey just get rid of them protect the eclipse they seem to be with a new toy hey eliminate them

Docter_Aap 01-02-2007 07:27 AM

Meanwhile, Darth Aap, Dark lord of the sith, searches the galaxy for Urai Fen. He had a score to settle with him from the past.

ImpElite 01-02-2007 10:13 AM

Also meanwhile, the leader of the Kithoran Alliance, Okoe Kithoran, just beyond the outerrim worlds, disturbed when news reaches him that an Empire is controlling the galaxy, is planning to reveal his hidden faction to an unsuspecting Empire.... :vsd:

Docter_Aap 01-02-2007 12:11 PM

Darth Aap's path leads him to Dathomir. Knowing this planet is the home of ZC hero Silri, he was hoping the nightsisters could tell him where she is. Finding her could lead to finding Urai. ''If they don't co÷perate i'll MAKE them co÷perate'', he was thinking, while his Cloacked Sith Infiltrator landed on Dathomir.

Jeff 01-02-2007 12:32 PM

This doesn't belong in the FoC discussion... moved to Dex's Diner.

Daniel333 01-02-2007 01:40 PM

WHAT the eclipse is going down repeat the eclipse is going down get the empourour off the ship quickly before....we need back up oh close....death.......blow up now eva...cuate......stupid comm

we preparing our shadow troopers to go to Dathomir we need to get to were Darth Aaps is to help take out those witches.

we move on your command Darth Aap

understand prepare for the Stardestroyer to move

Daniel333 01-02-2007 01:49 PM

Hologram News:on today news the empire just today captured the whole galaxy while jabba the hutt is trading a ancient sith artifact to the empire a load of credits and aswell on todays news pirates attacked a tibbania gas facility they them selfs the zann consortium and these lot of pirates makes the black sun look like a swoop gang as for prince xiszor has nothing to say about because he died today not knowing how they noticed the darth vader the prince had a feud so that might been the way he died and now 98% of the whole galaxy now speaks basic thanks to Garn corps he some how got them all to speak basic so thats the news for today bye.

Daniel333 01-03-2007 02:35 AM

theres emergency news theres a great new faction that has revealed it self its the incredible Kithoran Alliance that plans to get rid of the empire for once and for all thats all for todays news.

hmm this new swoop gang should prove to be a nusance contact the bounty hunter IG-88 then tell him the mission is to destroy the leader Okoe Kithoran move at once.
Said an formal imperial

Strait away sir. Said a stormtrooper

Docter_Aap 01-03-2007 07:17 AM

Hearing the news that the Hutt's are going to trade the Sith Artifact, he knew that Tyber Zann and perhaps even Urai Fen would be there.
Darth Aap and his soldiers, granted to him by the empire, left the planet Dathomir, wich was now a Nightsister Graveyard, and moved on to the location where the artifact was being trade.

ImpElite 01-03-2007 09:56 AM

*Kithoran Alliance trooper*We are about to Enter the Coruscant system, sir! *Okoe Kithoran*Good, this Empire seemingly hasn't discovered how to hyperspace without going from system to system, that will help us overthrow this Empire greatly. Soldier? *Kithoran Alliance trooper*Yes? *Okoe Kithoran*Arm former Darth Revan with his new lightsaber and get him ready to infiltrate the Senate to assassinate the Emperor. *Kithoran Alliance Trooper*Yes sir!

Docter_Aap 01-03-2007 10:37 AM

Once Darth Aap arrived at Nal Hutta the deal was already done. And unfortunately the ZC has stolen the artifact and where already gone. Aap: Troopers, I want you all to search the galaxy and track down Urai Fen. If you find him, contact me before you engage him. I will go to Coruscant. I don't know what it is but I sence a distrubance in the force. And while the troopers were searching the planet, Aap's Sith Infiltrator left off to Coruscant

ImpElite 01-03-2007 11:07 AM

*Okoe Kithoran* I sense.....*Kithoran Alliance trooper* an Imperial Star destroyer has entered the system!*Okoe Kithoran*put it on screen.... Those markings-only one person has those markings on a ship.... Darth Aap..... Recall Revan, retreat!

