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SkywalkerRules 02-19-2009 08:15 PM

Leader of the Werewolf Clan
The year is 2010. Three friends are in College. They have been friends since high school, and now they have gone to Wisconsin to be in College. Everything was a blast. One night, they went out to the woods, to go camping. All was going well, until they encountered the most feared creatures...


Now they are captives, and they're about to face the Leader of the Werewolf Clan. He is the most feared Alpha Werewolf, and if you messed with him... it would be over.

The three friends must stick together, no matter the circumstances. If they survive, they can make it out of the Werewolf Domain alive. If they don't... there's no hope.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

{The year 2010. Milwaukee, Wisconsin}

It was night in the dark forests of Milwaukee. The creatures were all in their homes, sleeping through the Summer night. Everyone was having parties, visiting families, and hanging out on their vacation. But in the night of the forest... darkness lurked...

Melissa Jenkins, along with her two trustworthy friends, were captured and had their wrists tied up by what people thought were unreal and a myth... Werewolves. These creatures captured them, and threatened to eat them. But some decided to let them be dealt with by their Leader. So now, Melissa and her friends are being taken to the Werewolf Leader.

The young woman's blue eyes were filled with tears. She didn't know what to do. Luckily, she had a hidden cell phone in one of her boots, so that she could call the police for help. What did these monsters want? Obviously, Melissa was too scared to find out.

She then glanced at her friends. Worry and sorrow filled the once carefree and fun loving eyes. Melissa didn't want anything to happen to her nor her two long time friends...

Kyvios 02-19-2009 08:23 PM

Kalvin Stark was there tied up with Melissa and they're other friend. This wasn't what he had planed at all for the time they'd be staying in the forest. He racked his brain remembering the list he had made and definitely being captured by blood crazed flesh eating werewolves was not on it.

"Ahh! this isn't want I had planned at all" Kalvin said as one of the werewolves pushed him to be silent.

Kalvin noticed how scared Melissa was, as tears kept streaming down her face. He remembered a turn he'd hum that help raise her confidence. He gave her one of his playful smiles as he started to hum the tune for her. He heard several growls from the animals as he hummed the tune but he didn't listen to them, his concern was more for his friends then himself.

CommanderQ 02-19-2009 09:07 PM

Police Sergeant T.J. Harding drove his squad car slowly along the road that lined the forest.

Officer Harding had been looking through numerous forests near Milwaukee for the past day now, but at last he had a lead.

He had searched a number of named forests, National Parks and such, but now, this one didn't have a name, making it the perfect place for a crime.

His radio crackled to life,"Car 30, do you see anything on your side? Anything new, T.J?"

He grabbed it and pressed the respond button.

"Nah, nothing from here, Car 31. You see anything, Mark?"

"Yeah, I saw trees."

Harding chuckled a bit, he recomposed himself and spoke again.

"No, seriously, anything?"

"No sir, nothing."

Harding relaxed a bit and turned on his flashlight, shining it out the car window.

Suddenly, the radio crackled again.

"Wait...uhh..I think I see something..."

"Mark! What is it?"

" looks like some it's not like you'd see with regular camps...looks more like....huts."


That caught Harding as odd, there were no reports of any camps or homes in the vicinity.

"Roger that, Mark."

Suddenly, in a worried tone Mark said,"Oh...what in the...what is that?"

That caught Harding's attention," What! What is it, Mark?"

Mark's tone changed to pure fear," Oh...shoot! Dang it, what the heck are these things??"

Harding heard the click of a pistol through the radio.

"MARK! Are you okay!"

Harding heard Mark fire a few shots from his pistol, it didn't take the radio to hear that.

"DAMNIT! The pistol the heck offa me! AGGHHHHH!!!!"


The radio went silent with static. Harding rammed his foot into the gas and the car sped off towards.

Harding reached it quickly, because Mark's car had literally become a landmark because it had caught on fire somehow.

Harding kicked open the car door and wielded his pistol, aiming it at anywhere near the car.

He ran over to the burning wreckage, only to find his good friend's body strewn nearby, clawed to pieces by......something.....

Harding was speechless, but he had no time to grieve for his friend now. He looked for any signs of the attacker, finding claw marks and a small tooth on the ground.

He looked closely at the tooth and remembered his outdoor training, identifying the tooth to that of a.....


Harding dropped the tooth on the ground and ran to his car, turning it off and opening the trunk. He took out his 12-guage shotgun and attached a flashlight to it.

He then ran into the dark forest, intent on avenging his friend.

Alkonium 02-19-2009 09:19 PM

After hearing about the three students going missing, Jim Davison felt compelled to go looking on his own. He had heard stories about campers going missing in the woods during a full moon, but he always had his doubts until tonight. Of course, knowing that people actually had gone missing didn't satisfy his curiosity. He had to find out what actually happened to them. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned, and the werewolves probably took him just as easily as they took them.

"Well, at least now I know." He commented, attempting and failing to lighten the mood. He only got angry looks from the other three, and a push from one of the werewolves. If I could reach that branch over there... He thought, eying a particularly club-like stick on the ground.

