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MeleeMaster 01-27-2007 08:40 AM

How to:Making tough boss-like NPCs
I'm an NPC creator. And all the time I've been trying to make tough NPCs that are a challenge for me to fight (without speed and protect).

But all the time I end up making an NPC that runs around me like a roadrunner and they kind of suck.

But I've finally figured out how to make a good boss type NPC.

1.Having level 5 stats isn't always better, Desann has a 3 in move I think so he doesn't act like a superball on you instead of using brute force

2.Always keep the runspeed at what Raven put, trust me, if it's higher they'll be easy to beat

3.All bosses have a distinct advantage which makes them tough at a boss-level.

Desann:500 HP, Huge saber, Desann style

Alora:500 HP, Dual sabers, Special abilities

Tavion staff:450 HP, staff

Tavion Possesed:Huge sword, force powers

Kyle boss:Enhanced force powers, melee attacks, parry bonuses, 300 HP

Rax Joris:Concussion rifle, 300 HP

4.Think about how you want your NPC to move and attack, then pick the NPC class carefully (saberist classes below)

Shadowtrooper:Use this if you want them to fight like a Reborn Master

Reborn:Basic dark Jedi class, good for fights where entourage participates

Alora:Specializes in duals, if wielding duals gives NPCs her special abilities

Tavion:Err, specializes in tavion style?

Kyle:Your all around good fighter

Desann:Uses lightning more effeciently, uses more brute force

Luke:More finnese based, it's a very good fighting class, if you put your NPC together right

Jedi:Basic light Jedi class, good for entourage fights

Well, I hope that helps with making tough bosses somewhat.

MeleeMaster 02-24-2007 08:40 AM

Why doesn't anyone ever give me feedback?

Here's an update on the classes:

Alora:Dual-wielding class sith special abilities and good at parrying (always uses dual style even if given single saber or staff)

Desann:Specializes in Lightning use, using brute force, and is more immune to force powers and knockdown, pushes extremely hard in saber locks

Reborn:The basic dark force user/saberist class, (it's coded with gunners in mind) great for gunners because it allows them to roll and dodge your attacks as well as run freely without the waypoint system

Shadowtrooper:The Reborn Master class, superb saber skills when stats and rank are maxed, specializes in Dark and Light force usage

Tavion:Automatically uses tavion style (might be able to change this), incredible saber skills (wouldn't reccomend giving an NPC with this class 500 HP because they'll easily survive direct/critical hits)

Jedi:Basic light Jedi class, extremely powerful when stats are maxed out, usually heals after a fight is over

Kyle:Mysterious class, can be sucky, or like a Jedi Overlord, if using an NPC with this one, experiment witn different stats until it's just right (reccomend giving lots of HP)

Luke:Considerably the best Jedi class available, but it takes some more tweaking to get it just right (I have a luke with 1000 HP, Lvl 5 stats, better vigilance and runspeeds, and a faster more powerful lightsaber, and I'm pretty sure he can beat two desanns at the same time).

Johnpp 02-24-2007 10:17 PM

Thanks, this helps a lot. I love making NPC files.

Tinny 02-24-2007 10:27 PM

Thanks for the info bro, I wanted to make a coop level. Know any good tips for multiplayer npcs?

Johnpp 02-24-2007 11:42 PM

All I know is make there health really really low. NPC's on multiplayer seem like they have 500 HP rather than 100.

MeleeMaster 02-25-2007 07:51 AM

Thanks guys, I mostly play Movie Battles so I don't really use NPCs in multiplayer, did anyone check out my topic about fighting bosses in the strategy shack (I WANT FEEDBACK)?

I've gotten so good at Single Player I can go toe-to-toe without speed or -protect etc. and win time and time again against pretty much every boss and boss like NPC I've created until they eventually get me (lol).

I forgot to say about this, for melee using npcs:

Enemy team+Thermal Dets and Melee=from a distance they throw thermal detonaters at you but when up close they bring out melee and punch you

Class Reborn+Melee=Jedi AI (they should flip around and use force powers but they don't always)

Melee+Team Player=Whatever class you chose.

EDIT:Oh yeah, lately I've been experimenting with making gunner bosses that are a match for you as a Jedi (besides Boba Fett), and I made an imperial_warlord NPC.

I gave it the Imperial Commander model, the Concussion rifle, 500 HP, Class_Reborn, and Force jump level 1, and captain rank and level 5 stats.

katanamaru 03-08-2007 03:15 PM

Just to add on about classes. Classes also affect you the player, in the same way you have listed, pretty much. Make an npc and give him class desann and you can push just about anybody around. Keep the same stats but change class to jedi or reborn and you will be counter pushed more regularly. So if you make a sp level give the player a lower class and that will also make things more difficult.

MeleeMaster 03-08-2007 05:45 PM

Technically, the way Raven designed the default player character, you have no class, except for the NPC of you you see in cutscenes.

Like katanamaru said when I play as my buffed luke sometimes I'll auto-push people without even doing anything, it's really fun.

Here's a fun NPC making challenge, make an NPC that represnts you as Jaden, that has about teh same fighting ability as you and your human intelligence, I gave my Jaden CLASS_JEDI (trust me, good class), 600 HP, and longer staff, and level 5 stats, and 150 faster regenerating force points.

Even though I can fight a bit better then him, he still does a good job as an NPC represntation of my character.

LightNinja 03-08-2007 07:44 PM

Oh man, I really don't know nothing, maybe I've not understood correctly but you're playing with the stats of the npc? I mean, like a kind of cheat? I thought that wasn't possible but then again its just that I haven't spent time on experimenting with NPCs stuff. Its good to know.

MeleeMaster 03-09-2007 06:38 AM

Lol, it's not a cheat, you can design your own npcs and spawn them by using "npc spawn <name of npc here>".

Heck, I usually make the default NPCs tougher. Just download the NPC tool off or you can open up an NPC file in Notepad and do it manually.

If you want to play as an NPC use "playermodel <name of npc here>".

I'm not a map editor but when you create levels you can place NPCs and make them use scripts to give them special behavior, like yo can make them run patrols or wonder through a waypoint system and tell them to use alternate fire etc.

edvin1976 11-25-2007 03:11 AM

Ive been reading your topics and I noticed our shared love for fight against npc-s, so Ive decided to ask for your help if its possible.
What I need is a staff user enemy, but someone who is a VERY good fighter, the ones Im able to create are way too easy to kill.
My other problem with NPC-s generally is that by narrow edges and cliffs they always fall without fault even with force_push set to 0 for them and me too.
What I also need for staff users is restrict them somehow to do their staff specials and katas which carry them over the edges to fall.
I can make them stop doing flips and cartwheels with restrictions applied to their saber, but they are still very jumpy and kata special users, also not a very good fighters even on saberoffense "3".

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