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Delta 62 09-18-2009 11:11 AM

Red crystals
on the wii version of TFU it says u can get four different shades of red, but i can only get 3.i have all the crystals but when i go to the selection screen i can only see three. can someone help?

Shem 09-18-2009 04:26 PM

There's nothing wrong here. You're basically finding your original shade that comes with your lightsaber when you start your new game.

Delta 62 09-19-2009 05:19 AM you can only get three shades.thanks shem.

Shem 09-20-2009 02:07 AM


Originally Posted by Delta 62 (Post 2674154) you can only get three shades.thanks shem.

Basically yeah. The 4th one is a dummy one. :xp: I don't know why they set it up that, they just did.

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