SkywalkerRules 02-19-2009 09:35 PM

((Wait a sec. Alkonium, only Melissa (my character), Kalvin, and Trace (Kyvios' characters) were captured by the Werewolves. And they were the only ones to camp together. You said you were finding the missing College students, not being captured with them. Could you edit your post, please? Not trying to be mean or anything, just trying to stick with the topic. Thank you.))

Alkonium 02-19-2009 09:38 PM

(would it work to say his attempt at rescuing them failed, and he ended up joining them in captivity?)

DrPhil2501 02-20-2009 12:45 AM

A van parked near the edge of the dark forrest, right next to the burning police vehicle. The door opened and deployed dark figure wearing a hat. His gun with the attached rapier like blade was holstered within its sheath. He stepped out into the night air, and three other uniformed men behind him followed.

Baldur turned to the men. "Stark, you accompany me into the forest. Lou and Frost stay behind and guard the van."

There was a bank of computers inside of the van, each one being used by a Harker employee. Baldur looked at Stark. "Alright, Stark. Do not disapoint me. Show no mercy against a couple of rabid dogs!"

Baldur looked over and saw a dead body near the wrecked car. Well, almost dead. Baldur bent down and examined the body. The victim was covered with deep scratch wounds and bite marks resembling that of a wolf. Baldur pulled out his gun and put the victim out of his misery. A few more hours, and we would have been turned...

Baldur and Stark walked into the forest.

Admiral_Thrawn 02-20-2009 06:20 AM

Bloodhound was seated by the stream, cupping his hands and bringing it forward to look at his reflection. As the moonlight shone through a small crack in the roof, his face was illuminated, greatly increasing the visibility of his features. A large scar ran down his face, a brief spectacle of the challenges and trials he had overcome to claim his position.

This part of the lair was empty, only occupied by Bloodhound and a few bats. He stared into the silver-blue water, his focus absolute, his attention undivided. The moonlight faded from the crack, once again smothering the room in darkness. All he saw in the water were two red orbs, gleaming with ferocious cunning. He uncupped his palms, letting the water run free across the floor. He stood slowly, allowing his massive frame to be supported by his legs and then departed from the room via a small tunnel.

The tunnel emerged upon a small plateau, seperated from the ground by a huge cliff. He stared intently at the moonlight, allowing its silver radiance to overcome him. His crimson orbs ceased burning, instead taking a bluish-hue. He let off a great howl, which resounded across the landscape. Normally such a sound could be mistakened for simply a wolf, but heavens beware whatever wolf could make such a sound.

The sound struck fear into even the stoutest of Humans and creatures alike. He slowly drew back into the shadows of the cave and his eyes burned crimson yet again. He gave off a gentle sigh, then retired back to his cave.

SkywalkerRules 02-20-2009 02:29 PM

Melissa smiled at Kalvin's tune. The tune made her feel better. Ever since she was friends with Kalvin and Trace, her life was like an adventure. But now that they were captured, things changed...

"Well, at least now I know." Melissa glared at the other young man, who was also captured by the werewolves. How he got captured, she didn't know. Never saw him before. Or did she?

Suddenly, a terrorizing howl was heard. It sounded close. "W-wh-what was that?" Melissa asked, the fear coming back. The other werewolves flinched. But they knew the howl. They howled to the night sky as well, responding.

When they came towards a small plateau, one of the werewolves smiled coldy at the four youngsters. "We're here now..." The sound of the werewolf's voice scared Melissa. But she bit her lower lip, trying to keep her bravery.

((By the way, in this RP, werewolves are allowed to talk.))

Kyvios 02-20-2009 05:37 PM

Trace Hyde had kept himself silent until he heard the howls of the night. He shifted a little uneasily wanting desperately to get out of the woods. Trace as against going camping in the first place, but Melissa seemed desperate to have the experience so he went along with it.

"W-wh-what was that?" Trace heard Melissa say.

He slightly sighed and responded with a whisper "Most likely them responding to they're pact leader or something."

For the fact that he was the youngest in they're group, he seemed to be the most calm and rational about stressful situations. And right now he figured if he was going to get eaten, then there wasn't much he could do to prevent it.


Kalvin listened as the werewolves howled at the night sky, responding to they're leader. The sound made him feel uneasy, but he wouldn't allow his uncertainty about what might happen show his first thoughts were keeping his friends calm and alive.

"W-wh-what was that?" he heard Melissa ask slightly frightened

"Most likely them responding to they're pact leader or something." Trace said responding to her, with what seemed like a harsh tone to Kalvin.

"Hey Come on now. Remember when things get hard you have smile. And know, that they'll most likely eat me first" he said jokingly.

Kalvin ignored the person that was being held with them. His thoughts were really on any new people but the ones that meant to most to him.

CommanderQ 02-20-2009 05:43 PM

Harding ran as fast he could, pursuing whatever had caused his friend's death.

He quickly stopped for a short breather, and thought on what he was doing.

