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Kyvios 12-04-2009 04:24 PM

The Eternal War
The Eternal War

I created you like the others that came before
Created you to be the same, but different.
For you hold something special.

His and his follower’s temptations shall be great,
But I warn you against them.
For they once held place in my Eternal Kingdom,
But became blinded by pride.

You will see things no one else around you could possibly.
Live like the others around you.
And when the time has come, you will hear my voice.
And return to my Kingdom you shall.

The words echoed through the minds of many, and yet few. The creator of creation was sending something down to learn and live like normal humans. But for this one particular being, its life was going to be far from ordinary. Voices cried of the Eternal War between the creator of creation and the most beautiful creation of all. But the beautiful creation became blinded by the feeling of pride and believed himself better than that which created him. So the war from above and below continues to this way, making our existence, the very land we thrive upon they’re battle field. To this day the war remains at a stale mate, but now with the existence of one. The tides may turn, and the power of hell may control the land, or the reign of heaven may hold true.

You ask why would the creator of creation just let this being go? I tell you to see and learn. You ask why would the creator of creation place something so important upon the humans? I tell you to see the power of the human heart.


The light surrounding Tihon was bright and warm. But this feeling, this dreadful feeling of falling was to unmistakingly clear as the light that once surrounded him as he fell from its embrace. Then suddenly an impact so hard it shook his whole body. Tihon wasn't sure what was going on, all he knew for certain is that now he was surrounded by a shade of gray. And the noises that surrounded him, the beeps, and noises were almost agonizing torcher to him.

Then voices, soft subtle voices grew closer and closer as if he was being surrounded by millions of people all at once. Moving his fingers slowly he felt a rough hard surface scrap against his skin of his fingers. Slight discomfort started to rise through his body once again as he tried moving. The ability to stand or even sit up eluded him however as he continued to lay upon the cold surface.

"Dove sono?" the words slipped slowly off his tongue and out of his mouth as he laid there in confusion.

((If the translation is right that should be Italian for Where am I?))

Ataris 12-04-2009 06:15 PM

Aiden was crying.

Such emotions, one would expect, would be impossible for demons to display. After all, what could they have to be sad about when they had the power to manipulate anyone that they pleased? The tears streamed down Aiden's cheeks until finally he just had to fall to the ground and contain himself before his lungs burst.

But Aiden wasn't crying because he was sad.

No, he was crying because of how hard the laughter had overtaken him. It was few and far between these days that Aiden found something to laugh about, but the sheer stupidity of it all had gotten to him.

Aiden was incredibly anxious.

And, so, because of this, he felt compelled to burst out laughing for no particular reason. It was strange how his human form had such control over him, but, as was his desire, he had taken this form willingly to scourge this world. Unfortunately, now that he had an important mission, things were different.

It seemed like only yesterday when the Arch-Demon, a messenger, had come to Aiden while he was biding his time in a pocket dimension, dwelling on this thoughts. It was rare that Aiden did this, as now he had become so attached to this world of mortals that he did not normally feel like leaving.

"Darkness Himself has tasked you, Wanderer," the demon had said, with a look of complete apathy, if not resentment, towards Aiden on his face as he threw a scroll at Aiden's feet. Scrolls were only still being used in the immortal planes because there was no reason to use anything else. And, of course, it intimidated the mortals.

The scroll had mentioned a being of great power that must be found, and...that was it. No more information was being given to Aiden. Except, of course, the threat for failure at the bottom of the scroll....

Rising from the ground of the corn field, Aiden continued on through the agriculture, wasting time and energy, thinking, and waiting for some mortal to come and demand that he stop trespassing. Now that would be fun....

SkywalkerRules 12-04-2009 10:46 PM

((To answer your question, Kyvios, you're nearly right. But it's really "Dove sono io?" for "Where am I?" in Italian. :) Oh, where are we at right now, in the story?))

It was a beautiful night to walk outside. Sonya Field minded her own business, listening to her Ipod with her earphones in her ears. It was good that she was taking a stroll down the sidewalk to get everything off her mind. For once--just for once-- she wanted something exciting to happen.

Suddenly, she turned to see a staright, flash of light hit the Earth from a distance. The sight was so wonderous. She had to see what that was.

The young woman ran to where "the meteor" fell. A few moments later, it turned out not to be a meteor, but a man. She gasped, and knelt beside him. "Sir? Sir, you okay?" Other people surrounded her and the man lying there on the ground.

"Dove sono?"

She couldn't understand what he was saying. But the only thing she knew was that he needed help. She turned to the peolpe around her. "Someone call an ambulance! Quick!" She looked back down at the man, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder. "You're gonna be okay, sir. Don't worry."

Kyvios 12-06-2009 01:25 AM

The shadowy figures that were surrounding him started to take on more distinct features, and become individuals by they're own right. The ones gathered around were trying to communicate with him in words he didn't understand. Then slowly through out Tihon's mind they're words raced through his skull and he understood. Understood every word that fell from they're lips.

"Where am I?" he said in the words that the others were speaking.

There were noticable differences in each persons voice, some paniced, fearful, and others calm and collective. As Tihon looked around he slowly sat up off the course ground he was laying upon. The air surrounding him was warm, and pleasant. Lowering his head he looked around himself noticing the crater he was sitting in. Tihon tilted his head to the side curious as to why he was laying in this whole to begin with.

