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Shana 04-08-2007 10:35 PM

Upheaval - The Brieder War I

The year is 2559, more than 5 centuries ago, the planet formerly known as Earth had run out of fossil fuels. What became known as World War III started when America declared that their oil reserves were empty. They lied of course, so America, taking the advantage of it's relationship with the central american countries as well as Mexico and Canada, they allied with Russia and the European countries to attack and seize the oil reserves of the African countries.

The Africans put on a big fight, most of America, Mexico and Canada were obliterated and Russia soon after offered it's help to these countries in exchange of a big cut in the oil reserve. China seized the territory of Irak and Iran but they soon realized that what little was left of the reserves would not be enough to sustain the world. Scientists from all over the world discused the matter but all options pointed to what was inevitable, the end of the world.

Soon after the greenhouse effect started to become more dangerous, life in the desert became unsustainable and animals all over the Equator started to die. The dams started to go dry and the electric services became insanely expensive. Poverty was bigger than ever.

In all the chaos, Russia and China joined forces to build a space station that would support human life as it moved through space with destination to a planet discovered by Japanese scientists at NASA. This planet was without a name and was soon after called Hope as it was human kind's last hope for survival.

The space station was the size of Texas. Thousands of human beings were frozen for the travel and the last of the oil reserves were deposited into the space station to create an impulse so strong that it would send the station on it's course to arrive at the planet in the next 100 years.

The result was succesful, the good news was followed by a terrible one. Earth was finally dead and all those who were left in it. Where Earth used to be now only asteroids and dust are left.

Near the end of the voyage, an asteroid collided with the space station spliting it into two. One part crash landed and the other stayed in orbit examining the planet for life possibilities. A colony was built over the planet with only 300 people, this colony was called Sparta in reminescence of human history.

An expedition was soon carried out to learn of the fate of the people in the other half of the station. Thirty men left for it, only two came back. The atmosphere of the planet contained a bacteria that caused madness, mutation and agression. The people of that crash were now less than human, some gained more strength, others more speed, others more endurance. Their numbers grew and their new species branched like different kinds of spiders. A new name was given to these creatures, those who were our brothers, now are our enemies, some call them evolved humans but evolution is not that cruel. The name came from the serial number of their tanks, BR13D3R, so they were called Brieders. Their leader used to be Doctor Higgins, now he calls himself Lord Artus, he and his generals now seek to destroy Sparta.

Sparta is now the first human city. The size of the former USA. Sparta is our last defence against the invading Brieders who have also made their city deep in the mountains of what has been called The Hive. They had the time to make weapons, but we are not without our resources. Human numbers have grown, but so have theirs. The battle now takes place in the hills of Cretia, the abandoned human facility now taken by the Brieders. We must find a way to get to their capital and destroy them, underground they're more powerful but under the sky, we are the masters.

The toxin in the air was neutralized thirty years ago, now we can run free in the world. But be careful with Brieder weaponry as their Klaut-guns launch small injection darts that contain deadly viruses. Thank god they only have limited supplies, and us an antidote. But on the battlefield you must be careful, for the only antidote out there is death...

Ok I did this a bit rushed and it went a little away from my original idea but since I'm writing a book that is not exactly this but sci-fi nonetheless I thought I'd come back here after my huge leave and bring this and see if it interests any of you :D

Character Sheet
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Appearence: (Pic or detailed paragraph)

Ok, here's mine:
Name: Faith Cortez
Gender: Female
Age: 23

Personality: optimistic but quiet, she has problems trusting people, only few are considered friends by her.
Biography: Daughter of an English SAS member and a Spanish mother, Faith was raised in the military sector of Sparta, from a young age she started training and working with her father ensuring the security of the city. She is very knowledgeable about Brieders and their subspecies.
Strengths: loyal, helps whenever she can and is a great shooter.
Weaknesses: short temper and not very patient.


