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SkywalkerRules 10-11-2009 02:45 PM

Star Wars: Legacy of Hope
Star Wars: Legacy of Hope

137 ABY... 8 months after the Sith-Imperial war

The Sith Empire is finally gone. A new time of rejoice is celebrated around the Galaxy. Thanks to the help of the GA, the Jedi, Roan Fel's empire, and those faithful of defeating the Sith, the Galaxy can be at peace.

But for the moment...

A new threat has risen. He calls himself the Dark Master. But he is also known as Darth Sethos. This Sith Lord is the survivor of the fallen Sith Order. He overthrew Roan Fel by having one of his spies as an Imperial Knight. Now, he claims the throne on Coruscant. He also has followers, called the Shadow Dwellers. No one can stand against him. None but one...

Cade Skywalker, along with loved ones and friends, might rise up to help the Galaxy. But now, they're pirating for goods, having adventure, and trying to keep assassins off their backs...

SkywalkerRules 10-12-2009 12:25 AM

Sleep. It was the best thing anyone could have nowadays. Lyna Honso slept in the co-pilot's seat in the cockpit. The young woman was glad that the war was over. That the Sith were gone. That the Galaxy was now in peace...

As she slept, her little binjinphant pet and friend, Cyan, jumped on her lap. Lyna awoke with a slight stir. She looked down, and saw Cyan on her lap. The little female binjinphant let out a friendly squeal. Lyna chuckled warmly.

"Hey there, gal. What'cha doing?" she asked.

Cyan stood on her little hind legs, and began to lick Lyna on the face. "Ha ha! Okay, okay, Cyan. I'm up." Lyna looked at the view. They were still in hyperspace, heading towards Socorro. There, they were going to get some goods and hangout there for a bit. But to Lyna... Socorro was a scary place.

Lyna patted Cyan's black and white fur sadly. "Oh, Cyan. Why Socorro? Why? If the Bloody Bones hurt us... then again... Cade can handle them again. Right?"

Cyan squealed with agreement. The young woman smiled. "Yeah. You're right." Lyna looked back up at the many stars that past by their VCX-700 ship.

DrPhil2501 10-12-2009 02:48 AM

Cade walked through the Command Deck of his new ship, titled The Ossanian Angel. He walked up the ramp, which led to a small platform overlooking the galaxy map. He noticed it was hologram began flickering.

"Nale!" Cade called beneath him. The Iridonian mechanic Nale pulled himself out of a hatch that led into the bowles of the hologram projector.

"I dont believe this..." Nale muttered. "That greasy rat has chewed on the power cabling."

Cades eyes narrowed, as they moved to the cockpit, where Lyna was sitting.

"Lyna!" he called. "I thought I told you get rid of that thing?!"

Nale breathed a heavy sigh. "Its going to take me overnight to replace these cables..."

The Angel was dashing through Hyperspace, on its way to Socorro which was a few hours away.

The Ossanian Angel used to be an Imperial Ship, which was schedualed to be dismantled to recycle the parts. Cade managed reboot it back online when he found it on Raxus Prime, before it was about to be dismantled by the Jawas. It took months to repair and refurnish, and alot of credits.

The Betrayer 10-12-2009 06:21 AM

Nar Shaadaa. The galaxy's pit for criminals and smugglers, and now the home of the Sith. It wasn't Korriban, but it'll have to do for now. The Malevolent One, a Pellaeon ship unlike any other, was in orbit above it.

Darth Sethos stared out the bridge, into the dark metallic planet that lay below. Thousands of ships were moving at any one time. The distance of the Malevolent One from the planet below made them look like ants to Sethos, squirming and crawling around the vast crevices of Nar Shaadaa. It didn't look like it yet, It didn't seem like it yet, but Nar Shaadaa is now the home of the Sith. Down below, in its lowest corners are secret training facilities, secret bases, and much more. It was a place where the New Sith, the Bloodbringers roamed.

As Sethos was observing the bridge below, a strong noise began resonating in his mind. It sounded like millions of bees buzzing at different times, making an irritating bzzzt noise. The noise got louder and louder until...

Sethos was sleeping as a creature jumped up on his lap. This shocked Sethos, who immediately and profusely woke up after. Sethos looked down, or rather the person he was looked down. He tried hard to control himself, trying very hard to look up. He realized he wasn't himself after all. A large buzzing noise was heard in Sethos's head again, making way for the inevitable...

RETURN. Sethos was back in his own body, now in control of it. He again saw the life of the planet Nar Shaadaa. It took Sethos a few minutes of meditation to realize what was happening, but now he has.

"The survivor. It is time!"

Sethos screamed at the bridge of his ship, where every crew member started looking at him. One brave soldier operating a terminal dared approach him and ask if he was okay.

"The survivor. It is time!"

Sethos screamed again. His eyes were now devoid of the irises they once had. He pointed at the soldier who approached him. The next sight was particularly gruesome. It seemed that every bone in the soldier's body was conspiring to get out, and the next second, they did. A mass of blood and bones remained in the spot where the soldier once was, and his face peeled off his skull. Onlookers watched on in horror.

And alas, the next moment, Sethos was back to normal again. He retreated backward, as if he was dazed at what he had just done. Not that he realized what he did, of course. But one thing is sure. It is time.

Kyvios 10-12-2009 10:44 AM

Dravin Crees sat in the corner boon in the Golden Gorg Cantina, upon the Crimson Axe. The seat wasn't particular comfortable but it would do. Stretching his arms across the top of the chair he listened to another person trying to make a deal for a smuggling job. Dravin has had several run in's with this person before, each promising ton's of credits.