Should've called for backup....I don't know how many of these things are out there...

Harding shook the thoughts from his head and continued forward, this time a little slower.

Suddenly, he heard a chorus of howls arise from a part of the forest.

He froze still, trying to track the sound and identify. He still believed it to be the wolves.

He cocked his shotgun as he moved towards the direction of the howls.

He'd get his revenge yet...

SkywalkerRules 02-20-2009 07:08 PM

((Oh! It's all good, Alkonium. Sorry 'bout the misunderstanding.))

"Most likely them responding to they're pact leader or something."

Melissa stared at Trace. He must've been upset. But it was amazing to see him calm than herself, seeing that she was older. But she was an easily scared girl. She then remembered that if the werewolves weren't paying any attention to them when they turned away, she'd pull out her cell phone from one of her boots, and call the police.

"Hey Come on now. Remember when things get hard you have smile. And know, that they'll most likely eat me first" he said jokingly.

The young woman smiled a little. "No. They won't eat you. As long as we're here together, nothing will happen to us." She looked at Kalvin and Trace. Even the new captive person. "I promise."

Finally, they came upon a small plateau, where their Leader was. The commander came forth, and howled for the Alpha wolf, wanting to show him the werewolves' prize. Melissa stood there with the Kalvin, Trace, and the other boy, waiting for what was to come.

DrPhil2501 02-20-2009 10:11 PM

Leaves crushed underneath Baldurs boot, as he walked forward. The forest was pitch black, but his enhanced sensory enabled him to see more clearer then daylight. His fellow rookie companion followed behind him, relying on the night vision goggles he wore to see through the darkness.

Baldur stopped mid way.

"Sir?" Stark wondered behind him. Baldur looked up at the sky and the full moon, and soon the howling erupted around the forest.

"That sound... so beautiful..." Baldur thought outloud. Stark gave him a puzzled look. Something a human would never understand. "Something so magnificent, coming from the mouth of a flee-infested mindless beasts!"

He continues walking and pulled out his gunsword. He loaded a clip of ammunition and switched off the safety. "Keep a strict eye on everything, Stark. Lycans are very efficient predators, with stealth as part of their specialty to blend in with shadows of nature. Show no mercy..."

SkywalkerRules 02-20-2009 10:36 PM

((Hey, PK? Did you mean "The forest was pitch black, but his enhanced sensory enabled him to see more clearer then daylight."? :lol: ))

DrPhil2501 02-20-2009 10:41 PM

((lol OMFG I cant believe i actually wrote that :lol: whoops, I never realised I was unconciously being racist o_0 I am deeply sorry about that. I'll edit it))

SkywalkerRules 02-20-2009 10:48 PM

((No, it's okay, PK! Just a little mistake. I'm pretty sure anybody else would do the same. Know what I'm sayin'? :lol: :D))

Admiral_Thrawn 02-21-2009 03:19 AM

Two red orbs flickered inside the tunnel, atop the plateau. A sleek, black-coated canine emerged from the tunnel and approached the edge of the cliff. He looked over the Humans, eyeing each of them in turn. Bloodhound gestured at one of the Werewolves, instigating a small conversation. After that all that could be heard of the conversation were low pitch snarls and whines from the lesser creature.

Bloodhound's very appearance made the older Werewolves drop down in reverence, but the younger one carried on his silent protests. The Alpha-male ignored him, intent on learning more of the captives. He barked some harsh tongue at one of the elders and he responded in kind. Once they had finished the strange dialect a older Werewolf gently gestured his companion aside and spoke to the Alpha in the Human tongue. "We captilated them whilst they camped, a few miles west. Their blood-kin search for them and they have been missed."

Bloodhound nodded, understanding the Human dialogue perfectly. However he thought it best that he spoke in quiet with his blood-kin, but the elder had done his part. Bloodhounds crimson orbs turned once again to the captives, examining each of them in turn. He nodded towards the female captive, indicating to a nearby patch of foliage. One of the Werewolves carried out his order, taking her inside the tunnel in which Bloodhound now rested in.

He then gestured that the other captives be taken in the opposite direction, along the edge of the cliff structure. As the rest of the party carried out his instructions, one Elder turned and followed the female from afar, ensuring there would be no escape. He had instructed that the Female be brought to him directly, whilst the males be imprisoned in the main complex of the caves. Any who attempted to escape were to be devoured in front of the other captives, as a example.

A ruthless act, but he would ensure the safety of his pack. In his earlier conversation with the elder he had found out that the Humans thought the Werewolves would eat them. He thought this information useful, as he knew the Humans feared him and his kind.

Kyvios 02-21-2009 09:26 AM

Kalvin saw a werewolf come and pick Melissa up and take her away. In a panic he shot to his feet trying to reach her.

"Melissa!...Melissa!" he said his voice panic stricken. He remembered a promise he made to her when they were younger that he'd stay by her side no matter the situation.

