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Alkonium 10-07-2008 10:20 PM

Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part V: The Threefold War
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A small convoy of Imperial Transports came out of hyperspace near Amshrey, and almost immediately began releasing both troop and vehicle carriers. As they descended, a Jedi Transport also made its way down to the planet, carrying Kalla Kaltas and her Master, Reyvan Skyrider. From his fortress on Bastion, Darth Virul opened a comm with his former apprentice Dar Bodonawieedo, who was leading the attack. "Begin immediately. Everything is going according to plan." He told him. As Kalla stepped out of the shuttle, she made some quick observations about the Imperial forces. "Master, something seems odd about this attack. They're far too few in number to successfully invade, and they're making no attempt to hold any terrain they cross." She pointed out to her Master and uncle.

Tysyacha 10-07-2008 11:21 PM

Aztlan had always felt like home to the young and lovely Andorra Evenstar. Prosperous, tranquil, safe--until this seemingly never-ending war between the Third Galactic Republic, the Third Galactic Empire, and the Rashikians began. Being a mere student herself and no warrior, Andorra feared for the lives of her friends and loved ones, some of whom were going off to fight under the command of one faction or another. To the girl, it seemed that war was like the painful pimples that would break out on her pale face from time to time--full of fluid, pus, and infectious bacteria, waiting silently to surface. Sometimes there would be no blemishes, just like there would be no war, for the moment. Now, however, war had broken out like Andorra's forehead had!

"Mother?" Andorra meekly asked her female adoptive parent, the Governor of Avalon. "Why must there be war?" She slowly sat down across from her foster mother at the common-room table, lavishly carved out of some exotic wood that had been imported from who knew where in the galaxy. "I know some wars are caused by greed--for money, territory, and most of all, power--but other wars are simply caused by great misunderstandings. Right?"

Andorra's foster mother nodded. "Cultures misunderstand each other most of the time, if not all, in this turbulent galaxy of ours. However, at times, the beings of those different cultures would rather come to blows and fight to the death rather than empathize with one another--walk a mile in their sandals, so to speak. Hatred also causes wars, whether it be racial, economic, religious, or based upon some other factor." She smiled. "I'm proud of you for asking such a question, Andorra. It shows you're growing wise."

Andorra smiled back, but then raised an eyebrow. "And this one? What is its cause, its root cause?" When her foster mother shook her head sadly, with an expression that said I wish I knew, Andorra sighed and sunk her head into her hands. She let her foster mother place a hand upon her weary shoulder, though she had been rather reticent in the past to engage in such displays of affection, even the familial kind. It was unfashionable at school.

"I won't lose you, Mother," she said. "Not in this war, not in any war. Not--like I lost my birth parents in that speeder crash when I was three. You're a governor, I know, and politicians are sometimes dragged into wars that they neither started nor have the power to end, but please try to stay neutral!"

Her foster mother closed her eyes. Andorra knows far more than her years typically permit her to, she thought, and in this case, it is not a good thing. Neither I nor Andorra wish to get involved in this war, but as a servant and guardian of the people, we may find we have no choice...

Xbx_Inthusiast 10-08-2008 01:15 AM

Lore pulled out of Hyperspace over the planet of Amshrey, the tiny ship shaking as it hit debris from a space battle overhead. Merios was sitting in the pilot seat, comm set attached to his forehead and both hands firmly placed on the controls. There was no way he was going to survive this. He came here for a routine refueling- not to be swept up in some type of battle. A massive tremor shook through his ship, a loud wailing coming from the alarm system alerted him to hull damage. His comm system had been broken for some time and he meant to fix it- he never got around to it.

"I've got to get to the planet.. "

A few beeps and whistles came from an archaic protocol droid that was jacked into the wall behind him.

"Fire up the rear shields and engage the thrusters at full power. We're headed in hot. It seems we're not going to get a proper welcome. And, by the way it looks, we're not going to get out of here without a fight. Might as well get to a safe place and re-"

He was cut off by another blaster shot striking the left side of his ship, rocking it in place. He quickly pulled up on the controls and engaged the thrusters, soaring towards the planet, speeding past the massive blockade of foreign ships.

"Where are those shields, H7?!"

A flash of red appeared around his ship. He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, concentrating, letting go of the controls. The ship shook for a moment and began to steady itself. Merios leaned back in his pilots chair and relaxed, crossing his arms and legs, tuning his mind into the Force. Small objects around him began to float and encircle him, bouncing off small attached objects around the console. The ship seemed to guide itself down, massive lasers from attacking ships passing by his ship by mere inches. He was using a type of skill once thought extinct- Battle Meditation. He had learned it on his own; he had to, Jedi were hated creatures- he had to figure out some way to get him out of tight situations.

As the ship entered the atmosphere, it began to shake uncontrollably, but the shield around it protected it from immediate heat damage. Seconds later, it broke the atmosphere, gliding down towards the planet. He opened his eyes, creating a chain reaction of a number of items crashing to the ground. Troops and ships were soaring past everywhere. He couldn't get involved- not yet. He couldn't land in occupied space, so he had to make sure to land somewhere off to the side- hidden from view. He grasped the controls and guided his ship towards the side of a small cliff. He expertly situated it and landed it rather roughly, grinding a few feet into the dirt. He sighed and let go of the controls, reaching up and flipping off a few switches above him as he unstrapped his harness.

He stood up, looking to his droid.

"Look over the ship, will'ya? I'm going to head out to see what's happening."

A series of beeps and whirrs came from the machine.

"Don't worry- I'll be fine. Keep an eye on the perimeter, I'd rather not have scavengers tear my ship to shreads."

He walked a few feet and grasped the hood of his robe from the back of his chair. He slid it over his body, sliding into it and flipping the hood up. His left hand lifted to his left side, his palm outward. Within moments, a crimson, intricately designed light saber floated to his hand rather quickly. He slid it into it's clasp and closed his robe, walking to the exit ramp. He read a small readout on the side that stated the atmosphere was breathable. He breathed a sigh of relief and opened the doors, stepping out and letting it close behind him. It was a small ship, so there wasn't any need for a large ramp.

He planted two feet onto the dirt and sighed, raising his head, the sun glaring off of his horizontal tattoo on his face.

"I.. Sense a disturbance in the Force.."

JediMaster12 10-08-2008 12:58 PM

Amshrey, the forest world and the Mandalorian world as well. It had been some time but Andros would have a chance to return. Right now he was escorting his cousin, the Lady Governor of the system Avalon and her adopted daughter to the planet. The other worlds, while capable of defending her, Amshrey was a young planet and their Mandalorian ancestors and Shreyite armies were formidable. The history in the archives proved it.
Andros walked to inform the governor when he came upon them in their quarters. He gave a cursory look at Andorra, aware that something was different about her and that she was afraid, not of the war but of something else. He cleared his throat and announce, "My lady, we are on final approach to Amshrey," and when he say the look on his cousin's face, "It is for the best my lady. Tiye and Selene are most capable."