"And.. how much would this particular job pay? Corris" Dravin said in a relaxed tone as he tiled his head back.

"Well that's the thing Dravin" Corris said hesitantly "I was wondering if this run would be more like a favor. Once I sell the goods though I'll pay you. Promise"

"You know where my hand is Corris. It's upon my blaster. And you know how accurate I can be." Dravin said, his head still resting against the back of the seat.

Then mixed with with all the background noise of the Cantina he heard a chair screach backwards and Corris run off. Dravin shifted a little in his seat quite pleased with himself. He didn't do jobs for fee, and never would. A small smile spread across his face as he relaxed there listening to the music play, and the laughter of the patrons. For now Dravin was in his own little paradise.

SkywalkerRules 10-12-2009 02:15 PM

"Lyna!" he called. "I thought I told you get rid of that thing?!"

The young woman glanced back at Cade, wondering what he meant. Then she glared at him. She realized that he was talking about Cyan. "No! Cade, you know that Cyan is my little companion. She'd never do anything to hurt anyone. Unless something bad happens. How come you--"

Cyan snarled at Cade, as her little fur began to stand and she showed her little teeth. Lyna held the little binjingphant back. "Easy, Cyan. Easy girl..." She smiled up at Cade. "See? That's her way of saying... uh... she likes you."

Nale breathed a heavy sigh. "Its going to take me overnight to replace these cables..."

Lyna squinted her eyes at Nale curiously. "Why? What happened to the cable?"

Cyborg Ninja 10-12-2009 03:22 PM

A cloaked starship moved gently through space. It was following another ship not tood far ahead of where it was. The ship was careful and precise in its movement. It went up when the other ship went up and moved right when the other ship moved right. The pilot inside the ship looked almost like the very ship he was piloting, lifeless. He had so manly implants and cybernetic parts that even he forgot he was human from time to time. Both his hands were locked on the control sticks and eyes were locked on the ship ahead. He had been following this ship for quite some time and was just waiting for them to land but he wouldn't strike then. No, he would wait until the right time and then he would get his revenge.

"Soon Skywalker," echoed a robotic like voice, "soon."

DrPhil2501 10-13-2009 07:36 AM

"Why? What happened to the cable?"

Nale walked over to the cockpit to show the torn up cables with chew marks. "That little dirty racoon of yours chewed on the power cabling of the Holographic Projector. They need to be replaced, but its not as easy as it sounds."

Cade stared grimmly at the snarling Cyan, then back at Lyna. He breathed a heavy sigh. "She's your responcibility Lyna; I'll be setting up automated rat-traps to ensure this doesnt happen again..."

He walked away. "Ugh... I need a drink..."

SkywalkerRules 10-14-2009 01:04 PM

((Great job so far, guys! :) ))

"That little dirty racoon of yours chewed on the power cabling of the Holographic Projector. They need to be replaced, but its not as easy as it sounds."

Cyan laid her head down on Lyna's lap, covering her face with her paws. Lyna looked at the power cabling. Then she glanced up at Nale. "I'm sure she didn't mean to. But I'm sorry, Nale. It won't happen again, I promise."

"She's your responcibility Lyna; I'll be setting up automated rat-traps to ensure this doesnt happen again..."

After Cade walked away, Lyna sighed sadly. She looked down at Cyan and patted her again. "It's not your fault that you've been following me around. You just want someone to be with."

Cyan whimpered sadly, keeping her head down.

Lyna looked at the vortex of stars again. "What's wrong with Cade, Cyan? Ever since the war ended, he seemed to get... darker. I feel it. If only he'd let me help him. If only..." She closed her eyes and bowed her head, hiding the tears that struggled to come out...

Darth Scorcher 10-14-2009 04:31 PM

((I finally decided to post :P And what in the world is a binjingphant?))

Austin Dukale was heading for Socorro, it was his month off, so he went to where he always goes, Socorro, the best smuggler planet in the galaxy. The Red Beetle was currently cloaked in case anybody wanted some target practice on his ship. A small floating droid hovered over to Austin.

"How much longer until we land FH?" Austin asked the droid.

"Five minutes," The droid answered.

"Good, dismissed," Austin said.

The droid left the cockpit, leaving Austin alone. The Beetle continued its course toword the planet.

((That's all I can think of now, and it looks like we're gonna meet already :P))

The Betrayer 10-15-2009 09:03 AM

Sethos's breakdown had caused quite a commotion with his crew, and he had to crush the throats of five men he overheard talking about him. This action normally gives him satisfaction, but he was too worried at the time. He was worried and curious about his out-of-body experience, with him being put into the perspective of someone else. He left the comforts of the bridge and went to his personal meditation chamber. In it is a small pyramid figure in the middle. It was the Holocron of Emperor Palpatine, or as he is known around the Sith, Darth Sidious.

Sethos went inside the chambers, a big red room with walls covered with red writing. The writing was in the ancient Sith language, something only the greatest of Sith can read, much less comprehend. Sethos bent over then picked up the Holocron.

"I call on you, Sidious. I seek your counsel." Sethos focused all his force on the holocron, and it opened, revealing a hologram of Emperor Palpatine. The holocron was, as Sethos learned from Palpatine himself, much harder to open than your average holocron, and one might find himself exhausted after he opens it. Sethos is a bit tired now, but he knew that whatever information Palpatine will divulge will be worth it.

