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The_Catto 03-07-2010 12:17 PM

KotOR: Empire
Ladies, Gentlemen, and fellow spelunkers ...
Hello once again! :D
Tis been a while indeed since I last posted something on this forum hasn't it?
Anyways ... During the last few years, since KotOR first came out, I've seen countless fics describing the game, the adventures to be had and thorough delving's into the characters minds ...

However, even though I am going to be writing about the games and my personal experiences ... I am going to be doing it in a form in which, I myself, haven't seen it done before.


...It probably has been done, and I just haven't seen it, most likely, lol.

I'll be writing about the Mandalorian wars, events leading and proceeding through out the two games and hell ... I may even see about a KotOR III ... But we'll see how this goes first, shall we?

OK ... So I don't ruin the entire thing with all of this blabbering ... I think I'll post up the Prologue now x] .... Let me know what you think!

================================================== ==================================


From Whence this man first came, none knew not.
But in his future, nothing would be forgot.
Scholars, historians, and future Jedi and Sith, all around,
would look to this man as a symbol;
though, each for their own reason,
and all knowledge of him would strive to be found.

Once a Padawan of the Masters of Old,
This Jedi would turn out to be,
one of the most powerful of all.

Though at first, he was gifted in light,
but as the story continues on,
his leer becomes cold,
and his feelings boiled to hate,
as he watched the Republic he loved,
fall into a stalemate.

With Malak, whom he called "friend",
Revan took to the stars,
looking towards his own end.

But the end of not his life,
the end to not of strife,
but the end to his lightened existence,
strengthened in his plight of wisdom and consciousness.

With the Mandalorians, war, hunger, and famine came.
They prided themselves in battle,
to win against any enemy that they could name.

The Republic,
and losing the battle.

Revan could not take any more.
The Masters, fools as they were,
did not understand the threat
of which was at their very door.

He took an armada,
of lightsabers to the black.
And with his personal armor,
Revan lead that dreaded attack.

Battles upon battles were fought.
The stormy sea's and lands were filled with bodies.
Filled with blood.
Filled with hate.

His heart began to give way,
and before anyone knew it,
it was too late...

================================================== ==================================

JediMaster12 03-15-2010 02:28 PM



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