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MJ 02-23-2007 11:17 PM

My Chinese Democracy
As far as I'm concerned, a Chinese Democracy is an abstract concept. It's a great idea, it has a lot of potential, but really, it's never going to be finished.

So how many of us have Chinese Democracies? Great ideas, a lot of potential, there's some groundwork there, but it could (maybe) never be finished. Nightlight's got plenty.

Tierra de los Muertos 3D movie - unfortunately, now an abandoned concept. I've got pictures of half a dozen 3D skeletons, a break room, and what would have been an awesome nightclub without the room itself.

Radio stuff - Lost Cause III and Beneath Monkey Island are currently demanding my attention. A Howard special, Queer Eye For the Straight Prime is recorded, and I need to get to that. Scripting wise, Doctor Who: Time Chase couldn't be a better Chinese Democracy.

Books - Tierra de los Muertos lies on the edge of being finished. I'm wading through the second draft of it now. It's about 300 pages, ready to be shopped to publishers. Two other books I'm dabbling in are illustrated, along the lines of kids books. They're Chinese Democracies, because I can't sit down and devote enough time to drawing. One I've finished writing, it's a Tierra based work in which Number Two has a near Death experience, called 'Casi Muerte', the other is based around the coming of the Holy Zebra, and is called 'He Trots Amongst Us'.

Have I forgotten anything? Anything that I've said has been 'coming soon' and never came?

The Adventurer 02-24-2007 05:51 AM

Tierra de los Muertos 2 is a gap in my life that needs filling.

That preview clip was soooooooo long ago.

As for me, I literally have DOZENS of stories plotted in my head, but I've only barely been able to script anything. Everything from web comic strips to comic books to novels to radio dramas. Oh and an Adventure Game or twelve.

I blame my lack of artistic talent, as it's hard for me to visualize things well to describe them sufficiently to make my writing stand out.

It's an ongoing process. I'm getting better. Why yesterday night, I managed to write down nearly 3 pages of synopsis, plot outlines and world building details for my sci-fi drama series Dust. And I've put together some backgrounds and have been dabbling with the SLUDGE engine to start putting together a tech demo of my graphic adventure game Stanley Bicksford: Certified Exterminator.

MJ 02-24-2007 11:13 PM

I've considered dabbling in a computer game, but the bad thing is I have ideas and no way of implementing them.

Tierra de los Muertos 2! So many fond memories. Or as I became to know it as, 'In Search of the Big Kahuna'. You know the bad thing about that story in particular? It's a GOOD idea, but it's not a GREAT idea. I've had many ideas for stories that take place in the Land of the Dead (Casi Muerte being one of them, I've written the script for that at least) and other things keep taking priority. Big Kahuna, at the moment, lies a distant third in line for what still needs to be recorded. That's potentially years away (if at all).

Knowing my luck with chinese democracies, I'll be done with the sequel book to Tierra before the radio series rumbles around. Although every time we do a recording, I pull out the script for Casi Muerte... but there's never enough time. It'd make a great twenty minute Christmas special.

B00 06-09-2007 03:08 AM

You know i may just be saying this as an American and possibly biased because of "Democracies and Freedom" who knows, but honestly dude Chinese Democracy is just really another word for Reformed Communism or if you wanna be really nice and say it Revised Socialism cause honestly all Communists claim to be Socialists eventhough they're not. Anyways as far as all of your unfinished and soon to be finish projects, it's been said that even if the idea isn't a GREAT idea. "Good Ideas always turn out better after trying." Just my take on the whole thing, sorry for bugging y'all.

MJ 06-10-2007 08:37 AM

Chinese Democracy is actually a Guns N' Roses album that's been in development since about 1994. Apparently it's coming out this year. Apparently there's people coming out of comas saying 'it's still not out yet!??'

A good idea with a lot of potential that's never achieved. :)

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