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Ibanez 03-27-2009 02:37 PM

Mapper at your disposal.
Hello everyone. I've followed the DFmod progress for a few years, and I greatly enjoyed the 6 level demo. They took me back quite a bit, and I had a blast playing it. The words "Oh, cool!" left my mouth plenty of times.

I have been editing Jedi Academy for a while, and I would be thrilled if I could map for either the DFmod team or DF2mod. I'm happy with either. Here is my most recent work, that I've been doing for the last few days: a remake of Double Cross on Nar Shaddaa from JK.




More pictures next post.

Ibanez 03-27-2009 02:38 PM

Pictures, Cont'd:



That's all I have done! Enjoy! :)

1:1 JK texture remake credits go to this lovely page!

jedimike2234 03-27-2009 04:10 PM

WOW!Ibanez,simply incredibile work there,will you be releasing this?you kept the spirit of the original levels but at the same time you updated them!Fantastic!Love how you really captured the grime and the filth of nar shadda!

CrisG 03-27-2009 04:34 PM

I agree with Mike, your work is first rate, equal to much of the best mod work i have seen thanks so much for posting those and I hope you do release soon :)

On_Your_Six 03-27-2009 04:52 PM

Hey, look at that, you move fast Ibanez. Glad I came over to check out your post, you've got even more eye candy this time around. Awesome.

grangana 03-28-2009 07:16 AM

It seems there is a new good mapper here!
I can feel your force, guy! Good new sp maps in perspective.

exonimus 03-28-2009 01:15 PM

it looks really good, but you do really need to work on some textures. The green ones with the circular pattern looks dreadful. The second last picture on the first post, those iron bar kind of things, you really need to make that stand out with brushes or actual cylinders, or some other way of texturing.

But overall, it looks great! keep up the good work!

Ibanez 03-28-2009 02:37 PM

I'm sorry, could you be more specific? Are you referring to the steep slope with the vertical metal striping texture? I do take any and all criticism into consideration, since I am making this for the community, after all. :)

Also, remember, those textures are not mine. They are 1:1 remakes of the original JK textures.

exonimus 03-28-2009 03:02 PM

my apologies for being unclear, yes, that is what I was referring to. The metal stuff on the steep slope looks really 2d, while you could easily make it better. You could either make two layers, one metal layer and one black-ish layer below, or you could go another way, and completely replicate it with some small tubes(that is, I think the texture is trying to convey something like that) The texture I was referring to(the floor texture on your first two screenshots) looks really grainy imho. I'm not sure if said texture is a remake of the floor texture on respective surface, since I can't really tell from the comparison shot. But if it is, it could need replacing or improvement otherwise. I always ask myself what the authors of the original texture could've meant, and if it makes sense, I try to improve upon it.

But there are also cases where it doesn't make sense. For example, in mysteries of the sith(jk expansion) in the first map, you're in this big concrete rebel base. On the ceiling of this base, this is a wooden plank texture. That didn't really make sense, so I replaced it.

The idea of recreating is keeping the good stuff, and improving the bad stuff(and you're doing a damn good job at that.)

edit: if you ever need someone to test your map, I'd be happy to help you =)

Also, just wondering: how long have you spent creating this, uptil now?

Ibanez 03-28-2009 03:18 PM

Ahh, the green texture with studs on it in the first picture? Yeah, that is actually a stock JA texture (held over from the JO Nar level). I used it simply because it looks dirty and it keeps in the color theme as the original Nar level. If it looks too low quality, I can replace it. :)

And I know what you mean with the sloping metal texture. I know just what to do.

I've spent about 4-5 days on this so far.

hhunter6 03-28-2009 03:49 PM

Your map is very awesome. I like the look you have going on it. First rate indeed. plus you have made me very jealous. ; )

I would recommed that on the dragon over the bar you shorten the width and make it a little longer, it looks alittle fat to me. just my opinion though. : )

Ibanez 03-28-2009 04:16 PM

Does this look better, exonimus? :)

On_Your_Six 03-28-2009 05:25 PM

Killer work, Ibanez. :)

-=*Raz0r*=- 03-28-2009 05:42 PM

very nice indeed.
i was amazed when i opened this thread yesterday - and now i feel compelled to post in it.
very, very nice work.

exonimus 03-28-2009 06:06 PM

very much so =)

You know why I'm jealous too? you seem to be able to get quite a lot of work done in so little time, or you do have a lot of time. Hhunter and I(together with a small team) need to recreate every texture ourselves, and just don't have that much time on our hands, so it'd take weeks for us to get this far :/

Anyway, in the case the df2team is completely out of their mind and doesn't accept you, you're always welcome to help out with mysteries of the sith =)

Ibanez 03-28-2009 06:29 PM

Haha what do you know, I just played through MotS yesterday! :)

And thank you everyone for your compliments. It helps a lot. :D

Ibanez 03-28-2009 10:51 PM

Ah, I made some more progress tonight:


-=*Raz0r*=- 03-29-2009 03:51 AM

in the first picture, the red light on the pole needs some tweaking, maybe more glow and less harsh light? like, it seems to just cut off with the texture to the left of it.
i don't know, but everything else is ace!

exonimus 03-29-2009 01:31 PM

actually, now I come to think of it, only choice you'd have is dfmod, since df2mod is on hiatus at the moment.