ImpElite 01-03-2007 11:41 AM

Okoe Kithoran's fleet arrives in space over Hypori. *Okoe Kithoran*Conatact the Geonosians.... tell them I will need Super Battle droids, Destroyer droids, and Magna Guards. When the are done, tell me at once. *Kithoran Alliance Trooper* Yes sir! *Okoe Kithoran* The Empire has already fought one Clone/Droid War, they will be disturbed if they hear that another one is brewing....

Daniel333 01-03-2007 03:46 PM

Formal Imperial Officer:this new swoop gang seems to be more organised then usual they must be pirates of the black sun bandits.
Formal Imperial officer:WAT
Stormtrooper:we have picked a hyperspace route to hypori we have picked up a small amount of the comm mesage to the geonosians.

Comm message:we the kithorans alliance would like to aquire a new droid army wich will defintly get rid of the empire.Us da genosians do not accept unless theres quite alot of credits in it because they got rid of all our droid makeing facilities so to get the droids its going to cost alot.Okoe Kithorian may not like the idea but l'll tell him about the extra credits so........

Formal Imperial officer:is that all you got out of the message.
Stormtrooper:yes sir
Formal Imperial officer:well lets go to genosis and send a blockade around the planet full of star destroyers move out now
Stormtrooper:YES SIR
Formal Imperial officer:its good that this kithorian alliance does not know of that we control the planet hm hm

Daniel333 01-03-2007 03:59 PM

Hologram News:On todays news theres suddenly a huge break throug for the rebels today the rebels destroyed the death star on of the empourours most prized possesion now they can keep there planet of yavin 4 and the rebels decided to make a move and controled bespin,hoth and mustafar they said they found this gigantic droid producing facility and there trooper said ''l think we will build a new droid army for us''
so they started that already on other news the new faction named the kithorian alliance had its first peak suprise at coruscant but they escaped when the star destroyers came in but they were protecting the.....*force choke* *strong breathing*
*force lightning* *electricity noises* Empourour: your news program doesnt need to be yoused for revealing secret infomation about the war now.The news progam is now being runed by these stormtroopers now NEWS IS OVER!....

Daniel333 01-03-2007 04:03 PM

Imperial officer:we have spotted a zann consortium pirate sneaking into coruscant hes name is urai fen hes trying to do something investigate.
Stormtrooper:yes sir!

Docter_Aap 01-03-2007 06:12 PM

''This is my chance'' Darth Aap thought as he heared that through his Radio Intercept. He went down to the planet and begane his search. It wasnt that hard to track him as he was force sensitive. He went inside a big, empty room.
Aap: Stealth Field Generators can't hide you from the force.
Urai: *de-cloacks* Then i guess this will end here
Darth Aap drew his lightsaber and the battle begun.

ImpElite 01-03-2007 07:30 PM

*The Kithoran Alliance sends out smugglers all over the galaxy to siphon credits to build the factories so the Geonosians can begin their work*
*Okoe Kithoran* Now Geonosians, begin your work at once and we will give you a partial of the credits in advance. *Geonosian speaking in native tongue* Very well. *geonosian takes credits and tells his underlings to get to work*

*Okoe Kithoran and a pilot are on a shuttle coming from Hypori to Okoe Kithoran's flagship* *Kithoran Alliance trooper* Sir, a ship identified as.... IG-2000 has entered the system! *Okoe Kithoran* Hmmm, there's only one explanation, there's a bounty on me.... let's show our friend, IG-88, some starfighters from the unknown regions.....

*IG-88 speaking on comm link to Okoe Kithoran's shuttle* Surrender now and I may show you mercy and take you to my employer alive.... *Okoe Kithoran answering* I don't think that will be happenning anytime soon. *IG-88* Very well, you shall be shown no-*IG-88's ship is telling him that unknown fighters are incoming* *IG-88* You have not seen the last of me, Okoe Kith*IG-88's ship explodes*

Daniel333 01-04-2007 04:57 AM

Formal Imperial Officer: is this true that IG-88 failed to destroy this new leader of this new swoop gang.
Stormtrooper:yes sir he didnt last very long but at least he did something.
Formal Imperial Officer:yes wats that.
Stormtrooper:when he died on of hes guns fired and hit a tracking beacon onto there ship so right now we are picking up the beacon at genosis.
Formal Imperial Officer:wat we have blockade there how are they there they must have cloaking devices make sure that the blockade make full serch on the system if you cant find them they must be on the the death star there.
Stormtrooper: yes sir
Formal Imperial Officer:hmmm if you dont find him blow up the planet actully do it anyway but keep the genosians l have a task for them put it on the news
Stormtrooper:yes sir!
Formal Imperial Officer:these guys are getting difficult we need to find were there hiding.

