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Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-12-2010 06:35 PM

Battles of the 501st (Geanosis-Endor)

Clone Captain Rex stoodon the landing pad on Kamino, it always rained there, and Rex was used to it. Rex was a clone trooper, who were now a faction of the Republic. He felt adrenaline inside of him, he knew what was about to come, Seperatist battle droids held a strong pressence on Geanosis, and Rex was to lead his very own battalion. He didn't know who is commanding Jedi was, but he felt a sense of honor inside him. He looked at the newer batches of troops and just smiled. They were his brothers, the only family he ever had, and he intended to protect them if it meant fighting to his last breath.

There he was, Master Yoda, a small rather cute little thing, Rex had a hard time actually believing he was a Jedi, but he knew he and his two friends, Cody and Fox, were about to see some real fireworks, and soon.....

bobafett56 01-12-2010 10:50 PM

"Alright... I'm going to need this, that, couple of these wouldn't hurt, want that but would be to heavy.... Joker was in the explosive section in the armory with a few other clones. The armory was crowded more then ever due to the battle coming up, and Joker wanted to get what he needed before it was all gone.
Joker walked away from the armory and was alone in the hall when he started to smile. He had gotten a few detpacks, a standard PLX launcher with lock on, a Vibro knife and a normal rifle. He slid the knife into a holder under his wrist, then stuck the PLX, detpacks, and rifle on his back. Then he started marching towards the starship he was assigned to.

While he marched, the Joker thought how this would be his first real battle, and started to think about his history. What had happened was that he was the product of the Kaminoian's trying to make stronger clones by altering Jango's DNA. Again. Their product was seven clone's, with three of them dying. The one's that lived however, were a bit taller, slimmer, and not as strong as the other clones. However in combat, they showed they were better then the other clones. At least, when working alone. They cloners had found out the hard way when in a live simulation, Joker and the three other clones fought, with Joker single handily killing every thing they threw at him, and his teammates. They did this again with three normal clone's, and the same result happened. So now Joker worked alone and was named Joker because of his love for explosion's, another thing the four altered clones had, and for the tendency to accidentally kill his own squad mates. Joker then finally found the ship he was looking for and sat down.

Trench 01-12-2010 11:28 PM


Kyr'galaar dreamed. He had been placed in stasis like all the other ARC Troopers, so he had nothing else to do. He dreamed of a great battle on a dust red planet that left many of his vode dead and dying, but did more damage to the enemy than he had though possible.
He dreamed of jetiise slicing through the enemy forces and leading his vode to parjai.
Good dreams.
Then once more, the darkness of stasis crept in, and Kyr'galaar waited for the next dream...

::ARC Stasis room::
Orun Wa detailed what he had heard about the battle of Geonosis thus far to his laboratory assistants. Hid long gray/blue neck swaying back and forth as he spoke.
"The clones have performed at 99% capacity in this battle. They have successfully liberated the captured Jedi, who are now in pursuit of the Confederacy leader, and are routing the enemies forces, "the Kaminoan scientists said to his lackies, "But 99% capacity isn't good enough. The next order must be pushed to operate at 100% capacity under stressful conditions. No more Null ARC's , no more fear among the product. The Republic isn't paying this facility to produce sub-standard soldiers."
Orun Wa continued his rant for a few standard minutes. Kr'galaar had heard what he wanted. His vode and the jetiise were winning the akaan, and his frequent dreams would be filled with images of his brothers crushing CIS droids under the kom'rk of the Republic.

Te Darasuum Mandalor 01-13-2010 10:20 AM

The Prolouge is over as of now. Troops are now begining to land on geanosis.

bobafett56 01-15-2010 07:21 PM

((Since no one else will post))
Joker laid there asleep while holding his rocket launcher in a troop transport. It was heading for Geonosis, where the true fighting ahd just started.

Te Darasuum Mandalor 02-19-2010 09:26 AM

Rex's battalion landed in the arena, there he was, master Anakin Skywalker. Rex had no idea that Anakin (and eventually Vader) would be his high command.

"Sir," a clone addressed his officer, "the arena has been taken, onward to the forward command post".......

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