SkywalkerRules 12-06-2009 05:52 PM

"Where am I?"

Sonya finally understood what he said. She smiled. But before she could answer, she saw the man sit up and look around himself. He seemed confused. "Whoa there, dude. Don't get up too quickly. You may be still hurt."

A middle-aged man came up to her and the mysterious man. "The ambulance will be on their way in about 10 minutes."

Sonya smiled. "Thank you." She glanced back at the man, staring at him.

Ataris 12-06-2009 08:00 PM was very strange. Aiden had wandered into a barn next to the field, looking for any signs of life. But there were none. Outside, in the fields and plains and grass, there was nothing. It was rather curious, as there were plenty of objects lying about that indicated that the obviously worn place was still not yet abandoned. The rustic air of the place had gotten to him, and now he was forced to search this place, and whether for malevolent intent or curiosity, he would still do it.

But before he could leave the old barn, he just stood there, taking in what at first seemed like a considerably pointless scene. But something about it got to him. The window in the front of the barn cast light onto a spot in front of him, onto a wooden table piled with tools.

Tools were not the only things here, it seemed.

As dust blew onto Aiden's face, and he stepped forward towards the spot of light, he saw there, halfway covered in the sun, a note. Picking it up, Aiden began to read it very quickly, but slowed down once he realized what it said.

"Do angels still come from the sky? They say that they do, but I never know whether to believe them or not. But we all fell from the heavens once, and some more than others. My time here is done, and I shall be returning, like some others, back to the Creator, where He shall decide my fate. Likely, this note shall attract attention from demons, and so if you find it, Brother, destroy it. And if you fail, then so be it."

Damn, he had let his senses down again. The note was written by an angel, and, from the looks of it, fairly recently, for Aiden would not have been drawn to it otherwise. But what did it mean? Angels were returning to the "Creator?" But why? For so long each angel had simply taken their position and fought for it. This changed things. Why were they being re-assigned unless they had a new objective? An objective to take something? To find something? protect something?

A loud noise suddenly brought Aiden to his full alertness, and he realized that there were noises coming from somewhere near the barn. Exiting, and squinting under the sunlight, he went towards the source. First, however, he showed off his wings to shun the bright sun, and then hid them once more as he entered a nearby house that was still on the property.

Inside was a TV with the volume cranked. The loud noises had stopped, but it looked like there was something happening right in the middle of the action. Astronomers had reported a meteor crash, but for some reason they were making a big deal out of it. Something about the weight or composition being wrong for a typical meteor.

Aiden's interest peaked. As he staired at the TV, subtle disturbances ran through his mind. Whether spiritual or genetic in nature, his abilities to sense things were much better than a normal human's. And now something ran through his mind which caused him to stop and examine it. It was something important. It was something to do with his mission.

But he just couldn't decipher what it was.

Cyborg Ninja 12-06-2009 11:34 PM

Raymond Jaegar stood with the crowd of people which had gathered not too long ago. He began pushing his way through the crowd to get a closer look at what was the cause of all of this. As he drew closer he could hear the noise getting louder. Lucky for him he had his gas mask on or he would hear their screaming thoughts as well. Finally he saw exactly what was causing such insanity. There was a man laying inside a huge crater. Raymond made his way towards the man and knelt down beside him. A crater that large would have to have come from some kind of heavy object yet here was this man instead. Not to mention he was talking to them when he should have died. He attempted to read his mind but only darkness remained.

"Can you remember anything?"

Kyvios 12-07-2009 12:05 PM

There was still a lot of commotion around Tihon that he didn't understand. What could be so spectacular that these creatures would gather and gawk in ahh. Tihon couldn't answer any of the questions that flooded his mind let alone the ones that where being asked of him by these creatures. Still not fully understanding what they were saying he decided it was best to ignore them and see what he could learn. If he could learn anything at all. The One question however that stayed in his mind was whether or not he remembered anything. What was it to remember? What could the definition of remember be? Tihon again couldn't answer these questions by himself. But with so many people around he didn't want to ask them aloud.

Slowly he ran his fingers upon the cold gray surface he was sitting upon. It was rough, course, his fingers seemed to scrap along it almost with the intent of leaving skin behind. Then he felt the need to stand and so he abliged to the need and slowly stood upon his feet. Tihon looked down at his feet that were now flat upon the surface he once was laying upon and tilted his head in curiosity. He started to wonder what else could he do with these legs of his. Putting one foot in front of the other he began to walk, slowly and unsteadily at first, then his walking turned into something that looked like he was doing it his whole life. As he walked he made his way out of the crator that he created and made it to the edge of the crowd that surronded him. The crowd befor him seemed to seperate allowing him to pass by. As he walked through the crowd the smaller creators were gripping the legs of the bigger creators. Tihon thought it was a fasinating act upon the little creators part.

As he exited the crowd and walked a little ways down the same course ground he was laying upon earlier, something caught the corner of his eye. The clear glass of a local clothing store bore something mystical to him. A figure was standing on the other end looking at him, mocking ever move he made. If Tihon waved his hands, the creator would wave his hand. Tihon found this ammusing. The creator wore no shirt, or pants, not even shoes upon its feet. As Tihon ran his hand down his chest, so did the creator on the other side do the same.