Daniel333 01-04-2007 05:15 AM

Hologram News (controlled by the empire):On todays news the genosians were saved by the empire today because an evil person named Okoe Kithorian let of the death star so the genosians were saved and are all still leaving as for genosis its gone and destroyed bye the most evil person that ever lived Okoe Kithorian hes got an evil corp that threatens everyone he wants to destroy all that lives luckely we have put a bounty on this person of 1,000,000 credits thats right you heard me 1,000,000 credits it would make you very rich so anyone who wants to get it go get him we dont care if hes dead or alive go ahead choose so do that.Also on todays news the empires rating to win the war has gone up to 46% of the galaxy votes for the empire

Join the empire u know u want to

also on todays news our scientists found an old weapon on Dathomir that was created by scientists its a huge mutant as tall as 50m tall its amazing isnt it well guess wat its for sale to all warring factions it comes with controllers and everthing so u wanna buy come get it its only 250,000 credits ok so any interests come have a look if happy you buy its a good weapon so u want come get it.thats all

(dont take the for real because this is a brainwashing program that the empire set up but the events are real like about the rancor but not about the evil things)

Daniel333 01-04-2007 05:27 AM


Field commander:wat

Stormtrooper:with spotted some things down here on coruscant

Field commander:wats that

Stormtrooper:weve spotted plenty of outdated and outerrim products flying to down here but we reackan its just people but now we think its an invasion

Field commander:your right

Stormtrooper:l am

Field commander:yep look


Field commander:over were the goverment is

Stormtrooper:oh yeah

Field commander:we need to report about this to lord vader that theres a new droid army here but there signatures different thoe but all well PREPARE TO BATTLE!

Stormtrooper:um l think the droid army should get rid of that person urai fen

Field commander:yeah thats him


Field commander:there see look theres to guys falling out of an empty room hmm that other guy looks like darth Aap hmm...SITH SPIT IT IS DARTH AAP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD SOMEONE SAVE HIM!!!

Stormtrooper:YES SIR!!!

Docter_Aap 01-04-2007 06:52 AM

Heh heh heh ''too easy'' Darth Aap mumbled while Urai Fen had fallen down.
*droids walking and rolling in the room*

Droid: Where is Urai Fen

Darth Aap: Already taken care of, but what are you droids doing here.

Droid: Objective 1: Kill Urai Fen. Objective 2: Take over Coruscant

Darth Aap: Then you are quiet unlucky that Darth Sideous is a friend of mine. Now die!

Droid Captain: Attack! Attack!

And Darth Aap and the droids went into battle. The droids in the big room werent much of a challenge for Darth Aap but as he looked down through the window he saw an entire army.

Darth Aap: Captain!

Captain: Yes sir

Darth Aap: Abort the search! Get my men to coruscant this instance!

Captain: Affirmative sir!

Darth Aap: And make contact to the empire. I'm not shure that they are aware of this invasion.

Captain: It shall be done.

Daniel333 01-04-2007 03:32 PM

Captain on comm:Sir theres a huge droid army here l think they may of been sent by this Kithorian Alliance because they orded a large amount of droids wat do we do.

Moff Imperial:Tell Darth Aap that darth vader would like to speek with him as for you prepare for a fight get the men ready for the fight of there lives.

Captain:yes sir!

Moff Imperial:l hope we survive this new war.

