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Shana 06-26-2009 11:54 AM

Magical Strike Force S

Dimensions, through time and space the Federation of Time and Space Security has watched over for the safety of the Multiverse. Magical forces of the FTSS have kept balance for over a hundred years. Now this balance is threatened.

Strike Force 10 has been decimated. Not a single unit member survived.

Their mission was clear. The Extraction and Safety of Federation officials from the Planet Sigmunde in Multiverse Sigma. The unit was decimated by a rogue group of Mages. However due to their efforts all Federation Officials were saved and extracted.

The Elite Division Nine has been assigned to the case. There are also reports of ancient artifacts resonating in multiple areas of the multiverse.

The Purpose of Division Nine is simple, to locate, secure and protect ancient magical artifacts and also to prevent the use of these artifacts through team effort.

You are now a cadet of the Elite Division Nine. Your Magical power is beyond that of an ordinary Mage, and your aptitude tests are off the charts, this is the reason why you were hand picked by the Division. The division is led by Commander Terra Carrington, with Captains Illya Terranova and Juno Aika.

You are now part of Forward Team Cobalt. You have recieved a Magical device during your basic training. This device when in standby mode can take the shape of anything, be it a jewel, card, book, headband, or basic jewelry. When activated in combat, the device will take the form of the weapon that the user gave it when he first activated it be it a gun, staff, sword, etc. The device also provides the user with a magical armor, the user when first activating it has to picture his armor very clearly in his mind, these armors go from light fabrics like dresses to knight armors, even though dresses or suits may look not as tough as an armor they have the same resistance as a fortified suit of armor, the only aspect that changes is the physical look as it adjusts to the user's preference in clothing.

The devices also have power limits depending on the user's rank or mage standing. The maximum mage rank attainable is SS which is pretty much unleashed and it's reserved to the Federation's highest officials and it needs permission to be activated. The highest normal mage rank that can be achieved is S. All cadets are B rank mages and upon their graduation they become A rank. The highest Mage rank attainable for Middle Rank Officers is AA.

When into the Division, you are expected to work as a team. There are several positions in a team, mostly consisting of four. The Two Close Quarters Specialists, The Mid-Ranged Combat Specialist and the Support Magic Specialist.

All cadets are broken into teams of four. Right now Division Nine has recruited only a handful of trainees. You, are one of them.


The sky was blue, it was a clear day. The tall building of Division Nine could be seen from the window of the Helicopter that was taking the new trainees. Shana Takeuchi was among them, a fifteen year old girl who seemed like a late bloomer. She was small in height but had the face of an angel and a temper.

She looked around at the trainees, she was the only woman in the group. She aspired to be one of the best FTSS Enforcer Agents. She was told by Commander Terranova herself that the fastest way to achieve this was to join Division Nine, to which she accepted without hesitation.

She kept looking out the window as they drew closer to the building. Her excitement was building up. She clenched her fist around her small pendant. Her device, Queen's Heart, which she had since she was discovered when she was about nine years old.

"Let's give it our best Queen's heart", Shana said looking at her pendant. The pendant shined and responded to Shana in a calm and sweet female voice. "Yes, my master".

CommanderQ 06-26-2009 01:35 PM

Akira Takahata sat alone at the back of the transport. He squeezed the military cap he held in his hands a little tighter when he saw Divison 9 HQ out of the viewport.

Akira had just been assigned to this position, taken directly out of advanced training. Not many cadets were given the priveleage of being placed in an Elite position right after advanced training, but Sergeant Yamamoto had seen something in Akira. The Sergeant had been a surrogate father all the way through training, never being too tough, but not a softie either. Everyone in Akira's former unit agreed that they were indeed blessed with one of the finer Sergeants of the Federation.

He felt extremely nervous, and had 'butterflies in his stomach.' Not entirely a good sign for the 17 year-old. This would be his first assignment since the fateful "Drakomir Incident,' which was....something that Akira didn't want to think about.

He grasped a small medal that hung from his belt, it was a small black cross with silver outlining the sides.

"You're nervous, aren't you?" It said ina thick;y accented voice.

Akira flinched for a split second, he never really got used to the talking device, but he had to admit, it had probably saved his life quite a few times.

"It's that obvious isn't it." Akira responded.

"Well, if I were you, I'd probably be, but I'm just happy I'm a metal object. A really cool looking metal object. Hmmm...but you shouldn't worry, I imagine everyone feels the same, alot of these people might be on their first assignment as well."

