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Power.plant. 11-26-2009 10:24 AM

JK2 - own sounds

I create maps since 2007 and know very much about mapping, but I don't know how to put own sounds in my MP maps.

I put them in the map (tried with target_speaker), but I can't hear them ingame. (there is no error or something)

I've got sounds for doors (soundstart, -move, -stop), effects and more. .mp3 and .wav

I work with JK2Radiant.

Can you help me, please? :confused:

ds615 01-22-2010 08:19 AM

First, I suggest using GTKRadiant, JK2Radiant is really buggy.

For the sounds, you need to have a trigger pointed to the target_speaker for it to play a sound.

Or, check the loop on AND loop off boxes if you want the sound to play continuiously.
If you set it that way, they need to be .wav files.

FarbrorGnur 09-13-2011 10:51 AM

In game, does it say that it's the wrong format (in console)?

What you MIGHT need is mp3/wav files that JK2 can play. The best way, I've found, to do this (even though you might only have to change some export settings) is to first get Audacity (it's free).

Now go into assets0.pk3 and extract any sound. For example a .mp3 or .wav file in sound/effects (you should maybe go with .wav to be sure... I'm not sure!). Open this file in Audacity. Now, drag your OWN sound into Audacity also.
Select the content of your sound, by either marking it all or clicking on the field all the way to the left. Copy this. Then mark all the content in the assets file and press ctrl K to delete it all (or.. or just click Delete..). Now paste your content in this track instead. Now delete the track (in audacity) where your sound was when you began, so that you only have the track where you replaced the content of the assets-sound.
Now export your file to .wav (File > export > wav) and try to put this in your map.

ds615 02-07-2012 01:07 PM

Well that's one way...

To use an .mp3 file:
All you need to do is save your sound as 44100Hz, 128 kbs, mono.
If you want to put in level music, that is saved as 44100Hz, 128 kbs, stereo.

Any sort of in game looping sound needs to be saved as a mono .wav file or it won't work. (except the level music, that's different for some reason and can be an mp3.)

Your Start and stop sounds on a door can be mp3. The Move sound needs to be a wav.

Doing the above post is just a really long way of doing the same thing.

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