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Te Darasuum Mandalor 02-27-2010 06:47 AM

Imperial Commando????
Who here thinks that a "Republic Commando" 2 or an "Imperial Commando" would be awsome. The Imperial Commando game makes more sense however because RC ended with Sev going MIA and Yoda coming to the rescue on Kayshyyyk. Here is what the levels should be.

mission 1 (Operation: Knightfall)

a. Storming the Temple

b. A good match for a Jedi

c. The Bloddy Chambers

d. Storming the council room

e. Lord Vader

f. The catacombs

g. Jedi Refugee's

h. The Library

i. The fall of the Jedi

j. In the Face of all Resistance


Mission 2 (Kamino)

a. Elite Vangaurd

b. The Oceans of our home

c. Boba Fett

d. Infiltrating the Factory

e. The Cloning Room

f. Clone VS Clone

g. brothers are enemies

h. Rebellion

i. Civil War

j. Leaving Home


Mission 3 (Hoth)

a. Crush The Rebellion

b. First sighting

c. Veers' walker

d. Protect the General

e. Counter Strike team

f. Outposts and Bunkers

g. Echo Base

h. The Control Room

i. Lord Vader's arrival

j. The Falcon


Mission 4 (Endor)

a. Landing at Point Raid

b. Rebel Presence

c. Forest Battle

d. The Shield

e. Ewok Ambush

f. Sev!

g. pulling back

h. Reunion Party

i. Assisting the Alliance

j. A Clone Apart

(The End)

Now that Delta Squad has lost Sev until the final battle, besides Boss, Scorch, and Fixer, there are two NEW commandos joining the squad; armor and Blaster now join the team! So a squad of 4 others plus a chance to have Fixer in the last few levels. Who thinks LucasArts should make this?

Razorflight 02-27-2010 07:19 AM

They should make this, but I think they wont do that.

But we from "Republic Commando Reloaded" working on a mod called "ECHO".
A short introducion:
In this mod you are playing "Zero" in the Single Player Campaign, the leader of the Echo-Squad. In this campaign you're playing this character from Kamino over the Clone Wars, over Order66 to the Galactic Civil War. So the second part of the Campaign you are a Imperial Commando, with a Imperial Commando helmet and weapons etc... And your're not a "rebellion-squad". as the other clones, you follow orders. So in the second part you will get missions against the Rebel Aliance and other enemys of the Empire.

Te Darasuum Mandalor 02-27-2010 07:57 AM

its only the last 2 levels they fight with the alliance.

M@RS 02-27-2010 03:21 PM

Hmmm.... If a new RC was to come out, I wouldn't want it to follow Delta Squad, but a new squad. However, during the game explain Sev's fate/rescue and what happened to the others.

Mandalorian Mercenary 03-01-2010 07:55 AM

Sounds like fun skip, can't wait to see some screenies!

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