The hologram stared at Sethos, then cackled. "I knew it. You'd be back eventually."

Darth Sethos was not scared by the image projected by Palpatine, neither by his intimidation tactics.
"I have had an out-of-body experience", Sethos uttered to the hologram.

Palpatine, or rather his soul stored in the holocron, seemed more interested now. He looked at Sethos a bit more attentively.

Sethos reveled in the fact that Palpatine was interested in him now more than ever. IT seems that plans of conquest are not what attracts the attention of Palpatine, but rather ancient Sith mysteries. "I have envisioned myself looking out from the eyes of another person. After a few seconds of being in this trance, I found myself wielding great power.. and not being in control of myself."

Palpatine cackled once again. "These are ancient Sith curses. Or gifts if you will. The first vision, that of being in another person's body, is known as The Acclaimed One. The Ancient Sith spirits guide you, Sethos. The second, of wielding great power but not being able to control yourself, is the Triumph of the Dead. A person or people you have killed claims that you are about to be put out of power soon. These signs being at the same time might give you a meaning. Farewell."

The holocron closed and fell to the ground, as of by its own volition. Sethos knew he couldn't open it until he needs it again, and he had to meditate to regain his lost strength. So meditate he did.

SkywalkerRules 10-15-2009 10:20 AM

((Here, Darth Scorcher. This is a binjinphant: :) ))

Lyna rested on the co-pilot chair again, with Cyan resting on her lap as well. Earlier, she somehow felt a disturbance in the Force. As if it was something... cold and dark. Lyna couldn't point out what it was, but all she knew was that it was something that stung her body like a small needle.

Maybe... she'd meditate on this. Or maybe she could get answers from a Jedi Master. But who? Only time would tell...

Suddenly, Lyna heard a small beeping sound from one of the control panels. They were almost near Socorro. The young woman picked up Cyan, and held her in her arms. Then she got up from the seat, and ran out of the cockpit to find Cade.

Finally, she got to where Cade was. "Cade. We're almost at Socorro. The signal started to "beep", so... just wanted to let ya know." Lyna looked at Cade, biting her lower lip nervously.

Darth Scorcher 10-15-2009 03:24 PM

((Ah, thanks, I don't really know much of Star Wars beyond the movies and a few of the games, and the first Darth Bane novel, so I have to rely on Wookieepedia for EU info.))

Austin heard of the strange news about Darth Sethos, it sounded pretty frightening, which is why he's usually he's not on Sethos' flagship, you never know what to expect. He got the news from one of his friends in the empire, then his friend "disappeared" shortly after.
Austin heard a beep from the navigation console.

"FH, how long until we land?" He asked.
FH-78 floated into the cockpit, "One minute sir," the droid answered.
"Alright, got the goods?" Austin asked.
"Uhm, 'goods' sir?" The droid asked.
"Ugh, the equipment we need to sell, remember." Austin answered.
"Yes, the equipment is ready and packed." FH answered.
"Good, dismissed." Austin said, then waited for the landing.

Cyborg Ninja 10-16-2009 12:06 AM

Cylax's ship raced after Cade's. He was beginning to grow tired of tracking him through space but this was the calming before the storm. Once Cade landed the ship, the real game would begin. He looked down at his controls and now saw a planet coming into view.

Socorro? What are you planning Jedi?

He wasn't sure what buisness the jedi had on Socorro. The only thing he did know though was that this would be the last planet Skywalker ever visited.

DrPhil2501 10-16-2009 01:50 AM

"Cade. We're almost at Socorro. The signal started to "beep", so... just wanted to let ya know."

Cade was leaning against the base of the holographic projector, where him and Nale were trying to fix it through the hatch.

"Its called a "Navigation Console", Lyna." Cade smirked. "It alerts us when we are about to reach our destination. But thats beside the point..."

He left the room and headed for his quarters so he could grab his belongings; his jacket, and utility belt clipped with his blaster and lightsaber. He sighed.

She's been crying again... he thought. "Everybody get ready. Lyna, prepare the ship for docking. I'll be with you shortly to request permission to land."

The Betrayer 10-16-2009 11:14 AM

Darth Sethos had finished his meditation, and his towering figure stood once again in the bridge. He did not encounter strange visions ever since meditation, and he had to wonder if meditation somehow stopped them from coming. He threw the thought away, knowing full well that simple meditation can never stop the strongest of Sith spirits. He stared out into Nar Shaadaa, anticipating the second coming of the visions.

This time, Sethos was not put into the body of another. He jumped straight to Triumph of the Dead. He shot lightning all over the bridge, incinerating tens of his crew.

"Set course. For. Sorocco. NOW!" Sethos shouted at all the people inside his bridge. They knew better than to disobey him, but one of them apparently was still learning the ropes. He shouted back at Sethos,
"But sir! We have some important matt-"

Sethos never let him finish. Now, The Malevolent One is set for Socorro.

Kyvios 10-16-2009 11:54 AM

Stretching in his seat Dravin looked around noticing business was slowly picking up as the time passed by. This usually meant that more ships were in the hanger bay. With a slight grin upon his face he stood up and started to walk towards the exit. His footsteps were soft upon the metal floor. He always took great measure to make sure his presence wasn't known if he was ever going to leave. Last thing he needed is rejected clients to stalk him as he went to 'procure' a new ship for himself.

