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e-varmint 06-30-2008 07:23 PM

[FoC] Victory Conditions Bug
I have a new quad-core computer w/XP. I can play the campaign just fine, but when I play Equal Footing, the game declares my "defeat" almost immediately. Apparently, it thinks I have less than 10 planets (I have 17). Is there any way to mod one of the xml files to disable the random game ending?

e-varmint 07-06-2008 07:05 PM

Alright-E. I just tried this:

Note: I have removed the first "<" in each line so that the text will display correctly.


!-- Win Conditions -->


Human_Victory_Planet_Names>Fondor, Myrkr, Kuat, Coruscant, Hypori, Muunilinst, Dathomir, Hoth /Human_Victory_Planet_Names>


AI_Victory_Cycle_Limit>5 /AI_Victory_Cycle_Limit>

After 5 "days", the AI ended the game and declared victory. Now, I will change it to:

AI_Victory_Cycle_Limit>950 /AI_Victory_Cycle_Limit>

and see if I can play until I get tired of it, or conquer the named planets.

Edit: My problem turned out to be a mod-bug. The above makes an interesting alternative to standard victory conditions, though.......


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