"This is not exactly my first assignment...but might as well be." He said as he fingered the small scar on his face.

"Hmmm. True..." It said.

His Pendant Device's actual name was "New Dawn." Not all that creative, but it fit the pendant well, at least personality wise.

Akira leaned back in his seat and took a deep breath, trying his best to relax.

Chevron 7 locke 06-26-2009 03:33 PM

Kai was staring out the window of the transport, trying to ignore the two idiots who had seemingly made it their life's work to irritate him until they reached their destination.

"C'mon man! I asked you a question. Whats the name of your device?"

Kai didn't answer.

The second person seemed to have a much shorter temper then the first one as evidenced when he grabbed Kai by the front of his shirt and lifted him up. "He asked you a question shorty! Answer him!"

Kai "answered" the question by bringing back his fist and striking the one who was holding him in the face, making him drop to the ground in pain. Kai turned to stare at the other one.

"Go Away."

The one who was still standing stared back at Kai as he moved toward the back of the transport as quickly as he could.

Shana 06-26-2009 05:43 PM

Shana could see the fight between three guys. She looked at them for a moment but then returned her eyes to her pendant. She could notice a lot of the people in the chopper were directing their gaze upon her. After all she was the only girl there. The cockpit doors opened and Captain Terranova entered the cargo hold. She went over to her and sat down next to her. Shana looked over to her saluting her to which Captain Terranova gave her a smile and saluted back.

"Nervous Shana?", Captain Terranova asked.

"A bit", Shana said looking a little embarrased. Captain Terranova could also sense the looks of the present trainees.

"I was the same as you, I was the only girl in my team. But I have high hopes for you. I know what you can do and I'm sure you'll pull through as team leader", Captain Terranova said.

"Thank you Captain Terranova", Shana said.

"Call me Illya", Illya said with a smile. "And it's Captain Illya Terranova to you guys!", she finally said looking at the boys. She then left for the cockpit again.

Shana looked around and saw that the looks had been slightly moved from her to around themselves. Shana was a bit more at ease now.

Chevron 7 locke 06-26-2009 09:17 PM

((I think I got this right.))

"And it's Captain Illya Terranova to you guys!"

Kai nodded at the captain. As long as the captain left him alone the two of them wouldn't have a problem.

Kai was about to simply walk away when he felt a pair of fists slam into the back of his head. He hit the ground hard.


He looked up to see the two boys from the transport staring down at him with angry eyes and determined expressions on their faces.

The bigger one looked down at him and smirked. "Humiliate us in front of everyone will you?! We'll teach you proper respect!"

Kai rolled out of the way just as the big one's fists collided with the ground where he had been laying just a moment ago.

Kai jumped to his feet. "Dark Guardian setup."

The very edge of Kai's mouth turned upward in what could pass for a smile as a very large crescent shaped sword appeared in his hand.

Jedi_Man 06-26-2009 09:41 PM

Tasagara Tenchi was watching a fight unfold between three people. Tasa knew the fight would end soon, probably the second after the magic user had activated the Device.
"Hey, Jack." Tasa said to the man next to him. " I bet you $20 that shorties gonna win." He finished. Jack thought, then said "Deal" placing $20 on the empty bench next to them.
Too easy. Tasa thought as the fight unfolded even more.

CommanderQ 06-27-2009 12:11 AM

Akira was about to close his eyes, when he heard the distinct sound of bone against body.

He opened one eye and looked at three of the other squad members. One of the taller guys was on the ground, holding the skin between his chin, and bleeding lower lip.

Akira chuckled, Heh...typical.

He closed his eyes again.

"And it's Captain Illya Terranova to you guys!"

"Yes indeed, ma'am..." He said quietly to himself.

So, far, the trip was becoming....interesting, so to say.

Suddenly, he heard another thump. He opened an eye again, seeing the youth who was on the ground back up and battle ready.

"Dark Guardian setup." Said the shorter man.

That is it. He thought to himself.

With that, he stood up loudly, so as to draw attention. He placed his military cap on his head and doffed it to the side. He clutched his sword with one hand, and a small stun-gun on the other.

He stepped forward and looked to the shorter one first, "Don't you know Federation Regulations? Do not deploy your weapon unless under military engagement or are ordered by a superior officer. Self-conduct is required at all times."

He looked to the two taller guys.

