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Hayden Kered 10-09-2008 12:11 AM

Star Wars Clerihew
First off a little about clerihew:

A clerihew is a very specific kind of short biographical humorous verse.

A clerihew has the following properties:

* It is biographical and usually whimsical, showing the subject from an unusual point of view; it pokes fun at mostly famous people
* It has four lines of irregular length (for comic effect); the third and fourth lines are usually longer than the first two
* The rhyme structure is AABB; the subject matter and wording are often humorously contrived in order to achieve a rhyme
* The first line consists solely (or almost solely) of the subject's name.

Clerihews are not satirical or abusive, but they target famous individuals and reposition them in an absurd or commonplace setting, often giving them an over-simplified and slightly garbled description.

How to play:
1.) Create a clerihew about a Star Wars character of your choice.
2.) Stick to the clerihew properties shown above.
3.) Keep them clean!


Darth Vader
the Jedi temple invader.
Did his master's bidding
and thus was his dark side ending.

JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan 10-09-2008 12:20 AM

Darth Traya
also known as Kreia.
wanted to kill the Force,
was beating a lifeless horse.


Rabish Bini 10-10-2008 05:25 AM

Darth Revan
Rhymes with Michael Bevan
Had a thing for Bastila
But found out she was really a fella


Ztalker 10-10-2008 10:22 AM

Jolee Bindo
Just some kind of weirdo
Bold beyond anything anyone has seen
Stupid jokes were really his thing

Nice thread :)

Astrotoy7 01-06-2009 12:51 PM

Mara Jade
Skywalker finally got laid
At first she tried to enact saber slice
On Coruscant they eventually made nice

lolz. SW Rhymin, I like it :D


LordJhredmo 03-10-2009 09:50 PM

Darth Vader, late Skywalker,
Daughter Leia, how he'd hate her,
Got smoked by Obi-Wan on Mustafar,
Now he can't even get into a bar.

Great idea for a thread.

Astrotoy7 03-27-2009 01:14 AM

Wicket the Ewok
To him the lady Ewoks flocked.
Maxxin out in his hot tub,
Record spinnin' the old school 'Yub Yub'


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