A couple werewolves came and started to drag Kalvin, Trace, and the other captive in the opposite direction. He tried fighting them off, fearful for what might happen to Melissa, as one of the werewolves came to pick Kalvin up he stomped down hard on the werewolves foot and thrusted his head into the beasts muzzle.

Kalvin looked over at the leader his eyes filling with rage and desperation "I go where she goes, do you understand that. I Go Where She Goes!"


Trace didn't like Melissa being taken away any more then Kalvin did. But he wasn't about to make the situation worse for them by acting like a barbarian. Ever since they were young he considered Melissa and Kalvin siblings. They were always together, the three of them having fun and helping each other.

He watched as Kalvin attacked one of the creatures, his attack infuriated the beast so much that he picked Kalvin up by the throat and threw him against a tree not far away. Trace heard Kalvin hit the tree hard, then silence. After a moment Trace heard coughs, with a with a sigh of relief he looked over at the leader. Trace kept his eyes focused on the leader, memorizing his features as Trace was dragged away.

SkywalkerRules 02-21-2009 12:51 PM


The young woman began to panic with tears, trying to reach for Kalvin as well. "Kalvin! Trace! Please, don't leave me!!" Melissa really didn't want nothing to happen to her two beloved friends. If this carried on, they might get hurt. Probably by the Leader...

Suddenly, one of the werewolves threw Kalvin at a nearby tree. When he hit it, Melissa screamed. Luckily, she could hear him coughing, which meant that he was alive. The young woman looked at her friends one last time. "Go... I'll be okay..." she told Trace, sobbing with sorrowful tears. After this, the young woman went towards the dark, scary tunnel where the Leader was in, while the Elder behind made sure she wouldn't escape.

The appearance of the Leader made her more afraid. But she promised: If anything happened to her friends or that other captive, even if she didn't know him... it was on. Melissa looked down at the ground, while she was finally inside the tunnel of the Alpha.

Admiral_Thrawn 02-21-2009 01:25 PM

"Be seated Human, much do we have to . . . discuss." He gestured to a flat rock, then sat down on all fours like a canine. "Elder, be gone." The Elder gave him a puzzled look and looked stunned. A quick snarl from Bloodhound sent his lesser friend into submission and he departed. "Flee if you want, I wont stop you. But if you do, know your friends will not be given such a oppurtunity."

He studied the Humans features, she was obviously female, as was distinguished by her actions and figure. "I found your friends behaviour most distasteful, but my blood-kin who "damaged" him will be punished, that I assure you." Bloodhound gave her a almost happy smile, then gestured to the river. "Drink if you want and there is food abound if you but ask." Then he stopped and waited for her response.

Alkonium 02-21-2009 01:37 PM

Jim didn't personally know any of the other three people taken captive, but he knew, though they failed to realise, that all four of them were in this together. "Take me in her place, I mean nothing to them!" He shouted out, hoping to get their attention. Little did they know, he had managed to grab particularly large rock off the ground. The moment they would grab him, he could slam it into one of their heads, and if he was lucky, incapacitate most of them and free the other two hostages.

SkywalkerRules 02-21-2009 01:44 PM

"Flee if you want, I wont stop you. But if you do, know your friends will not be given such a oppurtunity."

Melissa kept her head down while she sat on the flat rock in front of the Alpha. She bit her lower lip, trying to fight the tears that urged to come out from her blue eyes. Suddenly, she heard the Alpha say something else.

"I found your friends behaviour most distasteful, but my blood-kin who "damaged" him will be punished, that I assure you."

The young woman slowly looked up at the massive Werewolf, keeping her silence. But she was happy to know that the werewolf who hurted Kalvin was going to be dealt with.

The Alpha then offered her drink from the river. Melissa shook her head, and smiled a little. "N-n-no thank you. I... um... already ate and drank before... well, we got captured." She played with her skirt nervously, trying to not stare at the Leader's red eyes.

Admiral_Thrawn 02-21-2009 04:17 PM

"N-n-no thank you. I... um... already ate and drank before... well, we got captured."Bloodhound nodded slowly. His unsettling crimson orbs shifted to a eery saphire, easing the tension somewhat. He rose from his seated position and edged near to the tunnel from which he had previously emerged. A simple snarl brought a lesser creature from a nearby corner, as Bloodhound indicated to a winding tunnel.

"Take her to her friends." Bloodhound stated bluntly, followed by some primitive snarls. The lesser nodded and gestured for the female to follow. Bloodhound then moved away from the tunnel, instead opting for a smaller crevice, leading to a plateau overlooking the main complex in which the Humans would be held.

CommanderQ 02-21-2009 06:58 PM

Harding tok out a pair of night-vision goggles that he had kept on his utility belt and turned them on.

He immediatley spotted what seemed to be a crude compound, some sort of....animal camp.

He didn't like it, but then he heard the scream of a women and human voices. He knew that he had the right area.

He checked the rounds of his shotgun and approached slowly towards the main tent, where he heard some strange voice conversing with the women who had screamed.

He lined up the sights of the shotgun with the silhouettes of his targets.

He breathed slowly....

...and pulled the trigger.