Black Knight of Keno 04-09-2007 10:20 AM

((Welcome back))

Name: Alex Rahkola
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Personality: A strong willed young man who wants to prove himself not only as an able police officer, but also as a good son to his father. He is a good leader and a strategist, but rebellious thoughts still come up to him every now and then, especially when his father or mother are in any way involved in a situation. Being an atheist and a socialist, some feel him as a threat, so he has become very able in watching his surroundings and in martial arts.
Biography: He was born into a lovely little family with the father being a former sissi from Finland and the mother an American biologist. He also has two brothers and a sister, the brothers in the army and the sister as a nurse. Not only was he a good student at the start of his life, he also proved to be very able as a leader early on while being a class president for several years in a row. Later on he joined the army, proving his worth in several battles against the brieders before resigning his post and joining the police in an attempt to find a more peaceful life.
Strengths: Endurance, strong will, empathy
Weaknesses: Strong will, empathy


Curt-Man 04-09-2007 11:02 AM

((I've been waiting for this for a while now :) ))

Name: Tirin Wickman
Gender: Male
Age: 32

Personality: Hardened exterior, looks out for number 1.
Biography: Dad was a drinker, so was his mom. He left them and became a drinker too. He joined the military after getting bored of bar brawls. Although he has trained in multiple martial art dojos, he still prefers his brawler style of fighting. He fights for the thrill of it.
Strengths: A great brawler, tough as nails, trained in the use of explosives
Weaknesses: has trouble following orders


Shana 04-09-2007 02:57 PM

(Thanks, it's nice to see you all again, we'll start this off, all other people interested can join in as we go along)

It was mid-day, the infantry of the Spartan army moved towards the hills with great opposition from the Brieders. A small squad in a trench, south of what was an abandoned observatory was awaiting the arrival of the comms officer. Faith Cortez was one of the soldiers in the trench. The new model of weaponry was in her hands, the new carbine, a redesigned M4 with shotgun barrel with capacity of three shells.

The comms officer came rushing into the trench as a grenade blast was heard and seen a few metters away from them.

- "They're getting closer!" - one of the soldiers said, Faith took a look at the comms officer who was bleeding from his left arm.

- "Are you alright officer?" - Faith asked and the man nodded, he was panting and managed to catch a bit of his breath.

- "Ma'am, we've lost contact with the forward command center, the only comm available at this point is in the recon tower just north of the greenhouse" - the comms officer said.

- "Fine, we'll have to move there and contact the airstrike team to clear the Brieder camp just east of the hills" - Faith said and took her binoculars and saw three huge monsters, these monsters were called Tank Brieders because of their size and difficulty to bring down.

- "Three tanks on the way, anybody looked at the blueprints of this place?" - Faith asked.

Curt-Man 04-09-2007 03:53 PM

"I sure did." Tirin said as he was fiddling with something in his hands. He stood completely upright in the trench whipped the gadjet that he was holding wiht all his might at the tanks. it landed at the feet of one. He ducked. "Fire in the whole." A huge blast came from what he threw. Tirin looked over the trench. "Well it slowed them down at least." He said as one of the tanks was struggling to get out of the massive hole in the ground. "What did you want to know about the blueprints?"

Upgrade 04-09-2007 03:56 PM

I hope I can still join

Name: Cain Ritham
Gender: male
Age: 25

Personality: Cain is noticed with a Fiery. He is bold and brave. But exhibits mercy since he doesn't like suffering.. Cain is normally wearing a skimask when on a mission for the military. So his actual face is rarely seen unless he is not on a mission.
Biography: Cain's parents abandoned Cain shortly after he was 3 years old. After growing up in an orphanage he joined the military to learn more about himself. Shortly after joining he was trained in combat and how to drive mainly anything that moves. What Cain exelled in was Silenced weapons making him one of the best point men
Strengths:Mercy, Use of silencer, Driver, Pilot
Weaknesses: Mercy


Black Knight of Keno 04-09-2007 04:05 PM

Alex sat in the back of a makeshift APC, one of the volunteers from the Police to aid in the defence of the city the Brieders were closing in on. There were a total of three APCs that were actually SWAT trucks that the garage people had enforced with some extra armor plating. All men inside wore SWAT combat wear with the exception of proper military weapons. The other two APCs had people talking and the squad leaders briefing the men, but the one which had Alex in it was silent. Only a cought was heard. When the driver knocked on the wall as the sign they were getting close, Jake stood up, taking a lion patch from his pocket and placing in on his other arm as the sign he was squad leader while holding a pipe on the roof of the truck so he wouldn't lose his balance.
"All right, people. You all went throught boot camp. You all know what to do. Just remember one rule; don't lose the golden lion from your view. Good luck out there"