Daniel333 01-04-2007 03:41 PM

Darth Aap:wat did you want with me Darth Vader

Darth Vader:I want you to speek to the emporour he wants you

Darth Aap:ok

Darth Sideous:Hello Darth Aap l have an asighment for you

Darth Aap:yes wat is it

Darth Sideous:its a task that takes great skill wich you have its to have a padwan learner this is Darth Reaven l was able to revive him from the sith wars but l accidently wyped his memory and wanted you to make come back,train him well so he can be as good as you and me some day the same gos for darth vader ive heard about the droids so that would be a great place to start so go train

Darth Aap:yes my master

ImpElite 01-04-2007 04:47 PM

*As the droid army marches throughought Coruscant, destroying buildings, killing any enemy that gets in it's way, and following their objectives, Okoe Kithoran takes his cloaked fleet to Coruscant to kill the emperor and end this Empire while the Imperials are distracted with the droid army consisting of 20,000 battle droids, 15,000 destroyer droids, 17,500 Suber battle droids, and 10,000 Magna Gaurds, Okoe Kithoran perceives this plan to be undefeatable unless something very unexpected happens.*

ImpElite 01-04-2007 08:32 PM

*Okoe Kithoran and his apprentice fight their way through countless Elite stormtroopers and royal guards to Emperor palpatine's throne room*

(I think it's time you get to know what Okoe Kithoran is like, he is a Zabrak who used to serve in the Clone Wars as a jedi that won countless victories until the force told him to go to the Unknown Regions, there he made discoveries of new planets and species, found new ship designs, weapons, and technology until he heard of the newly formed Empire, then he gathered his fleet consisting of ships, weapons, and technology from the Unknown Regions and set out to find the Emperor. Now back to story)

*Okoe* It is time to die, emperor, though it is against the Jedi way to kill an unarmed prisoner you are much too dangerous to be kept alive. *Darth Sidious* Kithoran, where were you hiding out like the pathetic weakling you are all these years? *Okoe Kithoran* All you need to know is is that you're about to die. *Okoe Kithoran drew his green double-bladed lightsaber while his apprentice drew his single-bladed blue lightsaber and attacked Darth Sidious and the battle began....*

Daniel333 01-04-2007 10:47 PM

Formal Imperial Officer:Did they go for the bait

At-St commander:yes sir Okoe kithorian has not know that the empouror hes fighting is sympily a droid soon the droid will overload and let out a very poisinus gas that will kill him for sure and hes padwan

Formal Imperial Officer:good prepare to make sure hes dead

At-St commander:yes sir

Daniel333 01-04-2007 10:51 PM

Now this is were l come in lm a very formal moff named Moff Karn the best imperial that ever lived l personally accompany the empouror and l control the whole imperial navy l control the eclipse and the destroyer(A super Star Destroyer like the excecutor)
l am very good at everything and lm force sensetive.The empire will never lose now.

Daniel333 01-04-2007 11:00 PM

Moff Karn:weres those rebels l want ot find those rebels

Imperial:sir l think that the rebels are hiding at the hypori system

Moff Karn:well ofcourse set course for Hypori we are going to get rid of these rebels for once and for all.

Imperial:we are entering the system..... sir there not rebels but the new faction the droids

Moff Karn:l remember him Okoe Kithorian hes the x-jedi that escaped our attack when we attacked the jedi temple he shall pay

Imperial:now wat

Moff Karn:destroy them all and blow up this planet

Imperial:yes sir just wait until we get in target...........were ready to fire

Moff Karn:Fire!!!

Imperial:yes sir *pulls the switch* *the usal noise of the death star when fires* *BOOM!*

Moff Karn:Well done

Imperial:thank you sir

Docter_Aap 01-05-2007 11:20 AM

Darth Aap and his new apprentice Darth Revan went to Korriban to look for clues that could lead to Revan's past. After searching some toombs they found a cave .

Darth Aap: There is a high concentration of the Force in here

Darth Revan: I feel it too

Darth Aap: Let us go in

And so they went in. After walking through quiet a long tunnle they arrived at the Toomb of Exar Kun, One of the most powerfull sith ever lived.

Darth Aap: From here you must go alone my apprentice. Let the force guide you. If you succeed the tests that await you, you will regain your knowlege of the force. I will wait at the ship and meditate on what is happening back at Coruscant.

Darth Revan: Yes master

Darth Aap: Oh wait don't forget this *throws lightsaber*

Dartj Revan: Thanks

Docter_Aap 01-05-2007 12:37 PM

Darth Aap: Revan, How are you doing

Revan: How..