Two years of war and not enough time to train. Jun-la thought to herself as she and Matton landed the ship. It had been two years since the discovery of the data sphere that told of the three against three or rather the Children of the Jedi. In reality it would be six against three but as she said 'Two works as one.' She glanced at the man beside her, her heart racing for a split second before turning her attending to the comm signals.
Matton had not been as receptive of his 'newfound' family as the boy Tonatius who was with Tulre in the garage, servicing a rather beat up astromech called R4-D4. Her padawan ANdros would be meditating or practicing saber techniques. He was good with a blaster and his wit but he was no Jedi. Yet the Jedi princess beside him was insistent that he was a Jedi, well a son of a Jedi. To top things off she and her brother took it upon themselves to teach him and Tonatius how to work as one. As if they were twins. They did the same with that Jedi Twi'lek and his daughter but their training was interrupted as they were needed elsewhere.
It hadn't sat well with Jun-la but she accepted it with a maddening sense of calm that made Matton all the more want to bait her. The fact that she was attractive and her beauty drove him nuts didn't matter. He was forced to fly this ancient crate since they were the only two decent pilots. He asked, "We find them yet?"
"Picked up two signals. Jedi."
"Then it must be them. They are the only two who came here for the welcoming committee. Give em a call so we can burn sky," Matton gave a grin.
Jun-la didn't respond to the obvious barb and did exactly what he said by flipping the comm to Kalla Komad's and said, "You're a hard person to find. How goes the welcome wagon?"

Andros Kaltas had not been Jun-la's padawan for long yet he already picked up that she was not a conventional Jedi Master. She asked that he listen, watch and learn, the traditional learning methods of Avalonian children. He did his best especially when she went on diplomatic affairs and when she was teaching the other two how to be one. OF course she spent time with him but he got the feeling that whatever she did was to be taken as a lesson. She had already shown him the air-bender techniques along with fighting stances that were traditionally Bushida.
Now as they were approaching Amshrey, he was meditating but couldn't concentrate. Instead he went to the garage where Tulre and Tonatius were working on the astromech that had accompanied them since day one. He sat to watch and learn when Tulre noticed him and beckoned him to come over. He said, "You seem to follow my sister's teachings well."
"Listen, watch and learn," Andros repeated, not sure if it was a compliment or what.
"Yes," Tulre replied, his blue eyes looking at the boy. His father said that he looked like his grandfather, a general during the Clone Wars and that he had the same way of looking at things that needed a close inspection. "The Avalonian way. Do you understand it?"
"A little but then I remember the part of the rule that the padawan doesn't directly ask the master. The decision to share knowledge must be weighed carefully. I don't ask. I listen and she has explained," Andros replied feeling more comfortable.
"True. We were taught this way and now she teaches you in the same way. The Jedi of Coruscant don't always understand but they trust. Even though she thought it would be dangerous to bring you with us, she felt and thought that you would learn from it."
"We know war very well," Tonatius spoke for the first time, "and we wish that others never know it but when it comes, we do our best to give knowledge and truth."
Andros nodded in slight understanding. He knew that even if he lived amongst Avalonians, he would never be a part of them in terms of what they know from birth to the day they die. "Then I will watch and learn."
Tulre nodded and then gave a great laugh. Tonatius was slightly scowling but amused as well. Tulre then said, "Looks like you will learn that she is not as meek as she appears."

Tyrannus came into the fortress, ignoring the guards. Any who tried to stop him were cut down or strangled. He entered the main chamber where the creature Virul was. He said, "You are making a mistake you fool. He does not like suprises."

((A bit long I know but getting off to a start. I guess I will play Andros Kaltas unless someone else decides to))

steven 10-08-2008 01:59 PM

"Begin immediately. Everything is going according to plan."

Those words spoken by the reborn dark lord of the Sith, would begin a devastation that would rock this world for many generations to come, Dar Bodonawieedo would make sure this would happen. It felt strange as he walked across the cold metal board ramp onto what use to be lush green grass before the engines of the landing craft burnt everything away expect the soil. After becoming a dark lord himself, Dar found himself once again serving his former master, though this time he had much more freedom than he did as his apprentice because now Dar, in his own right, was now a Sith lord.

He still would have preferred to be the big boss of this new empire, but Virul was cheating with his new found immortality and his ability to inhabit the bodies of chosen slaves, a fate in Dar's mind, was worse than death. He would hate to loose control of his own body to a self-hating spirit bent on Galactic domination. He still had his plans to destroy the galaxy, and Virul's desire to conquer it would ruin everything.

Though unknown to Virul was that his days were numbered. As soon as Dar knew how to kill the dark lord and prevent his spirit from every becoming a problem, he would assume his role as emperor before using the funds of the Empire to turn this galaxy into a living nightmare for everyone who had the misfortune to ever exist afterward, that was of course if anyone was left to continue the reproduction system when his plans were complete. The next few years would definitely be interesting for him and this galaxy.

"Sir," A storm trooper approached "We have detected a village up north. We believe it holds a number of weapons barracks. Shall we attack?"

"Negative, your orders to invade the nearest city. You are going to blow your way through the walls with explosives, then your going to deal with the cities population. I hope your up for some mass murder trooper, cause everything that isn't wearing complete white is your target and deserves nothing more than the burning hot sensation of your blaster ammo. Do you understand?" Dar told the storm trooper, reminding him of the orders he'd received in the briefing before heading planet side."But I'll deal with this village. It'll hopefully quench my blood thirst."

The journey to the village only took ten minutes on foot, but as soon as he reached the entrance and made his way into the first street, he was confronted by representatives of the villages militia, though Dar could sense that the rest were hiding in the buildings, ready to ambush Dar the moment he gave them trouble. "Sith! We do not want your kind here! Leave now for face the consequences." The leader ordered as a guard on both sides of him powered their chains guns. Dar chuckled in response.

Dar quickly shot out his arms and powerful energy waves were unleashed upon the three militia, their bodies were sent flying backwards and this triggered the rest of the militia to open fire. Through force sight, Dar could tell to the right of him were half a dozen soldiers with repeater blasters, however on his left were just two snipers. Using the force, his threw his lightsaber towards one of the snipers, and then jumped through the window the second sniper would be using if he was going to take a shot. While his flying lightsaber sliced the head off the first sniper, Dar had the pleasure of breaking the seconds neck. With the snipers dead, Dar only had to worry about the riflemen across the road.

As he looked outside, careful not to get hit by the flying blaster fire, Dar noticed a speeder parked below him. Using the force, he lifted the speeder in the air, and as he did so, he shot lightening from his wrist and into the speeder, causing several malfunctions that, within ten seconds, cause a powerful explosion. Dar wickedly sent the speeder crashing into the building where the riflemen were firing from, and those not crushed by the speeder, were killed in the explosion caused when Dar electrified the speeder.