Only a moment later, another knock echoed throught the wall and the police closest to the doors stood up, opening the metal doors and scrambling out. The rest of the 15 man squad jumped off and secured the nearby area while Alex and the other squad leaders rushed to the Forward Command Center to meet up with the commanding officer.
"Ah, the volunteers. Rather swift trip taking you're not enlisted"
"Yes, sir. What's our orders?"
"What's your specialties?"
"Recon, commando and guerilla, sir"
"Perfect. There are some Brieders trying to circle our positions. There's a greenhouse nearby their location with a trench. I would think you can make use of it"
"We'll head there right away, sir"
"And if you happen to see any of my soldiers on the way, pick them up. You'll need help"
"Yes, sir"

The squads loaded up in the APCs again and the drivers looked a safe route to the greenhouse. Before leaving, however, the army procided them with machine guns on the roofs and a soldier capable of controlling the heavy weapon. After a quick strapping on of the MG, the APCs took off cross terrain. Alex decided to brief his men again.
"Allright men, we're heading for a hot spot. If we get there before the bogies, we can hide in a greenhouse, waiting for them to pass. Then we can open fire on them when they least expect it. However, if we can't get to the greenhouse before them, there's a trench nearby. Our main objective at that point is to secure the trench and put up some defences. If we fail, the army might fail, so don't screw up" he said and checked his assault rifle, a heavily updated version of an MP5.

The battle got toughter as they got nearer to their objective. The drivers took out everything they had in the trucks, but not even that was enought. They were too late to hide, so they would have to get some defences up. Even if they had gone way past the actual battlefield to ambush the enemy, it would be worth it in the end. The three trucks rushed onwards.

Shana 04-09-2007 06:36 PM

Faith looked at Tirin and then looked up from the trench, she glanced around the terrain just north of their position.

- "The tanks on the way are going to make it difficult for us to go through, is there a way to reach the northwest part of the installation through sewers or maintenance passages?" - Faith asked Tirin as she continued to look at the terrain.

- "Ambush! Brieders on the left side through the hall!" - a soldier screamed.

Faith and some of the soldiers quickly fired their rifles, Faith fired single shots to the head and torso.

- "Don't just spray men, conserve ammo, try single shots!" - Faith said and then turned to Tirin again - "Well?".

Grace 04-09-2007 07:44 PM

Name: Elizabeth Ryan
Gender: Female
Age: 27

Personality: A little harsh at times, sarcastic, and she rarely smiles. In battle, she's aggressive, but she'll follow orders if they're given.

Biography: Some say Elizabeth Ryan was brainwashed and reeducated, stripped of emotion. They figure that's the only good explanation for how emotionless she appears when in battle. But as she says nothing of her past, there can be no confirmation of this. But truth be told, there is very little of her past that she remembers. She has learned not to care about whatever happened in her past; the present is all that matters now.

Strengths: An amazing sense of logic, a vast amount of knowledge on the Brieders' battle tactics, strengths and weaknesses, steady aim of almost any light weapon she handles

Weaknesses: At times, Liz can be overly cold and careless, especially with other humans. She experiences very little in the way of emotion and has difficulty understanding those who allow themselves to be overcome by it.

Appearance: Image: Elizabeth Ryan

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Before the shout of 'ambush' had been made, Liz was ready, her rifle already shouldered and prepared to fire. Before Faith had given her suggestion of single-shot fire, Liz was doing it. In complete silence, she aimed and fired, aimed and fired. She was very methodical with her shots and each one connected with an enemy, taking it down. When the threat was over, she relaxed only a little, her rifle still at her shoulder, waiting.

