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Darth_Yuthura 04-03-2009 10:37 AM

Thread with a point?
I've seen certain threads get closed down because they don't go anywhere or have any point to them. There is a particular thread with a poll that has nothing more than one option to it. What point is there to it?

I wouldn't mind seeing 'sabertooth' get closed... just saying I have an issue with it. It's your choice, though. Thanks.

jrrtoken 04-03-2009 12:12 PM

Sorry, but complain all you want, nothing is going to happen. Not that I'm trying to criticize you or anything, but it's just not worth the effort.

stoffe 04-03-2009 02:02 PM

If you see a thread you believe is against the rules, please us the Report Post button ( in the lower left corner to bring it to the attention of the moderators so they can have a look at it.

While Ahto is an off-topic forum which isn't very strictly moderated it isn't a no-topic forum so threads that are nothing but pointless spam should still be reported and dealt with.

(The mentioned thread does look a bit over the line to me personally, but it's the Ahto moderators who decide where to draw the line and decide what's acceptable or not.)

Jae Onasi 04-03-2009 02:57 PM

It was intended to be an April Fool's thread, so within the context of the foolishnes of that day, it was appropriate, though it likely isn't relevant anymore. We'll re-evaluate it.

Darth_Yuthura 04-04-2009 07:26 AM

Great, so now the thread has closed and only my last post gets erased. I would not have complained if ALL posts after April first were deleted, but no... I lose a few posts from two threads at once and the others who did the same thing escaped the consequences.

That's just peachy. (Of course, I can't complain because there should have been a number of sanctions issued instead.)

Jae Onasi 04-04-2009 02:13 PM

You're b*tching after we closed the thread at your request? Nice.

It's not that big of a deal. This is a gaming forum. You were back-seat moderating and making the thread your new forum for your complaints after already starting this thread here, and that's why they got deleted by another moderator. Be glad they were kind enough not to give you an infraction for not using the report post feature instead.

If you think it's that big of a deal, you need to go watch a few people die in a hospital or feed some homeless people at a soup kitchen to get some perspective.

jonathan7 04-04-2009 02:17 PM

Report posts, sure the thread was Spammy, but the first threads reported DY were yours, I rarely post in Ahto, so such threads I don't go in, unless something is reported. I deleted any backseat moderation posts, and then locked the thread, if your really upset about it, I could always delete the whole thread.

EnderWiggin 04-04-2009 04:59 PM

Respectfully, J7, I'd rather if you didn't give D_Y the opportunity to continue calling the shots.

You dealt with it how you saw fit (even though it was but a joke thread) and that's that. Your job, your call.


Emperor Devon 04-04-2009 05:21 PM

Why do you even care about this?

Darth_Yuthura 04-04-2009 05:26 PM

Alright, it was always only a minor thing that I complained about and it was properly dealt with. I appreciate that Jae and J7 took action on my behalf.

I have nothing at stake here and don't have the right to ask a thread be deleted. I won't complain at every insignificant... and truly irrelevant issues I come across. The choice is yours because you're the ones managing the forum... not me, not anyone who isn't a moderator.

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