Once he was satisfied that the militia was dead, Dar jumped back onto the road and looked at the burning ruin of the house. He hoped these deaths and his use of the force would attract a certain individual to him, an old foe of his who he'd sensed the moment he entered the planet's orbit.

JediMaster12 10-08-2008 02:32 PM

((I should note that traditionally Avalonians don't use blasters. They will if necessary. Only exception is Amshrey due to their unique make up))

Tiye Ordo looked up at the sky. It was a red sun rising, meaning that blood would be spilt soon. She feared that all their careful plans would be laid to waste. She felt that she had failed the son of Kirabaros, Master Andros Starlighter. Still she would do her duty and fight so make sure the governor was safe.

Xbx_Inthusiast 10-08-2008 03:41 PM

((Could we have a posting order guys? I'd rather not people post IMMEDIATELY after another post, and then post again after someone else posted, leaving everyone behind. How about everyone posts once, then we go through again. It eases the confusion.))

Alkonium 10-08-2008 06:42 PM

(I guess I'll take control of Kalla's master then)
"We thought you'd have arrived already, and we were hoping to get the governor out before the New Empire arrived." Reyvan spoke up. "Their tactics are incredibly brutal. They've already taken out three militia, and are making their way to Mando'a." Kalla added. "We should attempt to make contact with Tiye Ordo in order form a better defense." Reyvan suggested. "I agree Master, but I sense something else here. Familiar, yet unfamiliar." Kalla pointed out. "Your uncle Dar is leading the Imperial forces. Your parents suspected he would rejoin the Sith after he escaped from prison." Reyvan explained. Kalla thought about this, as her mother didn't like to talk about her brother Dar. "Is that bad?" She asked. "Yes." Reyvan replied. "He is nothing like your mother, or your uncle Matu. He is a monster, in every sense of the word. He is a modern day General Grievous. All he cares about is destruction."

JediMaster12 10-08-2008 07:36 PM

"We did arrive if only to scold you on your training with your father Kalla," Jun-la teased. "I am detecting forces moving towards Mando'a but they are not enough to breach defenses. Father and Tiye worked something out." She looked at Matton and received a nodd. She then said, "Kalla, we're landing on your coordinates. Master Reyvan your fears are not without cause. It is true about Dar."

Xbx_Inthusiast 10-08-2008 08:19 PM

((Is it only myself, JM12, Ty and Alkonium?))

Merios looked down at the ground, his feet were planted in a small, thin layer of dust on cracked, old dirt. He grasped his brown robe with either hand and pulled them together, taking a few steps forward and walking down a small beaten path. He was hidden behind a rather large boulder, but now he was walking out into the open, heading down a path towards a nearby city. Suddenly he stumbled a few feet, grasping his forehead with his right hand tightly.

"The Dark Side is strong here.. I have to tread lightly"

He pushed himself straight back up and began to walk forward, the sounds of battle becoming closer and closer. Screams began to echo in his head as he neared a small hut in the outskirts of this village. He could see clearly that there was now fighting ahead, but he couldn't tell who was attacking who. He just knew he couldn't give off his cover yet. He quickly shuffled to the hut and slid to the door, turning the knob slowly with his right hand. He pushed it open and was immediately greeted with the barrel of a blaster pistol on his forehead. He held up both hands.

"I'm not here to hurt you.."

The shadowy man hesitated then backed up into the light, dropping his pistol to his side. He was elderly and dirty- his clothes were an off-white color with splotches of dirt and grime dotting the cloth. Merios looked into his eyes. He saw pain, fear, anger- this man has seen a lot. He couldn't let him go without asking him questions first. Merios moved his left hand back and shut the door behind him, the muffled sounds of lasers seemed to grow quieter.

"Sir.. What is this place?"

"...This town.. It. It's A-"

A blaster shot drilled through the side of the hut, smacking into the left side of the man's head, burning a hole through the flesh and skull and sending him to the right, crashing to the ground. Merios quickly covered his mouth with his right hand and knelt down out of sight of the window. He heard muffled sounds of soldiers getting closer, speaking basic, obviously, but speaking in a rough, harsh tone.

"Go in, kill any survivors- make sure the old man is toast and report back."

A soldier in white began to walk towards the hut's front door. Merios quickly hid behind the door as it swung open, the Stormtrooper walking in and shutting the door behind him. Merios stepped forward and the Stormtrooper turned around, lifting his rifle. Merios looked into the helmet of the soldier and waved his right hand at waist level, concentrating on the Force.

"There's no one here, the old man's dead. I don't think we should clear the area."

The Stormtrooper stood there dumbfounded for a moment before he stepped out, opening the door and shutting it behind him. Merios heard some voices from outside as he ducked back down out of sight.

"There's no one here, sir. The old man's dead. I don't think we need to clear the area."

The Stormtroopers that were crowding around the scout nodded and began to walk away. Merios let out a heavy sigh and looked back to the old man's body. He stepped forward and knelt by the man's head, swiping his right hand over his eyes, closing them.

"May the Force be with you..."

He stood up and flattened up against the side of the hut, inching towards the window. Merios leaned over and peeked outside. A single Stormtrooper was peeking inside the window inches away from Merios. The soldier gave out a grunt as he was pulled through the window by the helmet. Merios opened his robe and opened his palm, his light saber floating to his hand and he positioned the light saber hilt in an inverted position, igniting the blade and kneeling down by the Stormtrooper's body, putting the blade near the soldier's neckline.

"Say anything and you're dead. You hear me?"

"I hear you.... Jedi... But don't think for a second the others won't try and find me.."

The Stormtrooper's voice was filled with hate- Merios realized this soldier wouldn't give up easy. He deactivated his light saber and slid it back into it's clip. He thrusted his right palm towards the Stormtrooper's face, stopping about a foot away. He utilized the Force to send out a wave of energy, knocking the man out with a Push. He stood up and walked towards the door. He couldn't stay hidden for long, and he knew it. The Stormtrooper was speaking the truth- sooner or later they would come looking for him. He had to fight his way to safety- even if it meant killing.

Alkonium 10-08-2008 08:40 PM

(No, steven's also posted. Corinthian and Cyborg Ninja are also in it, but they have yet to post)
"Their force is smaller than usual, it suggests that they're not intending to take hold of the planet." Kalla suggested, avoiding mention of her uncle. She would have to discuss him with her mother as soon as possible. "We await your arrival."

"Lord Bodonawieedo, your forces arrived prematurely, and the Governor is not here. Change of plans: intercept her ship, take her alive, and return to Bastion immediately." Virul's voice told Dar on the comm. "You can only destroy so much with senseless slaughter." He then turned around to see Tyrannus. "Old 'friend', you are a fool to think he has power over me. Nothing stands in my way, not even death. I suppose you haven't seen this body of mine before. I particularly like it, but I'll have to claim a new one soon. Perhaps yours?" He replied, showing that he changed in both body and mind, more cunning, and less senseless in his brutality. "To make your strength my own would unite the New Empire and the Rashikians, and lay waste to the Republic. I would become the undisputed ruler of this galaxy. Not even the Blood King himself would oppose me."