Sigundr 04-09-2007 09:06 PM

Name: Kyle Crinth
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Personality: Very quite person, he spokes only when needed and doesn't have many friends.
Biography: Kyle was an orphan as a kid, constantly running the streets. He was a thief at best, stealing what food and clothing he could find to survive. One day, as he was committing such an act, a soldier found him scrounging through a cupboard and brought him to the military installation in Sparta. He became the military's best pilot, passing every test, and even out-doing the so called "Top Gun" pilots in war games.
Strengths: Excellent pilot, stealthy, very proficient sharpshooter
Weaknesses: Empathy, lack of love



Kyle streaked through the sky, leaving an exhaust plume behind him. He was engaging a formation of Brieder bombers that had set up over a dug in Sparta position.
"Command, this is White Lightning, do we some numbers on the amount of them?" Kyle asked as he approached the target.

"Command to Lightning: There are approximately-"

Suddenly and very violently a Brieder fighter jet slammed in to the rear section of Kyle's plane, tearing the engines and the back half of the plane clear off. As the plane careened out of control towards the ground, he tried to reach the eject lever. There was a loud explosion and the canopy opened to gray, cloudy skies and Kyle was shot up into them.

Black Knight of Keno 04-10-2007 09:09 AM

The APCs rumbled onwards, the machine guns opening fire as soon as they could at the enemy infantry. Alex stood up again after a knock on the wall.
"Alright. Check your equipment and load your weapons. We'll go in with a bang, so get everything so it's easy to get if you need it. Especially ammo. We have two crates extra for each truck, but it won't still matter much if you can't reach it in time to save your life. Gray, Richardson, you carry the crates out as soon as we've put up some defences around the trucks. Get the ammo to the greenhouse as soon as you can and if you can. Otherwise dump it into the trench and start shooting" he said before the whole squad rose up, checked the gears and loaded their weapons. As the situation was already quite chaotic near the greenhouse and they couldn't hide before the Brieders got to them, the drivers took the loudspeakers and attatched the microphone on the stereo system. They had agreed as a joke that if it got hot, they would sound the cavalry horn when going into battle. So they did now. The noise came before them, the trucks soon afterwards screeching to halts next to the trenches.

The doors flung open and squads poured out, opening fire on the Brieders getting rather too close to the trenches. Alex rushed to the trench and jumped down, seeing soldiers there. It would seem they interrupted a last ditch defence.
"Lion team! Move forwards in the trenches and get some defences up! I'll try to find out who's in charge here. Bryce, you're in charge!" Alex shouted before rushing off to the nearest soldier, asking directions. Soon afterwards he went forwards in the trenches, trying to find out who the heck was Faith Cortez.

Grace 04-10-2007 09:47 AM

"Faith Cortez," Liz echoed when asked. She gestured with one hand to Faith. "That one. Brown hair, dark eyes... shouts combat suggestions from time to time." She shrugged and shifted her rifle a little, lowering the barrel toward the floor, but still ready at a moment's notice to raise it again.

Shana 04-10-2007 11:41 AM

Faith was still awaiting an answer from Tirin when suddenly a soldier called out to her and she watched police officers heading down the trench.

- "Ma'am, the officer in charge is looking for you" - the soldier said and Faith nodded, she looked at the police officers and saw one that was giving orders, so that one had to be the one in charge.

- "Lieutenant Faith Cortez, any news from the Forward Command Center?" - Faith asked Alex but she still glanced back at Tirin hoping he would answer soon, the Tanks were almost at their position.

Curt-Man 04-10-2007 12:01 PM

"Yeah there is, its going to be tight, we should move ASAP." Tirin said inbetween shots.

Black Knight of Keno 04-10-2007 12:12 PM

"Not good news for us. They think there's a rather large force attempting throught here. So I would think that they are misinformed or not informed at all of the situation down here. What's your plan?" he asked as Gray and the soldier followed from behind. Gray dropped the crate of ammo and opened it before taking his assault rifle and opening fire on the hostiles. Meanwhile the soldier assembled a rocket launcher and aimed at one of the tanks, succesfully taking one down with a direct hit. Alex glanced at the soldier with a raised eyebrow before turning back to Faith to introduce himself.