SkywalkerRules 02-21-2009 07:18 PM

Melissa was being taken to her friends as the Leader ordered. She was relieved that she was being taken to them. All she ever wanted to do was see them again. As she followed behind the Werewolf, Melissa thought about the great times she had with her friends. Playing around, hanging out, and sometimes getting into trouble.

This was her very first time ever being kidnapped by Werewolves. Some stories she read about them... they looked like myths. But now... she was facing real danger. What did the Alpha had in mind for her and her friends? Why not kill them right in the spot? The thoughts in her head made her feel uneased.

When they finally came to the main complex where her friends were being held, Melissa saw Kalvin and Trace, along with the other captive, once again. "Guys!" Melissa shouted, tears falling from her joyful eyes. The young woman ran towards her friends, and gave them a hug.

Kyvios 02-21-2009 07:57 PM

Kalvin felt one of the werewolves pick him up over it's shoulder. The pain he felt in his side was horrible, almost felt like it would cripple him. His vision was blurry he couldn't really make out where he was being brought to or where he was thrown. He tried to sit up but fell to the ground, and just laid there.

He felt a soft hand touch his back, and knew it was Trace.

Grinning softly he said "Guess my hot shotness is going to be my downfall" he started coughing with some blood coming out. He realized that the blow with the tree probably broke a rib or two, and most likely he had internal bleeding. He laughed slightly at his predicament.

Slowly he sat up and heard Melissa's voice "Guys!", shortly after he felt her hug him. Pain surged threw his body again forcing him to make a slight hissing noise at the pain, but he managed to hug her back.


Trace sat there next to Kalvin, worried for him. They couldn't stay in this compound much longer if he wanted his best friend and brother to survive. He noticed that the other guy was planning something, but he hopped that he didn't go threw with it. If that man tried he'd be torn to pieces before he could make the first blow.

He smiled at he saw Melissa approach. When she hugged him he held on tight, over whelmed with happiness to be reunited with her. Now that all three of them were together, he knew they had to come up with a plan.

Trace turned his head towards the other hostage "Hey, do you have a name?"

CommanderQ 02-21-2009 08:19 PM

The shotgun had jammed.

Harding had brought the gun this far, and when his target is in his sights....his gun jams.

Today wasn't a good one.

Instead, he resorted to observing the situation, and figure out a plan to get his fellow humans out.

Admiral_Thrawn 02-22-2009 07:19 AM

The Alpha observed the Humans carefully, but then dismissed them as old thoughts began anew. A Elder slowly advanced and deliberately kicked a rock to get his attention. Without turning the Alpha let off a quiet snarl then piped in with a inquisitve tune. "The Humans . . . why do we let them live?" The Alpha had thought the Elder would've known better. "For the same reason we captured them. So we can understand their race. They will be released in due time, with some of our artifacts as a apologetic gesture."

The Elder observed Bloodhound, analyzing him for any hint of a jest, but none was too be found. "Your serious!?" Bloodhound turned to the Elder, his red eyes glowing menacingly. The Elder realized the folly of his outburst, bowed his head and scurried down the corridor. Bloodhound turned back to oberserving the Humans from this dark watch-point. Then he saw the Elder direct two brutes at the Humans.

Immediately the brutes began to advance, claws raised and barking furiously. The Elder had cheated him . . . he dived from the rockface and smashed straight into the brutes, then swiftly informed them of the Elders treachery. They acknowledged the occurance and dipped their heads in homage, hoping for forgiveness. He granted them it, then turned to the Elder. "You dare betray me? You would dare put these Humans in harms way? HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!!!" Bloodhound brought both his claws up, instantly raking through the Elders flesh and bone. The Elder tumbled back, roaring in agony but Bloodhound did not relent. He through him into a shadowy corner, out of eyesight but not earshot.

Within seconds blood sputtered from the corner, covering most of the walls nearby the corner. Then he dragged the Elder by the neck to a nearby pit. "You will not live to regret your choice!" He tightened his grip, instantly breaking the Elders windpipe, killing him. He then discarded the corpse into the pit and roared.

Suddenly his eyes ceased to glow and instead began to radiate a pulsating blue. He slowly approached the Humans, trying not to frighten them. "You will not be harmed--" He raised his voice so all nearby could hear. "--And any who attempt to bring that upon you will forfeit their lives." The Werewolves stared for a couple of seconds, then dipped their heads in obedience. One of the Elders then barked at them, ordering them back to their buisness. Quickly the cave was emptied, leaving only a few guards and servants to tend to the Humans.

"Humans, you may leave whenever you want to, but if you stay and help my kind learn about your people then I can assure you that we will never bother you or your kind again. Also if you stay we will grant you some gold and artifacts from our treasury . . . well if your kind values such trinkets anyways." Behind Bloodhound a few attendants were scurrying around to create beds for their guests and prepare a banquet. Though Werewolves knew little of Humans they had learned alot from simply studying the captives camp. Bloodhound waited for a response.

