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Darth Avlectus 05-19-2009 03:42 AM

Name That Game
Heres how you play: You, "the charade", think of a game (any kind...well except the uhh, you know, ones best left behind closed doors :D) and give a description of it, concise and to the point but also a little cryptic. You give 2 facts about it, and a hint which you put your own twist on (not something anti-intuitive or unrelated, please. Make it relevant to the game somehow) to lead or mislead everyone else.

Each person gets 3 trys. No chain linking the answers either to fit more in.
Fail 3 trys, you're out (for that game's post).

Whoever gets it first wins. If 5 people fail, "the charade" wins.

If more than 5 reply, those too must be put into consideration: those who also guess correctly win, the rest are shut out. You can elect to do this by re: all and saying "Shut Out!" and the game is over, whoever wins wins, everyone else loses. Unless "the charade" decides to extend it.
To extend it: You must now give out another fact and another hint. Another 5, and so forth.

Anyone breaking a rule or just making a totally obvious n00b error gets either this:
OR this:
Got it? good.
General Example:

Person x "the charade" says:

This game is about capitalism, and keeps.
1) is colorful
2) has multiple iterations and spinoffs
Hint: I own you

Persons a,b,c,y,z reply.

1) Sorry
2) Ginnykub
3) trouble
(everyone guesses something different)

1) Time Lord
2) Space invaders
3) Monopoly


Originally Posted by Y
3) Monopoly


You may post your own 'name that game' anywhere or you may post replies only. All others are spam......or get The Smack laid down on them. :D

At that, let's begin.

Name this game:
1) It has the colors green and red
2) You can't do it every day or everywhere.
Hint: It's a messy past time. :D

Totenkopf 05-19-2009 05:09 PM

1)water ballon fight
3)food fight

Alkonium 05-24-2009 05:24 PM

1) Playing chicken
2) Paint fight
3) fighting with toy lightsabers

Darth Avlectus 06-05-2009 11:36 PM

OK, to pick up the pace I'll put on the table a few more wrong answers...

1) Silly Stringing
2) Juggling
3) Laser Tag

........PLZ PPL?

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