"Alex Rahkola, 5th Volunteer Platoon. Corporal from the 1st Sissi Division" he said and saluted before giving a look at Tirin.
"And where might you be heading off to?" he asked as anothr volunteer squad rushed past them with some heavier weaponry to take out a larger amount of hostiles attempting to drop into the trenchat one point of it. Alex gave way to them as they rushed past before taking cover from a grenade explosion. It was no place to be attempting small talk that's for sure

Sigundr 04-10-2007 11:13 PM

The parachute plumed above him and jerked Kyle in his harness. He was 1,000 feet up and falling quickly. He looked below him and saw two vans next to a trench. Inside the trench he saw flecks of muzzle flash.

'Must be Spartans,' he thought. The Brieders were approaching the the trench at a moderately quick pace. Then he saw plume of smoke careen towards the nearest Tank, downing it. As he neared the ground, he turned towards an open stretch of land, and yanked down hard on the 'chute's directional lines. He immediately dropped and touched ground, trying to slow himself down with his feet. He pulled the quick release on his harness and pulled out his 9mm firearm and ducked behind cover of the nearest van. Hearing a lull in the fire, he sprinted towards the trench, and slid feet first into it, making a not so graceful entrance to slam against the opposing trench wall.

Shana 04-11-2007 11:28 AM

Faith looked at Alex and then glanced back at Tirin after hearing his answer.

- "We are heading to the recon tower just north of here. There we can find the only comm available, we must call in the air strike on the Brieder camp that's east of the hills" - Faith said and then noticed the pilot that got into the trench.

- "Give this soldier a proper weapon if you please, there are too many brieders to engage and no man should be in disadvantage" - Faith said and a soldier next to her handed Kyle a P90 with scope that had thermal vision mode.

- "Mendez, Gregor, Makamura! Make to the door heading to the maintenance room and cover us when you get there!" - Faith said and the men acknowledged the order and ran to the door just a 6 yards away northwest of their position and as they did so, the other soldiers in the trench provided cover.

- "Alright when our men start firing make to their position as fast as you can" - Faith said to the other soldiers, just a second later the men started firing. Faith ran to the building and took cover behind a wall, her soldiers followed her closely. She then started to provide cover for Alex and his men.

Sigundr 04-11-2007 03:23 PM

Kyle holstered his 9mm, took the P90 that was offered to him, turned the safety off, and checked the scope. Satisfied, he ran after Faith and the soldiers and found cover and opened fire. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a tiny dot careen up and over in an arc towards his location.

"Grenade!" Kyle yelled. He put the P90's scope to his eye and fired a single shot, blowing the grenade up prematurely, scattering harmless shrapnel among them.

Curt-Man 04-11-2007 04:45 PM

"Hot shots." Tirin muttered as the Pilot shot the grenade then bolted past the rest as he was used to running from something. "In here!" Tirin yelled as he took cover beside the entrance to the maintenance tunnels. "Hurry it up!" He said and provided some cover fire.

Sigundr 04-11-2007 06:49 PM

Kyle heard Tirin from the entrance. He popped his head up, and then dove for the entrance.

"Thanks, mate," he said to Tirin, patting him on the back.

Shana 04-12-2007 09:19 PM

- "Everyone get in!" - Faith said as she still provided cover fire, she would stay until everyone came through to the tunnels, she was intent on not leaving any man behind.

Black Knight of Keno 04-13-2007 08:46 AM

The Volunteer Platoon's squad leaders gathered up and had a very short conversation. The Lion team went first throught the entrance while the other squads scrambled out of the trench and towards the trucks. Alex was the last to enter, dragging Faith in with him and closing the door before a heavy shelling of the trenches began.
"Squad, head out front. We're clearing the site of any hostiles. Remember the SWAT training, boys" Alex said before the squad rushed forwards, scouting ahead. They had brought with them one of the ammo crates and Alex opened it to reveal ammo for at least one battle's worth.