Corinthian 10-09-2008 01:10 AM


An emergency holocomm transmission had been bounced across the stars from various holonet relays, finally ending up here, the President's private holocenter, a handful of minutes after transmitting.

A handful of members of President Tilthis' staff watched, a mixture of disgust, horror, and rage flitting across their faces in turn.

The image was blurry, but unmistakable, one of dozens that had been transmitted in the packet. Stormtroopers pouring into a building, coldly killing everyone within blaster range with precision fire.

"This doesn't make any sense. What could the Empire possibly gain by wholesale slaughtering these people?" She blinked, her large eyes trying to comprehend the reasoning for it. She'd fought in battles, but this was ludicrous, murder for the sake of murder. None of her surrounding advisors had any response.

"What forces do we have close enough to make any difference?" She was desperate to do something.

General Keran Doth, Director of Republic Intelligence, spoke up. "Valmar's Commandos are within striking distance. I estimate that if they push their hyperdrive, they could get to the planet within the hour. However, a ten man unit, no matter how skilled, cannot turn back an invasion of this magnitude. The closest Task Force is Task Force Ion, in the Auriga system, which is at least six hours away, assuming optimal hyperdrive performance."

Task Force Ion was a powerful force, probably more than enough to drive off the Imperial attack, but would it get there in time to make any difference? The Imperials weren't going for an occupation, they were simply purging the populace. A Base Delta Zero attack would do it much more quickly and efficiently, though...

"Send the override-and-redirect order to the Commandos. Transmit all tactical information we have on the system, and get me the commander of Task Force Ion, now!"

Her advisors and aides scattered to do her orders.

Let's just hope we won't all be too late. She pulled up the information on Amshrey, hoping to find what the Imperials were hunting for.

* * * * *

"Thirty seconds, boss!"

Kadis nodded and lay down a hail of fire, catching a Stormtrooper under the chin and blowing him backwards, his head a charred ruin.

The Commandos had been deployed to a small moon on the edges of Imperial Space, where, according to rumor, the Empire was developing some kind of Droid Super-Soldier or something like that.

Turns out it was little more than a badly set-up ambush.

The wall behind Kadis exploded inwards, cutting them an escape route. Kadis stayed behind his cover of downed Stormtroopers as the members of his squad ran, hobbled, or were carried through the breach. Their tenth man, Janeris, was sitting outside the hole with a small speeder.

"Boss, hurry up!"

Kadis jumped through the gap, tossing a pair of frag grenades down to cover his exit, then bolted as the nine-man group piled into a speeder designed for four. He pulled himself into the cargo compartment and laid down suppressing fire at the two likely points for Stormtrooper pursuit.

Nothing. Figures, the bucketheads never did have much of a clue. They'd be at the canyon where they'd concealed their shuttlecraft within a minute or so.

"Boss, getting a relay from the Shuttle. It's Maren."

Maren was the Commando's pilot. Not really a member of the group, since she only accompanied them in their shuttle, but sort of an unofficial eleventh.

"What can I do for you this fine evening, Eleven?"

"Evening, One. We've got an emergency abort-and-redirect from Coruscant. I've been trying to get you for nearly fifteen minutes."

"Tell Coruscant that we don't need to abort, the job's done. Get the med capsules ready, Jurgen took a hit and I think Ceynus has damaged ribs."

Jurgen wasn't talking, but the Barabel woman gritted her teeth and shook her head. "I am well."

"Ceynus isn't being cooperative about her injuries?"

"As usual. Where are we headed?"

"Little place called Amshrey, Boss."

"Huh. Never heard of it."

Cyborg Ninja 10-09-2008 12:24 PM

A tall dark figure stood looming over a large holoimage. General Wrath as he preferred was studying what exactly had just happened. He had been given orders to kill anyone in the nearest city of Lord Bodanawieedo’s position. The rodian sith lord had been granted the task of kidnapping the Governor of Avalon something Lord Wrath himself would have wanted to do. Not only was Wrath qualified but his appearance was the equivalent to Death himself. His armor was a dark black and his helmet covered his entire face giving him some extra bulk. His saber was personally given to him by lord Virul when he was in some being’s body. The blade was black like his armor but had a slight white glow to it giving it an eerie look. Wrath deactivated the holoimage and exited the room; he made a sharp right followed by another sharp right and saw Lord Virul in a new body and Tyrannus. Wrath bowed got down on one knee and bowed the two without saying a word. He listened in on the conversation and was very interested when Lord Virul hinted at Bodanawieedo’s untrustworthy manner. Wrath kept his head down and chose his next words carefully.

“My great and powerful lord, I did not mean to interrupt but I could not help over hearing the situation with Lord Bodanawieedo. If you do not trust him Lord Virul who is to say he will get the Governor the way you want. I can get you the Governor of Avalon with ease and bring her back alive and well… or if you prefer to keep Lord Bodanawieedo on that job than perhaps I can send a few of my Shadowtroopers to make sure she comes back safely and while they do that I find a body worthy of your greatness.”

Wrath did not move his head up while he spoke nor did he get up from bowing. The armored general would have preferred to kidnap the governor himself but if granted the task of finding a new body he would do so to the best of his abilities. After all Wrath had not failed Lord Virul yet nor had he planned to anytime soon.

JediMaster12 10-09-2008 05:18 PM

"You are a fool to think that you would oppose the true master of darkness," Tyrannus replied, "He made you as he did me and he does not share power." Tyrannus had a growl to his voice. The years had not been kind to it but that was the price for ridding Avalon of the taint that runs strong. "If you think your new body is of consequence, it isn't. He will have you first."
He stopped when Wrath spoke and listened to the plan. When he was finished he said, "You are even a bigger fool than I imagine. Going after the governor will only cause our destruction. She will be well guarded and if I am not mistaken by the taint of my people. He will be watching."

Matton landed the ship with better precision than a precision scope on a Mandalorian rifle. He sat back and gave a cocky grin that clearly said, "How do you like that Sister?"
Jun-la said nothing but gave a slight smile and stood up. She was just outside the cockpit when she said, "You better have all your weapons." She then proceeded to the main hold where Tulre, Tonatius and her apprentice were waiting.
She recalled that Master Komad had asked her to teach his son. Then war happened and he still asked her to. She did but she taught him the same way she was taught. It seemed to be working but she wasn't always quite sure. She then said, They are expecting us. We should go."
Andros followed her and was followed by the other three. She would have told the astromech to stay and a rather strange droid accompanied them. She and Tulre knew what it was but they preferred not to say. It followed them until they met Kalla with her master at the foot of the ramp. She said, "Your training may be lacking," referring to Kalla's pair training with her father, "but you have good senses. I sense we are not alone here. We must get to the rendevouz and meet my father." As an after though she asked, "How is your family?"