Kyvios 02-22-2009 08:06 AM

Kalvin grinned at the idea of the werewolves wanting to learn about the humans. Out of all the stories he's read, and myths he was told never once did it mention that they were passive beings. Kalvin started to cough again with a little more blood coming out, this time he was certain he had broken ribs, and was certain one had at least punctured his lung.

His breath was labored and heavy as he said "I don't know mate, for me what you see it what you get" he gave a faint smile to the pact leader and laughed slightly only to cough more.


Trace stayed kneeling at Kalvin's side, noticing how weak Kalvin's breathing was becoming. He was becoming worried that with out proper medical attention he would die and the thought of losing him was to heavy for his heart to bare. Quickly he turned towards the pact leader, his eyes swollen with sarrow and pain for Kalvin.

"Please, I think he might have some broken ribs. Is there anything you can do to help him?"

Maybe some one had some kind of magical powers or something. Since they've been here the behavior of these werewolves has been different then what the stories has told him. As he looked upon the leader he hoped that something could be done.

Admiral_Thrawn 02-22-2009 08:11 AM

Bloodhound nodded and gestured to a nearby Sage. "Heal him." The Sage dipped his head and then gestured two claws at the wound. Within seconds the wound had been sealed and the damage undone. The nearby attendants hurried to help Kalvin stand, seeing if he had made a full recovery. Bloodhound nodded his thanks to the Sage and then began to walk towards the door.

Kyvios 02-22-2009 08:59 AM

Kalvin stood up, amazed by the recovery. He smiled at the thought of testing his recovery, he sorted threw his head at the moves he could do to test it. With the excitement building inside him he did a back flip, then did several kicks and punches in the air. Then he abruptly stopped remembering something his father had told him,

"Do not dishonor our family by showing off such weak movements. You will become the master of this Dojo, it is time you start acting like one."

Kalvin lowered his head got down on his knees towards the leader, placing his palms flat against the ground he lowered himself until his forehead touched the ground.

"Thank you. I am very grateful." he said to Bloodhound.

Admiral_Thrawn 02-22-2009 01:27 PM

At the Humans thanks Bloodhound simply grunted, then departed from the complex to the Council Hall. Already the Sages and Elders had gathered, waiting patiently for their leader. As Bloodhound began to seat himself one of the Sages brought forward a small gem. Bloodhound closed his eyes and allowed the gem to be put into his opened palms. He cupped his hands and brought it to his face, inhaling deeply. He then cast it down, the crystal shattering into a haze of azure dust.

The entire council did likewise with their own crystals and the meeting began. "The Humans are a threat to our security."--"I agree, they could be dangerous."

"Nonsense they are--" "No thats--" I can't believe--"

The Council erupted into debate, all save the more refined Sages and Elders. Bloodhound allowed the debate to climax before interupting. "Are you quite finished? Yes the Humans are a threat, a damn great one. But if we simply waited for them to find us then they'd likely slaughter us without concern. If we can show at least some Humans that we have more depth that just a ferocious maw then perhaps we can buy enough time to flee back to the Shadowlands."

This comment was greeted with a diverse array of responses, ranging from snarls to submissive whimpers. "Well fine, shall we slaughter the Humans and just wait for their blood-kin to hunt us down for vengeance? Oh yes what a wonderful idea! Brilliance at its most potency. That is sarcasm, a term of the Humans. I have learnt much of them, whilst the rest of you sit in ignorance thinking yourself superior. Now stop acting like pups and speak up like the wise-wolves you are!"

Most of the council hung their heads in shames, at realization of their folly. A select few cast a shadowy look upon Bloodhound, glaring at him with contempt. Others simply nodded. "Now then, if there isnt anything further to debate in this minute council then I will be retiring to my cave." The instant the Alpha turned was the breaking point, as the select traitors leapt at him, teeth bared ferociously. Bloodhound turned, his eyes yet again boiling crimson. He snarled in his language, barking archaic phrases and terms, barrating the foolish few.

He brought a single claw upon their ranks, cutting and raking through those foolish enough to oppose him. Then at last the Clan was rid off its traitorous Elders, allowing Bloodhound to take the reigns. He carried out his statement, retiring to his cave. Little more was heard from him for the rest of the night.

SkywalkerRules 02-22-2009 02:57 PM

The young woman was relieved that Kalvin was all right now. After the Werewolf leader's departure, Melissa wanted to have a meeting of her own with her friends and the other captive. She sat on a bed the assistant werewolves made, and looked down. Then she glanced at the trio.

"Guys? We need to talk. The Leader said if we stay, and let them learn more about the Humans, they won't bother us again." Melissa picked up a blueberry from a small bowl and examined it. "Now... I'm not much of a talker, but... what if the Leader is right? Maybe... just maybe... this might be an opportunity to tell others that some Werewolves aren't bad as the stories say they are."

Melissa ate the small blueberry, thinking. Then she looked at Kalvin, Trace, and the other captive for a response.

DrPhil2501 02-22-2009 07:12 PM

Baldur and Stark paused as they saw dim lights up ahead. They from a small camp of huts nearby. But Baldur knew there had to be more inhabitents. A cave system, beneath the the camp. The huts were probably for show: werewolves needed a proper residence.

