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Seanthedestroyr 02-22-2007 07:47 PM

My name is Bs|Seanthedestroyer from blacksquadron clan. We are a clan that has divisions for SWBF2, EAW, and Freelancer. The clan is over a year old and has over 360 registered users and about 31 active members. We will accept anyone AS LONG AS YOU ARE ACTIVE! We dont want people joining and then never being active. The command has been changing lately and things are improving rapidly.

Come check out our website and join today:

Hope to see you in the forums!

Seanthedestroyr 03-01-2007 07:20 PM

Anyone here thinking of joining the Star Wars battlefront 2 division? We are now considering adding a star wars galexies division if anyone is interested.

Seanthedestroyr 02-24-2008 11:01 PM

Lots has changed in 1 year. I am now the Commanding Officer of the Blacksquadron Star Wars Games division. I am no longer an Ensign as i was when Originally posted this recruiting topic, but a Captain running one of the Main Divisions of Blacksquadron along with my XO, Rear Admiral Tankgun.

Blacksquadron supports:
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Empire at War & Forces of Corruption
Eve Online
Battlefield Series
Call of Duty 4
and Starcraft II when it comes out

The SWBF2 division is picking back up after a dip in activity, and has installed a points system based on battle reports, coming to trainings, participating in clan wars and matches, and being active. There are also bonuses for those of you who excell in the game and get the most kills, points ect.
Promotions are now based on that point system, where the more you get the better chance you have of getting promoted or getting that open position. In Blacksquadron, if you are active ingame and on the forums, you WILL go far.

If you've never been involved in a clan, its definently something to try. After participating in several my self, I can safely say that Clan matches and wars are the best part about Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Come check it out:

Hope to see you on the forums soon!

jawathehutt 02-25-2008 09:42 AM

Do you have a server?

Bs|Rogue52 02-25-2008 02:42 PM


Originally Posted by jawathehutt
Do you have a server?

you had to ask that, we can use a non-dedicated server that doesnt lag too bad.

But mostly if there is ever a need for match play GWL tournies and ladders are great, and playing on public servers is enough.

silent assasian 02-26-2008 09:44 PM

want to be allies? my site is right here go to the chat box

Seanthedestroyr 02-15-2010 11:33 PM

Blacksquadron is recruiting! Come join us at

Bokken 02-16-2010 08:45 AM

We are recruiting, but nobody will ever see this who isn't already clanned.

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