Turning back to the crowd Tihon that they looked similar to the creator on the other side of the magical glass. They had many colors upon them, in different shapes and sizes. This was another thing Tihon did not understand, but something told him he was standing out and that it wasn't a good thing.

MutantMix 12-07-2009 01:47 PM

Evie had her cell phone out the moment the girl shouted. Usually she was on the indirect end of this sort of call. She handed the phone to her brother and gave him directions on what to tell the 911 operator. She was about to follow the brave young women who had already gone down into the crater when suddenly it seemed there was no need.

The man rose to his feet...

She watched as he stood. As if testing himself, he tried each leg then confidently marched out of the hole with no visible wounds or even the slightest hint of dizziness. She watched as the crowd parted and allowed him to walk to the nearest building. He began to watch his reflection in the glass as if seeing himself for the first time. She almost laughed outloud when she wondered if he realized he was naked.

The crowd was still watching him as he turned to peer at the mob surrounding him, as if acknowledging them only now. She'd had a lot of practice reading people as a dealer in Caesar's Palace and if her experience wasn't failing her, then she would have guessed he was abruptly nervous. She yelled at the girl who had been the first one to speak to the mysterious man.

"Help me get this guy out of the crowd! I think he's in shock!"

She slowly approached the naked man with a skeptical grin on her face.

"Hey superman, they might stop staring if you had some clothes on."

Evie held out her hand to him. "Let me take you inside and get you something before the ambulance gets here. Trust me, you'll want something to wear out of the hospital besides one of those horrid gowns."

She smiled genuinely. There were always crazy things happening on the graveyard shift for EMT's, especially in Vegas. But she definitely hadn't expected to come home for a visit and find a naked man in a crater while she was out shopping. She smiled because no matter what had happened to this poor man, surely he would see the humor in this. If not now, then someday.

She noticed then that the other person who had tried to communicate with the man was wearing a long trench coat.

"Hey you!" She hesitated for a moment as she started into the large lens of his gas mask. Evie figured he must have thought there might some chemical explosion responsible, or maybe he thought this man was a terrorist. No matter..

"Sir, could you maybe offer him your jacket until he gets some clothes?"

Turning back to the awkwardness in front of her she stepped closer and again offered her hand.

"My name's Evie, you can trust me. I want to help you."

EDIT((OOC: I just thought of something... does he have wings and are they visible? Because I think Evie would be acting a bit different. > .> Just so theres no confusion.))

Ataris 12-07-2009 09:35 PM

Wearily ambulating down the highway, Aiden grew tired of using his legs. But for some reason this strangely fascinated him. And it never failed. Seeing the world as humans see it was such a interesting thing, and yet, though he wasn't of this world, anything that could make him feel like he was a part of it was something that appealed to him all too much, and doubtless both the Creator and Lucifer alike would disagree with his habits. Nevertheless, he had been doing this for a very long time, and even in endless life things were still of curiosity to him.

There was one of those curiosities approaching now. A truck sped down the road, caught sight of his dragging, half-naked form, and came to a halt. The driver inside looked very oddly at him, a rugged, well-fed man, who sported a beard and a cowboy hat. A cigarette dropped out of his mouth and onto the road as he leaned out the window, likely to shout at Aiden.

"Hey buddy, wrong side of ther road! Unless yeh wanted to get noticed, I suppose. Need a lift?"

At this Aiden smirked. If he had been any deeper in thought then he likely wouldn't have treated the man with such "respect" as this. Holding out his hand and lifting the cigarette into it, he toyed with it a moment, twisting in the air, and then held it between two fingers ("Hey ther, give that back, now...!") and began to speak in his low, darkly melodious, angelic voice. The icy cold and the warm passion seemed to undulate from it, and in the midst of such tension as there now was, the voice only served to unnerve the man in the truck even more, who was obviously trying to hide his fear.

"These are very bad for you, you know."

Rolling his eyes, the man opened the door and said, "Now, you get in here, son, if you need a ride, or else you give me my cigar back and I'll be a' leavin' ya!"

With a simple breath of air the cigar grew ice cold, and as the man took it from Aiden he suddenly began to howl and hold his hands as they grew icier and icier. The man looked desperately at Aiden as his arms began to chill, and soon he was shaking almost to the point where Aiden thought he would pass out. But then, with the flick of his wrist, the man became completely warm again, and he slumped down in his chair, panting for air, and closed his eyes before looking at Aiden in relieved panic.

Slipping quickly and normally into the passenger seat of the car, Aiden shut the door and then turned to the man, gesturing for him to continue driving. As the man slowly gave in, muttering under his breath with wide eyes, Aiden began speaking once more.

"Tell me, what do you know of this place here?" He gestured to the farm slowly rolling away from the truck.

"Well, uhm, er, I dunno, sir, it's been there for a long while it has, and, erhm, uhm--"

"But have you ever seen anyone around it?" Aiden asked him quickly.

"Why, yes, sir, but no sign of 'em for at least a few days now, and--"

Looking quickly at the man, Aiden asked him, "You're sure?"

Unnerved, the man became silent, too unnerved to speak. But Aiden could see the truth in his face, and so that meant....

Opening the door, and jumping out of the slow-moving car, Aiden stood on the road and watched as the truck suddenly sped away in an emission of gas. But before it disappeared, Aiden flicked his wrist. The man would remember nothing.

