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nizwiz 03-23-2008 05:50 PM

Weapon un/equip animations - where?
In singleplayer, whenever one un/equips a weapon, a very short animation is played (as can be witnessed by enetering "weapon 0" / "weapon 1" / "weapon 0" on the console). Does anyone know where these sequences are to be found in animations.cfg?
(I'm not talking of the BOTH_STAND1TO2 and BOTH_STAND2TO1 sequences; if you're equipping your saber from "weapon 0" mode, a few additional frames can be seen before the BOTH_STAND1TO2 sequence starts - those are the frames I'm looking for!)

katanamaru 06-10-2008 12:43 PM

Do you mean holstering? Like pressing =+ key and putting away the weapon model?

nizwiz 06-10-2008 03:20 PM

Uhm, yeah, I guess that's what "weapon 0" does. Could you just try that console command out and see if it's the same as the one you were talking of?

katanamaru 06-11-2008 01:06 PM

Sure, it could take a couple of days because of homework. And if I can find the animation what should I do with it? I could write the number and name of it down for you no problem, but anything else?

nizwiz 06-12-2008 03:37 PM

Oh, don't you bother searching for it. I just asked here to see if by any chance there was someone who knew it anyway. You see, I've already looked through animation.cfg a couple of times (with modview), but haven't been able to find it.
You shouldn't waste your free time on stupid requests like this. But thanks for the good intentions; I really appreciate that.

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