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Guilio 10-23-2009 06:44 AM

Q: Ways to rush through Telos?
Hi all,

I was wondering if there's any 3rd option to get away from Telos a.s.a.p. next to being Czerka's muscle for hire or hooking up with those treehuggers?

iamyourdad 06-27-2011 04:53 PM

you could always try skip telos mod

RC-2067 "Evo" 06-30-2011 06:46 PM

Or cheats. If you're gonna cheat, at least stop at the restoration zone just to get Bao-Dur in your party. Then make sure you warp to the Ebon hawk map that's after Telos if you're a male character if you want to get Brianna. And also be sure to get T3 along the way. Not having party members can screw some cutscenes up and sometimes make the game crash.

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