Akira pointed a finger at them,"And you DISGUST me. Caring so much about your pride that you're going to strike a friendly. Gotta learn to let things roll of your back, or else....don't you know the Federation Penalty for severly injuring a fellow trooper, it's death."

He spoke with confidence, which was extremely unusual, and caught Akira completely by surprise. He stood taller then usual, and his voice was louder and deeper.

But then the situation dawned on him, and he had no idea what to do next, what to say next. He crumpled slowly backward, and slumped into a chair.

"Yeah....." Was the last thing he said.

He let out a breath and brought a hand to his forehead, he had probably just made a fool of himself.

Chevron 7 locke 06-27-2009 01:35 AM

,"And you DISGUST me. Caring so much about your pride that you're going to strike a friendly. Gotta learn to let things roll of your back, or else....don't you know the Federation Penalty for severly injuring a fellow trooper, it's death."

Kai slowly turned from his intended prey and stared at the man in the military uniform. The one who had dared to interfere.

Perhaps someday...but not today. Today a demonstration is all that is necessary.

Kai brought his sword up and around the man's arm and sliced the electric stun-gun directly in half with the tip of his sword, stopping right before the blade would have continued through his arm.

Kai stared directly at the man through half closed eyes.

"Go away." he said as he deactivated his pendant/sword and moved closer to the front of the group.

Shana 06-27-2009 02:11 AM

Shana watched everything unfold. She closed her eyes and moved her sight away from her fellow unit members.

Boys, she thought to herself with a scoff and a look of disdain. It was pretty early in the game and they were all already pulling ego contests.

Captain Terranova simply spoke through the intercom to the cargo hold.

"Boys, play nice. This isn't the time and place for dick measuring. Save the hostilities for the battlefield. Until then Anti-Magic Field engaged", Captain Terranova said. The AMF shut down effectively all magic devices within it's range. They probably knew that something like this might happen and so when it activated it was no surprise.

"Guys, we're on the same team here, you may not like each other but as fellow unit members you WILL respect each other", Shana said from her place. She did not bother to stand up nor look at them, her eyes were still closed and the look of disdain was still on her face. "You can kill each other when it's all over if you like". And she said no more, she didn't even care if they had other words to respond or just insult her for butting in, but she just couldn't take it anymore. Her peace of mind was being disturbed by the ruckus they were causing.

Chevron 7 locke 06-27-2009 02:34 AM

Kai stepped forward and bowed.

"I apologize. I reacted to an immature attempt to provoke me in an improper fashion and take full responsibity for my actions."

"Guys, we're on the same team here, you may not like each other but as fellow unit members you WILL respect each other. You can kill each other when it's all over if you like."

Kai slowly rightend from his bow and stared down the only girl in the unit. She seems to think that she is on a friendly basis with the I would love to see the blood drip from her neck as I-NO! are no longer that...creature...and you must never become it again...I will not lose my humanity to it again.

Kai's eyes flashed red once and he bowed his head to the ground to make sure none of his fellow squad members saw his slight loss of control. to hold it in until we reach the ground...

CommanderQ 06-27-2009 02:53 AM

Akira shook his head chuckled for a short bit.

"Oh...I look forward to the teamwork we expect..."

He still didn't know exactly what High Command meant by deploying a large number of teenagers into combat patrols. Well, the cons of their choice were showing pretty obviously.

He looked at the broken stun weapon that was on the two pieces.

Akira took a breath and looked at the shorter man in front of him.

"I'll remember that."

He then stood and walked slowly back to his seat at the end, feeling pretty shameful over the last 5 minutes.

New Dawn began to chime in, "Well, wonderful first impressions, eh? I can tell that everyone is enthusiatic and ready to work together....indeed...heheheh."

Not many devices had a sarcastic sense of humor like New Dawn.

Akira remained silent, and tried to imagine that he was not on a transport vessel, that he didn't even exist. He wasn't entirely looking forward to this assignment, at least now.

Shana 06-27-2009 05:47 PM

The Helicopter touched ground. The large building of Division Nine was state of the art. One by one the trainees stepped out of the cargo hold to be welcomed by the other Captain of the Division Forces, Captain Juno Aiko, a woman in her twenties that had red hair and blue eyes. Captain Terranova joined her side. Illya Terranova was the same age as Juno and had blonde hair and green eyes. Both of the Captains were beautiful women. Juno turned to Illya and walked with her to a side so as to avoid the eavesdropping of the trainees.