"Stark..." Baldur barked to his companion. "Hand me a clip of explosive shells..."

The Harker Soldier pulled from his pouch a metalic clip of bullets for Baldur's Gunsword. Baldur snatched the clip and smacked it into the weapon. "You wait here as backup! These puppies need a bit of a diversion..."

Baldur disapeared into the darkness. He moved silently towards one of the huts and aimed his gun at one of the gas heaters. He took a safe distance, aimed and fired. The combination of the explosive shell and a tank of gas made a devastating mushroom of fire, destroying the cabin. Baldur disapeared from site, and found a safe distance to watch as the tribe of werewolves came to investigate.

Lord of Destruction 02-22-2009 08:59 PM

Nick Rangel was running through the forest looking for the screaming that he heard, but all he saw was a bunch of humans. he peared his head to look at them more carefull, but as soon as he stuck his head out he heard some explosion. so he dashed to the location while hoping the humans didn't see him, or go to the explosion cause he knew what it was it was the hunters, and he had no desire to help humans at this moment.

Admiral_Thrawn 02-24-2009 10:15 AM

((Before I do this post can you all please note that magic can be spelt with a k and I prefer to spell it such, so dont complain when you see the word "Magick" in my post))

Bloodhound was atop his plateau when the explosion occured and knew full well what had happened. The Humans had declared war. He understood the Human mechanics of war and had already prepared his people against it. Bullets would bounce uselessly off of their thick hides, explosions would simply daze them and vehicles would be shredded by them. Not only that, but they had the ways of the Magi to aid them. With a wave of his hand he summoned a Magi from the Nether-Realms and directed the Magi's spellwork at the camp. Within seconds a fierce moonlight crackled overhead, bathing the camp in a luminous glow. Werewolves materialized in thin-air, dropping into the wilderness and scouring the tree-tops for the intruders. The Werewolves gathered around the camp roared their approval, as lightning struck harmlessly at a invisible barrier. The wind picked up and the Werewolves stood in awe as their leader glew a brilliant azure. His radiance spread across the nearby landscape, bathing it with a warm glow. His people were inspired and looked upon him with respect, admiration and endless loyalty.

With a wave of his hand the Magi ceased his spellwork causing the Werewolves to vanish into the shadows and the light to cease. The lightning stilled in the sky, but thunder echoed miles away. The glow that had previously encompassed the Alpha's massive form had now desisted and vanished. The Magi slowly faded, becoming little more than a illusion, then vanishing. The Alpha did not give this occurance a second thought, having seen the magick done a thousand times over before. Whoever these trespassers were, they would be captulated with little effort and little strain. He did not want war with Humanity, he simply wanted for his kind to be left alone. After witnessing the magnificent spectacle, Bloodhound turned and retreated back into the shadows of his cave. The sparkling waterfall from which the river was produced still spurted out the calm azure life-fluids that made Bloodhound feel so calm. The river ran smoothly, diverting its course around any obstacles that might just stand in its way. The image was soothing and calm, the only sound the whistling of the water or the rustling of the occasional bat.

Bloodhound stood and reached up for a nearby lantern, opening it and drawing a crystal from its depths. He snorted onto the small mineral and there were no immediate effects. Within seconds however the blue crystal had become silver and gave off a heavenly moonlight. He placed the crystal back in the lantern and once again settled at the banks of the river. Every now and again a Werewolf would pass him, but he paid his companion little attention as he diverted his focus to the sparkling waters. After a whilst he grew complacent and found it hard to remain still, so he once again sought to divert his focus to a new area. He got onto all-fours and almost instantly his form became identical to that of a regular wolf. He followed the river downstream, all the way outside. Upon leaving the caves he was greeted with the sight of many plants and animals. The mountains surrounded this small valley, making it impossible to access, even by air. The reasoning for this occurance was all due to the Magi, whom castle protective spellwork to hide this valley from view. It was a beatiful place, amazing sights and creatures perhaps once akin to the native creatures of Earth. The great garden was a amazing thing, one of the many achievements of his kind. They were proud of it and its creations.

After a while he came across a Werewolf who seemed to be waiting for him. "Alpha--" The Werewolf dipped his head in homage. "--You wished to see me?" Bloodhound nodded and directed his companion to a nearby stone, which protruded from the ground adjacent to the river. "I wish for you to return to the caves and retrieve the female Human, then escort her here."

The other simply nodded and set about doing his task, quickly grasping a small medallion upon the stone and then sprinting towards the cave on all fours. Bloodhound closed his eyes and brought about all the things so wonderful and full of life, though his people were full of bloodlust they could be brilliant and beatiful in their own way. He only wished that the council saw such things, such beatiful things . . . if only life were so simple to see.

SkywalkerRules 02-24-2009 11:37 AM

Before Kalvin and Trace could answer, Melissa could see something glowing outside. The young woman got up from her bed, and went to the entrance of the main complex. What she saw astounded her eyes. It was like a magical wonderland in the nightly but bright forest. "I've never seen anything like it..." Melissa whispered.