His head was slightly tilt down at an angle allowing his hood to hide his face as he walked out of the Cantina. His destination was the Hanger bay. So many of those patrons had ships, and it wouldn't take much effort on his part to change the mainframe of the ship to make it seem like he was the owner. Next to his martial art abilities his ability with technology was quite impressive. This planet after all was one of many planets that was a paradise for smugglers such as himself.

"Stop there Dravin!" a familiar voice said from behind him.

Dravin let out a soft sigh as he turned around to see Corris standing there pointing a shaking blaster at him. This was a little amusing to Dravin. He already knew Corris was a horrible shot at best so the threat was minimal. Slowly he took steps towards Corris his hand placed over the handle of his blaster. When Dravin finally stopped he stood over the man that was threatening his life.

"What is it you want Corris?" Dravin said in a low threatening tone.

"Uh.. well... I'm...I'm going to make you... do the contract." Corris said, fear engulfed in his words.

"Your going to make me, are you?" Dravin said with slight laughter "And how are you going to do that?"

Corris didn't respond he didn't say anything. He just stood there his hand holding the blaster shaking uncontrollably. This was a little more amusing to Dravin then before.

"Suggestion Corris" Dravin said breaking the silence. He leaned in close to Corris's ear and whisper "Run..."

As the word finished escaping his lips Corris ran in the opposite direction that Dravin was going dropping his blaster along the way. Shaking his head Dravin turned around and continued his journey to the Hanger Bay, to check out the merchandise of ships that were docking.

SkywalkerRules 10-17-2009 04:04 PM

"Its called a "Navigation Console", Lyna." Cade smirked. "It alerts us when we are about to reach our destination. But thats beside the point..."

Lyna smiled. "Ah. I see." She stood near the doorway, waiting for Cade to get ready. As she waited, Lyna thought if Cade knew that... well... she didn't want to think that. But... he still cared, right?

The young girl sighed, and quietly laughed. "Aww, Cade's a great guy. No matter what." She then heard Cade's voice.

"Everybody get ready. Lyna, prepare the ship for docking. I'll be with you shortly to request permission to land."

"M'kay. Will do," Lyna said with a smile. She walked back to the cockpit, and deactivated the hyperspace navigation. The planet Socorro was now in view. After going through the atmosphere, Lyna flew over the Black Sands. Ahead, she could see the old Crimson Axe ship that was permanently in an old Sarlaac pit.

Cyan jumped on Lyna's head, and let out a low squeal, hiding her little face. Lyna smiled. "Aww, don't worry, Cyan. It may look like a scary place, but no ones gonna hurt us." She gulped nervously.

The Betrayer 10-17-2009 08:57 PM

The Malevolent One had just left hyperspace, and Darth Sethos now sits on his bridge, meditating on his thoughts. He had ordered the ship to come here by his own impulse, and he had to figure out what was here. The survivor?, he thought to himself. He kept meditating for a long time, while The Malevolent One remained idle, near the desert world that is Socorro.

No crewmember dared to break the eerie silence that surrounded the ship, seeing full well what happened to those who did. Everyone looked for a job to do, a thing that needed doing.

And Sethos kept meditating, for it was his purpose at the time to try and find out.. his purpose. He tried to open the holocron once again earlier, but alas, Palpatine remained elusive. And without a Master to guide him, Sethos was alone in the dark. There had to be a reason for this. The ancient Sith did not guide me here for nothing.

DrPhil2501 10-17-2009 09:29 PM

Cade walked into the cockpit and jumped into the empty co-pilot seat. As they long passed the Crimson Axe, and the city of Vakeyya was in sight, Cade opened a communication channel.

"Vakeyya Dock Control, this is Ossanian Angel requesting permission to land."

A female operator voice replied. "Ossanisn Angel, this is Vakkeyya Dock Control 4. We are processing your request and scanning your registration."

"Copy that..." Cade looked back at Lyna with a slight grin. "Good thing I replaced those Registration Plates." he whispered. "Otherwise, we'de have Imperial TIE Fighters on our ass!"

"Ossanian Angel, this is Dock Control. Your permission has been granted! Proceed to Docking Bay 12."

"Thank you very much!" Cade closed the communication channel. The ship made a landing on top of a platform within the dome-shaped docking port. Cade stretched.

"Great! I'm hungry. My treat?" Cade beamed. "We also better scout around for another assignment."

Lord Dagron 10-18-2009 12:46 AM

Seth Rage was sleeping when he got an impression to go to Socorro. He didn't know why. Were there things there worth plundering ? He didn't know. All he knew was that he needed to go there. "Vrik set course for Socorro" , as you wish captain. Vrik had always been a loyal friend. They soon departed from the hidden base on Endor.

Cyborg Ninja 10-18-2009 09:02 PM

Cylax's ship started entered Socorro's atmosphere. He quickly turned on his radar jammer to block communications. Now they would never know he was there. He parked his ship far enough from Cade's to not be seen, but close enough to keep up. He exited and looked around until he spotted his target. A rodian gave him an awkward stare as he passed by. Cylax looked down and forgot he was no longer a human that could easily blend in. He gave a soft sigh and turned on his stealth belt. His entire body was now cloaked by the tiny belt. He began to make his way into the crowd.

And now the game begins.

Kyvios 10-18-2009 10:16 PM

A slight smile came across Dravin's face as he wondered around the Docking Bay. So many choices of ships today. Some of them looked like they could use some work, while others looked to be in top condition. Dravin didn't really mind taking the beat up ships because then it would be easier to change the codes to the vessel to make it appear that he was the rightful owner. Granted being a thief wasn't entirely in his true nature, but when it came to do or die, he would do what he needed too. Suddenly there was a slight tingling feeling through his head. This happened from time to time to warn him of danger or any sort of trouble. But this time it seemed a little different.