"So, how are they looking?", Juno asked. Illya simply grinned.

"They're anxious, there was a bit of hormone tossing but nothing to worry about", Illya replied.

At that moment Shana got out of the chopper. She looked over at Illya and smiled. Illya simply returned her smile and looked at Juno who was also looking at Shana.

"That's the trainee isn't it?", Juno asked.

"Yup, she is", Illya said.

"We'll be watching her. Have you hinted anything to her?", Aiko asked.

"No I haven't, it's too soon to tell her", Illya said.

"Too soon to tell her you're her sister?", Juno asked.

"Yes, it would be like dropping a bombshell right now. She's anxious enough as it is. All in good time", Illya said.

"Oh well", Juno said and moved over to where the trainees had assembled. "Good morning Gentlemen and Lady. I am Captain Juno Aiko of the Lightning Squad, some of you will be serving under me and others will be serving under Captain Illya Terranova in the Star squad. Accompany us to meet with Commander Carrington for the formal greeting".

She motioned all the trainees to walk with her to the main lobby of Division Nine. All the people of the different departments were already assembled there. Once all the trainees were there and lined up. Both Captains stood in the front.

"We present Commander Terra Carrington", Captain Aiko said and another woman of necklength brown hair entered the room. She had several condecorations. She had also dark brown eyes.

"Welcome everyone to Division Nine. This is an elite unit at the service of the Federation. Our duty is the preservation, registration, protection, location and retrieval of ancient magical artifacts before they are misused. You might ask yourselves why such a simple sounding mission would be so important as to have elite mages working here. Well the reason is all too simple as well. Magical Artifacs are dangerous and highly powerful tools, these include devices such as yours. All your devices have limiters placed on them that can only be removed by permission of high council members of the federation. You also have these limiters set according to the rank you hold as a mage within the Federation. Now imagine groups of rogues using these devices without regulation, it would be total chaos. We are here to prevent that from happening, large amounts of magic cause dimensional disturbances which can collapse an entire universe. To prevent all of this is our job. I look forward to working with all of you and helping each and everyone of you achieve your goals in life. Let's give it our very best people!", Commander Carrington said with a smile.

Everyone started to applaud. Shana was among the people who also applauded. Both Captains and the Commander were friends since forever, and they had created a unit out of the bond they shared with each other. Shana was also hopeful to make friends with some of the other people in the unit.

"You will now be taken to your dormitories. Tomorrow morning the first exersizes will begin after you're assigned to squads", Captain Juno said and left with Illya as she waved goodbye to Shana.

A small holographic device was given to them with a map of the building and all the areas they were allowed to enter. Shana made her way to her room. The dorms were co-ed, so she was sharing the room with three others.

(These three are you guys, CommanderQ and Chevron and Jedi_Man. Our Team basically :D)

Shana waited there for the others to arrive, of course her bed was separated by a thin wall from the other three and there was no bathroom there except the one outside in the hallway where there were for males and females separately.

CommanderQ 06-27-2009 06:31 PM

Akira took a short jump off the chopper and observed their new HQ.

Most of the recruits gathered together, as they were introduced to their new commanding officers, which they all applauded. He joined the applause, first thing about teams, a good way to start as a team, is to do things as a team, in this case, applauding together. A simple thing really, but it builds excellent teams, at least, that's what they taught at the Federation Academy.

He heaved his duffle bag onto his shoulder and began walking towards the dormitories, figuring out the way via a large holographic map provided for just that.

Akira reached his dorm without problem.

The door to the complex was open, so he had been beaten for choosing the best place to bunk. He walked in and noticed the person who beat him to the dorm. Silently hoping that there would be no one who'd recognize him from the chopper.

It happened to be the one girl who was on the chopper.

Oy. Was his only thought at that moment.

He sort've froze for a moment, not knowing what to say, or how to greet her, as she was not only the one girl in the unit, but a rather attractive one as well.

Akira simply nodded and gave a small smile. He then walked over to his area and tossed the duffle onto his bed, and immediatley began to organize the small space.

Chevron 7 locke 06-27-2009 06:47 PM

Kai entered his room and looked around that area that would him home from home from now on. It's better then what I left behind...It is so much better.

He calmly looked down at his bed and his pendant pulsed once. "Is this satisfactory my lord?" it asked in a sinister voice.