"Get your extras. We don't know if we're getting out easy, so it's better to have ammo than trusting the enemy's gone when we leave. Also, I'd like to think there's some plan here. Just for clarification, what is it?" he asked, leaning onto the nearest wall and checking his gear silently

Shana 04-13-2007 11:55 AM

- "Make for the recon tower men, we are sure to encounter heavy opposition so stick together" - Faith said as she advanced with her squad forwards. The tunnels suddenly ended in a large room, what looked like a generator room with several power units laying around. Growls were heard nearby and they all got into cover. A bunch of Brieder Scouts and soldiers passed just infront of them. They were heading for the east maintenance passage to flank the other Spartan forces.

- "They are going into a narrow passage, it's a bottleneck, we can take them down with a bunch of grenades and only the ones in the front row will fire back" - the comms officer suggested.

- "Well here goes nothing then" - Faith said as she and two other soldiers threw frag grenades, unpon the explotion the Brieders turned around and begun firing. Faith and her soldiers began to fire as well taking down one at a time with single shots while the Brieders sprayed their guns.

Curt-Man 04-13-2007 03:29 PM

Tirin let the riflemen do their work. He took out the blueprints and double checked everything to make sure they were headed in the right direction.
"Might want to hurry it up, may I remined you we do have a lot of lives depending on us?" Tirin yelled over the gunfire, then under his breath muttered. "And I don't want to be held responsible."

Master_Archon 04-14-2007 12:23 PM

Name: Unit's Serial-#: S202A; Rank and Title: Master Gunnery Sergeant
Gender: Male
Age: 30

Personality: Dry and cold, his voice is emotionless, silky, but chilling to mind and bone.
Biography: Sent to a Psionic Training program, he was trained and created to be a better soldier for both battelfield and singular operations. The program was deviced by the military, in an attempt to train the best soldiers humanity could offer. The program was dubbed the S-A program, and units trained in the program were known as Shades.

He is well trained in all weapons, and martial arts, he is highly capable as a soldier, but as a human, he lacks. Shades are feared more than respected, but are much appreciated when they accompany a group of soldiers, because of their uses on the battlefield. They sport chameleon technology, multi-purpose goggles, and a lock-down system that can knock out electronic equipment for a short time. They also sport a new breed of weapon, all purpose, and capable of firing multiple round sizes, the most common used round in the rifle the size of a small soda can.

Not to mention there most fear ability, the ability to remotely signal any missile silo nearby, and have it launch it's most powerful implements, often from a safe distance, but on some occasions Shades have been known to sacrifice themselves, and even a few others, to stop oncoming Brieder hordes from reaching civilization.

S202A is a well known Shade, often doing his missions succesfully, no matter the cost. But in his extended time on the battlefield with moral and emotional human beings, he's begun to feel the strain on mind, and body to understand the things he sees. Though he was created to feel no such thing as fear, he fears one thing indefinately, his, retirement, as the military calls it, where Shades who've begun to contract too many feelings in mind and body are sent back to the 'Prism', the S-A training grounds, and are decommisioned.

With that, they are gene spliced, and the best genes in them are taken, studied, and put in cold storage for uses not even the Shades know. This is the one thing he fears, and he only hopes that his last mission will be a long one, not to mention the one he can find his rest on.

Strengths: Psionic Enhancing, Weapon expert, Hand-To-Hand
Weaknesses: Lack of Personality, Mind struggles - often effecting battlefield efficiency

Appearence: Linkism

Shana 04-14-2007 02:18 PM

The gunfire ceased as the Brieders yelled retreat. Soon after all the growls and sounds stopped. They had succesfully neutralized the enemy ambush.

- "Continue ahead!" - Faith said as all the soldiers ran through the pipes. She then looked at Tirin.

- "Take point and guide us Tirin" - Faith said.

Curt-Man 04-14-2007 09:13 PM

"On it." Tirin ran to the front, periodically taking out the blue prints until they reached a room with no doors out. "No its not a dead end, but when I said it'd be tight, I meant tight." Tirin said as the pulled the grate off of the wall. "Its the fastest way, I hope you brought your knee pads." Tirin joked then crawled into the hole.