Darth Aap: I can communicate with you through the force. But I have to leave you for a moment. I have to visit another planet and then i'll be back. Is that a problem?

Revan: But what if i'm done and you are still away

Darth Aap: You won't

Revan: Ok master.

Darth Aap took his personal Sith Infiltrator and went off. He left the ISD and his troops in orbit of Korriban. If the rebels, the consortium, or the Kithoran's find out Revan is here and growing strong again, I want him defended.
Now lets go to Kamino. We are gonna need more men if we are going to war with 3 Factions at the same time.

*Message to the Empire*
This is Darth Aap.
Darth Revan is doing well. If he keeps up like this, he will find his memory back through the dark side of the force. As you know Korriban holds many dark secrets.
I'm also arranging more men for both me, and the empire.

PS: Please let me know how the situation is back on Coruscant

Daniel333 01-05-2007 02:48 PM

Rebel Alliance Trooper:Darth Aap you are to late for coruscant when the droids were done there wasnt very many so we got rid of them so to bad

*The empire got into message*Stormtrooper:Wat we going strait back to coruscant now and take it back off your hands since its only you guys there.

Rebel Alliance Trooper:Why you will.....*Empire cuts out the message*

Emporour:Darth Aap how is your aprentice doing we did not get the message before that you sent to coruscant we no longer controls the place

Docter_Aap 01-08-2007 02:59 AM

Darth Aap to Emperor: Darth Revan is doing well. Perhaps a bit too well. If we keep on going like this we are taking a bit of a risk. If he goes on like this he might find his memory back. Knowing that he was THE dark lord before his memory went black, he might want to reclaim that title and kill us both if he can.
On the other hand. If this wont happen we have one hell of a strong ally. The other factions will be chanceless against him.
What should I do, It's your call.

PS: I'm ordering more soldiers from Kamino to aid us in battle

Daniel333 01-08-2007 05:00 PM

Empouror: Well done Darth Aap its true of wat you say l have already covered that he is attached to a weak sechsimic charge if he doesnt abey he dets it but it wont kill him but it would be quite painful he will learn that he has a master and he has no army so to have army he will have to do wat we tell him to do.Next thing how is the progress at kamino wait l'll go there personally l dont want anyone to come with us thats right your coming too get ready we lieave soon

ImpElite 01-11-2007 10:03 AM

*Okoe Kithoran and his apprentice kill the Emperor and find out he is not the original Emperor, he was a special prototype droid with fake skin, voice and everything else necessary including being infused with the dark side of the force.* *Okoe* blasted, we have to find the-*there was an incoming message coming from Hypori, there was the Geonosian leader on screen, behind him floating in space was the Death Star* *geonosian leader speaking in native tongue* The Imperials have discovered our locatio-*BOOOM*

*Okoe Kithoran* recall the droid army, commander and let us head for the base, if they try to track us or get the coordinates of our hyperspace route it will show up as 0000, 0000, come my apprentice! *then Okoe and his apprentice fight their way back to their fleet while the droids also fight there way back, when they got their as soon as they left atmosphere, they hyperspaced out of t he system...*

*Kithoran Alliance Officer* Sir, Revan has escaped in a shuttle! *Okoe Kithoran* Things are getting out of hand, I wonder if the galaxy can stand an entire galaxy's worth of weapons and technology....

Daniel333 01-13-2007 02:33 PM

Emporour: Its time for senate meeting
Imperial: But sir they want come to the meeting
Emporour: they will darth vader make sure of it
Darth Vader: Yes my master

ImpElite 01-13-2007 03:14 PM

*Okoe Kithoran told his commander in the Unknown regions to hyperspace the Kithoran Alliance fleet as close to the base as possible, the fleet was so large that it took up eight planet's worth of space, so the commander hyperspaced the fleet in every planet's system that was closest to The Kithoran Alliance base, destroying any Imperial, pirate, or Rebel forces that were there in a matter of seconds. All an Imperial moff that was in one of the systems which part of the Kithoran Alliance fleet hyperspaced in could report to Coruscant was "We are under attack by unknown ship-" before his ship blew up.*

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