Kai didn't bother to answer, he knew the pendant was being a smart-ass towards him. At least the urge is gone...I can control it again...No one will ever suspect.

Kai nodded his head in greeting as he spied the girl from the transport across the room and then the man from the transport...the one who's weapon he had sliced in half without provocation.

Kai went over to him and bowed in apology and then took a quick look at his bed.

It doesn't matter. I don't intend to sleep here anyway. If they wish to bother me in the middle of the night they will have to run outside and look. At least then I will have my privacy

Kai was used to sleeping outside in whatever he could find be it in trees, on top of boulders, or even on top of buildings. Whatever worked for him.

Shana 06-28-2009 11:59 AM

(OCC: I forgot to mention this, we can communicate with each other telepathically. That's the way we communicate in the battlefield)

Shana watched the two trainees from the chopper come in. The first one was the one that confronted everyone else when two other trainees were picking on another one. She simply bowed like every japanese girl did when someone she didn't know entered.

"Hi", she said when he came in and greeted her. She then turned again to the door and the trainee who was being provoked came in. He nodded at her as a greeting and she once again bowed and said hello.

"This place isn't that bad. It's got nicer dorms than the Federation Academy", Shana said to them just to start conversation. These guys were going to be her roommates so she needed to get to know them at least a little.

CommanderQ 06-28-2009 12:19 PM

Akira sat on the bed and felt it. He also saw that the man who destroyed his stun gun enter. And give him an apologetic bow? That...was unusual to say the least. He expected worse from the man. He bowed back, and then acknowledged the girl.

"This place isn't that bad. It's got nicer dorms than the Federation Academy.

He nodded, "True..these are much nicer."

Akira smiled and tried his best to relax. He got up from the bed and looked to the girl and the man.

"I'm sorry, but it appears I have not caught your names. If we are rooming together, might as well get to know eachother."

Shana 06-28-2009 01:01 PM

Shana nodded at Akira and then bowed again.

"My name is Takeuchi Shana, you may call me Shana", Shana said with a small smile and then looked at both Akira and the other young man. "And you guys are...?"

While she asked them she took her bag and placed it on her bed. She had a small locker next to her bed to keep all her stuff in it separated from the other guys in the room.

CommanderQ 06-28-2009 06:11 PM

Akira bowed to Shana.

Shana, that's a very nice name, he thought to himself.

"I am Akira Takahata, Akira, if you want to be familiar. Haven't quite found a nickname yet."

He looked over to the other man in the room, who hadn't introduced himself yet.

Chevron 7 locke 06-28-2009 06:31 PM

"My name is Takeuchi Shana, you may call me Shana"

Pretty name...

"And you guys are...?"

Kai nodded toward the two of them. "I am Kai Gorita...but you may call me Kai for short if you feel the urge to speak to me."

I can't sleep here...I can't risk another episode like that last one.

"I will be sleeping outside for the remainder of our time here...I have...problems with sleeping indoors that I will not trouble you with. Have a plesant night."

Kai grabbed his lone bag and walked out the door and began to search for an appropriate place to sleep for the night.

Shana 06-29-2009 10:18 AM

Shana smiled to both of them.

"Nice to meet you Akira and Kai", Shana said. She heard Kai said that he had problems and for that he'd be sleeping outside and excused himself.

Shana stood there a little puzzled about it. She turned to Akira with a frown.

"Did I maybe do something?", Shana asked. Maybe Kai was just shy or had a sleeping disorder or maybe he was just being polite but he didn't really want to share a dorm room with a girl. All of this ran through Shana's mind.

Jedi_Man 06-29-2009 10:28 AM

Tasa hadn't won or lost $20 from his friend. Darn.
I'm still resisting your analysis on it. They would've been toast if the commander hadn't oredered them otherwise.
Dosn't matter, the shortie neither lost nor won, so you don't gain or lose money.
Tasa sighed. He was right, as much as he wanted the twenty bucks.
Sam was in the same room as his friend, so they could contest the ruling all night and go through all the possbile scenarios. After they had lunch, however.

CommanderQ 06-29-2009 12:09 PM

Akira was surprised that Kai left so quickly. But he managed to nod to Kai before he left, acknowledging his name.

"Did I maybe do something?"

He looked to Shana, and suddenly realized that the situation had become...maybe a little bit more a awkward. It was now just him and Shana. He merely brushed it to the side and answered Shana's question.