Peeking up his head a little he glanced around trying to see if he could pin point it. All he saw was a mass of humans, duro's, and rodians alike wondering around The Crimson Axe docking bay. Shrugining it of he continued for his prize ship.

SkywalkerRules 10-18-2009 10:19 PM

"Good thing I replaced those Registration Plates." he whispered. "Otherwise, we'de have Imperial TIE Fighters on our ass!"

Lyna returned a grin. "Oh yeah. You're defiantly right. Thank goodness we don't have them on our tails," she whispered back.

After the female operator gave them permission to land, Lyna flew the ship to Docking Bay 12 inside the dome-shaped docking port. After the ship landed, Lyna glanced at Cade.

"Great! I'm hungry. My treat?" Cade beamed. "We also better scout around for another assignment."

Lyna nodded. "Oh yes! Let's get something to eat first, then get another assignment. What'cha think, Cade?" she asked with a smile.

DrPhil2501 10-19-2009 02:29 AM

"Oh yes! Let's get something to eat first, then get another assignment. What'cha think, Cade?"

"Thats the basic equivilance to what I said, so there wont be much difference..." he left the cockpit and exited the ship through the ramp. The levels around the dome held ports and platforms for other ships to dock. The Ossanian Angel had parked onto 1st level above the ground.

The crew took the elevator, through the lobby and outside. Vakeyya was very brightly lit at night. Speeders zoomed by above there heads, and there were crowds of people walking on the red sand. Music could be heard from the background.

This was Cade's kind of place. They blended in with the crowd, heading for one of the Entertainment Squares; where it consisted of cantina's, diners and all sorts of places where Smugglers, Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries like to hang out.

But Cade felt unease. He could feel the presence of somebody familiar behind him. He looked back; no recognisable faces. He dismissed his feeling of paranoia, and thought about other things. But still, to be in this type of place it was worth people keeping their guard up. Cade always did.

The Betrayer 10-19-2009 08:23 AM

The Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer, under the command of Darth Sethos, entered the atmosphere of the Planet known as Socorro. The design of the Pellaeon is easily associated to that of the Empire, something Darth Sethos found great comfort in. The Malevolent One was to land in the city of Vakeyya, something Sethos discovered after deep meditation. Vakkeya, as his chief intelligence officer tells him, is the capital city of Socorro, and thus its most important. Sethos did not ask the Vakeyyan Dock Control permission to land, neither did he need to. The Vakkeyan ships were too afraid to directly confront The Malevolent One.

The ship found a good landing spot in the spaceports of the massive city. The people who came out first, that of Darth Sethos and ten of his elite guard, found themselves being confronted by local police forces.

"This landing pad is reserved. Please leave immediately", said one of them, who appeared to be the commanding officer.

Sethos stared at the brave and soon-to-be dead man.

"Do you know who I am, fool?", He remarked. The officer stood his ground, then pointed his blaster at the Sith Lord. His twenty or so companions followed suit.

Sethos snatched his lightsaber from its holster with his right hand, then lighted it. The red blade was enough to scare the commanding officer, but he still did not run away. Whether it was of fear, or resolve, Sethos still does not know. Sethos then used his left hand to choke the police man, all the while lifting him up into the air.

"It's Darth Sethos to you, fool!"

With one final closing of his fist, the commanding officer found himself breathless and after a few moments, dead at the floor. The other policemen started firing at Sethos. His twenty guards dispatched of them quickly, using their red shotos while Sethos deflected all their blaster fire.

Onlookers were shocked, and they soon ran away. Sethos has made his presence known to the survivor.

SkywalkerRules 10-19-2009 02:19 PM

"Thats the basic equivilance to what I said, so there wont be much difference..."

Lyna smiled at Cade. "Of course..."

Later, after they left The Ossanian Angel, Lyna, along with Cade, Nale, and Cyan, walked down the streets of Vakeyya. It looked a little crowded, but that didn't bother her. Deep inside, however, she was afraid of this place. Especially the mastermind that resided the Crimson Axe... Rav, the Feeorin. She didn't like him much, and was also afraid of him. But knew that she had to work for him, no matter what.

Suddenly, Lyna felt a disturbance in the Force. Something... or someone... was here, on this planet. And they weren't far. She could feel a strong darkness as well...

"Cade? Um... are we almost there at the cantina yet? I... I need someplace to sit..." Lyna asked in a soft-spoken voice.

Cyborg Ninja 10-19-2009 02:41 PM

Cylax had to walk on the sides of the streets in order to avoid people running into him. He looked up at Cade's group, and kept his eyes fixed on the jedi. He knew he could easily take a shot now, but there was no fun in that. Cade's death would be be far too quick and painless. He wouldn't know the pain that Cylax had went through; Cylax would make sure he did. He almost jumped back when Cade turned his head around. Cylax stopped moving and did not move a muscle. He waited a few seconds after Cade turned back around before moving. He hadn't even attacked yet and Cade was already uneasy. Things were looking good for Cylax. Now how would he get Cade alone from the others? His eyes darted around the streets until they caught the back of a woman's head. It was that girl that was always following him around...Lyna Honso. He could use her as bait to get Skywalker, but how to isolate her as well? He looked down at the small creature that was with them and smiled. He could easily get that stupid beast to run away from the group. He was slowly forming the plan in his head while he waited for the group to rest.