Tysyacha 10-09-2008 06:45 PM

(Tysyacha is confused. Where are Andorra and her mom, and are they in the middle of all the carnage? Sorry I'm such an idiot...!)

Xbx_Inthusiast 10-09-2008 06:51 PM

Merios quickened his pace as he stepped out of the frying pan and into the fire. There were two sides to this battle- it sure seemed like one. Seven Stormtroopers on his left and around five or six humans on his right hiding behind structures. He shed his brown robe, dropping it to the ground. He quickly withdrew his light saber and flipped it backwards on his wrist, holding it inverted behind his back. He pushed off the ground with a mighty leap, launching himself a good 20 feet into the air before soaring back down to the Earth. He couldn't let these humans be slaughtered if he could do anything about it.

He landed on the shoulders of a Stormtrooper, sending it to the ground with a crippling power. He pushed off of it's shoulders and ignited his light saber, a thick blue line of light emitting from the hilt behind his back. He launched himself forward in a dive, attracting the attention of the troopers around him.

"JEDI! Don't let him escape!"

A hail of gunfire emitted from the crowd of Stormtroopers, all concentrated at Merios. He spun in place, expertly twirling his light saber, leaving bright blue trails of light. It was strange- his form, his style. It was as if the moves he made were manufactured; it was so precise. He was spinning the saber upside down in front and behind his body from an inverted holding position. He charged towards a nearby Stormtrooper, skidding and sliding to the side of him, holding the saber sideways and making a direct cut through his torso. He spun in place and turned towards the other soldiers. He lifted his left palm and focused, sending out a burst of energy, pushing four Stormtroopers a few feet away, smacking into the ground hard. He jumped into the air once more, dashing mid-air towards one of the last two standing troopers. The blaster fire around him began to dwindle as there were only two rifles aimed at him at the moment. He landed behind the trooper and flatted up against his back as the other soldier unloaded a barrage of laser fire into the helpless trooper. After the blaster fire ceased and the hostage trooper fell, Merios pushed himself backwards and flipped in air, landing behind the attacking soldier.

The enemy turned around and fired a blaster shot at Merios. He lifted his light saber and twirled it in front of him strangely, deflecting the shot right back at the soldier, burning a hole through it's chest, sending him to the ground. The Jedi deactivated his light saber and slid it back into it's clip, opening his palm towards the four soldiers were where moving to stand back up. A burst of energy surged through his body as lightning arced across his finger tips and finally exploding out of his hand into the downed Stormtroopers, electrocuting them thoroughly before letting off, dropping them back down with smoke rising off of their charred armor.

"You.. You saved our lives.."

Merios looked towards the civilians he just saved.

"Run. Hide. There will be more."

He walked over to his robe and picked it up with his right hand, draping it over his olive and tan colored garb. He slid his arms into the sleeves and drew it over his body, flipping the hood up and beginning to jog past the downed troopers, attempting to blend in with a small crowd of fleeing citizens.

Corinthian 10-09-2008 07:35 PM

"Alright, gents, here's the situation."

The nine active members of the Katarn Commandos were piled together in the back of their small shuttlecraft, with Jurgen a few feet away, floating in a bacta tank, the black and red crater in his chest still clearly visible. He'd survive, but he'd be down for the next few days.

That, unfortunately, left the Commandos without a medic. Ironic, really.

"A few hours ago, Imperial forces launched an attack on the Avalon System, specifically the system's outermost inhabited world, Amshrey. It was an all-out blitz attack, no effort at pacification, just massacre. Amshrey's defenses are in shambles as far as we can tell."

The Commandos digested the information, grim looks on their faces.

"Given that the Imps didn't drop a Base-Delta-Zero on the planet as soon as they made orbit, we have to assume that they're not just here for carnage's sake. They're here for a reason, and it's a safe bet that reason isn't natural resources. There's an object or a person somewhere on this world that the Imps want. Our job is to find out what that is and make sure that they don't get it."

"Eh...Boss, that's a little unreasonable odds. Us against an Imperial planetary invasion force?"

Kadis grinned. "Yeah, it does seem a little unfair, doesn't it? I suppose we should probably all shoot left-handed."

A few nervous chuckles came at that.

"We'll be doing a standard Overt Insertion."

He flipped on a holopad, displaying an image of a valley not far from the main metropolitan center on Amshrey.

"We'll set down here. If the new Sensor/Heat Stealth the techs installed on this works right, Maren should be able to set us down without any trouble. Navarra, take up a covering position on this ridge." He tapped the indicated ridge. "Ceynus, you've got point until we reach the city. Shayloh, as soon as we set down, get your comm gear online and see if the Imps are using any broken codes. They might let slip what we're looking for."

"Got it, sir." The Bothan nodded.

"Skeven, you're advance recon on this one. Try to get into the city, and make sure you've got your comlink on the right frequency this time."

"That only happened the one time, Boss." Skeven grinned.

"I don't have any special orders for the rest of you. After we make the city, I'll take point position. Keep your heads down, watch each other's back, and shoot straight, and we'll all make it back alive. Lock and load."

Power cells were slammed into blasters and vibroblades, scopes were checked, grenades were strapped on, and various tools were double-checked.

Maren's voice cut in. "We make realspace in thirty seconds. Brace for impact."

The shuttle jumped out of hyperspace with a gut-wrenching lurch. Kadis stood up and moved into the cockpit behind Maren.

"Shouldn't you be with your men, Captain?" She commented.

"Just curious. What've we got?"

"An entire bungworth of Imp Ships, sir. They haven't seen us, yet. If we don't get TIEs on our tail, I estimate a clean drop within four minutes."

"Alright, you heard the lady! Four minutes!" He stepped back into the cabin, readying his carbine.

It was a surprisingly clean insertion, one of the few times everything went according to plan, apparently not even noticed during their entry into the atmosphere, judging by the lack of TIE strafing runs.

"This is Sharp. I'm in position." Navarra's voice came through the comlink.

"Roger that, Sharp. Hold position until we're in standard tactical spread, then move to Position Beta. When we reach one kilometer, link up with the rest of us."

"Copy that."

The squad was then on the move, the Barabel leading them with Kadis immediately behind and to the left.

"No sign of contact in the area, but Imperial chatter is heavy. The decrypt module is going to take a while before we get anything, either." Shayloh sounded annoyed. She hated that.

The city loomed before them. "Mando'a. Who names a city after a language, anyway?" He peered through his macrobinoculars, peripherally aware of Sharp moving to join the rest of the squad. She dropped down beside him, peering through the scope of her blaster rifle.


A lot of Stormies were visible. The carnage was pretty evident, collapsed building, blaster holes, and corpses. A lot of corpses.

"Looks like we set down behind the main party. Alright, Katarns, move in. Five meter spread, no sound. Sharp, you've got rearguard." He hopped over the small ridge and readied his rifle, glad that Republic Munitions knew how to make camo. That would be a useful edge against the vibrantly bright Stormtroopers.