Quickly drawing his hands up and to either side, his wings sprung forth from his back, dark feathers crumbling into nothing as they touched the earth, and, rising up into the air, Aiden began to soar across the night sky.

Such a rare occasion was the moment when Aiden flew, but, when he did, he enjoyed it so much that it was often hard to remember when to stop. The air, the clouds, the birds, the moon, the calm, the darkness....Aiden so loved it all. He actually had feelings for this speck of dust called Earth. Because he had no worries here on this mortal plane.

But that would all soon change.

Kyvios 12-07-2009 10:48 PM

Tihon looked at the creator trying to talk to him. Its shape seemed for defined then his, certain area’s seemed more pronounced then his. He took steps towards this creator and stopped in front of it. For some reason he couldn’t explain these creators seemed fascinating to him. They’re gestures, actions and language seemed new and exciting to a certain extent. This certain creators hand was out stretched towards him. Lifting up one of his hands Tihon looked at it carefully examining the back and front of it. They seemed similar, but somehow different. For the short time Tihon has been awake there seemed to be more mysteries about this place.

“Different…” he said as he grabbed the creators hand and compared it to his own “but similar…”

He started at the two hands for several moments moving the creators along with his to get a better understanding of it. Tihon turned his attention away from the hands and looked into the eyes of the creator he was standing near.

“You are what…?” he said his voice deep, and slightly scratchy.

MutantMix 12-09-2009 07:04 AM

Evie let out a soft chuckled as he inspected both of their hands. So strange. It reminded her of a kitten innocently exploring it's surroundings. When he looked at her, she got the impression that the analogy wasn't far off. Different, but similar? She wondered if he meant that she was female. He must be in severe shock. Evie was caught off guard as he suddenly made eye contact with her.

"You are what...?"

Sirens wailed not far from the scene. The ambulance had finally made it. Evie sighed with relief. She lifted his hand and held it with both of her own.

"I am your friend, and help has arrived. Do you understand?"

SkywalkerRules 12-09-2009 10:08 AM

((Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm kinda lost...))

Sonya looked over at the man with the gas mask. He looked very mysterious, which kept her wondering more. But he seemed to want to help as well. She then looked at the other female, who seemed to be helping the mysterious man that was from the crater as well.

"You are what...?"

Poor guy. Her only hope was for the ambulance to come. Finally, in that moment, they were coming, due to the sirens. Sonya smiled over at the woman, then at the man before them.

"I am your friend, and help has arrived. Do you understand?"

"She's right," Sonya replied with a smile. "We mean no harm..."

Kyvios 12-09-2009 10:10 AM

((The Only thing is Tihon isn't in the crator anymore. He leanred to walk :D. He's just growing up so fast i might cry. I can post a run down so far if you want Skywalker.))

SkywalkerRules 12-09-2009 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by Kyvios (Post 2692637)
((The Only thing is Tihon isn't in the crator anymore. He leanred to walk :D. He's just growing up so fast i might cry. I can post a run down so far if you want Skywalker.))

((That'd be helpful. Thanks. I'll change my post too. :) ))

Cyborg Ninja 12-09-2009 01:18 PM

Raymond stood there completely dumbfounded as the man not only got up but began walking. The man started moving before stopping in front of a clothing store. He just stood there and looked at, like a small child would. He tried a second time at reading the man's mind. His past was still a mystery to him but now that he was moving about his present he could see much more clearly. His thoughts and his actions were far from human. He suddenly heard a voice cry out to him. He turned his head to see a woman calling him over. Raymond obeyed the command and made his way over to her. He took off his trench coat and draped it around the man's shoulders.

"You are what...?"

Raymond chuckled to himself as both the thoughts of Evie and Sonya entered his mind. He waited a few seconds before answering, however rather than say anything out loud he would communicate through his mind instead.

I'm a human being, however seeing that you survived a fall that would have killed any normal human I can safely say that you are not one.

Raymond nodded to the man before continuing.

Do not be afraid, for I as well mean you no harm. You do not need this ambulance, what I believe you're looking for is answers. Come with me and maybe I'll be able to answer your questions and you'll be able to answer mine.

Kyvios 12-09-2009 08:45 PM

There was a new voice in his head, one that sounded different than the one that came from his mouth. Tihon looked at the two that looked similar but still had some differences, then realized that it couldn’t possibly be them. Then his head turned towards the one that looked differently from them all, this creature facial feature stood out from them all. Tihon stood there looking at this particular creature for several moments while he listened to the food steps of the others that were in the screaming animal come towards him.

I’ll Follow, Tihon said in his head wondering if this creature would be able to hear him.

The feeling of what was thrown over his shoulders seemed softer than the other things he had most recently touched. More thoughts wondered through his head, several more questions he didn’t entirely understand. There was a slight race through his heart as if his nerves started to become more tense, as if he himself was starting to feel the feelings of others around him. All Tihon knew for certain is that he wanted to get to a more secluded, or more quiet area.

Then out of all the background noises around him, there was a soft grumble noise that vibrated through his stomach. Looking down, placing his hands upon his stomach it made the noise again. Almost like an untamed animal warning off predators of its territory.

