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Belgianfilmfreak 09-22-2009 10:58 AM

Certain actions in the game don't work like they're supposed to ...

It's OK - I found it myself (well: actually - somebody else did, but I found his answer all by myself - LOL!)

All you have to do when you have problems within the game regarding your characters not being able to crouch and not being able to turn the red signs into green signs when you stand onto them, is ABLE VSync - that's it - simple, isn't it? It's so simple that you wanna hit your head against the wall!! :oD

Bye for now


I have tried to search the internet through Google and Yahoo. I have tried to find the answer by myself. I have searched many different forums. But the problem remains .... and it's driving me insane! :mad:

After installing "Star Wars: Battlefront" I have noticed that I cannot:

1) make any of the characters crouch.
2) make the red signs turn green.

Has anyone faced such a problem, PLEASE?!! :eyes3: :argh:
Does anyone know HOW to solve it, PLEASE?!! :yelbounc: :headbump

Is this a mistake in the game and/or did I do something wrong?

Thanks you sooooooooo much for anyone out there who wants to help me!

Bye for now

Vortees 09-24-2009 09:34 PM

omg you cant.

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