Cyborg Ninja 10-09-2008 07:57 PM

Wrath was unsure if Tyrannus was talking to him or to Lord Virul, either way he was not pleased. Indeed she would be guarded but that was the fun of it all.

"She will be guarded but no one can call if help if the rest are all dead. Or we find ourselves a clawdite and have it take the form of the governor and no one would ever no the difference. I can assure you if anyone is to find out I will leave no witnesses. That choice however is up to Lord Virul and whatever he chooses I will follow."

Wrath remained bowing still waiting for Lord Virul's answer hopefully sending him for this mission or perhaps to assist the rodian sith lord

Alkonium 10-09-2008 09:54 PM

(Andorra and her mother are on the transport with the Starlighters, Tonatius, Matton, and Kalla's brother)

"To be honest, I'm worried about my father. Ever since Virul showed up, he's been obsessing over how to 'defeat him permanently', whatever he means by that." Kalla replied. "And what do you know about my uncle Dar?"

"If we succeed in kidnapping her, then we can destroy Avalon from within. A clawdite is unnecessary and untrustworthy, when I can easily claim her body myself. However, she wouldn't retain any crucial knowledge of Avalon and the Republic. We will need another method to get that. And yes, Wrath, take care of retrieving the governor, and make sure Dar and his forces pull out. Kill him if you must." Virul replied.

Cyborg Ninja 10-09-2008 10:38 PM

A twisted smiled formed on Wrath's face from under his helmet.

"Yes Lord Virul, I will contact you when I am on my way back with the governor."

Wrath rose to his feet and exited the room heading towards his own. He entered the room and grabbed his saber, Black Death. He exited his room as quickly went to the nearest officer he could find.

"Get me to the governor's cruiser as quickly as possible officer." Wrath barked.

The officer nodded and led Wrath to a small fighter and hopped in. Wrath got into the co-pilot's seat and the fighter took off. It would be a few hours before getting near Aztlan which gave Wrath enough time to get some sleep.

"Wake me when we near the cruiser," Wrath said as he shut his eyes.

Finally it was Wrath's time to shine, to have everyone know it was he who kidnapped the Governor of Aztlan and brought the Republic to their knees. It was in that brief second of peace that Wrath remembered Dar Bodanawieedo was still after the governor as well. Wrath quickly picked up his comlink and called the rodian.

"Lord Bodanawieedo there has been a change in plans, there are reports of a jedi around your location. You are to find and kill the jedi."

Wrath put the comlink down; was there really a jedi there? Wrath had no idea but it was the only thing he could think of to stop the rodian from doing his job. Wrath had to get some sleep though, he wanted to look his best for his date with the governor tonight. Wrath chuckled at this thought and closed his eyes.

Xbx_Inthusiast 10-09-2008 11:16 PM

The group of civilians he was traveling with dispersed, leaving him by himself near the entrance to a rather large town. There was a young woman nearby, crouching to herself, shivering. He slowly made his way towards her. She was near a broken wall of what used to be some type of gate booth. He put his right hand on her left shoulder. She spun around, her lekku sliding out of the back of her robe. A Twi'lek. The look on her pale green face was terrible- she was so scared.


"Get away from me!"

She began to run away, but Merios put his right hand on her right wrist, clutching gently, stopping her in her tracks. She turned towards him.

"Please, I only want to ask you a few questions."

She looked at him with a puzzled, yet angry look.

"Questions?! Don't you see what's going on here? We're under attack!"

Merios turned her towards him and let go, sighing a little bit, softening his eyes

"What town is this?"

He lifted his right hand to jab in the direction of the destroyed entrance that lead to a rather large city.


She said that hesitantly, then turned away and glanced back to Merios for a moment.

"I.. I have to go."

Merios nodded and the woman gave him a worried look before turning away and running off in the opposite direction of the town. He sighed and looked at the city, watching smoke plumes rise in the distance. He was almost thrown to the ground by a low-flying transport ship- it didn't look Imperial. He knew cavalry had arrived. He shook his head. He didn't need to get involved in this! He just needed fuel and transportation. But any opportunity to save lives is an opportunity best not wasted.

He began to walk casually into the city, his outer robes concealing his inner Jedi garments as well as shadowing his face and covering his utility belt containing his saber. He couldn't risk someone knowing that he was a Force user- not yet, anyway. The battlefield was at least four blocks away and he quickly ran to the side of the street, moving into an alleyway and flattening up against the steel of the building. He peered around the corner- a group of Stormtroopers were advancing on his position- far too many to take on by himself without some kind of help or distraction. He could probably escape, but that wouldn't solve anything.

Corinthian 10-09-2008 11:50 PM

Initial insertion went off without a hitch. They moved from building to building within the city, Sharp covering them from a rooftop.

Shayloh stepped up alongside Kadis and whispered in his ear, "Got communications on an Imperial band, sir. Can't decrypt, but they're low-frequency low-power, so they can't be too far off."

Kadis nodded and keyed on his comlink. "Sharp, we've got contacts on Imp Bands. See anything?"

"Copy, sir. North minus fifteen degrees. I count twelve. Looks like a standard Stormie Patrol."

"Acknowledged. Katarns, get into position."

The Katarns moved into various cover positions, crawling to opposite side of the streets hidden from sight by wreckage or taking cover behind broken pillars.

"Take take take!"

He twisted around the corner just as Sharp's first shot nearly took the Sergeant's head off and opened fire with his carbine, seeing the Stormtroopers dive for cover and lay down fire of their own, with only three casualties in the ambush. The odds were even.

Numerically, anyway.

Alkonium 10-09-2008 11:55 PM

(@Cyborg Ninja: The governor is not on Aztlan, that's only where her adopted daughter is from. She's on a transport en route to Amshrey.
@Xbx: Was he addressing Kalla? She could easily be mistaken for a Twi'lek, and she does have a touch of green in her skintone. Aside from her, I doubt there'd be many Twi'leks on Amshrey.)
After boarding the ship, Kalla started a conversation with Tonatius Iazoki. Two years earlier, she had expressed feelings for him which he did not share for her. Despite this, they still remained good friends. "Is that your mother's cousin with the governor over there? I've noticed her glancing at me whenever she thinks I'm not looking. Is she, um, like my father and I, in that sense?" She asked him, doubting she'd get a clear answer from him. Sure, Tonatius was a good-looking guy, but he could be cryptic as hell sometimes.

Xbx_Inthusiast 10-10-2008 12:33 AM

((I was originally stating she was an NPC, which is why I was directly controlling her. It's really your call. Plus, the "Lekku" are the "Brain-Worms" or the tentacles off of her head, which is why he made notice that they "slid out of her robe", stating she was a Twi'lek.))

JediMaster12 10-10-2008 02:26 AM

((Actually Tsy only Andros Starlighter is on the transport with her. The others are meeting them))

"To destroy from within you must kill the heart and she is not the heart," Tyrannus replied. "She wouldn't let your pathetic being in." He was surprised that the master would even tolerate this pathetic fool who had no understanding of what was at stake.