Ataris 12-10-2009 08:28 PM

It was Friday night, 10:00 P.M., and now there were disturbing images in Aiden's head. Something had just recently happened, for the images had started but a few hours ago. He could not tell what they meant, but he knew that they were connected to his unholy mission. Deciphering them was the impossibility here, for so many different emotions were clouding the event that the only way Aiden could figure out what they were was if he was actually there. His mission would have to continue.

But not tonight. Aiden was depressed again. For a Dark Angel one might not think this too rare, but then again, what exactly did he have to be sad about? He had the entire world at his fingertips--but only the tips.

Whatever power there was to be had here Aiden had already taken advantage of. This world was pleasurable in some ways, but, he could not help but feel the things missing in his life. Every night, he would stare at the landscape and think about how the humans might destroy it all. The beautiful night sky may one day be taken by their ships. And the people here--they all had something to do. But what did Aiden have to do, except those orders that were given to him by the Destroyer?

Wandering into a bar, as this was the time of night that people really began pouring in here, Aiden had a strange need for noise and commotion. The snow outside had depressed him yet even more, and bars were exactly the kind of dark places that Aiden really enjoyed. But that enjoyment really wasn't very much, in the grand scheme of things.

Leaning against the door rail and entering, he was almost completely unnoticed. To the right of him was the bar and stools, and to the left many tables, and a lounge was off even farther than that, for those who smoked. It was a rather boring place tonight, for reasons unknown. Perhaps tonight he could just be at sorrowful peace.

However, his invisibility soon wore off any thoughts of that idea. The barkeeper, upon seeing him, immediately yelled and pointed. Aiden retaliated by glaring at the man, who was just retrieving his shotgun. What he had done now?

The barkeeper looked very familiar....

"Get outta her,!"

Escaping out of the bar, Aiden quickly snapped his fingers at the barkeep. No one in the room would recall the word "demon."

But how had the barkeep remembered him? Why were his powers suddenly not working?

Strange....the thought only made him more depressed. And, as he ran from the bar, he heard one last cry of "demon!" If only they actually knew....


Depressed at his powers not working, which he considered might even be the reason for their not working in the first place, Aiden wandered down the empty street until he heard music. To his left was a nightclub, and the bass of the techno beat could be heard down the block, at least.

Ocassionally people would wander in, looking at Aiden just standing there.

So this is where all the people are, he thought, now noticing the sign on the front door, "Tonight 50% off!" Immediately producing some cash, Aiden walked up the front door and gave the man there the money. The man tried hard to smile, but looked afraid at the same time, and there was also a bit of confusion in his eyes. Aiden quickly realized what he looked like and with a single snap, his wings were gone, and he was wearing a black shirt and leather jacket. Aiden smiled, and the man seemed to cheer right up.

Humans were so easily manipulated.

But better could they manipulate....

SkywalkerRules 12-10-2009 08:42 PM

Sonya looked at the man, and noticed his stomach started to grumble. "Oh... you're hungry." She looked around at the crowd. "Does anybody have something to eat?! Anybody?!"

The crowd started to mumble quietly to each other. Then, one girl, about 4 or 5, stepped up, nad handed her lunch bag. "Here ya go ma'am. It's not much, but it might help that man."

Sonya took the bag gently and smiled. "Thank you, sweetie." After the little girl ran back to her mom, Sonya handed the mysterious man the lunch bag. "Here ya go. For you." She smiled reassuringly.

MutantMix 12-12-2009 10:35 AM

"Evalyn. We're going to be late for dinner! My wife is going to kill me if I'm late one more time. Lets go! Your on vacation remember?"

Evie shot her brother a glare as he handed her cell phone to her. She quickly pocketed it and shooed her brother away.

"I'm involved now. I'll make sure he gets taken care of. Go on and I'll catch a cab." He shrugged as if he'd already guessed what she would say. He eagerly sprinted off towards his car.

What was taking those EMT's so long? Just as she thought to check, the sound of sirens caught her attention. She turned and watched as four black cars with flashing lights in the front of their grills pulled up beside the ambulance. Men in tidy suits exited the cars and intercepted the emergency transport. A few of them immediately started to question the crowd and she watched as the young girl who had just given up her lunch pointed a small hand in her direction, or rather in the direction of the man now holding her sack lunch. They instantly moved towards him and a sudden instinct to shelter him from any more grief caused her to act.

Without a word she put a hand on the shoulder of the girl also assisting with the poor naked man. She gave a quick flick with her head towards the men in suits so that she wouldn't be caught off guard. Giving her an encouraging little push, just a tiny one, she hoped the girl would get the idea and act as a sort of guard. Evie took point, narrowing her gaze into a scowl as the men made it to them holding up badges with a insignia she didn't recognize as any local police.

"EXCUSE ME! Officers, this man needs medical attention and your standing in the way of the EMT's and I don't think this will look good when..."

One of them cut her off.

"Ma'am, step aside now." He commanded.

Evie's glare burned against his. "YOU step aside! This man is most certainly traumatized enough without you grilling him about the explosion, or whatever happened to him. Can't you just let the ambulance do their jobs and then question him after a doctor has looked after him?"

The second man retorted sarcastically. "He doesn't look injured..."

There went her shred of patience. She lifted a finger and pointed behind her.

"HE! has been through god knows what and YOU.." She pointed the finger back at the men but was unable to finish her sentence. The first man caught her forearm twisting it, forcing it behind her back so that she was facing the other direction. She struggled and began to cuss.