"No, I don't think it was you...not at all."

He thought for a moment.

"I think perhaps he may have some sort of condition. He seems to have a lot more experience in combat then we do, so he may have combat fatigue or some sort of control problem....just a guess, but I'm sure he would've told us, if he wanted us to know."

He went over to his bed and laid down, relaxing quietly and familiarizing himself with the dorm. He then sat up and propper himself against the wall.

"So, Shana, from which unit were you from, I mean, before this assignment."

Shana 06-29-2009 01:11 PM

Shana looked over at Akira and gave him a faint smile.

"I'm probably the only one in the team without actual military experience", Shana said and looked at her pendant. "I was nine years old when I used my powers for the first time. It was around the time I found Queen's heart", she said as she showed him the pendant.

"I lived on Earth or rather Unregulated Planet #97. There were people who were after Queen's Heart and I decided to protect it, it swore itself to me and I to it, and she unlocked my potential. But back then I was merely a child. I didn't know what limiters were nor how overdoing magic took a toll to your body. Mine took a huge toll. My body sort of exploded, I'm fine and my body is completely healthy now but that was when I came to the Federation Academy. I was simply given small training as to limiters and the toll of overdoing it. Captain Terranova, having gone from something similar trained me and supported me while I was putting my life back on track, walking again, moving on my own. So, you could say I'm a newbie in this whole army business", Shana said and then she realized she had said to much, opened up too much about herself, she went red with embarrasment and put her hand to her mouth. "I'm sorry, I said too much I shouldn't be that open".

CommanderQ 06-29-2009 01:44 PM

Akira smiled back, "It's okay. I won't tell anybody."

He chuckled for a moment, "It'll be for the better that we get to know eachother. We'll all be in the same unit, can't afford not to know your comrades."

Akira began to unpack all of the items he had in his duffle-bag.

"So, you've been with the Federation long?"

Shana 06-29-2009 01:48 PM

Shana continued to place her things inside her locker.

"I have been with the Federation for 3 years officialy, before that I was a temporary agent while the conflict on earth happened", Shana said. "Although those 3 years, two of them I spent in rehab and 1 full year on training".

Shana finished placing her things and then sat down on her bed.

"How about you? Tell me how you got started here?", Shana asked.

CommanderQ 06-29-2009 02:14 PM

Akira began to load a few of his weapons into a locker, having already put his uniforms away.

"How I got started?"

He paused for a moment, "There isn't all that much to tell really.."

Akira checked one of his switchblade knives, tossing it from hand to hand.

"My Father was in the Federation military, assigned to the Japanese Island quadrant on Unregulated Planet 97#, maybe not too far from where you were, I don't know that, though. Anyway, I guess the idea to join the Federation was in my blood...and I know my Father really wanted me to join...."

He sighed, "Well, anyway, I joined at the age of 9, being accepted into an academy for younger cadets. I was placed in Elite training at 13, that was where I was given 'New Dawn."

He held up the medal-like pendant.

"I was found to be a suitable Master for him, and he agreed, so that was good."

He chuckled, "But then....have you heard of the Drakomir Incident?"

He didn't really want to talk about it, but he felt a need to tell at least one person. Not to mention that she had already told him much.

Shana 06-29-2009 02:27 PM

Shana looked at Akira, she had heard about the incident from Captain Terranova but she had not bothered to give her any details. Probably because she was still looking after her rehab.

"I heard of it but I can't say I know any details", Shana said.

CommanderQ 06-29-2009 02:42 PM

Akira nodded, "Not much information was released on the actual incident..."

He sat down again and took a breath.

"We had been placed at Fort Drakomir, somewhere on the mainland. Some of the older Mages had just gotten an Artifact, and they were studying it at the same time we were training."

He began to finger the scar on his left cheek.

"Something happened, no one knows what. But by the end of the day, teh Artifact had corrupted the mages who were analyzing the artifact..."

"...and went on a killing spree."

He sighed, "That was my first action...and it wasn't entirely successful. Several of the cadets were killed, most of the guys from my unit. A few of the other mages and I barely contained the problem until reinforcements arrived and subdued the corrupted mages."

Akira shook his head, "It was pretty ugly what happened."

He finished packing some of the knives and began to organize the rest of his things.

"Well, me and the other guys earned a commendation. I continued training under a Sergeant Yamamoto, at least until a few months ago, then, I was transferred here. And voila, here I am."