Tulre said, "Your father's obsession will hinder him. Two must be one. He aims to stand alone. A not good combination."
Jun-la looked sadly at Kalla and said, "Whispers on the windspoke of your uncle," indicating that Avalonian spies found it out, more likely paying for it with their lives. She led the way to the rendevouz outside of Mando'a. It was a last minute change but her father and Tiye thought it best.
Tonatius was curious about Amshrey. He had read of the stories regarding the Mandalorian who allied with Kirabaros and learned that the people there had their blood. He was walking beside Kalla while Jun-la was leading the way with Matton. They had stopped just short of the transport where he could make out Master Starlighter and the lady governor with her adopted daughter, his mother's cousin. The thought had him thinking about how his mother was faring with his brother on the water world. He was diverted back to Kalla questioning him about his mother's cousin. He answered, "She is what she is. She feels what she feels." It was cryptic yes but if Andorra wanted to show her feelings, she should come out and say it.

Alkonium 10-10-2008 08:31 AM

(Well, Kalla does have lekku, since she is a quarter Twi'lek, but it probably wouldn't be her anyway.)

steven 10-10-2008 12:06 PM

"Oh is that so Lord Wraith?" Asked Dar as he made his first into the city, watching with delight as the buildings crumbled and the citizens fell to the floor at the hands of his storm trooper army. It was truly a glorious site, and the feeling of death was magnificent. It had truly been a long time since he was so fortune to feel such carnage. He truly missed it the ocean of fear and sorrow that swept through the streets of this innocent city.

"I'm not sure if you have noticed but if you look deep into the force you'd find that the lovely governess isn't among the people, the attack here is only to spread more of a message," Dar informed the other Sith before pausing to use the force to grip a fleeing civilian before throwing him towards a far away building. Dar smiled as he watched the body hit the wall and fall to the floor. "But my flagship is an customized Interdictor cruiser, equipped with gravity wells and a large hanger. As soon as she arrived, my ship will active the gravity well and my bombers will bring it offline with their ion-cannons. Once that is done, I want you to supervise one of the Star Destroyers operation to bring it aboard their ship via tractor beam. Once we have her we'll leave, but in case she escapes, we'll need a ransom for her to return and her beloved city is more than enough to do that."

Tysyacha 10-10-2008 12:55 PM

Aboard the transport, Andorra rose and told her foster mother she was going to her quarters to think and meditate. She had a slight headache. "Maybe I should lie down," she thought to herself as she brushed back a tendril of white-blonde hair from her face. Once entrenched in her quarters, the young Avalonian felt her headache twinge with a signal that meant it was getting worse. The war, the skirmish, the uneasiness she felt...

Andorra fell into a strange dream that was not a dream, full of a dull violet haze.

Xbx_Inthusiast 10-10-2008 04:14 PM

(I'm asking for someone to interact with my character in some way. He's currently hiding in an alleyway near the front entrance of Mando'a. A large group of Stormtroopers (above 10) are converging on his location. Alone, he could probably secure 8 deaths without damage, but trying to outlast 10 Stormtroopers could cause serious injury in such tight quarters. He's a Jedi, a strong one, but he's Gray, which means he's complicated to read. He needs help or a distraction of some sort. Heck, I could even roll with him being attacked. Just something.)

Cyborg Ninja 10-10-2008 04:23 PM

Wrath woke suddenly to Lord Bodanawieedo's response. The sith lord wasn't pleased with what Wrath had told him and brought up a valid point.

"I'm sorry Lord Bodanawieedo but that order came directly from Lord Virul and they must be follow. You and your men are to pull out at once, besides there's no fun in your plan." Wrath's small fighter continued on its course getting closer and closer by the second. "However I'll see what Lord Virul thinks of your plan."

Wrath contacted Lord Virul through the force as he put his comlink down.

"Lord Virul, Lord Bodanawieedo wishes to capture the ship with his larger ship however I don't see the fear striking part in that only a cowardly move. I would prefer to infiltrate that ship and get her myself; what do you feel is the appropriate move?"

Wrath would wait for his lord to respond before calling Lord Bodanawieedo back up. He looked over at the coordinates of the governors ship, they would be there within the hour. Wrath hoped Lord Virul would contact him back soon otherwise the armored sith would have to improvise on a plan.

Corinthian 10-10-2008 04:54 PM

(Uhh...Xbx, that's the group the Katarn Commandos are attacking.)

Xbx_Inthusiast 10-10-2008 06:11 PM

(Oh. It would be best to describe the situation a little better- I had no idea where your commandos were from your post.)

Merios peeked around the corner and watched as a hail of gunfire ripped through the small engagement of Stormtroopers, tearing three of them down violently. He took this in stride. He opened his robe and slid it off, grasping his light saber and launching himself around the corner, sprinting hard and shouldering into one of the Stormtroopers, sending the soldier and himself a few feet forward in mid-air. He kicked off of the trooper's chest and back flipped, landing on one knee and igniting his saber in a backhand position in his right hand. He pulled himself to his feet and quickly jumped straight up, watching a single Stormtrooper follow his movements with his rifle and pop off a few shots. Merios twirled his saber in mid air and propel himself towards two of the soldiers. A wicked scream escaped from his throat as he slammed into the concrete, plunging his saber into the ground and sending out a Force shockwave, knocking a good four soldiers to the ground and sending the two troopers he landed next to flying a good 15 feet in the air, smashing into obstacles.

He slowly stood back up, twirling the saber with a flash of light, deflecting a few shots. He noticed there were men who were helping- but it was confusing. He retreated a few feet and held out his left hand forward, his right hand still skillfully twirling the blue light saber left and right, back and forth, up and down deflecting shots from either side. The four Stormtroopers on the ground slowly began to rise. Their legs flailing and their arms and hands reaching out for nothing as their bodies floated above helplessly. He could hear frightened screams as he lifted them higher. He closed his eyes and concentrated, lifting his left hand up and bringing it down quickly towards the remaining three standing Stormtroopers, propelling the four helpless enemies barreling towards the soldiers at a terrifying velocity.

Their bodies collided and twisted together as the mass of bodies smashed and rolled into a wall. With that kind of force, it was unsure whether they survived that kind of onslaught. Merios turned towards the other soldiers who had originally began to ambush on the Stormtroopers. He lifted his saber horizontally in front of him, facing the commandos. He panted a little bit, sweat beading off his forehead.

"Friend or Foe?!"

He yelled those words at the top of his lungs- a rough, raspy yet soothing voice of a Jedi. Though, they carried the weight of dignity and respect, no one could tell that he was a fallen Jedi- at least, not immediately.

Corinthian 10-10-2008 09:26 PM

There weren't very many things that could surprise Kadis. Turns out, Jedi leaping out of nowhere was still one of them. He focused his fire away from the Jedi, doing his best to cover him as he ripped through the Stormtroopers like a scythe through wheat.