"What the hell?! Get your hands off me!"

Suddenly it seemed they were all surrounded by men in suits, the crowd had backed up quite a bit except the ones who had all tried to communicate with the strangely alien man. The one holding Evie pulled her away even as she fought to escape. What the hell was going on. Something was striking her as oddly familiar, like a movie or comic book. Something was not right in Kansas.

"Get him out of here! Get away! RUN!"

(ooc: hope that didn't throw a huge wrench into the engine. Just thought we could use some spice for this soup. lulz)

Kyvios 12-12-2009 11:16 AM

((It's not a problem for me. If you could PM your basic Idea for the newly reformed men in black, that be helpful.))

SkywalkerRules 12-12-2009 11:28 AM

((Yeah! Let's get some action into this puppy! :D ))

Sonya guarded the man, staring at the men in suits. "Hey! Let her go! This man... or whoever you think he is... didn't do anything to anyone! He's too bewildered, that's all! Let her go!"

She glanced back at the man behind her with a sad look.

"Don't worry. They ain't gonna getcha. Not while me and this lady are here."

Cyborg Ninja 12-12-2009 03:20 PM

Raymond nodded a second time as he heard his response. He was about to move when he saw four black cars arrive on the scene. Men in suits rushed out of the cars and were making their way over to this mysterious man. He could tell these people knew something as well. He watched as one of the men took the woman away who attempted to help. The other took a defensive stance. a group of four against highly trained officers would not go well in their favor. He looked to the four cars once more and than back to the group. Feeling a bit reluctant at first he decided to help the other woman. He turned his head over and concentrated on the man's mind. In a matter of seconds the man was now his mind puppet. The man released his grip on the woman and backed away. He then looked to the crowd of people and a second idea popped into his head. He took a large breath before focusing on everyone in the group. He projected images in their head of a fire and soon the people began running around. That many people was enough to make Raymond fall to his knees. He picked himself up and looked at the two women and the man. He rubbed his forehead and sent another message with his mind to the three.

We must move quickly! If any of you have some sort of mode of transportation now would be a good time to get it.

Ataris 12-12-2009 06:58 PM

Aiden had been to nightclubs before, but they were nothing like this.

People were everywhere, a thick mass of them, and the music and the lights were on full blast. People were talking, dancing, singing, or even drinking while the house was raging on with a full house. And not once did he see anyone that looked younger than a college graduate, meaning he would fit right in to the fray. Chaos was something he most enjoyed, after all.

But, as he tried to make his way, well, almost anywhere, people just blocked him and he couldn't get through. So, instead, he made his way over to the bar at the far end of the building (which took roughly five whole minutes) and ordered some wine, paying with some conjured money. The stuff had a bitter taste--something he also enjoyed.

Wandering around to find somewhere to drink, he spotted some half-way empty tables nearby. Placing himself at one of them, he looked around for anything that provide himself with entertainment. But, strangely enough, he was paid absolutely not attention at all.

The people in the room were all dancing in pairs, men to women, and some of a less common persuasion. Aiden didn't understand how humans worked in that regard. It was a strange thing. Technically Aiden was a man, because the Creator had told them as such. But some fallen angels had accepted different roles. And it was just another way they rebelled against the Creator.

Glancing around, no one caught his eye--except one person. And it was at this moment that Aiden, strangely, felt like being a man.

It was only a casual glance, but she immediately went back to drinking her alcohol. She looked very out of place, as if she did not want to be here. And as evil thoughts streamed through Aiden's mind, as he got up and went over to her table she gave a knowing smile and said, "One glance is all it takes, hm?"

Thrown off-guard by this question, something that did not happen to Aiden...well...practically ever, he hesitated before thinking of anything to say.

"Perhaps I wasn't really looking for anything but some casual conversation."

"And perhaps I didn't come here to talk to anyone."

But Aiden could read faces, and hers said that she had never been here before...she was looking to get away from...something...

For a moment he caught himself staring at her, and then, without any facial change, he redirected his thoughts.

"You'll find I have much more experience alone than you."

"I wonder why," she laughed.

Anger in his eyes, briefly he thought of doing something destructive. Instead, he spoke quietly. "People often accuse other people of their own problems."

At this, she looked away and seemed to flinch slightly, and, standing up, she paused before walking away from the table. But not without saying, "You don't know me."

As she walked away, Aiden came to reality, and thought he was crazy. He had completely lost his cool in that situation--that didn't happen very often. Suddenly, seeing her leaving, he quickly looked around and, as no one was paying any attention to him, he vanished quietly and reappeared outside on the road.

She was there, and, suddenly seeing him appear, jumped, but did not scream. There was a sudden breeze, and, as it caught her brown hair, Aiden almost couldn't think of anything to say. But, finally, words came.

"But you're wrong. You don't have to talk to someone to know them."

Laughing, she started to keep on walking. "Look, I don't know who you are or why you're following me, but since you know me so well you should know that I could kick your ass if you try anything."

Aiden laughed at this himself, and, hurrying to walk beside her, said, "I would win."

But in his heart Aiden was already defeated.

MutantMix 12-15-2009 01:25 PM

Voices in her head, Men in black, men in craters... truly a comic book come to life.