He remained quiet as he thought back upon the fateful Drakomir Incident.

Shana 06-29-2009 02:51 PM

Shana frowned a bit at the words that Akira spoke, of how his fellow mages fell in battle, she was no stranger to loosing friends in a fight.

"It must've been pretty hard for you", Shana said. "But you made it and are here right now with us, we'll be able to protect those we wish to protect and become stronger for it".

CommanderQ 06-29-2009 03:03 PM

He nodded, "It was hard, but to honor their memory, we will do our duty to the people."

Akira grabbed his canteen and took a sip of the water.

"We'll be alot stronger this time...."

He chuckled, "Well, I guess we both spilled the beans then. We're even."

Shana 06-30-2009 12:30 AM

Shana smiled still a little red about the exchange of words but maybe it was for the best, they were going to be comrades, perhaps not in the same team but most definitely comrades. At least she'd have a friend in the unit.

"I guess you're right", Shana said.

Suddenly a voice could be heard from the intercom.

"It's lights out for all trainees. Tomorrow at 0600 we being training. Have a good night sleep, you'll need it", The voice on the intercom said.

"Guess we better turn in then", Shana said heading out to the bathroom to take a quick bath and then off to bed.

Chevron 7 locke 06-30-2009 02:35 AM

Kai had settled down in a tree branch that was slightly below the floor that his roomates were stationed on, in fact that room that they were stationed from was only four rooms away, Kai had chosen his sleeping area carefully he wanted to make sure he could keep an eye on the building.

It is much better to be safe then sorry...the colonists learned that the hard way...and they all paid with their lives.

Kai had lived on that graveyard world for nearly nine years by himself after the colonists had been destroyed by the invaders...and that mage...that dark haired mage who had led the attack on the colony. The one who had cursed his pendant...had cursed him.

Even in sleep he could find no peace. The face of the corrupted mage who had led the attack forever haunted his dreams and Kai was always to engage in combat with him whenever he tried to sleep.

Tonight, it was no different. The face of the mage appeared in front of him with his army at his back. The mage was smirking at him as the colony burned around them.

No...not again...MAKE IT STOP!

"DARK GUARDIAN SETUP!" Kai roared as the mage's hands began to burn with power as they had for the past nine years.

"Standby...ready" The dark guardian answered in a low soothing as it had every night for the past nine years

The army of invaders appeared between Kai and the mage as they always did, and they always would and Kai roared in anger again.

"Sword Empower!" Kai brought his crescant shaped blade to bear on the invaders as they swarmed against him .

"Sword Empower stand by...ready." Kai's sword flashed with energy as it had for every night that he had slept.

Kai sliced through the invaders as he always would and jumped high into the air above the close to the mage...

"Dark Aura!"

"Dark Aura...stand by...ready!" The device sounded eager to fight though Kai couldn't fathom why. This was his battle as it always would be.

Kai could feel the power coursing through his body as he hit the ground behind the main line of the invaders and he sliced through their rear guard with nearly no effort. The only target that mattered was the mage who was leading the attack as he always would

The mage's magic blasted him just as he reached him as it always would and Kai was nearly knocked out by the blast.

Kai hit the ground in agonizing pain as he was forever destined to and the mage looked down at him and smirked.

"Such a weak may have cut through my foot solders but in the end you will never be a match for me...I should kill you...but I think I'll have a little fun first."

Kai watched as the mage's hands burned with power again and this time the blast struck the pendant which then turned from gun-metal grey to midnight black.

"Your pendant is now cursed boy...It will forever taunt you, remind you of what I did here...and you will never be able to remove it. It is bound to you as you are to it. Every time you try to sleep you'll see me wipe out your home night after night after night once I imprint myself on your mind...If you can defeat the imprint...I might just let you sleep."

The mage looked down at Kai again and laughed. "Everytime you change into your form you'll lose a tiny bit of your humanity each time you change...A little insurance to make sure that if you ever come after me...I'll be able to have a get away plan."

Kai's hands were shaking with rage as the Mage made his getaway with his foot solders right behind him. No...No...I'll always lose...

Kai screamed inside his head as loudly as he could at the injustice of it all...the inhumanity of the mage...and his inability to finally kill the mage and his solders once and for all.

((Hope that didn't wake your characters up. :p))

CommanderQ 06-30-2009 03:31 AM

"Guess we better turn in then."

