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TigerAce 08-17-2009 08:20 PM

I'm trying to get started scripting my actual mission, but I can't seem to get any events working so I must be doing something wrong.

First I have a "Campaigns_Singleplayer.xml" which loads the events:


In the Plots file I have my active plot:


And here is the active plot .XML file which holds the event:


<Event Name="Universal_Story_Start">

Note that I kept standard .XML out of it just for the sake of this post.

This event is not working, it's supposed to trigger after 0 seconds (copied it from a source file) then show "Dialog_A" which is my custom dialog.
I tried other events like revealing planets but none of them worked - so basically I don't even know if the script is read at all.

What am I doing wrong? I checked source files over and over again but I don't see a problem.


When i'm scripting C-style games I always have to call a thread (Event) before it will run, are these events automatically run when the file is read (unless you have prereqs)?
This could be why nothing is working, then again I haven't found any source files which show that individual events/threads have to be called.

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