Ibanez 03-29-2009 03:07 PM

:( sobcry. Well I'll finish this one level freelance, release it as a stand-alone mod, and go from there.

grangana 03-30-2009 12:31 PM

Good resolution to finish it.
Where will you post this level? (jk3 files is dead)

Ibanez 03-30-2009 12:39 PM

Massassi Temple. :)

exonimus 03-30-2009 12:57 PM

you might want to consider posting it on, it'll have all the jk3files files(complete backup) and it kind of the replacement. However' it's not finished yet, and probably won't be for another two weeks or so. However, I can't imagine you finishing the map within two weeks :P

edit: missed the last screenshots. Sadly, I don't have much more to add than "nice!" =)

How many rooms (estimated..) have you finished up til now, and how many do you still have to do?

Ibanez 03-30-2009 01:59 PM

Well, I map in progression from room to room, and I don't move on until I have one area totally finished. So, the last room you see is the last room I've finished. Here it is in Radiant, this might give you an idea. The very top right room is the last one I made.

[EDIT: I forgot to add! Thanks to the help of someone, I now understand and have working shaders! So, the neon signs from JK now animate exactly as they did in JK, and that signature 'hand' switch from Nar now animates as well, and has great looking glow! :)]

exonimus 03-30-2009 02:26 PM

you still have a long way to go =)

on the shaders: that's great! if you have any questions, don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail or a pm(preferably on my mod's forums, I check those more often). I'm no shader guru, but I understand the basics pretty well.

-=*Raz0r*=- 03-31-2009 02:47 AM

Dynamic glow is so pretty. o_O

You have got to be the most time efficient mapper I've seen, ever.
Great job.

Ibanez 03-31-2009 06:18 PM

Haha I wouldn't say that. I've spent two days now sitting staring blankly at that empty wall, wondering how I'm going to tackle the next area. 75% of the time I take in my mapping is simply coming up with a design and look for the next area. When I know what I'm making, I do work very fast. I have to finish it before I forget it! :P

Ibanez 04-01-2009 02:36 AM

Youtube time!

View page
YouTube Video

exonimus 04-01-2009 03:44 AM

great work!

Meh, if they would've let you start the df2mod some years ago, it'd be done by now! ;)

Jennaida 04-01-2009 10:17 AM

That one enemy at 0:51 in the video (on the left) isn't standing exactly on the ground, but that's a minor thing. Fantastic! When did you start this, to be so far along on the level? It's incredible!

On_Your_Six 04-01-2009 04:18 PM

Damn, that's awesome. Great scripting and everything.

Can't wait to see what you would do with Baron's Hed and Into the Dark Palace (drool).

raw_bean 04-02-2009 10:23 AM

Hey, it's my man Ibanez! As I've said elsewhere, great work man. DarkStarMojo should sign you up so fast it makes your head spin.

Zerimar Nyliram 04-02-2009 11:39 AM

Holy crap! That's frickin' sweet!

DarkStarMojo, I know you guys have already completed the first couple of levels, and I respect the work you've done, but please take this guy's version into consideration. Maybe the finished level could be a hybrid of the two?

But get Dark Forces done first, of course. ;)

Ibanez 04-02-2009 02:52 PM

Haha! raw_bean you stalker! Can't give me infractions on this forum now can ya? ;)

And if it's at all possible, I would like to see the work that has already been done on DF2mod. :)

Zerimar Nyliram 04-02-2009 05:54 PM

Ibanez 04-02-2009 06:00 PM

Ah! Thank you! It seems they're doing a 1:1 remake of JK, whereas I'm taking artistic license with mine and making it as if what Kyle would have gone through if the JK engine had been able to support more detailed environments. Also, in some cases, if the level designers hadn't been bat**** insane. :D

Although I really like many of the things I see in those pictures! Especially level 2. Ace job! I particularly like the air duct under construction! ;)

Zerimar Nyliram 04-02-2009 06:48 PM

Yeah, I'd rather these levels be mostly re-imagined rather than a carbon copy of the ones we're familiar with, with better graphics. In my other threads here I keep referencing Tomb Raider: Anniversary as the perfect example of a re-imagining of a classic game when I give the team my suggestions as to how to go about designing the levels, gameplay, functionality plot advancement (from a writer's perspective, as I know nothing about the technical aspects of it).

In any case, I really like your level and look forward to seeing it released. (Filefront is back up, by the way. They've been permitted to stick around. ;)) I also wouldn't mind more videos.

Zerimar Nyliram 04-02-2009 06:56 PM

Oh, and a few suggestions, should you ever revisit your creation and make some changes here and there:

1. Perhaps the initial dining area can be designed so as to more closely resemble the one seen in the cutscene when the level begins?

2. Could you make the patrons and activities in the barroom more interactive, as they are in Jedi Outcast]? Perhaps have it so that you need to accomplish some sort of task before the patrons become hostile and you are permitted to advance? (Perhaps 8T88 ordered the place locked down on his way out?)

Ibanez 04-02-2009 08:15 PM

Well, there are others in the bar that ignore you until you shoot them (at which point they become hostile :P ). But even that's more than how it was in JK. I suppose I could make it so you need to find a hidden switch to advance... but wouldn't that be deviating from JK a bit?

Ibanez 04-02-2009 11:18 PM

View page
YouTube Video

Ok, so here's the first part of the level as it plays out now. Enjoy!

I probably won't post too many more updates, as I don't want to spoil everything and ruin your interests! ;)

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