Akira nodded, "Yeah...sounds like it."

He checked his watch, he'd definately need some sleep.

Taking advantage of Shana's absence to the bathroom, he quickly changed out of his uniform and got into bed.

"Good night, good luck tomorrow." He said to Shana, and quickly fell asleep.

A scream awoke him around 5 hours later, he verified the time with his watch,

He was completely alert, and got out of bed quietly, so as not to wake Shana. He pulled on a shirt and attached a combat knife onto his belt. He needed to know where the scream came from, and his best bet, was somewhere on the roof.

He moved stealthily out of the dorm and creeped down the hall.

Shana 06-30-2009 10:15 AM

Shana was sleeping in her bed, she could barely get any sleep in for the excitement she was feeling. She would be training under Illya Terranova, the one person she admired since she was a child. She then heard something, a scream that was indeed loud but not so much as too wake every soul in the building. Since she was half asleep she was able to distinctly hear it.

She turned around and got up from bed. Her pijamas consisted of a white shirt and blue shorts. Just like all pijamas from military. She went around the corner of the wall separating her from the rest of the boys and noticed only two beds were empty, Kai's who had left them earlier and Akira's who just seemed to have gotten out of bed a moment ago.

Shana decided to check out what was going on and so she left for the hallway. It was all pitch black and so she took out her holographic map and found a staircase to the roof nearby. She ran over to the stairs and opened the door quietly. She could only see someone on the floor but due to the dark she couldn't make out who it was.

"Are you alright? Are you hurt?", Shana asked looking worried.

CommanderQ 06-30-2009 12:28 PM

Akira was halfway to the roof, when he noticed Shana.

Well, so much for not trying to wake anyone up.

He stopped and let her pass on forward to the roof, he then followed.

"Are you alright? Are you hurt?"

He heard Shana say that to the figure on the floor. He moved up quietly behind her and put a hand on her shoulder, just to let her know he was there.

"I think we need to wake him up." He said, looking at the body, he imagined that it was probably Kai, and he'd just fallen asleep to a nightmare, or, fell out of the tree above.

Shana 06-30-2009 01:04 PM

When Shana felt a hand on her shoulder she turned her head and saw Akira there.

"I think we need to wake him up."

"You're probably right", Shana said but she saw Kai there moving, twisting and turning. He looked like he was having a really bad nightmare. Shana was frowning at this, she had met Kai for only a moment but she felt she had to help him. But before she knew it she placed a hand of hers on his cheek and with a calm voice she said. "Remember who you are".

What she did in that moment was something that her father used to do to her mother when she had serious delusions. He'd calm her down that way. She tried it with Kai out of instinct.

Chevron 7 locke 06-30-2009 09:28 PM

"Remember who you are".

A voice that Kai could only refer to as "Angelic" managed to somehow force it's way through his mind even as he struggled to wake up from the everlasting nightmare.

No...I didn't save them...and I will never have the chance to again. There is no hope, there is only revenge for the colony and the home that was taken from me with no provocation.

Kai's eyes snapped open and he stared at the two of them with wide, unblinking eyes that simply refused to close.

Shana 06-30-2009 09:44 PM

"Everything's fine, you're safe", she said with the same voice she had used before.

Shana, realizing her hand was still on Kai's cheek she turned red and took her hands back and placed them on her lap.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to meddle", Shana said looking down and away from both Kai and Akira.

Chevron 7 locke 06-30-2009 11:16 PM

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to meddle"

Kai blinked once at the girl as she pulled away from him. He felt almost...dissapointed?

" no matter. You now know the reason I cannot sleep in the dormitory...I am forever relive the destruction of my colony and everyone I knew on the colony everytime I try to sleep."

Kai mentally slapped himself. Why was he revealing so much about his past to this woman? What made him feel so comfortable around her?!

Kai managed to sit up and he stared at the two of them.

"I will leave you be now."

Kai ran as fast as he could back up the tree and attempted to sleep...just once without the nightmares.

Shana 07-01-2009 01:29 AM

"Um...", was the only thing Shana could mutter before Kai ran up the tree and stopped paying attention to both of them. Shana looked down and then went for the door of the staircase. She looked back to Kai for a moment and then went back inside. She felt so bad for him, she did not pity him, she meerly felt badly about him being cursed with such a horrible thing.

She went back to bed, it was really early in the morning and in just a couple of hours they would start the training.

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