It was only a matter of time before the stormtroopers were completely decimated, caught between a crack unit and a Jedi cutting loose. Kadis smirked as the last of the Stormtroopers were finished off.

"Friend or foe!?" The Jedi shouted at them. Not surprising. Rule of thumb is never to trust an unknown in a warzone.

"Katarns, stand down and take up defensive positions. We're Republic Commandos, Jedi." He grinned, glad to see someone else around. "We weren't aware of any Jedi presence here. Are you alright?" He stood up, ready to retake cover at a moment's notice. "Captain Valmar, commander of this unit." He tapped his chest, indicating himself.

Alkonium 10-11-2008 09:44 AM

Infiltrate the cruiser, but ensure that they are not aware until it is too late. Virul replied. Virul was no longer the type to kill needlessly, as anyone could be an unwitting pawn in his plan, and the living usually made better pawns than the dead. Usually.

"It's not like I mind her doing that or anything. Good looks seem to run strongly in your family." Kalla replied, teasing Tonatius. Regardless of his reaction, she always enjoyed joking around with him.

Cyborg Ninja 10-12-2008 05:05 PM

Wrath formed an even larger smile on his face as he got Lord Virul's response and quickly brought up his comlink.

"Lord Bodanawieedo you are to pull that ship out at once or I'll kill everyone aboard it and rip it apart piece by piece, Wrath out." Wrath turned his comlink off and threw it away.

"My Lor.... General I have a visual of the Governor's ship" said the officer.

"Good, now take us above it"

The small fighter soared above the governor's ship as Wrath had ordered.

"When I get out you are to land on a nearby asteroid and wait for me to contact you" Wrath said as he picked up the comlink again and placed it on his side.

Wrath looked out at the ship ready to make the jump as the officer strapped himself in and put his helmet on. Wrath quickly opened the cockpit and jumped out closing it with his feet. Wrath glided through space heading directly for the cruiser. He turned to the right and tried to move away from the bride as to avoid being spotted. Fortunately for him his armor was black so it would be fairly hard to spot him and for that matter to even be looking for him out in space.

9 8 7 6....5 4 3 2...Now Wrath thought in his head as he approached the ship. He ignited his saber and jabbed it into the ship. He made a circle large enough for him to fit through and pushed down on it. He jumped down into the ship and lifted the circle he cut back into place, quickly sealing it up. He deactivated his saber and looked around hoping for some kind of clue. Wrath looked down the hall and saw a girl walk by making Wrath rather curious.

A girl on the governor's ship? How odd . Wrath thought to himself.

Wrath moved down the hall quietly and made a left in the direction the girl was walking away from. He moved down the hall and looked around, the governor was close he could sense it. He continued down the hall and stopped seeing a guard outside a door. Inside the room was not the governor but her bed and a closet, the perfect hiding place for Wrath. Wrath quickly looked around and ripped off a small chunk of wall and threw it down the hall. As the guard went to go check it out Wrath moved past him and to the door. He went into the room and shut the door exactly how he had found it, now all he had to do was wait.

Tysyacha 10-12-2008 10:26 PM

*In a luxuriously-furnished cabin of living quarters, a young Avalonian girl rests...*

Andorra Evenstar was asleep, yes, and dreaming, but that didn't mean her dreams were peaceful ones. She saw the galaxy swirling around her, spinning out of control as endless fleets of starships and fighter vessels threatened to choke it to death with their streams of exhaust and fuel emissions. She was dreaming of war, and this war was not bound by time or space. It was eternal, and as much as Andorra hated war, she had never even thought to consider a war that truly was not--one without cause, one without end.

"Mother?", she called out softly in her slumber, not even realizing she was asleep. She thrashed around once, making a jumble out of her bedclothes and sweating a bit, but soon the war-imbued nightmare consumed her consciousness fully and she lay still. Did she even sense her mother was in danger, or at least could be at the moment? No. Even the fabled "Evenstar intuition", renowned amongst the denizens of the galaxy, could not rouse Andorra from a too-long sleep, utterly fueled by physical and mental exhaustion.

Alkonium 10-12-2008 10:54 PM

Reyvan waited on the bridge with his nephew Andros and his Master Jun-la. "Tell me, young Andros, how has your mother been? Since the war started, I have seen far less of her than your father or sister." He asked Andros, but as he said it, he sensed an something, or perhaps someone, onboard who was unaccounted for. "Do you sense that?" He then asked the two of them.

Xbx_Inthusiast 10-13-2008 12:25 AM

Merios twirled his saber about vertically before deactivating it, letting it float back onto it's clip from his palm. He walked a few paces forward, his olive and gray Jedi garments leaving much to wonder about. He had the walk, the stance of a Jedi- but he also had the weathered, seasonal look of a nomad.

"Captain Valmar.. I believe a more adequate question would be: are you alright?"

He walked a couple more steps- he was now no more than a few feet away. His eyes locked with Valmar's, but then he scanned the man over, taking note of his armaments and his armor; as well as his men around him. They were built and they seemed to know what they're doing. It was only a matter of time before he had to leave- with or without these men. There was a disturbance in the Force and there is something here that he could sense; something dark.

Corinthian 10-13-2008 02:14 AM

"Unhurt, Master Jedi. The Stormies didn't have much of a chance." He grinned. Jedi was a good sign, although this one looked like someone had done a number on him. Probably had been out here in the Boonies for a while.

"We made landfall not too long ago. Not really sure what the situation is, intel is sketchy at best. We've got a Republic Task Force that should be here in six to ten hours. Can you tell us anything about the Imperial advance?"

He knew it was probably rude to immediately move towards local intel, but every second was precious.

"In particular, we're trying to figure out what their motive is here. Judging by what we know, the Imps aren't trying to secure their flanks, just mowing down everything not in white armor."

JediMaster12 10-13-2008 03:49 AM

((Been a bit behind since I couldn't find a free wifii in Denver :P Anyway, Cyborg, Andorra's adopted mother is not the Governor of Aztlan. She is the Lady Governor of Avalon. While she rules Avalon she also rules the system. Unite them in just cause. Plus they are on board a vessel.

Alkonium, even a remote chance works. The Force works as it wills ;P ))

"Looking for someone, Intruder?" Andros' soft voice became dangerous as he came upon the unidenified person. His eyes were like flashing emeralds, gold flecks dancing near the pupils.

"We all reflect our creator. All shapes. All sizes," Tonatius replied as he looked up at the sky. He had recently begun to learn to stargaze and he was practicing.

Andros replied, "I haven't really spoken with her. Training."
Jun-la continued, "Some of our missions have kept us out of contact for months. I have tried to give reports and messages whenever I could."

"Virul, you may think that kidnapping will make ends meet but they won't. Bushida is the code followed and they would rather die than allow secrets revealled," Tyrannus growled. The supposed immortal was such a fool. To know the enemy gave a means to defeat it. This was lack of knowledge. "Besides the taint will be watching and more likely will have found the intruder before he even gets past the first bulkhead."

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