While she stared in awe, a Werewolf came inside the complex. Then he turned, and looked at Melissa. The young woman could see that he had a small medallion with him. "Young lady? Will you come with me, please? I have no intention on harming you nor your friends. My Leader wants to see you." Melissa thought on this. Then she glanced at Kalvin and Trace.

Going to her friends, she hugged them. "Don't worry, guys. I'll be okay." The Werewolf nodded. "She's right, lads. No harm will come to her. I promise."

After this, Melissa went to the Werewolf, and hopped on his back. Then, they ran back to the Leader. Everything was so fast to Melissa's eyes. But she let the wind blow her long blonde hair. It felt refreshing. Finally, they reached the Alpha. The Werewolf bowed, while letting Melissa down. "I have her, as you requested, my lord."

CommanderQ 02-24-2009 11:42 AM

Harding had been here long enough.

Having fallen asleep, the policemen wasn't feeling too great about missing some of the action.

He shook the feeling off and took a small camera from his pocket.

He then snapped off several pictures of these wolf-people camps. He'd be back later...

...and with a LOT more fire-power.

He stood and slowly back away from the camp, and then he broke into a mad-dash back to his squad car that was not too far away.

Kyvios 02-24-2009 11:56 AM

Kalvin hugged Melissa back as she went willing with the werewolf. This time he didn't put up a fight, he would of rather not have got thrown against something again. As the werewolf and Melissa walked out of the door, Kalvin quickly dashed over and shoved a stick between the door and its frame preventing it from shutting. What ever that explosion what, and what ever those lights were, this place was now dangerous and he didn't want Trace to stay here a second longer.

He motioned his hand for Trace to move closer to him as he slowly opened the door a little to peer out. It seemed the like werewolves were to busy preparing themselves for some type of battle to notice his actions. He also hoped they would be to busy to notice Trace trying to escape.

"Trace" Kalvin whisper to him "See if you can get the other captive, and get the hell out of here"

He kept his eyes focused on the outside of the door making sure no danger was coming their way. He didn't really like fighting, but he would if he had to if it meant to protect his friends.


Trace heard what Kalvin was telling him but he knew he couldn't leave, not while Melissa was still with the pact leader.

"And if I leave, what do you think he'll do to Melissa. Probably kill her. So there is not a chance in hell that I'm leaving." he said to him defiantly. He knew he could be stubborn more times then he needed to be, but he wasn't goign to risk the safety of one of his friends just to save his own hide.

Trace noticed Kalvin trying to grip the ground, thinking of some sort of argument but he knew he couldn't think of a one. The fact remain if they tried to escape any one of them, it could put Melissa's life in jeopardy. He heard Kalvin sigh and give in. However Kalvin kept his vigilance on the outside of the door.

Trace sat down next to Kalvin sighing. They both were stuck here, possibly about to be ripped to shreds or blown to pieces, and that thought made him laugh if only slightly.

Admiral_Thrawn 02-24-2009 12:40 PM

The Cell Guard sighed at the childrens pathetic memory span. "As the Alpha says you can leave of your own choice whenever you like and your companion will not be harmed according to those choices. Didn't he tell you that only a few hours ago?!" The Guard exhaled, deeply irritated with these Humans. The funniest part was that all Werewolves were telepathic on some level and as such had the ability to read minds and hear thoughts.
The Alpha watched as the Werewolf approached with the female in tow. The servitor dipped his head in homage to the Alpha and then placed the medallion around the girls neck. He immediately departed, likely seeking to fulfill some other duty elsewhere. "Consider the medallion a gift, it will bring you peace of mind and if that were your wish, great money in your land." Bloodhound decided to leave out how greedy such a choice would be, preferring to not upset his guests opinions of him. "Its beatiful isn't it?" He opened his arms as if to embrace the moonlight, encompassing the entire valley. "We sowed the seeds of the garden, we nurtured them and this valley into being . . . you Humans play God in your own world, but you also work against him . . . undoing his work and wreaking havock unto your lands. I will never understand that aspect of Humanity, but beyond that little need be said in that area. . ."

He sighed as if his soul was burdened with some great sadness. He looked up to the moon as if seeking consul, as if seeking some special sign. But there was no answer to his silent calls, his pleas fallen upon deaf ears. "Melissa, your friends are a inigma too me, but you are strange in the sense that you are different. Perhaps its to do with gender amongst your kind. Kalvin is defiant, he will not accept reality nor think of the consequences of his actions. But Trace evens the scale, ensuring the safety of both his friends and directing Kalvin when needed. Yes, I know your names and I remember them easily." With but a shadow of a thought he had instructed the guard to bring the others before him.
"The Alpha wishes to see you, your friend is also there. You can either stay here, leave the caverns altogether, wonder round . . . or simply accept the request and go to him. The choice is yours. Simply say yes and you will find yourself there. What is your choice . . . Humans?"

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