Evie wanted to slap herself for telling her brother to take off with out her. Her own car was at her hotel, parked in a parking garage. She frantically looked around them, watching people running in a panic. She took note of the four black cars. She smiled at herself, laughed out loud, couldn't believe the thought had come into her head. But it had.. she sprinted over to one of the black vehicles and sure enough the keys were in it.

"Come on! Over here! Put him in the back!" She opened the doors and pressed the button to unlock all the doors. She never imagined in a million years she would be stealing a car.

((OOC: um.... yeah lol want a ride anyone?))

Kyvios 12-16-2009 04:34 PM

((I'm always up for stealing a car :D))

Tihon looked at the brown slightly wrinkled thing the first creature was holding. It made noises as the first creature handled the thing the smaller one handed to it. It was an interesting thing these creatures were displaying towards him, it was something he wanted to know more about. As the giant screaming creature aproached the area of massed gathered beings it was followed by several other slightly smaller darker creatures. Tihon wasn't sure what he should make of it, all the events that were pouring themselves out to him already were difficult enough to understand, but now something different was happening.

Other creatures more mysterious looking came out all looking similar it was hard to tell them apart. What Tihon found interesting enough however is that the dark large creatures seemed to just spit them out like it was nothing. The similar creatures approached Tihon and the ones trying to help him, or what he figured were gestures of helpfulness. The third creature he met said something that one of the similar looking creatures didn't like. It grabbed the one trying to help in what seemed out of some act of rage. Then suddenly the creature let go and started doing something strange, then the mass of creatures from before started running in some sort of panic.

All these events started to take its toll on Tihon's mind. IT was taking a toll not only on him but on the one that looked greatly different then all the other creatures. As the creature regained it's feet the voice from earlier spoke. Tihon stood there in silence not certain of what was happening. All he could do was stand there in wonder and amazment as he watched things unfold.

Ataris 12-17-2009 08:56 PM

They had walked for nearly an hour or so, and had wandered around some crowded and noisy streets, and had passed by some very interesting landmarks. But neither of them had been paying attention. They were both freezing as the snow poured down, and didn't even think about it. Once Aiden had nearly stepped into the road and she had to stop him from getting run over (not that it would have made a difference to a dark angel). It was an hour before midnight, and, finally, as she told her last funny story and Aiden stopped laughing, they both stopped on the end of the sidewalk, and Aiden came to a strange realization that for the past sixty minutes he had been locked into this strange trance by a human female--and he had not realized it now until he stood there, staring into her eyes.

It did not matter what he was, nor what she was. He was in love.

And it was at that inconvenient moment that the images started screaming through Aiden's mind. Images of angels, of meteors, of war and of Lucifer's wrath. Something was happening, something was happening at this very moment, and it was important.

And, yet, the importance died away quickly when she suddenly reached up and touched his face.

"It's like you're an angel," she said to him.

Inwardly cringing, Aiden said, "A dark angel, I guess."

But something stopped him from saying anything more. And as a rush of wind hit Aiden, something that Aiden had never experienced since--since a very, very long time ago--disabled him.

It was fear.

He was not of this world, he was on a mission to find something (or someone), and now he had suddenly fallen in love with a human and had nowhere to go for help. He could only run.

And so, the sweat beginning to run down his face, he began to look frantically around. She was utterly confused at this.

The images again poured into Aiden's mind. Strange things were afoot, and he was missing them. He had to figure out what was going on.

Breaking into a run, he headed for the only place he knew where he could find out anything at all--the library.

Into the old-fashioned stone building he ran, she following him, and through the wooden doors, he went as fast as he could without getting strange looks towards the nearest computer. The woman that almost stopped him was suddenly ignorant of his rule-breaking with a snap of his fingers, and within moments he was looking for the nearest source of news that he could find.

There it was--a news report. A meteor had fallen in--Nevada. Nevada? He had to get to Nevada?

A hand touched his shoulder. Gentle, but firm. Warm, yet disturbing.

"What's gotten into you? We share a moment and then you just--take off."

"Why did you follow me?"

"Because--" her voice broke off, and, her eyes wandering slightly, she quickly covered it up. Aiden, for once, did not notice, for he was frantically pondering on this new information. "Because something looked seriously wrong."

Walking past her, he ran outside into the cold storm and bolted down an alley. His jacket and shirt disappearing in wisps of black smoke, his wings bursting from his back, he looked over his shoulder--

She wasn't there.

Aching in his heart, Aiden shot into the sky, afraid and crushed in a matter of a few hours, but determined to fulfill his mission....

So that this eternal war could be finished once and for all.

SkywalkerRules 12-19-2009 04:08 PM

((Sooo sorry! Can someone recap, please?))

Kyvios 12-20-2009 12:06 PM

((Uhm, right now Aiden (Ataris) is currently headings towards Nevada, where we are. Raymond (Cyborg) used his mental powers to create an illusion of fire so spread mass panic to allow our characters to escape. Evie (MutantMix) is suggesting we steal one of the men in blacks cars to use as our escape.))

SkywalkerRules 12-20-2009 12:41 PM

((Gracias! Now, if I do this wrong, please let me know.))

Sonya glanced around herself. Everyone was screaming and panicing for some reason. And to make things more confusing, somebody was speaking in her mind!

We must move quickly! If any of you have some sort of mode of transportation now would be a good time to get it.