Black Knight of Keno 04-15-2007 12:04 AM

"For the love of..." Alex grumbled and raised a hand to the short-range radio he had that connected him with the squad members.
"Report in" he said while still looking at the hole.
"Fireteam 1 reporting in"
"Fireteam 2 reporting in"
"Fireteam 4 reporting in"
"Fireteam 5 feporting in"
"Where's Fireteam 3?"
"Fireteam 3 reporting in. We're pinned down and taking heavy fire. We are due northwest from the Generator room"
"Fireteams 2 and 4, aid 3 and find your way to the radar station. From now on radio silence. Good luck out there" Alex said before looking at the squad members still with him. With another grumble he attatched a silencer to his MP5 and crawled into the hole.

Grace 04-15-2007 10:58 AM

To this point, Liz had been an efficient soldier, firing only when necessary and achieving a killing shot with each pull of her trigger. As the soldiers began moving out, Liz was neither first nor last to move; she positioned herself somewhat in the middle of the movement, but still with enough room for movement and return fire if necessary.

Now, as they came into a room with no apparent exits, Liz shook her head. That's when she caught sight of the grate on the wall. A flicker of what could have been amusement crossed Liz' face and she thumbed the safety on her rifle, slinging it over her shoulder. But the flash of emotion was gone faster than it appeared as Liz drew a pistol and crawled into the hole, just ahead of Alex, behind Tirin.

Jedi Atomic 04-15-2007 11:50 AM

Name: Art Jed
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Personality: Art really doesn't have time to do anthing but train, has no time to play with others or socialize. No one besides his squad know him the most.

Biography: Like their brothers, the shades, this squad of 5 have been learning to use armored personal units since about 10 years old. The only difference is that they are volunteers. These five guys all the same age, were street kids wondering around looking for food. They all were thinking about joining the army but refused to do so, until they seen a newspaper ad for training in the use of some walking vehicle. They joined and have been training until now.

Strengths: being in the APU; heavy weapons(machine guns)

Weaknesses: fighting outside the APU; light weapons(pistol, sub-machine guns, or rifles)

Appearence: Art Jed

Curt-Man 04-15-2007 05:32 PM

Tirin, for his size was an exceptionally fast crawler. He lead them through twists and turns. Until he came to a vertical shaft.
"Here." He said then stood up in the shaft, and started to climb the walls until he came to the grate that covered, wichy was firmly set. He took some powder out of his pack and put some of it on 2 of the sides of the grate. Slowly it started to burn that grate. Tirin then bashed the grate off and hauled himself up. Once up he extended his hand to Liz.

Master_Archon 04-15-2007 11:19 PM

S202A had remained inconspicuous, and fairly unnoticed, which worked to his advantage. To remain hidden to your allies, is to say that your enemies see you less.

He didn't have his chameleon tech. on, no, he was just quiet, and for that part unnoticed.

He had been asigned to this particular squad of soldiers, working with them to complete whatever mission had been set before them. He had followed and complied as he should; so far he hadn't fired his weapon yet, it was the new Y2, a simple title, but the military wasn't expecting to use it for any great purpose, so a simple name was welcomed.

The fact he hadn't fired HIS weapon, did not mean he had not been firing, no, he had used a heavy machine gun off of a fallen soldier in the trenches, using up the rest of the ammo in the gun.

He had followed the lieutenant as protocol dictated, and as they came to the shafts and tunnels in the dead end room, he waited for everyone to get inside, before taking flank. His weapon was what ultimately decided his position, because it was perfect for being dragged backwards through the tight tunnels, while it was too large to be carried on his back, or with him in general if he had been somewhere in the center.

As the last of the men slipped into the shaft, he sat down inside, then slipped in, backwards. He began shuffling in a rather uncomfortable position, backwards throught the shafts, watching ever-so-often to see where he was going, but ultimately viewing behind the group, ensuring they weren't being followed.

Shana 04-16-2007 05:49 PM

The recon Tower was just ahead of them, through a courtyard that seemed to be an abandoned depot. No brieder's were around and it seemed too quiet, not a good sign ever. Faith had been behind Liz and as soon as she got out she climbed out of the hole herself. She looked around and looked at Tirin and Liz.

- "You hear that?" - Faith asked them in a whisper and then narrowed her eyes - "These bastards are waiting for us".

She then looked at two other soldiers coming out of the whole.