Darth Scorcher 10-19-2009 10:04 PM

"Sir, the Red Beelte is prepared to land." FH-78 said, Austin glared at the droid.
"I know," He replied, "And don't bother with talking with other droids, I hate it when you get carried away, then I have to give you a memory wipe, you know I hate it when you grow a personality." The droid didn't seem offended by this, as it had lost it's emotions from the last memory wipe.
"The equipment is ready for your employer, fifty blaster rifles for each box of two boxes."
"Did you double check?" Austin asked.
"Why yes, yes I did sir," FH answered proudly.
"Good," Austin said, the droid was growing a personality again, but this wasn't the best time to perform a memory wipe. He pressed a few buttons on the control panel which deactivated the Beetles cloaked status, he then opened up a comm channel.
"Red Beetle requesting permission to land in Vakkeyya." He said.
"Vakkeya Dock Control 4 is processing you request." Said a rodian.
"Any day now," Austin said to himself.
"Red Beetle, this is Vakkeyya Dock Control 4, your permission has been granted, proceed to docking bay 25." Said the rodian.
"Affirmative," Austin replied. The Bettle had landed in the hangar, fortunately he landed in just the right spot for Kalor his employer.
"Alright FH, let's get these supplies out of the ship and get to Kalor." he said.
"Affirmative, sir" Replied FH-78.
"Hopefully this goes quickly, trandoshans are known to be impatient." Austin said to himself.

((I seem to like dialogue :p))

DrPhil2501 10-20-2009 01:48 AM

"Cade? Um... are we almost there at the cantina yet? I... I need someplace to sit..."

"Wanna piggy-back then?" Cade jested. "We're almost there..."

He could sense Lyna's felt disturbance. Her and him both; they were being followed. Nale sighed behind them.

I have never seen a moment where she and that pet of hers have ever seperated... he thought.

"Wouldnt it be wise to leave that pet of your back on the ship?" Nale added. Then he took a moment to think about what he said. "Actually, I take that back! That thing would probably cause more work for me to do if we leave it on the ship..."

"I agree..." Cade whispered, making sure Lyna couldnt hear that remark of his.

Eventually the group approached the cantina Cade had in mind of visiting. They moved through the crowd of drunk people, and into the dining area where it seemed slightly more civilised.

Master_Archon 10-20-2009 09:54 AM

The scent of alcohol, vomit, and wreaking sweat; that was the smell of the cantina.

The sounds of laughter, shouting, cheering, breaking glasses, and distant thumping as people fought; that was the sound of the cantina.

Yet despite his greatest of reservations, Slate still had to come here to conduct his planning, since he lacked a formal 'hideout', and this was one of the 'better' cantinas when it came to it's patrons being less rowdy, and the food actually being half-decent.

Slate sat at a booth table, that, from his frequent visits to this particular cantina, had unofficially, 'officially' become his booth, as every patron had learned not to infringe on that particular booth while he was, at the least, present.

As the ex-Imperial Knight sat staring at the empty booth seat opposite of himself, he probed the crowd with the Force, feeling for any threats, or particularly 'different' people. Most were drunks, gamblers, or those who wanted to remain, and even look - almost to a fault, nondescript. It was all normal, except...

"Hm?" The Assassin barely uttered to himself as he felt the new, non-drunk presences enter the cantina. They were far different from anyone who he normally felt, far more like himself, in the sense that they had a stronger connection to the Force from what he could tell. And they felt, familiar, almost eerily so. Slate straightened up in his seat, maneuvering himself around to see who these newcomers were.

SkywalkerRules 10-22-2009 10:37 AM

"Wanna piggy-back then?" Cade jested. "We're almost there..."

"Always gotta be the funny bone," Lyna thought with a warm smile.

"Wouldnt it be wise to leave that pet of your back on the ship?" Nale added. Then he took a moment to think about what he said. "Actually, I take that back! That thing would probably cause more work for me to do if we leave it on the ship..."

Cyan looked up at Nale, and squealed. It was as if she knew what everyone was saying. She jumped from the ground and on Lyna's shoulder. The young woman smiled at her, and patted the little binjinphant's head.

They were finally inside the cantina Cade wanted to go to. It was a good thing that Lyna was with Cade and Nale, otherwise, these guys would try and hit on her.

Sitting at the table that was good for them, Lyna looked down, playing with her fingers. She still wondered what that strange feeling was. As if... someone with the Dark Side was here... searching for something. Or someone.

The Betrayer 10-22-2009 10:54 AM

The Shadow Dwellers. A name made to strike deep into the brains of every creature, and intoxicate it with fear. A name that makes even the strongest of men tremble, and bend over for the impending storm. The Shadow Dwellers are never the oppressed, but always the oppressors. Today was no exception.

Darth Sethos had received no additional resistance from the local government since his incident with the police. He wondered if they were up to something. The possibilities of a city thinking on its own send shivers down Sethos's spine, and the thought of it had outnumbered whatever threats this "survivor" might pose. Sethos realized what he had to do first.

One of the Shadow Dwellers, who will only be known by his callsign "Praetorian", stood beside Sethos. Praetorian served as Sethos's personal bodyguard, although Sethos rarely had need of his services. He was mainly there in case betrayal strikes. Praetorian was one of the best Shadow Dwellers there was, and his mind was completely programmed to be loyal to Sethos and Sethos alone. This is a most comforting fact for a man of Sethos's power.

