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RCjango_2857 06-02-2007 10:52 PM

RAS Prosecutor tough spots
when i went through the prosecutor campaign i used the shotgun (ACP array gun) as my primary for 3/4 of the campaign and when the BDs came i swapped to the DC guns. the toughest spot i had to get through was the SAVE THE SHIP when you had to go through that hallway with the turrets BDs and SBDs. i hit the turets w/ the sniper and fraged the BDs w/ anti-armor & grenades. i moved on to turbo-laser consoles and set the othors up on slicing the consoles. i just crouched & took pot shots at the BDs & hid from the destroyers & SBDs

if you are confused about topic & title, i cant change the title

clonecowcommndo 09-14-2007 08:04 AM

I find trando weapons average at best. The shotgun is so close ranged I'd rather melee anyway. The light repeater's low ammo and aim stinks. I find the conc rifle rather hard to use, but the melee rox. The best is the Minigun which I use on big groups of baddies. But when it comes to combat in enclosed areas, I'd rather have my Deece for its faster melee, not to mention walking speed.

I found the wookiee weapons to be better than trando and clone ones, bowcaster has more ammo and is cooler, rocket launcher is homong and not affected by gravity. has more ammo than AA too

Lord Rengal 11-10-2007 08:05 PM

I have to disagree. The wookie bowcaster is not that effective, and the rocket launcher for multiplayer is not near as helpful as the AA, which fires faster and is better for close range. Also, the most effective weapon overall for me would be the dc17m, but definitely for close range my top pick would be the trando shottie. The only trandoshan weapon that is not effective for me is the light repeater--overall if i had to make a weapon choice I would definitely pick a trando weapon. The trando weapons especially come in handy in the RAS prosecutor campaign and make it much easier to deal with the droids and trandos.

LordOfTheFish 11-21-2007 03:18 PM

I used the shotgun against the Trando mercs for just about the whole asault ship campaign.However I rarly used the ACP Aray gun.Now the trando minigun I used mainly in the Kashyyyk Campaign.Personally I liek using my DC guns the best.(I hated that geonosian fire gun thingy but the trando guns were pretty cool)

Dracus296 02-05-2008 12:28 PM

:snip2: :twogun: :tommys: cmon u saps i used sniper rifle throuh thr hole thing!!!!!!!!!(but with amm cheats=))

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