The young woman nodded for some reason. She then turned to the mysterious man, who seemed to be in a daze. She gently grabbed is arm. "Please! Come on! We're gonna getcha outta here! C'mon, please!" She wanted to follow the man and woman to the car that looked like belonged to the woman's friend or relative.

Ataris 12-20-2009 08:40 PM

Landing under an overpass, the night black as tar, Aiden sat down, wings blocking out the moonlight. He stared at the road, where cars were busily passing to wherever they mundane lives might take them. The stars shown like icy daggers in his heart this night, and he finally broke his gaze away from them, searching the area around him. Then, getting up, he resolved his next course of action in his mind. He walked along the road, away from town, and in the direction of the headlights in the sky. The airport.

So far he had managed to avoid any thoughts about his strange encounter not too long ago. It was unlike him to exhibit such emotions towards any human before, but it had happened, nonetheless. And now he was going to have to leave her. Regardless, it did not matter. Perhaps he could return--

No, when either side won this war, the other would be led into subjugation, and then they would have free reign over the Earth. It was a strange feeling that everything he was doing was useless in the end, but if he lost, then his life would mean nothing anymore.

Walking for another half hour, Aiden finally managed to "persuade" someone to give him a ride, and, after getting out in the airport parking lot (making sure to give himself some clothing once more, of course), he headed straight for the most expensive plane that he could find. Having booked a flight to Nevada for tomorrow morning, he sat down in the busy lobby and prepared himself for a night of sleep.

But that was certainly not going to happen....

SkywalkerRules 12-23-2009 11:44 AM

((Echo, echo, echo... :D ))

MutantMix 12-23-2009 08:46 PM

((I'm just waiting for Kyvios and Cyborg))

Ataris 12-23-2009 10:15 PM

((I'm waiting for my flight. :D))

Kyvios 12-25-2009 01:49 PM

Tihon felt a tug upon his arm. When he looked he saw the first creature that tried to help him leading him some where. Tilting his head to the side he followed obediently to one of the creatures that spit out the similar looking creatures from before. As he traveled closer to the giant creature he felt something funny stirring with in his own chest, it felt like something inside was pounding hard.

Looking down at his other hand he noticed he still held onto the object the first creature had gifted to him. Tihon wasn't sure what was going on in fact all the events that had taken place started to wear down on his mind. He wanted answer, but everyone seemed to be in a rush to leave, and he didn't understand why.

Ataris 12-25-2009 05:35 PM

Stirring constantly, Aiden was unable to fall asleep. The people around him were either watching him or he was watching them, and strange thoughts kept streaming through his mind. Thoughts of the thing he was supposed to find--was it an angel? A dark angel? Or something else entirely? There was absolutely no way to know....But there was a possibility he could try and find the object.

Reaching out into the fabric of this world, something most humans had only a limited ability to do, he tried to sense whatever it was. But he had to search through millions of people, millions of objects, millions of creatures...and there it was. Strange that he had found something so quick. But when trying to figure out what he had found, it looked to him like...a human. No, it was something else. From the heavens? Suddenly the connection was broken. Severed, almost by the will of the thing that he was searching for.

Whatever it was, this thing was powerful.

A hand touched Aiden's shoulder. It was a woman. She felt strangely familiar, or perhaps it was just Aiden remembering...her. She sat down next to him, and asked him a question.

"Is this where we wait for our flights?"

"Yes," replied Aiden. A brief moment passed when he felt like being nasty, but something prevented him from doing so. Another peculiar event.

"Are you on the flight to Nevada?" she asked.

Startled, Aiden almost began to speak.

"I overheard you earlier. Don't worry about it." She smiled, almost as if she had just won something. Odd. He didn't remember her being there when he had come in....Perhaps this whole business had thrown him off severely. He looked at her more closely.

Flinching, his entire body suddenly became warm. It was her. But how had he not noticed her before...that was certainly not something normal....

Smiling again, she told him, "I'm coming with you." There was obvious tension in her voice.

"Why?" he asked.

"You look like you need some help. Besides, we're friends, aren't we?" She almost reluctantly looked down after she said these words, and then smiled at him again.

"Now, mind telling me why we're traveling halfway across the country?"

SkywalkerRules 01-01-2010 09:55 PM

Sonya looked over at the mysterious man and smiled. Then she turned to the others. They were now by the car. "Okay. We gotta move. Quick quick!"

She glanced back at the mysterious man.

"Forgot to give you my name. My name's Sonya. Sonya," she said, placing her hand over her heart with a smile.

Kyvios 01-03-2010 12:45 PM

Tihon tilted at the word name. He knew what name mean, it was a way to identify one thing from another. Tihon looked into Sonya's eyes, hoping maybe by the slightest chance that he'll be able to see truth. And there was truth in Sonya's eyes.

"Sonya..." He said trying to get a feel for the name. His voice was deep and rough. "Sonya... what are you?" he said asking his first question out of several others he had stored inside his head.

SkywalkerRules 01-09-2010 09:43 PM


The young woman smiled brightly. It was as if he was trying his best to pronounce her name.

"Sonya... what are you?"

Sonya slightly tilted her head to the side and smiled. "Why... I'm Human. And so are you. I think..."

She smiled, gently touching his hand. "Everything's gonna be okay."

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