"Praetorian. Order the Shadow Dwellers and the rest of the Bloodbringers to take over this city. Spill as much blood as possible. Send our ships and set up a blockade around this pathetic planet. Not a single spaceship will pass, or I will have all of your heads."

Praetorian knew better than to question his master's orders, and he took a bow to him.
"Understood, sire. I will get to it right away."

He walked away from his master, into the ship known as the Malevolent One. The order he presented to the rest of Sethos's army was to change Serrocco's history forever...

Cyborg Ninja 10-22-2009 01:45 PM

Cylax made an attempt to cross the street as he saw Cade go into a cantina; Typical move for his prey. A man running from something bumped into Cylax and nearly made him fall. He deactivated his camo and grabbed the man by the throat. He slammed him into a wall before letting him go.

"Next time watch where you're going." he hissed at the man.

Cylax put his camo back on and stopped right before the entrance to the cantina. He put his back to the wall and stuck his head out to see where Cade was sitting. He pointed his gun arm at not Cade but the binjinphant. Rather than fire his weapon he set it to a high pitched frequency that only it would be able to hear. A high pitched ringing shout out from his arm towards the cantina. Cylax would have no way of knowing if it worked as he could not here it. The only way he would know is if the creature reacted.

Kyvios 10-22-2009 04:18 PM

So many landing pad's, so little ships that really fit was he was looking for. Dravin walked along the landing pad as he noticed something odd, people were screaming and running towards him. This made him slightly tilt his head to the right and let out a soft sigh. As a woman was running by he stuck out his foot slightly and tripped her causing her to fall flat on her face making a soft squeaking noise. Calmly he walked over towards her and lowered himself into a squat on her left side.

"What are you running from?" Dravin asked the female with the fire red hair as she slowly got upon her hands and needs. He could tell that fear obviously comsummed her very essence. Her big green eyes glistened with the tears of fear as if at any moment she expected Dravin to strike her down and kill her.

"Ple... please... Don't kill me." she said with a stutter in her voice.

Again he tilt his head to the side still just as confused as before. Dravin didn't think he was that threatening looking, mysterious maybe but threatening, never in his life. Slowly he ran his tongue along his chapped lips supplying some moisture to them before he spoke in a calm voice.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to know whats going on?" he let out a soft sigh.

Then suddenly he heard a buzzing sound flying through the air. He turned into the direction of the noise to see a black throwing spear coming right towards them. Dravin's hazel eyes grew wise in fear as he inhaled deeply. But before he could react when he noticed the spear lunging with all its might towards the woman it impaled her. Pinning her into the landing bay. The spear missed vital organs allowing her to suffer as she desperately clingged to life. But slowly as if he could feel it course through every fiber of his being Dravin felt her life fade away in the vast void of nothing.

Slowly he raised his hand upon the hilt of his blaster as he stood upon his two feet to look upon the being that would kill a woman over nothing. A person who edmitted the coldest aura he had ever felt. This made his jaw clench and swallow hard the saliva that was in his mouth. His heart raced in his chest that was either out of the excitment of the moment, or the begining of fear.

"Guess this is the last time I hunt for a ship alone..." he muttered to himself, ready to fight what ever this thing was.

Darth Scorcher 10-22-2009 08:53 PM

Austin had just exited the docking bay, and everyone was running around screaming.

"Why is everyone running from something? Is there some rancor running loose? Nah, probably just some angry group of gammorreons." He said to himself.

"There you are human." Said a trandoshan.

"Ah, Kalor, there you are, your supplies are here, did you notice that these people are running from something. What do you think it is?" Austin asked.

"Yes, I did see this, it is quite obvious human, many said something about a 'sith lord', but this is not what I'm here for. Give me the supplies, and I will pay you your credits." Answered Kalor. Austin widened his eyes, a sith lord, it can't be Sethos, no now.

"Uh, yeah, yeah, here are your blasters." He said. He gave him the crates of blaster rifles, and Kalor tossed him five hundred credits, and then headed off. If these are sith, they wouldn't hurt me, I'm part of the empire myself. Austin then headed off to the cantina.

DrPhil2501 10-22-2009 09:09 PM

Cade sat on a chair by the table opposite Lyna. Nale sat between them on the end of the table.

There was a large datapad that acted as the menu for the table - Nale grabbed it so he can have a look at what this cantina had offered.

"Sorry I couldnt find a place more decent" Cade apoligised "- its just mainly cantinas, gambling areas and all sorts of places you wouldnt quite approve of me going to."

Cade turned his head back to the crowd. Though his connection to the force had slightly deadened over time, he had the feeling somebody was after him. Then again, everybody was after him nowadays. He wasnt too worried - Cade always did manage to get himself out of bad situations.

Master_Archon 10-23-2009 12:50 AM

Slate had spotted the three, studying them carefully.

'A male Zabrak, a male Human, and a female Human,' Came the glancing thought off of the surface of his high-processing mind, as he studied the party, noticing the little binjiphant as well. Then it hit him, Slate hastily reaching into one of his belt pouches. What the armored man pulled out was a datapad photo, the front had the picture of a young girl on it, with a signature.

At this Slate stood up, removing himself from his position in the secluded booth, he approached the group of people, while still holding to the datapad photo. As he drew closer he finally recognized the male as Cade Skywalker, someone quite well known among Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, Assassins, and such; this knowledge didn't hinder Slate in the least as he reached the table where the small group sat.

