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exoduz 11-15-2009 12:41 PM

hunt for the lost
so basically this is after the cult of ragnos and jaden turned to the dark and we all can join jaden, assist kyle, or we can be rouges. it starts on duro which has the map the the 1st sacred saber: the blackblade.:thmbup1:

exoduz 11-15-2009 01:01 PM

arashi delz
not only is this my rouge character it is also a reference. you must go by this template.

species: human
homworld: ryloth
gender: male
age: 22-35 he forgot and no longer cares
side: neutral-light
weaponry: twin lightsabers of his fallen comrades
faction: the rouges, although he will assist kyle
clothes:jango fett like suit under a han solo jacket
physical appearence: has a tatoo on his left arm that says protect your comrades he also has a scar on his right eye
personality: while thought as evil, his comrades and kyle katarn all sese he has good in him. due to his comrades being killed by alora, he is very protective of his 3 best friends, the guild and even kyle katarn.:guyofwar:

exoduz 11-15-2009 01:14 PM

Duro part 1: touchdown
"it will not work katarn! for all we know the empire may be supporting him!" i yelled as duro came in sight.
"they are. i tracked him through the impirial cruiser 'sandstorm'." said kyle in his suit
"wookies are smarter den you jedi."
"for one, depends on which wookie. chewie is a smart wookie and i sure are smarter than zigbar the basher.secondly, why did you come?"
"i owe you more than you and my instinct comes in."
"your protectors instinct?"

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