- "Makamura, Scott and Hayes, take that left side just behind those containers, keep your eyes open. Gregorovich take the right and assume sniper position just over the sidewalk on the right ladder" - Faith said - "The rest stick together".

(Be sure to insert any fight you wish to make things excitiong as we reach the tower, you got creativity let's see it ;) )

Jedi Atomic 04-17-2007 08:19 AM

(Here's a good point to join in the fray. There can still be a fight though.)

Art and his guys walking in their APU's, coming across a depot of somesort. Art walked up to the wall raising his foot, which made the unit follow his movement, striking the cement wall. Art backed off as the cement crumbled to the ground. He waited for the smoke and dust to settle before they continued on.

Once the dust settled, Art slowly stepped in noticing soldiers alll pointing at him. "Uh not Brieders, right? You don't look like them."

(Your group Miracle.)

Curt-Man 04-17-2007 11:59 AM

"Nice suit." Tirin said to the newcomers. Then continued slowly up ahead, until he reached some cover and waited for the rest of the group.

Master_Archon 04-18-2007 10:32 AM

(Fine, seeing as no one is starting a fight like Miracle wanted, I will.)

S202A, who was just reffered to as Gun Sergeant, because of his rank, and the the fact that calling him by his number was long and pointless to most common soldiers, was the last one out of the shaft, pulling himself up, he noticed the large vehicles that had suddenly entered the area, but ignored them, seeing as they were friendly, for the most part.

He had heard the last orders of the lieutenant to stick together as they approached the tower. He trotted up to the group heading towards the building, his gun in a ready, but relaxed position, as he took flank, as usual.

S202A tensed as he seemed to detect something, he raised his rifle slowly, a thin red targeting laser coming from his goggles, the beam no thinner than a wire. Suddenly shots rang out and a man in the group fell.

Brieders seemed to come cralling out of the woodworks, firing at the group, some were even weaponless, but that didn't stop them from charging forward and getting upclose and personal.

S202A opened fire, one shot more than capable of killing a Brieder on strike. His weapon was slow firing when it came to his canister rounds, but it was more than sufficient for killing the Brieders, which was all that mattered.

A Brieder came careening towards him, his clip was empty, and he didn't have time to reload, reaching back, he pulled out a fairly large combat knife, bringing it across the Brieder's neck, the Brieder screamed as it dropped to the ground, blood spraying.

S202A put his rifle on is back, putting his knife away, he pulled out his sidearm, a raptor magnum, opening fire with it in rapid succesion. He wondered when the lieutenant would order them to get moving, they couldn't hold out forever against these Brieders.

Curt-Man 04-18-2007 12:05 PM

Tirin tossed a custom grenade at one of the more larger groups of Brieders and blew them to pieces. Then took his rifle and began to fire.
"Orders Sir?!"

Shana 04-18-2007 01:38 PM

- "We got to make it to the tower!" - Faith yelled over the gunfire as she also took out several Brieders with her assault rifle. One Brieder charged at her but she had a knife as bayonet and sliced the head of the Brieder from his neckline. She then looked over at a grenadier who was with her group.

- "Clear a path soldier!" - Faith said and the man opened fire on a bunch of crates directly on their path which blew up giving them a space to run to the tower.

- "Make to the tower men!" - Faith said covering her squad as she began to move for the tower.

Curt-Man 04-18-2007 03:23 PM

Tirin took off at full speed. He was the first to a cover. He turned around and covered the running soldiers flank, firing as precisly as he could. He snagged a marksmen and tol him to take his position. Then he took off again to the tower.

Once there he took the remainder of the white power and poured it on the doors lock. After it vaporized Tirin opened the door and made sure it was clear.

Jedi Atomic 04-19-2007 09:09 PM

"Guys ready!?" yelled Art to his squad.
"Yes Sir!" they yelled in unison. They lined up as the other soldiers ran between them towards the tower.
"Fire!" A barrage of bullets showered the enemy, knocking a small fraction of the brieders out. "We'll be lucky to survive. We will not be here long if we don't have foot soldiers defending us." He said to Faith as she had a patch on her arm, giving some signal she was a commander. "Which means the tower won't be a good place for us."

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