If his predictions were right, neither the girl nor Cade would strike at him, knowing that they might recognize his armor and even his presence in the Force. If nothing else, he didn't seem all that threatening to two people that he knew had lightsabers on them, even if only one of them could handle their lightsaber effectively; with his only visible weapon being his 'Caster' pistol, he didn't look as if he'd be much of a fight, beyond the fact that his armor was rather intimidating.

"Cade Skywalker, descendant of the legendary Luke and Anakin Skywalker, how very pleasant to see you..." Slate spoke quietly (so as not to gather attention), in his naturally smooth, yet cold voice, his head averting to the girl. "...And, Lyna. Honso," he spoke, pausing between her first and surname, placing the datapad photo on the table picture up, revealing the image of the photo as Lyna herself, with her signature on it.

"Young, beautiful, trusting, and naive; former slave, and dancer...." He continued, still speaking quietly to avoid unwanted attention, he seemed to study her for a brief moment, not that one could tell with his armor, and helmet on. "....You haven't changed much I see," he finished, turning his head to look at all of them in a broader spectrum.

"It's been awhile since the incident on 'The Wheel', hasn't it?" He questioned, his normally emotionless voice leaking a hint of woe, and depression at the mention of 'The Wheel', and all the events that occurred afterwards. Though, one couldn't tell whether the question itself was palaver or not.

The Betrayer 10-23-2009 01:40 AM

It was truly a site to behold, the skies above Serocco. No longer was it brimming with traffic getting in or out, no longer were there any ships but his own. Sethos relished the thought that he had just blockaded a planet.

Where is your Republic now?, he thought, as he looked above and saw only magnificence. A magnificent military work indeed. The blockade has encountered no resistance besides that of mere pirates and smugglers, wishing to get in or out of the desert planet. And who would want to resist them anyway? Who would have the courage to stand up to a gargantuan fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers?

A thin smile began to take shape over the deformed lips of Darth Sethos, amazed at the brilliance of his Shadow Dwellers. At the moment, hundreds of the elite Bloodbringers are storming the Vakkeyan Palace, to establish a martial law under Sethos's command. The Vakkeyan Police have been offering puny resistance, reports them, so there should be no problem taking control of Vakkeya.

Darth Sethos was now standing on a large building the Bloodbringers have established as an HQ, observing the city below. He saw hundreds of citizens being massacred from the impending flood that is the Bloodbringers. He watched as Blaster casings flew all around the place as civilians fell. He watched the pathetic civilian try to use his vibroblade against one of the elite warriors, only to be decapitated with one swift blow from a Shadow Dweller. This was not war. This was massacre.

Suddenly, Sethos heard footsteps behind him. He did not have to turn around to figure out who he was. He already knew.

"What word do you bring, Praetorian?", said Sethos, a firm authoritative tone in his voice.

Praetorian was used to the routine. He bowed down, the began his report.

"Sir, there has been word of an insurgency trying to push us out of Serocco. They're weak the the moment, but they bolster forces by the hundreds. They've caught 67th Company off-guard, sir, and unfortunately, 67th has been decimated."

Sethos turned around at this news. He did not expect any resistance from the local populace.

"Have you knowledge of the source of this rebellion?", asked Sethos.

Praetorian nodded.
"Yes, sir. We believe their main recruitment center is the local cantina. It might be worth paying a visit there. We just need your thumbs-up sir."

"Mobilize my speeder. I'll go there myself."

SkywalkerRules 10-24-2009 04:54 PM

((Get ready, Darth Betrayal! Lyna's outside. :D ))

As Lyna sat at the table, lost in her own world, the young woman noticed an armored man with a helmet come to them. He seemed familiar. He began to tell them about 'The Wheel', telling her and Cade about themselves, and showing her a signed picture... of her!

Lyna tilted her head a little at the newcomer. Suddenly... it hit her. "Slate? Slate Q'nal? Omigosh, it has been long!" She shook his hand joyfully. "Yes! Now I remember you! It's great to see ya."


Originally Posted by Cyborg Ninja (Post 2682708)
Cylax put his camo back on and stopped right before the entrance to the cantina. He put his back to the wall and stuck his head out to see where Cade was sitting. He pointed his gun arm at not Cade but the binjinphant. Rather than fire his weapon he set it to a high pitched frequency that only it would be able to hear. A high pitched ringing shout out from his arm towards the cantina. Cylax would have no way of knowing if it worked as he could not here it. The only way he would know is if the creature reacted.

When they thought that all was going all right, Cyan started to jump up and squeak. The little binjinphant jumped off the table, and created a little bit of chaos inside the cantina.

"Get it off! Someone call Animal Control! It's a rat!!" People in the cantina were screaming.

Lyna jumped from her seat, and blushed with embarrassment to Cade, Slate, and Nale. "Um... heh heh. I'll... go get her..." And with that, the young woman dashed off after Cyan. The little binjinphant ran outside, still squeaking with confusion.

The young woman came outside as well, and Force pulled Cyan to her. Holding her little pet and friend, Lyna asked, "What's gotten into ya, Cyan? You nearly scared everyone outta their pants. Well... sorta..." She began to laugh at her own joke.

Suddenly, she saw people screaming and running around. Lyna stopped someone that ran close to her. "Hey! What's going on?"

"Run for your life, girl! Run for your life!!" The male Bothan yelled, and ran away. Lyna squinted her blue eyes, staring down the road. All of a sudden, she felt the very same dark presence she felt earlier. "They're coming this way..." Lyna whispered.

Cyan jumped on her head, and hid her little face, cooing worryingly.

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