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cybersavior 07-15-2009 06:13 PM

How npc Class affect behaviour/attributes.
Looking for detailed info regarding NPC classes and cannot find anything more than I have found out on my own.

I have not been able to find a listing anywhere that gives a comprehensive listing to behavior and bonuses given by the various NPC classes

I have tried the trial and error way and have found the following

Npc's with Class as:

Desann: gives more damage bonus to saber and force powers, bonus to parry, breakparry and saberlock, also auto blocks most force pushes, pulls.
npc's with Desann class will NOT die from most falling.

I can't see much difference between Kyle and Luke, they both auto block force push and pull and the rest of the force powers better than Jedi and Reborn.

Reborn and Jedi: bottom of the barrel force users, though reborn are more acrobatic.

Howler: will uses the howler attack

Rockettrooper: Flies

Boba_fett: Flies, uses fire, invincible.

Shadowtrooper: Camo, major boost to parry and parrybreak.

Alora: gives slight boost to parry and break parry, damage, and alora anims, and specials.

Tavion: almost the same as Desann but NPC's with this class will die from falls, (possibly not as force resistant).

Saboteur: This class on a saberist will have them only defend and never attack except the occasional kick.

If I remember correctly all Droid classes are immune to force grip and mind trick, and most droids are made to override playerteam and set to neutral.

I have to go through my info again all that I posted is just what is in my memory, but I did find out a bit more than that and will update it as I recall more and further test.

What I am most interested in finding is how each classes behaves, not just what attributes they amplify or weaken.

So my conclusion is that no-one has delved deeply enough in defining the classes more or perhaps those that have done so, have not posted their findings.

I would like to eventually put together a detailed faq regarding classes, so any help that could be provided would be great.

duster 09-16-2012 12:53 PM

Does someone know what class with what weapon will make a npc stand and at the same time be neutral for both sides?Class bartender with WP_NONE will make them have the run animation while they are just standing.

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